U.N. Agenda 21


THE U.N. was created by the Banksters..


weoccupyearth.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/search-term-industry-weapons-for-earths-depopulation/agenda21radio https://atruthsoldier.com/2015/04/20/jade-helm-and-the-forced-relocation-of-millions-of-americans-to-camp-fema/

Agenda 21, in under 5 minutes


Anonymous – Agenda 21 Explained – New World Order

Published on Jan 8, 2017

Anonymous – Agenda 21 Explained – New World Order
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New Video: Anonymous – The New World Order – Truth About The United Nations – Signs & Symbols Rule The World

What has really been happening to us over the years. Agenda 21 has been in use on the “testing grounds” (USA) for decades. Because of it’s success, the UN will pass and accept it and the world will welcome in the New World Order.

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Insane (Original song written by Greg Spencer)

Published on Jul 5, 2013

A song to open eyes and wake people up to what is going on. I couldn’t mention every little thing but, I hope I mentioned enough to start people on a search for the truth in todays world. Feel free to download the song at   http://www.reverbnation.com/gregspencer  Share lets wake some people up!

The Round Up Has Begun:

Homeless People in the US Being Deported to Camps

Published on Apr 22, 2015

It begins with the homeless. Then another group, then another, Until, well, just remember Germany. It isn’t pretty!

According to MSN, the Columbia City Council unanimously approved the plan, creating special police patrols, that would enforce “quality of life” laws, involving loitering, public urination, and other crimes not necessarily restricted to the homeless population.

Those officers would then offer the homeless a choice:

Go to jail for their homelessness or be shuffled to a 240-bed, 24-hour shelter on the outskirts of town, which they wouldn’t be allowed to easily leave.

According to the Activist Post, the Columbia South Carolina plan is already complete with an urgent Emergency Homeless Response report. And that report includes information about hauling the homeless away in transport vans to an already stationed shelter with workers, phone number for townspeople to report “the person in need,” an officer stationed to control foot traffic, public feeding moved there, more foot patrol officers for the city to keep out the homeless. Oh, and the homeless can’t walk off the premises!

If they want to leave, they must get permission, set up an appointment and be shuttled by a transport van. A patrolman will guard the road leading in to make sure homeless don’t wander off downtown.

Ex-prisoners will be shuttled there unless someone picks them up from the county jail. No foot traffic allowed, only shuttle van arrival. The plan is a city plan and not a federal government plan.

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UN CodexUN ordered depopulation of 3 billion people by food malnutrition has started – PBSpecial Report

While investigating the WHO and UN role in the biological weapons attack called the A-H1N1 (Swine Flu) pandemic of 2009, criminal intelligence (CI) agents from Canada and the US have stumbled upon a covert and sinister plan to kill off as many as 3 billion people by food malnutrition.

The organization
that is responsible for preparing for the murder of 3 billion people is called the Codex Alimentarius Commission. It was established in 1963 by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Their officially stated purpose is to develop international food standards to protect consumer health and to facilitate fair trading practices in foods. Today, there are 181 member governments including Canada. CI agents have uncovered the real purpose of this WHO / UN organization – to murder 3 billion people. How will they murder some 3 billion people?

in5d Esoteric, Metaphysical & Spiritual Database:

in5d Alternative News:

Virus Storm Of The Century! The NWO’s Plan To Infect You (1of 2)

Published on Oct 5, 2014

The New World Order (NWO) has a plan to reduce the world population to under 1 billion people from the current 6+ billion. This will be occurring in the near future – in your lifetime. These two videos Parts 1 & 2 discuss information you probably have never heard. The days ahead are going to be brutal for everyone. Those who have the best chance of survival will be those who have heeded the warnings, bought necessary protective gear & supplies and have planned accordingly. Read Proverbs 22:3.

What is Agenda 21 – You Are Dead! (MUST WATCH THIS!) 2014


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The Depopulation Storm To Bring In The NWO

Ted Turner Is A Demon, Depopulation Agenda 21

Published on Jan 3, 2015

Ted Turner wants less people on this world. He pushes the global warming scam.

CNN Founder Ted Turner Supports Population Reduction To 2 Billion

Creepy Agenda 21 Genocide Commercial

Closing Off National Parks Begins Under Agenda 21 UN Treaty!

Published on Apr 28, 2012

An excerpt from Alternative News (Infowars.com) regarding Closing Off National Parks Under Agenda 21 UN Treaty!!! Sites to Check Out: http://tinyurl.com/InfowarsShop

Lt Col Roy Potter: Wake Up Call ( MOST HONEST RANT EVER )

about the U.N. gun treaty

Published on Jun 11, 2013

This man speaks the truth & from the heart. This video is well worth the watch and listen. If you have been waiting to be inspired then this RANT is your ticket to bliss.
Lt. Col. Roy Potter, A REAL AMERICAN Thank you for your service Roy.

Agenda 21 For Dummies

Uploaded on Jan 23, 2009

Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.

Agenda 21 Swat Teams Are Seizing Private Property

Posted: 07 Jan 2014  TRUTHER JANUARY 7, 2014


The Antelope Valley is a desolate stretch of land on the fringes of Los Angeles County. Very few people want to stay there except for a group of self-described rugged individualists. Common sense would determine that these people have discovered a place where the govt would just want to leave them alone.
However, nothing could be farther from the fact. The citizens of Antelope Valley are progressively becoming the victims of SWAT team raids being performed by local code enforcement agents. These govt thugs called themselves as the Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATs)

Dave Hodges

The Antelope Valley is a desolate stretch of land on the fringes of Los Angeles County. Very few people want to stay there except for a group of self-described  rugged individualists. Common sense would determine that these people have discovered a place where the govt would just want to leave them alone. However, nothing could be farther from the fact. The citizens of Antelope Valley are progressively becoming the victims of SWAT team raids being performed by local code enforcement agents. These govt thugs called themselves as the Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATs).

Agenda 21 Swat Teams Are Seizing Private Property


The plight of the Valley’s desert dwellers made regional headlines when county officials ordered the destruction of Phonehenge: which is a massive, colorful castle constructed out of telephone poles by retired phone technician Kim Fahey.

County officials showed up and tore down the structure and their court system sentenced the bearded retired phone company technician to 543 days in jail because he said he couldn’t afford to pay the $80,000 for the demolition of the structure and the subsequent removal of the debris. Fahey served over a year and a half in jail for nothing more than a misdemeanor. His major crime was that “he fought the man”.

see more. https://atruthsoldier.com/2014/04/23/stonehenge-being-built-1954-very-real-3d-slideshow/

Fahey Is Not Alone In Saying No

NATs are tax supported tyranny at work.

 Fahey was just the first of several Antelope Valley residents who have been targeted by the NAT Agenda 21 SWAT teams. The creation of the Agenda 21 Swat teams which were assembled at the request of County Supervisor Mike Antonovich for the purposes of harassing “off the grid rugged individualists”.

We are nearly eight years into this controversy. In 2006, LA Weekly reporter Mars Melnicoff wrote an in-depth article in which she exposed the county’s tactic of badgering poor residents with extremely petty code violations but attaching very costly fines to the violations. Over time the fines against these off the grid residents mounts until the residents are faced with little choice but to walk away from their properties without any compensation. Melnicoff concluded that LA County officials “Are picking on the people who are the most defenseless and have the least resources”.

The NAT SWAT teams armed with M-16′s and equipped in full body armor have harassed Antelope residents such as retired veteran Joey Gallo. Gallo faces homelessness if he’s forced to vacate his house because he cannot afford to pay the massive fines associated with minuscule code violations.

Seventh Day Adventist pastor, Oscar Castaneda, states that he’s already given up on fighting the county and>  has moved off the land where he and his wife had lived for 22 years.

“Biodiversity” Map From U.N. Shows Plan For Depopulated U.S.-Agenda21

Uploaded on Apr 14, 2011

Global Biodiversity Assessment: Section 10
(A condensation by Henry Lamb and Dr. Michael Coffman)


Whoa! 5 BANNED TV-statements!!! Kind of scary… 😦

Sustainable Destruction – Exposing Agenda 21 in Rural America

Published on Oct 7, 2014

Dan Happel presents his outstanding Agenda 21 outline in Kalispell, MT

Victoria Baer presenting Agenda 21, April 21, 2012, afternoon session

Published on Apr 26, 2012

Victoria Baer at the Fayette County Issues Tea Party and Senoia Tea Party Patriots sponsored Agenda 21 presentation. She is considered an expert on Agenda 21 and she presented massive amounts of information. The presentation was very informative and she received numerous applause throughout the event.

AGENDA 21 REVEALED – Fema Camps & DePopulation Plans from the ELITE to Control the Masses

over population

Comments on statement (above)

Matthew BrodIt’s a power trip. Money is a non issue. They consider themselves Gods.
FYI, they bleed the same red that us eaters do and they number in the thousands.

A day will come where all the hired muscle won’t help.

It’s when paper money stops working.

Daniel J TowseyThe money is the issue..they issue their fake money

and then go about thinking they are gods due to the power of money…

the unlimited money has made them completely insane..

Agenda 21: Blueprint for a NWO Takeover

published on Nov 3, 2013

By now, you have probably heard about the UN directed intrusion into your life known as Agenda 21. Many writers, with greater skill than mine, have explored the true nature of what amounts to essentially a global takeover. It seems that evil has surrounded us. In the video below, produced by my good friend Kevin Martin from Mountain View Productions, Dan Happel covers Agenda 21 from its roots-all the way to its logical conclusion… the elimination of people. We are truly in a battle for our lives, and that’s not hyperbole. Please take the time to watch this video and pass it along…


Uploaded on Dec 7, 2010


The Irony of Nuisance Abatement Teams

 The targeting of impacted Antelope Valley residents by “Nuisance Abatement Teams” has an ironic ring to it. The NATs are mostly about mitigating noise. Most of these residents do not live within a mile of the nearest neighbor. In some cases, 10 miles separates neighbors, which makes one wonder how anyone could be too noisy or pose a nuisance to their neighbors.  

There Is the Reason and Then There’s the Real Reason

I have been to Antelope Valley and its landscape is as desolate as the dark side of the moon. You can literally drive for miles and not see a building, a car or a person. The LA County Commissioners should be thrilled that anyone lives on that land because it does generate property tax revenue.

The local residents speculate that there is a decided effort to get the Antelope residents off of their land because some deep pocketed people with political connections can make money off this land and the politicians are all too willing to help. I agree that there is an ulterior motive connected to the SWAT team attacks on Antelope Valley Residents. However, the Agenda 21 police play a role as well.

This Sounds Familiar

Beginning in 2003, my rural community was targeted by our state and local politicians as they passed legislation to “restrict” our property rights. Restrict was a nice term for “get off of your land, we have a better use for it and we are not paying you”. My community was told that we were in the way of the operations of Luke AFB, 30 miles to the south. The planes coming out of Luke had to fly over a quarter of a million people to reach my rural community, so we knew that was not the case. We subsequently found that three other Arizona communities were having similar restrictions in which the residents were told that if you have storm damage or a fire, you could not rebuild and we would be forced off of our land. This was de facto eminent domain utilizing an illegal practice called inverse condemnation.

As I was pouring over maps one late night, I discovered that all of the besieged property owners lived near or on a planned CANAMEX Highway. The odds of this being a coincidence are astronomical. If the powers that be could force us off our land through property rights restrictions under false pretenses, they could acquire the land rights for the highway for free. The CANAMEX Highway is the transportation arm of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). CAFTA and NAFTA are about connecting Canada, Mexico and the US. This cozy regionalized agreement is a big move towards the creation of the North American Union. The North American Union adheres closely to Agenda 21 policies. Agenda 21 policies also want nobody to live off of the grid in rural areas. The politicians beholding to Agenda 21 policies are committed to moving people to densely populated areas and if their land theft can turn a profit for a political friend, all the better.

As you watch the following video, you will see that Antelope Valley residents speculate as to is what is behind the land theft by their county. Is their land being seized because a development is planned? Are people being forced off of their land because there is a highway planned to go through in the area? Is this Agenda 21 and let’s force people off of their rural land? Is abuse being perpetrated because everyone must be on the grid and in the system. It is likely that all of their theories are correct. However, and you can take this to the bank, Agenda 21 forces are throwing money at the LA County Commissioners to do what they are doing with Agenda 21/ICLEI grants and loans. And certainly, no off the grid living is allowed and rural residents must move to inner city urban areas.


Before you pat your neighbor on the back and tell them that you are glad that you do not live in Arizona or in the Antelope Valley, you should consider that variations of this theme are being carried out in a neighborhood near you and this will be the topic of the next part of this series. If you do not live in the inner city, you have already been targeted and that will be the topic of part two of this series.

Battle for the California Desert: Why is the Government Driving Folks off Their Land?

Uploaded on Aug 23, 2011

The Antelope Valley is a vast patch of desert on the outskirts of Los Angeles County, and a segment of the few rugged individualists who live out there increasingly are finding themselves the targets of armed raids from local code enforcement agents, who’ve assembled into task forces called Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATs).

The plight of the Valley’s desert dwellers made regional headlines when county officials ordered the destruction of Phonehenge: a towering, colorful castle constructed out of telephone poles by retired phone technician Kim Fahey. Fahey was imprisoned and charged with several misdemeanors.

But Fahey is just one of many who’ve been targeted by the NATs, which were assembled at the request of County Supervisor Mike Antonovich in 2006. LA Weekly reporter Mars Melnicoff wrote an in-depth article in which she exposed the county’s tactic of badgering residents with minor, but costly, code violations until they face little choice but to vacate the land altogether.

“They’re picking on the the people who are the most defenseless and have the least resources,” says Melnicoff.

Reason.tv collaborated with Melnicoff to talk with some of the NAT’s targets, such as retired veteran Joey Gallo, who might face homelessness if he’s forced to leave his house, and local pastor Oscar Castaneda, who says he’s already given up the fight and is in the process of moving off the land he and his wife have lived on for 22 years. And, while Antonovich declined an interview, we did catch up with him at a public meeting in order to ask the big question at the center of all this: Why the sudden enforcement of these codes against people living in the middle of the desert, who seemingly are affecting no one?

Writer-Producers: Zach Weissmueller and Tim Cavanaugh. Associate Producer: Mars Melnicoff. Camera: Alex Manning and Weissmueller; edited by Weissmueller.

Approximately 9:48.

Music by Audionautix.com.

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The Depopulate of 4-5 Billion People. Coming Soon…

ILLUMINATI PLANS 2014 – To Kill Billion People ( NEW WORLD ORDER 2014 )


Rosa Koire: Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013

Published on Jan 2, 2014

“Behind the green mask UN Agenda 21” Rosa Koire is the executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute. Impacting every aspect of our lives, UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is a corporate manipulation using the Green Mask of environmental concern to forward a globalist plan.

Rosa speaks across the world and is a regular blogger on her website Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 dot com. Her book, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21 is available on Amazon.com, Kindle, and Nook, and at her website. Websites: www.DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com www.PostSustainabilityInstitute.org.

Agenda 21/New World Order: 2014 Predictions!

Published on Nov 8, 2013


Obama Calls For “New World Order”, in front of the United Nations.

The U.S. to go biometric

truther September 30, 2013


Whoa!!! Obama Calls For “New World Order”, in front of the United Nations. The U.S. to go biometric. Obama calls for NWO.

He wants to create one world government to enslave the world! Who is he working for!

Obama Calls For “New World Order”, in front of the United Nations. The U.S

Whoa Obama calls for NEW WORLD ORDER in front of the United Nations The U S

Published on Sep 26, 2013

Christian Sanschaines Towsey

think of how the pharmaceutical companies work. they own the FDA. they get any drug they want to sell approved by the FDA. their main objective is to rob you of your hard earned money. nothing else matters.
they also own your doctor. they will prescribe a pill at the drop of a hat every time.
It is just a bandaid. but you will be hooked, even though it says that the pill could cause death, or some other deadly ailment. the warning is there in plain sight, in fine print. well your good doctor prescribed it. surely it must be safe inspite of the warning in fine print. the one pill surely will produce the dreadful side effects it warned about. your good doctor will prescribe another pill and another pill, one after another. you are now a Zombie of the evil pharma, helplessly dependent on their poison. we see this all around us, but we just go along them. they are now getting to our young ones right in their school.

The FDA would raid a farmers house with swat teams and attack helicopters just for selling unpasteurized milk, but completely ignore the death dealing pharmaceuticals.
The New World Order

New World Order Logo
The Latin words “novus ordo seclorum”, which appears on the backside of the Great Seal of the U.S since 1782 and on the back of the U.S dollar bill since 1935, means literally “New Order of the Ages”, but conspiracy theorists translate it as “New World Order”

The term New World Order (NWO) refers to a group of genetically related people with a global agenda to create a fascist world government which replaces all independent nations.

This group of people is extremely influential and powerful, many of the world’s top political leaders, wealthiest people, corporate leaders and high members of royal blood (better known as the Black Nobility of Europe) are part of this group.

On February 17, 1950, Zionist banker, Paul Warburg told the U.S. Senate: “We will have a global government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved through conquest or consent.”

The New World Order ultimate goal is to have complete control over every individual on the world and to reduce the world’s population by 5.5 Billion people. It is speculated that major political and financial events are orchestrated by organizations behind the New World Order. Many current and historical occurrences are considered to be steps in a secret agenda to reach global domination through secret political meetings and decisions.

In 1992, Dr John Coleman published Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300. In his book he researched the New World Order agenda of global domination and control. He wrote about the New World Order:
“A One World Government and one-unit monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population.

There will be no middle class, only rulers and the servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist.

The system will be on the basis of a welfare state; those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simply be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited.”

Members of the NWO

Most members of the New World Order are oil barons, international bankers and high ranked people from major multinational corporations and the pharmaceutical industry. The Royal Family of England is playing a big role in the New World Order, especially Queen Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor, (who are descendants of the German Royal family the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, they changed their name to Windsor in 1914). The NWO agenda and important decisions are made in London, Basel, and Brussel (NATO headquarter).

World Health Organization Logo
World Health Organization part of the New World Order

Many organizations such as the United Nations (UN), and UN agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), are part of the NWO. Same goes for NATO which is a military tool of the New World Order.

The leaders of the rich nations such as the U.S, England, Germany etc. (members of the “G8” ) are fully cooperative participants in the NWO. The NWO has become so powerful that it can select individuals to become the leader of nations such as the U.S, England and Germany. It did not matter whether Bill Clinton or Bob Dole became president in 1996 because they both followed the NWO agenda. Everyone who doesn’t follow the NWO agenda such as President Kennedy, Aldo Moro (Italy) and Ali Bhutto (Pakistan) is killed. More recently, William Colby and Admiral Borda were assasinated because they weren’t doing what them was told, or tried to expose the NWO agenda.

NWO Propaganda

Stanford Research Institute
SRI International’s headquarters in California

The NWO uses a lot of propaganda but it is now called “Public Opinion”. Public opinion is scripted propaganda by the NWO to manipulate the behavior of the people. Public opinion polls are taken to gauge the people’s acceptance of the NWO’s agenda. When the poll results are positive the NWO knows the programming has been successful, when the poll results are negative the NWO needs to “tweak” the programming until the desired response is achieved.

While the subject and content of the propaganda is decided at Tavistock, is the realization of the propaganda executed in the U.S by well over 200 ‘think tanks’ such as the Brookings Institute and the Rand Corporation which are overseen and directed by the top NWO mind control organization in the U.S, the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California.

The NWO manifests their agenda by using fear to manipulate human emotions. In the past centuries, they have repeatedly used the same method to achieve their goals by creating a Problem, Reaction, and Solution.

The method is as follows: the NWO creates a Problem – by funding, training, and assembling an “opposition” group to create unrest in an established nation that they wish to impinge upon and thus create opposing groups in a conflict that the NWO themselves maneuvered into existence. In recent years, so called opposition factions are usually called in the media as ‘liberators’ or ‘freedom fighters’.

New World Order Pyramid of Power
the ‘pyramid of power’ shows the role of every group and organization in the NWO

The controlled media reports about the conflict with a barrage of video’s and photo’s of terrible and bloody atrocities suffered by innocent people. The world demands “Something has to be done!” And that is the desired Reaction.

The major nations, which are in fact puppets of the NWO, then provide the Solution by sending in UN ‘Coalition Force’ (Gulf War) or an UN ‘Peace Keepers’ (Bosnia) or NATO Bombers and then ground troops (Kosovo), or soldiers to ‘search for Weapons of Mass Destruction’, which of course are never found.
Once there, the ‘peace keepers’ never leave. The goal is to have NWO controlled military in all major nations or strategic regions where it is likely for the NWO to face heavy resistance when the global takeover occurs.

The NWO’s Role in Historical Events

Many major wars, economical crises and political events of the last centuries were set in motion by the NWO. Among these staged events are: The Spanish-American War in 1898, WWI and WWII; the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution; the Great Depression; the Rise of Hitler’s Nazi Germany; the Vietnam War; the Korean War; the “fall” of the Soviet Union in 1989; the War in Kosovo; the Gulf War in 1991; and the wars in Iraq. The New World Order even had influence on the French Revolution in 1789.

The gaining of ever more wealth, world domination, and total control over the population are the motivating forces of the NWO leaders. The suffering among the population and the deaths of innocent people are non issues for these individuals.

Agenda 21 objectives

I Was There – Agenda 21 Whistle Blower

Published on Nov 12, 2012

Agenda21 Whistle Blower tells of her pesonal experience at the Rio Conference in 1992

U.S SOLDIERS Expose Martial Law Agenda Plans 2013

Published on Jul 28, 2013

US is Preparing for Massive Civil War! The Government has ordered 450 Million Rounds of Ammunition

Published on Jul 25, 2013

The government has declared it can lock anyone up forever or kill them without any proof or due process. DHS has placed an order for 450 million rounds of Hollow Point ammo. Obama can now declare martial law during peace time. I think that just about says it all.

“We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant

To Our Faithful Current.com Users:

Current’s run has ended after eight exciting years on air and online. The Current TV staff has appreciated your interest, support, participation and unflagging loyalty over the years.

“If you don’t fight for your rights, they don’t exist. Our constitution doesn’t mean a damn thing if we the people don’t stand up for it.” Or just go back to sleep. Maybe we’ll get adjoining cells one day if we’re still alive anyway.

Iron Mountain Report – Blueprint for Tyranny

it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error


no layers, convection; nothing can trap heat: take a glass jar put a thermometer in it and exhale into the jar and close the lid and put it in the sun and watch temperature stop rising! why? because nothing can trap heat! we are in a deep freeze called space! if the thick glass cannot trap heat how is a mythical trace gas blanket where the convection currents are 100’s of miles per hour going to do it?!



the two links below are all you need to become an expert! the first one gets you to the Iron Mountain report video, embedded on a “Doctor Nicholas” blog post at KillerSpray.com, that links key information from other key documents that are crucial to completely and correctly assemble the Agenda 21 puzzle

the background image at climateSCAM.info shows you the disturbed psyche of the Greenhouse Gas Religionists who are busy destroying our wild organic food supply by turning the air quality into shit with chemtrails and killing the salmon with toxic 100 tonne dumps of Iron Sulfate ACID! PRE-SPAWN MORTALITY on a massive scale occurred shortly after 100 tonnes of acid was added to a situation of ISA retro-virus infested waters with other diseases that continuously spew from the fish-farms that had already decimated the sockeye

DISEASES THRIVE IN ACIDIC ENVIRONMENTS! countless DEAD sockeye salmon carpeting the bottom of the Fraser River, before having a chance to lay their precious eggs, occurred almost immediately after the ACID DUMP! God only knows what else they dumped; OBVIOUSLY A NEW DISEASE that thrives in acid! that’s why they call it ocean fertilization, they fertilize with acid and plant the new diseases at  the same time, creating the best conditions possible for diseases to thrive! based on observable facts and lab tests this makes total sense! one could easily say that the acid dump was meant to be the final death blow to the sockeye!

this underscores the importance of immediate and wide distribution of the information by word of mouth because lives are literally being lost every day due to the psychopathic de facto criminal governMENTAL puppets who are Agenda 21 minions and want you sick and dead as is abundantly clear by their actions in everything surrounding vaccines, fluoride, GMO, aspartame, stupid meters, pasteurization, climategate, and banking!

I BET YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN THAT HENRY FORD of Ford Motor Co fame was a huge activist in his day! and he even owned his own newspaper! his book The International Jew is a freely distributable .pdf and you can get it, plus other very rare key books and documents at http://killerspray.com/blog?tag=NicksNotes


 Contest: EXPOSE Agenda 21

Contest is open for submissions until August 1, 2013

1st place receives a $500 cash prize
2nd place receives a $250 cash prize

Activist Post

Agenda 21 wears a green cloak of caring and happiness to hide its much darker trappings. By utilizing universal concerns such as the environment and the economy, this United Nations program has co-opted legitimate activism to create a many-tentacled beast that aims to get it hooks into local communities across the globe . . . by stealth.

At its heart, Agenda 21 is a communitarian system — essentially collectivism — where the very nature of the human desire to connect and cooperate with one another is distorted to become a system of regulations, control mechanisms, dependence and servitude, and a revamp of the global economy, based on natural, human, and social capital. Humanity itself becomes the source of all problems instead of the source of all solutions and progress.

This writing contest seeks to address the many facets of Agenda 21. A lot of people are still confused about what it is and what its true purpose is.  It is time to fully expose it with crowd-powered journalism.

Please go to this link for the remainder of the information. http://www.activistpost.com/2013/05/writing-contest-expose-agenda-21.html

I should of created this page long ago..but it is never to late to learn about this horrific world plan.

Scroll down for many more articles.. I will add more..

Please see this related article that contains much information about Agenda 21

Please know that the U.N’s Agenda stealth plan goes by many different organizational names…. such a Sustainable Development.

Also there is the CODEX Alimentarious world depopulation plan from the U.N.

Agenda 21 N America Biodiversity plan

They Want You Dead is Written in Stone

Humanity’s Tombstones


The New World Order’s Ten Commandments



Don’t miss this;


Agenda 21 The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order


Published on Aug 31, 2013

NASA Warfare Document From NASA Website
Links Mirrored from and Links here


Australian Politician Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21

& Club of Rome

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. In Australia

Published on 3 Feb 2013

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

This is how they plan to KILL us – Elite Insider George Green

If there is no intention to take property via Agenda 21, why is the state of Missouri banning it officially, in legislation??
Read full article here,
The Missouri legislature bans Agenda 21. [After banning the enforcement of federal gun-control laws in the state, the legislators passed a veto-proof bill to ban Agenda 21, which is a program sponsored by the UN that attacks property rights under the guise of protecting the environment.]New American 2013 May 9 (Cached)
And if there is no runaway administration at the top making laws that are not legal, why is the same state nullifying such laws, officially, in legislation??
Both chambers of Missouri’s state legislature passed a bill with a huge veto-proof majority. [The bill nullifies unconstitutional federal gun laws, including those that impose special taxes, track ownership, or confiscate firearms. Missouri reserves the right to determine the constitutionality of such laws.]TAC 2013 May 9 (Cached)
I note that one state in 50 has accomplished this; interesting, that’s about the same proportion of people in the general population who are willing to do something about this mess, too… one, in fifty…. now, isn’t that special?
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Agenda 21’s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity

Published on 24 May 2012

Lord Monckton joins Aaron in-studio today, Wednesday, May 23. Monckton is a British politician, public speaker, former newspaper editor, and a spirited critic of the globalist theory of anthropogenic global warming. Mr. Monckton is in the United States to attend the libertarian Heartland Institute’s conference in Chicago.

At the U.N. Summit at Rio in 1992, the Conference Secretary-General, Maurice Strong, said “Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we
came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages,
famine and the like would fit the bill. // The real enemy then is humanity itself.
– From the Club of Rome’s “The First Global Revolution” p. 75 1993

“Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.”
– John Donne (1572-1631)

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UN Quietly Advances Agenda 21

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
May 19th, 2013



It appears that the human race and the UN in particular has learned nothing from our short but devastating history of inhabiting planet Earth. Not content with depleting and/or destroying the resources on the surface it seems the seabed is the latest target.

The prospect of a modern era ‘gold rush’ with the sea bed being the new frontier is moving closer by the day.

The United Nations has published its first plan for managing the extraction of so-called “nodules” – small mineral-rich rocks – from the seabed. A technical study was carried out by the UN’s International Seabed Authority – the body overseeing deep sea mining. It says companies can apply for licences and start mining from as soon as 2016.

The idea of exploiting the vast mineral reserves found in the sea bed is not new, it has been considered for decades, but new technology which would make the mining easier and safer, and the high cost of rare earth minerals seems to have provided the push needed to turn the drawing board ideas into reality.

Although experts from many different fields have highlighted the hazards that such mining would cause the UN seem hell bent on pushing through the proposal.

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) a division of the UN carried out a study and the report openly admitted that mining the seabed will cause:

“inevitable environmental damage”

Even with indications from the UN that environmental damage will occur, that biodiversity will be affected there has been a surge in applications for seabed mining licences from private and STATE OWNED companies. The licenses don’t come cheap, $500,000 each which allows the company to mine for 15 years. That of course is a drop in the ocean…no pun intended, against what these companies will earn from their pillage of the oceans.

One of the most recent applications that was granted, was to UK Seabed Resources, a subsidiary of the Lockheed Martin the US defense company.

Why these companies are interested is plain to see. A recent assessment of the eastern Pacific Ocean, an area called the Clarion-Clipperton Zone which covers an area of just under two million square miles concluded that that area alone contains around 27 billion tons of nodules. The licenses will cover the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

With nickel, copper,cobalt and even gold contained in the rocks the lure is in some ways understandable, but at what cost?

The possibility of seabed mining has already provoked scientists  to speak out against it. Biologists fear a loss of diversity and more importantly the possible disruption of the marine life food chain.

Many people rely on fish and other marine creatures as their main or only source of protein. Any disruption of the food chain would have disastrous consequences for millions of people who live in areas where livestock ownership is not possible either due to economics or the geography not supporting the raising of animals for food.

The UN set up the ISA to:

“encourage and manage seabed mining for the wider benefit of humanity-with a share of any profits going to developing countries”

It’s obvious that this is another way of saying they will pay compensation for the disruption that those living in coastal areas will suffer. Hubs will have to be built to off load the nodules and most likely processing plants to extract the valuables they contain. The spoil left after extraction will have to be dumped disposed of somewhere, most likely into the oceans, disrupting areas that were not licensed for extraction, further damaging the fragile marine eco-systems. It seems unlikely spoil will be dumped within licensed areas…it would quite literally muddy the waters and reduce extraction levels.

The ISA reports admits that:

“competency cannot be gained without actual mining on a commercial scale, but at the same time mining should not be allowed without prior demonstration of competence”

It doesn’t mention how that competency can be proven. We cannot continue to cripple the system that provides for us with impunity. Extracting much sought after resources from the sea bed may be a commercially viable option to those with billions of dollars to spend on the venture but to those that rely on the oceans for their livelihood and their food supply  it could well be the straw that breaks the camels back.

Starvation is a great way to reduce to planets population. Agenda 21 wrapped up as a benefit to humanity. Nice touch.

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version

Uploaded on 23 Dec 2011

Here is a detailed presentation on what is really in Agenda 21 and the sustainable development movement as defined by the UN. How it will ultimately compromise your property rights..

Regarding Ms. Bruntdland: Some have suggested she is merely a Democrat and I am way off base. First off, Norway does not have a Democratic Party, but rather Socialist democrats.

Hopefully there is a difference. Internet research can be a challenge, so I respect those who engage in it! However, check out the XX Congress of the Socialist International in NY. Gro was the first VP of the Socialist International whose goal is to interact with labour, social democrats and socialists worldwide to spread the socialist concept of democracy.

It is quite possible to be member of the Democratic Party and a Socialist at the same time. It is members like Gro whose desire it is to move the Democratic party more toward the Social Democratic Party.

I also want to thank “6or8pack” for pointing out my error in mentioning that Betty Perry’s nose was injured by handcuffs. In fact, she slipped during her interaction with officers and hit her nose on the steps. Betty was aware of local ordinances, but chose to ignore them. This landed her in the holding pen. This error is mine.

Some have suggested they have “read Agenda 21 ” and there is nothing dangerous in the book and besides, the document has no power to override their Constitutional right to own and control private property.

To read the book alone, without reading the preceeding and following documentation and activites would be somewhat like looking at a map of Brazil and feeling you now know how Brazilians think and feel.

The name A21 refers not only to the actual book, but to the entire sustainable development movement as defined by the United Nations dating back to the 1970’s through today. That is why it is important to not only listen to the entire video, but research on your own to gain more information.

Since this presentation was completed vast new volumes of information have been compiled. Check the sources in the back of the presentation and the United Nation’s own websites to draw your own conclusions.

Thanks for viewing the video and for your observations. John

Presented 11/28/2011 Copyright 2011 John Anthony

Agenda 21: The Race for Global Governance | Dr. Michael Coffman

Published on 30 Apr 2013

Green Global Governance The United Nations Agenda 21 for Sustainable Development
Operation Paul Revere InfoWars.com Contest

This detailed overview of the U.N. “Agenda for the 21st Century” features
Exlusive interviews with Agenda 21 experts and whistleblowers Dr. Michael Coffman, Don Casey, Charlotte Iserbyt, Ruth Dupont Esser, Jeremy Bosso, and Karen Schoen

Agenda 21: The Wrenching Transformation of America


Published on 1 Apr 2012

Tom DeWeese, the founder and director of the American Policy Center http://www.AmericanPolicy.org informs an audience in Albany, NY about the origins of Agenda 21, the central planning strategy that has grown out of the United Nations since 1993 to become soft law in the cities and counties across America to control all facets of the economy for an international redistribution of wealth.

This United Nations program lays out a comprehensive plan of sustainable development locally, nationally, and globally in every area where humans affect the environment. Basically it’s the UN’s plan to establish control over all human activity, including man’s reputed contribution to climate change. The UN is at the hub of a global network working to submerge the independence of all nations in a world government controlled by the elites, and JBS calls for the U.S. to get out of the U.N.


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Agenda 21: Don’t Rationalize; Collectivize! (Operation Paul Revere Infowars.com Contest)

Published on 30 Mar 2013

Disguised as an action-plan for ‘sustainable growth’, the U.N.’s 300-page document dubbed ‘Agenda 21’ is “erosive of American sovereignty”. This fascist agenda, introduced in 1992, outlines alleged ‘smart growth’ simplified into ‘four E’s’; Economy, Equity, Environment, and Education. The collusive globalists pulling the strings behind this ploy for global universalization are portraying their initiatives with superficiality; shrouding their hellish attributes in between the lines of this — literally — lifeless literature.

This is Andrew Demeter’s submission for InfoWars’ ‘Operation Paul Revere’ contest hosted by Alex Jones of http://www.infowars.com.

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H.A.A.R.P., Agenda 21 and Google’s Role In The Sinister DNA Plan – Mature Content

Uploaded on 31 Jan 2011

Agenda 21 for lower living standards

Uploaded on 16 Jan 2011

Rosa Koire on Radio Liberty talks about the goals of Agenda 21. In disguise of sustainable development our Western living standards will be lowered. Forget about the future free energy and having a flying car, if you ask the UN. United Nations is after your car and your toilet! This is eco fashism where you and your style of living is seen as a threat for the earth.

http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/ DEAD LINK

February 16 2013
As global warming is being de-bunked and an unconvinced populace will not stomach the massive changes induced by the next phase…” a winding up” of Geoengineering
(terraforming) , changing dramatically the world as we know it….
a new threat is emerging as the successor to global warming but linked in to ensure the need for UN agenda 21……
it is all coming to a point of dramatic change ….
the Methane problem…the elites want so much and will do what it takes to achieve their goals of the ” Great Plan”…
human depopulation and the full implementation of UN agenda 21…
they need a catastrophe and through madness they will make one…..
TIME to understand…decades of planning are being played out right now to remodel the way we live on this planet….
Humans into slavery….
UN agenda 21 will need a catalyst to justify the plan to the sheeple….globally…a global threat…global warming/ methane…killed the dinosaurs …right/ maybe?
The bogus war on terror has incrementally added new laws that take away your freedoms…
911 has enabled nations to slowly implement the feasibility on a lock down of traveling…containing the population in times of trouble…
UN agenda 21 is coming…with RFID to control and monitor the population just at the right time…?
the governments were always there to prepare for these times…the use of compartmentalization…
keeps the system ticking along but those at the top are in the know psychopaths.
We still have time to STOP the ” great Plan” for humanity by the insane obscenely rich elite…..
funny how most of these nuts are reported to be Satanic and they want to spray sulfuric acid into the atmosphere….is that like hell on earth…
TIME to example the prompts from the NWO big deception……
TIME to unite together my friends…the people of the planet must join hands and become the 99%………PEACE 4 ALL

— with Roar Tvedtand Charmaine Bursey.

Agenda 21 – Globalist Death Plan 4 Humanity

Published on 10 Feb 2013

Infowars – Agenda 21 – Globalist Death Plan 4 Humanity

What are your thought? Comment below.

Lord Monckton joins Aaron in-studio today, Wednesday, May 23. Monckton is a British politician, public speaker, former newspaper editor, and a spirited critic of the globalist theory of anthropogenic global warming. Mr. Monckton is in the United States to attend the libertarian Heartland Institute’s conference in Chicago.

At the U.N. Summit at Rio in 1992, the Conference Secretary-General, Maurice Strong, said “Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we
came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages,
famine and the like would fit the bill. // The real enemy then is humanity itself.
– From the Club of Rome’s “The First Global Revolution” p. 75 1993

“Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.”
– John Donne (1572-1631)

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UN Agenda 21 ~ The End of Freedom

Published on 10 Sep 2012

Create a Better Lifestyle Through Better Products

UN Agenda 21 Exposed with Rosa Koire

Published on 20 Oct 2012

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=5950

Corbett Report Radio #241

Tonight we talk to Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 about the ideology and people behind Agenda 21. Topics discussed include: What is Agenda 21? What is communitarianism? What is the history of this agenda? How is it being implemented? And what can people do to combat it?

*NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the third segment of this broadcast was not recorded on video. It is available on the mp3 audio version of the broadcast, available for download from corbettreport.com.

Bill Gates’s Depopulation Initiative [U.N Agenda 21]

Uploaded on 16 May 2011

Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population
by: Mike Adams, NaturalNews, October 1, 2010

In a recent TED conference presentation, Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to new vaccine efforts, speaks on the issue of CO2 emissions and its effects on climate change. He presents a formula for tracking CO2 emissions as follows: CO2 = P x S x E x C.
P = People
S = Services per person
E = Energy per service
C = CO2 per energy unit

Then he adds that in order to get CO2 to zero, “probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty close to zero.”

Following that, Bill Gates begins to describe how the first number — P (for People) — might be reduced.

He says:
“The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

Reducing the world population through vaccines
This statement by Bill Gates was not made with any hesitation, stuttering or other indication that it might have been a mistake. It appears to have been a deliberate, calculated part of a well developed and coherent presentation.

So what does it mean when Bill Gates says “if we do a really great job on new vaccines… we could lower [world population] by 10 or 15 percent?”

Clearly, this statement implies that vaccines are a method of population reduction. So is “health care,” which all NaturalNews readers already know to be more of a “sick care” system that actually harms more people than it helps.

Perhaps that’s the whole point of it. Given that vaccines technology help almost no one from a scientific point of view (http://www.naturalnews.com/029641_v…), it raises the question: For what purpose are vaccines being so heavily pushed in the first place?

Bill Gates seems to be saying that one of the primary purposes is to reduce the global population as a mechanism by which we can reduce CO2 emissions. Once again, watch the video yourself to hear him say it in his own words:
How can vaccines actually be used to reduce world population?
Let’s conduct a mental experiment on this issue. If vaccines are to be used to reduce world population, they obviously need to be accepted by the majority of the people. Otherwise the population reduction effort wouldn’t be very effective.
And in order for them to be accepted by the majority of the people, they obviously can’t just kill people outright. If everybody started dropping dead within 24 hours of receiving the flu shot, the danger of vaccines would become obvious rather quickly and the vaccines would be recalled.
Thus, if vaccines are to be used as an effective population reduction effort, there are really only three ways in which they might theoretically be “effective” from the point of view of those who wish to reduce world population:

#1) They might kill people slowly in a way that’s unnoticeable, taking effect over perhaps 10 — 30 years by accelerating degenerative diseases.

#2) They might reduce fertility and therefore dramatically lower birth rates around the world, thereby reducing the world population over successive generations. This “soft kill” method might seem more acceptable to scientists who want to see the world population fall but don’t quite have the stomach to outright kill people with conventional medicine. There is already evidence that vaccines may promote miscarriages (http://www.naturalnews.com/027512_v…).

#3) They might increase the death rate from a future pandemic. Theoretically, widespread vaccination efforts could be followed by a deliberate release of a highly virulent flu strain with a high fatality rate. This “bioweapon” approach could kill millions of people whose immune systems have been weakened by previous vaccine injections.
This is a known side effect of some vaccines, by the way. A study documenting this was published in PLoS. Read the story here: http://www.naturalnews.com/028538_s

AGENDA 21 – UN Earth Summit (1992 Rio)

Uploaded on Feb 20, 2012

This classic video produced by George W. Hunt exposes how the progenitors of the hijacked environmental movement, people like Maurice Strong, the Rothschild family and David Rockefeller, always intended the scam to achieve global population reduction along with a global carbon tax based on a cap and trade system controlled by them.

IMPORTANT! Executive Order 13575 = UN Agenda 21

Published on 20 Feb 2013

NWO must be stopped before it’s unstoppable. It may be to late already !
UN Agenda 21 is almost operational

THEY WANT US DEAD! – Red Level Alert America

Miss American for FederalJack.com
September 30, 2011

While we are all focusing on the coming financial collapse, as bad as that is something much more sinister is in the works.

It’s very subtle if you are not paying attention.  But, to the aware,it’s blatant, insidious, and just as horrific as Hitler’s Germany.

There is a small group of the world’s banking elite who have worked for a few hundred years with ingenious precision and unlimited money, to corral, coerce, and conquer every country of value on earth.

For people who are normal and not rabidly greedy, it’s hard to fathom the idea of anyone trying to get control of the whole world, and taking a chunk of every measure of value traded between its people.  What’s even harder to grasp is that they will stop at nothing to do it.  And I mean nothing!  Look around you!

Look at the millions of people slaughtered in just the last 10 years.  Their leaders may have resisted the Cabal, but many if not all of those dead people were innocents.

We have actually become numb to the idea of genocide, even when it’s right under our nose!!!  And we are sadly mistaken if we think we are somehow immune to the wrath of the most evil people on earth.  They want us dead!

They would love nothing better than to use our own military against us by goading us into revolting.  They have really upped the ante lately too.  Swat teaming everyday Americans on a regular basis and making sure it’s in the news, and in our face.  If we finally snap, then they will have their pretext to kill us off en mass.

They love the cover of war for murdering millions. Don’t you think that our trick CIA could have found and destroyed Hussain or Gaddafi without dropping a single bomb?

Smedley Butler was right, war is a racket.  But I get the distinct feeling that it’s just not quite as much fun for this group of psychopaths if there’s not total Mad Max destruction.

If after pondering and researching these facts and events, you come to any other conclusion; you are in need of a serious wake up call.  The Powers That Be (TPTB) have even carved in stone their desire to eliminate 80% plus of the population of the world.

They need a much smaller herd if they are going to be able to steer and control everyone for a One World Government, under their control.  A theme emerges when you look at the big picture. They find the things that we all need to survive or use, then put their agenda in motion.

If you still want to believe your government loves you, let me count for you the ways they don’t.

1. ASPARTAME (renamed AMINO SWEET or NEOTAME to thwart growing awareness)- Named commercially Equal/Sweet ‘n Low, aspartame has now found its way into 5000-6000 food products.  This artificial sweetener was denied approval three times.  That is, until Mr. Donald Rumsfeld was hired as the new president of the Searl Co.  The company has since been sold to Monsanto.  This chemical literally turns into wood alcohol in your body, by-passing the blood brain barrier.

Tests show it causes brain tumors and cancer, reduces fertility, can be addictive, and cause many other serious health problems.  The incidence of brain tumors and cancer has risen dramatically since it was introduced.  The test monkeys were trying to tell us something.  A quick read on how they make it and you’ll realize why it’s so toxic. Instead of a “WARNING” on food labels, most products just say ‘sugar free’.

2. GMO CROPSSince these crops are patented; no one really knows exactly what types of genes are spliced into their DNA.  They call them terminator seeds, meaning they do not produce seeds for future planting and must be purchased by farmers every year.

The original theory was to blend Monsanto’s herbicide Round-Up into the gene of the plant so the crops could be sprayed with Monsanto’s Round-up without killing the plant.  Way back in the 1980′s president G.H.W. Bush declared that if Genetically Modified crops looked like regular foods, then they were foods, and the government would not spend federal money on testing or researching their safety or efficacy.

It has since been a battle royal for independent scientists to show that these foods are indeed questionable as to their safety for human or animal  consumption.  Obvious evidence from around the world shows that farm animals, as well as mice and hamsters in laboratory tests, have a high incidence of death and deformity in second and third generation offspring, spontaneous abortion and sterility.

These plants have infiltrated growing fields around the world and their derivatives are in nearly all our foods. Problems are arising in spite of the hyped ‘improved crop yield’.  Complete fields are collapsing, new ‘super weeds’ are growing, and the over spraying of pesticides and Round-up are destroying the biology of growing soil.

GMO crops were never tested over the long haul, and now the very worm the farmers wanted to avoid are developing a resistance to the GM corn. Monsanto’s answer? Plant up to 20% of the fields with NON-GMO to lure the worms over there!  And, now they’ll try splicing two kinds of pesticides into the corn seed.  Last summer Monsanto had to pay GMO farmers to use their competitor’s herbicide, since Round-up was not working anymore.

Organically grown crops are being contaminated by wind and cross pollination, and farmers are being sued for ‘stealing’ Monsanto’s property.  If they can’t afford to fight the monster company, they are losing their farms and lifetime investments. Monsanto hires private thugs to secretly inspect organic farms in order to accomplish these take downs.

The predatory Big Ag companies have declared war on smaller farmers and us.  Scientists believe that once the distorted DNA of these plants go into our bodies, that our own DNA is invaded and that our intestines can literally become pesticide factories. Monsanto has put up vicious attacks on scientists who try to warn about GMO dangers. Recently the USDA ignored an urgent letter from a Purdue scientist about a newly discovered pathogen in GMOs, pleading with them not to approve Monsanto’s new GM alfalfa.

The USDA has even defied an appeals court order not to approve it until an environmental impact study was conducted, but they approved it anyway. What ever happened to the truth that “you can’t fool mother nature”?  If GMO’s are not stopped now, indigenous seeds, organic foods, age old farming methods, clean and normal healthy foods will be destroyed forever.

Since Monsanto lobbied against their ‘Franken Foods’ being labeled, and won, we have become the de facto ‘environmental impact study’.  There are already red warning lights flashing, but hell, who cares?  Full steam ahead!

3.COREXITDuring the Gulf Oil Disaster, BP defied the EPA’s ‘order’ not to apply this highly toxic deadly poison into the sea water.  A ‘no fly zone’ was, and still is in force, so the public will not see that the spraying continues to this day.  There has been a news black out imposed on scientists, researchers, doctors who are trying to diagnose and treat the many illnesses that the Gulf residents are sick and dying from.  Plants and humans are being affected far, far inland, but no one knows the extent of the damage.

The Corexit has produced new and deadly bacteria, one is known as Blue Plague, but that’s where the story dead ends.  Has anyone heard the numbers of the premature deaths on the Gulf Coast, compared with the normal death rates?  No, I didn’t think so. Somehow the news did leak out though, that the ‘spill’ has blown open and is gushing oil again, although it’s questionable that it ever stopped.  Gee, if oil drilling expert Matt Simmons was still here, maybe we could find out.  He gave very good reports on TV.  He died alone in his hot tub one night from what they said was a ‘heart attack’.  I sure miss him.

4. VACCINES- Does it seem to you that every day some new vaccine pops up that we must have?  Shingles?  HPV?  In my 33 years of working with the public on an intimate level, I’ve never known anyone who died of cervical cancer.  Hmmm.  Each year they guess which flu bug might come around, and we’re all supposed to line up.

A couple years ago they said ‘oops, we were wrong, come in for another stab’ of a different brew.  Two winters ago they said we were all going to die a quick horrible death if we didn’t get the ‘human, pig, bird’ flu shot.  I didn’t even see anyone sick, let alone die, did you?  Many got sick and died from the vaccine though.  Is it any wonder the drug companies paid off congress some years ago to exempt them from any damage liability for their vaccines?

We’ve all heard the horror stories about what these shots can do to people.  Squalene, mercury, and lord knows what else is in these formulas, or how they are cultured. Since we aren’t told, I’m not allowed to repeat rumors here.  I did read last year that 83% of the people in California who ‘contracted’ whooping cough had been vaccinated for it though. Hmmm

Unfortunately, the government has admitted that ‘some’ vaccines had cancers cells in them, that they infected thousands of children in other countries with polio, and conducted illegal experiments on people with syphilis bacteria in Alabama and Guatemala.

What a good way to hurt a lot of people at once; figure out what a whole lot of people think they need or want, then shoot it straight into their veins.  But just as people are finally wising up to the dangers of vaccines, Big Pharma pushes harder and harder for vaccines to be mandatory for when they decide to create another fake pandemic or illness.

5. FALSE PANDEMIC PANICAn investigation into the World Health Organization’s (WHO) proclamation that the world was in a bonafide pandemic (after changing the criteria for that level 6 classification), it was discovered that there were unscrupulous and conflict of interest ties to the pharmaceutical companies. Wow!  What a surprise!  And yes, what was the payoff going to be?  Billions of flu shots sold.

Sometimes I think they need to float a trial balloon just to see how many people are still buying their scary propaganda, inflamed and enabled by the corporate owned mainstream media.  Pharmaceutical companies, with the governments’ help, have already accomplished blackmailing parents into shooting up their children with a plethora of vaccines if they want to send them to school.

The Powers That Be are hell bent on finding some way to force their poisons into all of us. Keep in mind that whatever the TV is trying to sell you, whatever story they go hyperbolic over, it means one of 2 things.  It is either to promote TPTB’s agenda, or to divert your attention away from TPTB’s agenda.  And when they omit news that’s important to your life, it’s so you don’t think there’s an agenda at all.

6. PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGSI think the number of deaths caused by prescription drugs each year is up to 200,000 if I’m not mistaken.  And that’s not even the mistakes.  That’s the number for properly prescribed meds!  The drug companies trump up a crisis, like cholesterol numbers that are too high, restless legs, hyperactive kids, whatever, just when they are ready to release their shiny new pill for exactly that problem.

They lie and fudge in their testing, hide the flaws in the results, push for fast track approval, and wala! Billions more pour into their coffers, while people start keeling over in droves.  By the time the FDA decides to even ‘study’ the issue, thousands have died.  Don’t you just love being the real test subjects for them?  And you didn’t even get paid to be in a clinical trial!  Even if the hungry lawyers get the class action suits going, the award damages are far, far smaller than what the company has already raked in.

Oh well, there’s always ‘collateral damage’ with these things, you know?  Haven’t I heard those words somewhere before, like when the government is making excuses for killing ‘innocent civilians’ during war?

7. FLUORIDATED CITY WATERThis is a little trick they stole from the Hitler playbook. It’s just so expensive to dispose of the waste from aluminum manufacturing, hmmm, what could we drum up as a good use for it?  Never mind that it actually causes brain damage, or makes your teeth mottled and discolored, or corrodes your bones, we’ll just put that skull and crossbones on the 55 gallon drums to warn people.  But they’ll still think it’s good for them because we said so, right?  Then we’ll pay the dentists to agree.

Gee, another thing a whole lot of people need, water!  Now, one of President Obama’s czars suggests adding in lithium to keep people calm, along with the other pharmaceuticals that have been found in our water supplies.  No matter what we learn after the factabout what’s been done wrong, it just continues on anyway, doesn’t it?  Why is that?

8. AEROSOL SPRAYINGHave you noticed all those pretty streams planes make in the sky over your head?  I have.  They can turn a clear Arizona deep blue sky cloudy, in just about an hour.  Sometimes they make puff clouds that have streamers draping off of them.  Cool!  But maybe in a short time, you find you can’t breath so well, or you find these cobweb like things on your plants, or it can look like it’s snowing when it’s 100 degrees! More cool!  But it’s a different story when you read about the testing of what’s been collected in air samples, or in people’s blood and saliva.  Micro particles of aluminum, barium, strontium, arsenic, zinc, and too many to list other heavy metals, along with strange bacteria and fibers.

Have you ever heard of Morgellon’s disease?  It’s where people develop moving fibers under their skin.  It’s one of the most horrible, unimaginable, creepy and disgusting skin ailments I’ve ever seen.  Look it up. Dr. Clifford Carnicom has been researching aerosol spraying, otherwise known as chemtrails, for over 12 years and has discovered the Morgellons fibers in the fallen debris and in the saliva of 99% of the people he’s tested.  What do you know?  One more thing we all like, breathing the air!

By the way, it’s not legal for the government to experiment on us without our permission, “UNLESS it’s for medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial purposes, or for research in general, or for protection against, or for law enforcement purposes, including riot control”. (Section 1520a Chapter 32 of U.S. Code Title 50).  No wonder our ‘representatives’ scurry like rats when approached about this subject!  They must have their own special air to breathe.

9. FDAHow many words are the limit for regular articles?  Some doctors have been known to call this the Federal Death Agency.  There are countless detrimental to life additives, fillers, chemicals, artificial extenders, dyes, poison in plastic food containers, and even radiation that are just fine with the FDA for us to eat.  But don’t you dare consume organic raw milk!  Oh no no no.  They just won’t have any of that!

If you report adverse effects from one of their approved elements, you may not hear back from them for years.  You won’t even be noticed if you’re already a statistic!  It just depends on what made you sick.  If it was something a huge corporation makes, forget it.  If you got sick from a peach you bought at a local roadside stand, or some lemonade from your neighbors little girls stand down the street, well its curtains for them.  They’ll get 10+ years in the slammer.

Just beware while you’re shopping at your favorite organic fresh food grocer. Those black Suburban cars, swat team ninja cops, and big AK-47 rifles can be quite startling.  Oh, I forgot about all the toxic chemicals that are allowed to go into our skin and hair products too.

Boys and girls, don’t forget to use your (cancer causing) sunscreen now.  Remember to be careful in that bad sun!  P.S.  Watch out for domestic home grown terrorists like John McCain and Dick Durbin, they’ve been trying to outlaw your vitamin and mineral diet supplements, and they just won’t quit.

10. VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT DEMONIZATIONThe Pharmaceutical companies have a jealousy problem.  They don’t like all the money you’ve been spending on vitamins to stay healthy.  It’s just driving them crazy.  So they got our government to sign onto some UN treaty called Codex Alimentarius.

This multi country UN gig wants to judge just how little nutrition you actually need in your vitamin pills, something like what wouldn’t be enough for your pet fly.  Then they want to give the rights to BigPharma to make the pills, with only slightly more milligrams at one thousand times the cost.  What the heck took them so long?  And to make it even better, you’ll have to go to your doctor (IF you can find one after ObamaCare kicks in) for a prescription for your vitamin A, B, C, D, Etc.

So now, we won’t have to worry at all about maintaining good health, because our loving government will do it all for us, right?  So, when all the diseases that are caused by nutritional deficiencies return, all the pharmaceutical companies will be lined up waiting to fix us.

Are you getting the picture yet?  Foods that are loaded up with chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, hormones and anti-biotics to counteract e.coli and staff bacteria; severely depleted in nutrients and minerals, and shipped in from all over the world with scant oversight.

Yet they want to deny us the only means we have to counteract the industrialization and over processing of our foods.  The deal is to keep us very sick, slowly dying, and drain our purses dry, before we die.  Speaking of dying, how many people are killed by vitamins each year?  None, or one?  From the way the FDA is reacting, and Sen. Durbin’s new bill, you might think there was a holocaust in progress.  Well, there is….. But it’s not caused by vitamins!!

11. EPA-Natural gas fracking (flaming tap water).  5 year Naval war exercises on all US coasts with every horrible kind of toxin, bomb, or chemical warfare germ you can think of.  They even admit this endeavor will “take” (read ‘kill’) up to 11 million sea mammals.  Nuclear leakage and fallout.

Every imaginable chemical, pesticide, and herbicide.  Chemtrails. Oil spills and gushers.  Aerosol spraying of deadly toxins on oceans.  Ocean trash dumping by corporations.  Neglected toxic Superfund sites. Overflowing spent nuclear fuel pools all over the country.  Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF).  Let’s see.  What am I forgetting?  It doesn’t matter. Anything is OK by the EPA apparently.

12. USDA- Let me give you a clue.  All these alphabet soup agencies are head fakes.  They were put in place by TPTB to make us think the government was protecting us and our country.  And maybe for awhile, to get us believing in them, they were.  But folks, the worm has turned.  Look out.  They are all there to enable the move to consolidate the elites’ plan for total control over our lives!

Here’s a line from a recent article: ‘The USDA lied to farmers and ranchers about federal drought insurance.  The government has refused to pay up during the worst drought in US history’.  More farmers down the drain.  The USDA is an enemy of the country.  The FDA is an enemy of people.  The SEC is an enemy of investors.

The EPA is an enemy of the earth.  I could go on if you like.  Nothing is logical. Nothing makes sense.  What’s love got to do with it?  Nothing.  TPTB are brutal, evil, and diabolical.  They delight in death and destruction, and enjoy watching us suffer.

13. FUKUSHIMA- What is Fukushima?  I think I’ve heard of that somewhere before.  Was that the name of a country somewhere near Japan or something?  Oh that’s right, there was a tsunami, and I think I heard something about a nuclear power plant.  Boy, that CNN just jumps from one story to the next.  Things are moving so fast these days it’s hard to keep up. But I think somebody from England said something about not going out in the rain, or eating green leafy vegetables.  But everything must be OK now, because I haven’t heard any more about it.

Nothing is more despicable than to have our government order a news black-out about what is very possibly a life extinction event of mass proportion.

14. THE FOOD SAFETY AND MODERNIZATION ACTBetter known as ‘The End of Small Farms and Don’t Bother Looking For Roadside Fruit and Vegetable Stands Act’.  Those small time farmers are going to be too busy complying with new draconian paperwork and regulations to worry about the safety of their organic crops.

While they are busy paying the piper, the crops will die of neglect anyway.  But don’t get all huffy and think you’ll just grow some food of your own.  The Garden Police will show up with their AK-47s, and God knows what will happen if you don’t have your permit!  And don’t even think about sharing your extra tomatoes with the neighbor.  That is against the law now.  They’ll work best thrown onto the compost pile for next years planting.

Our loyal representatives twisted themselves into pretzels to get this bill passed.  The lame duck congress even worked till the wee hours of the morning so no one would see what they were doing on the last day they were in office.  Many who may have voted ‘no’ had gone home to bed.

They got about 6 million letters, calls, and e-mails from the suckers who voted for them, begging them not to pass this dangerous bill!  But they just couldn’t resist giving us a parting gift, because they couldn’t resist the parting gifts they got for passing this disgusting bill.  In case you haven’t picked up on it, every new bill in this Orwellian world we live in, has a name the exact opposite of what its underlying purpose is.

15. SMART GRID and SMART METERSAs if electro magnetic frequencies (EMF) from cell phones, cell towers, microwave ovens, HD TVs, wi-fi signals, medical CT scans, X-rays, and airport scanners, aren’t enough to fry us, we now get to have the new and improved electrical grid along with the deadly ‘smart meters’ that go with them.

Here’s another gift from TPTB money grabbers who have nothing but their own agenda in mind.  Even all the corporations who are going to be bidding for a piece of the action dare not bring up the issue of safety.  Not a word!  This may finally be the wake-up call for all the people who refused to believe their government has anything but their best interests at heart.  Once again, our dependence on electricity will be used to hold us hostage, and to make us comply with something that may very well kill us!

Not to mention that ‘smart meters’ are a complete invasion of your privacy and a way for Big Brother to keep track of your every move and even control your appliances remotely if they want.  Please read up on this subject before they come to your town and alert your neighbors!  The meters will be spewing strong pulses of microwave energy all through the environment, your home and everybody in it, then returning the signal to a receiver up to 2 miles away. Even if you didn’t have one, don’t worry, you’ll be treated to all your neighbors signals as well, right through your walls.

Your utility’s talking point will be that ‘they are no more dangerous than a cell phone’, or that it only pulses twice a day.  Outright lies!  Apparently, they haven’t been keeping up on their propaganda scheme.

Even the WHO is finally admitting that cell phones do cause cancer tumors!  Another case of hiding the health risks for the benefit of big corporations.  And, according to Dr. Bill Deagle, who has been testing the smart meter, it’s been putting out 100 times the EMF of a cell phone!  I wonder how long it will take to kill people who are unfortunate enough to live in multi-family dwellings, or live with a meter bank containing hundreds of meters a short distance from their home?

Don’t think our government knows exactly what they’re doing to us?  The military has studied this technology extensively!  The meters have not even been approved by UL, and you need a subpoena to get safety rating records from the utility co.  How would you like to die?  Cooked by microwaves, or fried in a fire?

The meters have been catching on fire and may have been the cause of the gas line explosion in San Diego that took 8 lives and 47 homes a few months ago.  Federal “investigators” said they were not going to investigate if the meter was the cause “because the meter did not cause the explosion”.  They don’t look for things they don’t want to find.

The utility commissions and the utility companies are playing extreme hardball with people who do not want to be microwaved in their homes.  If you try to ‘opt out’, you will pay dearly to protect your health, while they are happy to place your life on the black jack table for that first winning hand.

Judging by Dr. Deagle’s own testing of his smart meter, it’s obvious that any test results provided by the industry claiming the meters are completely safe are fraudulent!  Further, they do admit that there has been no long term testing, but you’ll need a subpoena to see their safety data.  So just like cell phones, how can they dare to make any safety claims?

“The meters are within the FCC’s guidelines” they say. (Another alphabet agency)  I guess cell phones are too, although the radio frequency levels they put out have just been listed as carcinogens.  Once again, the people who will get rich off this boondoggle will be sailing away on their yachts, while you lie in a hospital bed dying of cancer.  You can bet they won’t have smart meters on their homes!

The government has offered bribe money to the states, utilities and the utility commissions (which came from us in the form of ‘stimulus money’) to institute this program.  Then we’ll pay for it again ‘to reimburse the utility along with a ‘fair’ profit’, by paying much higher rates.

It is NOT mandated by law, but if you refuse them permission to install the meter, they will come back and install it anyway and say you have no choice.  Or they’ll threaten to turn your power off!  They thought they could pass this one off by saying it will save us money, conserve energy, and save the earth!   But people are catching on to this one, and the lawsuits are already under way.  (Good luck with that.  How many judges do you trust these days?)  Act now and get your city to ban them, please!  And don’t forget to educate your doctor.

He’ll need the info to treat your addled brain and confused bodily systems, if the Cabal gets their way.  Every cell in our body has an electrical biology, and unless you aren’t human, you will be damaged.  It’s the modern day version of a gas chamber.  The chamber this time happens to be your own home,  If this isn’t our line in the sand, nothing is.

16. UNENDING WARS- Mothers, don’t let your babies grow up to be soldiers.  If they make it back home, they’ll never be the same.  Look up Gulf War Syndrome. They are guinea pigs for every imaginable vaccine, and unwitting victims of America’s own weapon of mass destruction called depleted uranium.

You could also become the proud grandparents of a grandchild with 2 heads and 4 legs.  It has become very obvious that our government, our military, and our country have been the subjects of a coup ‘d tat.  The next time someone says our sons and daughters are defending our freedom, remind them of the black SUVs and swat team raids on the beautiful Amish farmers, or the 630 citizen deaths by cop tasers, or the no warrant, no knock raids on homes of innocent people, or the sexual assault by the airport TSA because people just want to visit their family in another state.

I know our young people sign up out of financial desperation and perceived patriotism.  Once they sign they are compelled to follow orders, but

it is now apparent to the entire world that they are not fighting for our country, but for the agenda of the cabal of elites who want to own it all, including you.  The military standing down is our only hope for saving the country.  We need them to defend us, right here at home, from the enemies within, and the outside enemies who are fomented by our government’s lies.

I hate to say it, but right at this moment, our military is aiding and abetting the enemy to destroy our dreams, our freedoms, and our country.   Is there not a single commander who has the guts to loudly and publicly just say NO MORE?!

17. OBAMA”CARE”Written by the insurance companies, it will be the perfect covert plan to eliminate all the ‘useless eaters’ and save the government from paying all of us pesky Baby Boomers our social security. It won’t be hard, since while they are adding 30 million people into the system, 60% of the doctors we have now will be long gone.  They want nothing to do with it.

Everyone knows that the medical system is in melt down as we speak anyway.  One of my favorite parts of this travesty is the rule that if you are ‘not up to date on your vaccines’, you won’t get care.  It’s such a fabulous law that the scum who voted for it made themselves and their staff exempt from it!  Make your doctor appointments now!  It may be a few years wait.

Ask him if he makes house calls to jails, since that’s where you’ll be if you can’t afford ObamaCare.  By the way…. when your doctor (if he hasn’t left the country) asks, by law, if you have any firearms in your home, tell him ‘absolutely not’!  Then ask him why he wants to know.

18. WEATHER MODIFICATIONScientists say the technology certainly exists.  I’m sure the ruling Cabal has unlimited funds to invest in it, and the Navy says they’ll own the weather by 2025.  We keep having rare, deadly, ‘once every 100 years’ droughts, floods, earthquakes, temperatures, and snowfalls, so I’m really suspicious about this.

I think they own the weather now!  It seems to add up to broke farmers, food shortages and sky high prices.  Our government signed on to a UN treaty that prohibits all countries from using weather weapons.  So, our leaders promptly privatized the U.S. weather bureau, and created numerous front companies that carry out their plans for them anyway.  It’s similar to hiring that company Blackwater in Iraq.  They did such a good job for the U.S. in Iraq, and they’re so proud that they changed their name to XE, as if that makes them seem any less dark.

19. FINANCIAL COLLAPSE/DEPRESSIONI forget.  How many people died during the 1930s depression?  One of the most telling discoveries were the thousands of coffins piled up that Jessi Ventura showed on one of his TruTV shows.  That show was never aired again, and was removed altogether from the TruTV website and the internet.  Are the coffins for the masses of people who will starve during the new great depression?  Why did the government order them?  If they are there in case of a big natural disaster, wouldn’t the government just say so?  Instead they removed the evidence from view.  In detective terms, they call that consciousness of guilt.

Will someone please wake me up after I’m dead, and let me know if any of the psychopathic, demonic, control freak maniacs, who have gutted our country and our lives, are ever held accountable and banished from this world?  I’d appreciate it.  Thank You!

Please print out this article and give it to the people you care about.  If they are still sleeping, but have any survival instinct left, maybe this will shake them awake.  We are NOT in Kansas anymore my fellow Americans.


Published on Jan 25, 2014

NOTE: If you cannot watch my videos due to blocking, try installing Firefox browser and then an add on called Youtube Unblocker. Not sure if this works for mobiles/ cell phones.

Cleverly masking their satanic agenda, the Illuminati are utilizing “smart technology” under the pretense of “conservation” and “sustainability”, with yet more “hiding in plain sight” to fool the masses. Awaken to the truth. AGENDA 21 will not bring sustainablity. It will bring great CONTROL over all nations for the benefit of their Dystopian NEW WORLD ORDER!

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How Far Agenda 21 Has Come, And How To Stop It – Dr. Michael Coffman

Published on Jul 15, 2012

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Ticket for the next Eagle Forum Conference can be purchased at: http://eagleforumofcaliforniaconferen…

http://EagleForumOfCalifornia.org – A truly informative lecture on America’s threat Agenda 21 by Dr. Michael Coffman who is responsible for stalling the implementation of Agenda 21 for the last 18 years. If you are one of those who does not believe that there is a serious effort to reduce the population and control man’s existence by a New World Order, then watch this video.

Wake Up 2013: AGENDA 21 & WW3

Published on Jun 27, 2013

STOP AGENDA 21 – Tom DeWeese

Uploaded on Feb 16, 2012

This City Is the Canary In the Coal Mine for America’s Future

UPDATE..Detroit has just filed for bankruptcy..


Dave Hodges
Activist Post

Who am I? In my heyday, I was the fourth largest city in the country? Fifty years ago, I had the highest per capita income in the country. Unemployment used to be rare, now unemployment is rampant. My infrastructure is rotting and not being replaced. Cross a bridge on a public road at your own risk and the chances are one in two that you will not be able to read the sign warning you that the bridge has indeed collapsed due to neglect.

Who am I? Am I speaking about Calcutta, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Mexico City, a remote province in China or some barren stretch of land in Yemen? No, I am talking about Detroit, Michigan.

Fall From GraceDetroit is the proverbial canary in the coal mine. It is a glimpse of America’s future if we let Agenda 21 fully take over our cities. It is a portent of things to come if we ever accept Cap and Trade legislation.At the height of Detroit’s success as a city. the city was a representation of the American middle class. It was the greatest manufacturing city ever seen on the planet. Detroit made cars that were the envy of the planet.
Today, Detroit is mocked and ridiculed. If you want to know what the future of America is going to be like, just look at the city of Detroit. Once upon a time it was a symbol of everything that America was doing right, but today it has been transformed into a miniature third-world country which rivals any hell-hole on the planet.
Almost 30% of Detroit’s 140 square miles are either vacant or deserted. Detroit used to be the fourth-largest city in the US, with a population of nearly 2 million people. Today, Detroit has less than 700,000 residents. There are more than 33,500 vacant houses and over 90,000 vacant lots in Detroit.
The city government is razing entire city blocks of business buildings and residential homes. If you are the only one left on your block, you are forced to move and if you are lucky you will receive $10,000 for your home.The median price of a home in Detroit is only $9,000! In some areas in Detroit, you can buy a house for just $100.
There are approximately 85,000 streetlights in Detroit, but copper thieves have stripped so much wiring out that many of the lights are not working. The Mayor of Detroit has announced that he will reduce the number of streetlights to almost half the existing total down to 46,000.Today, sixty percent of Detroit’s children live in poverty, when less than 45 years ago, Detroit boasted the highest per capita income in the United States. Today, Detroit does not have one chain supermarket left in the city.
In 2009, more than 30% of Detroit school children did not graduate from high school.
Forty seven percent of Detroit’s residents are functionally illiterate.
Detroit has closed 16 schools. And the kids who do manage to graduate, are barely better off than the ones who do.It has one of the highest murder rates in the country.
Its infrastructure has been gutted. Real unemployment may be as high 20% in some parts of the city.
This is a real bad city to not be able to find a cop; and with the new cutbacks, it is really hard to find a cop because most police stations in Detroit now only open to the public for 8 hours per day.
So, if you have to defend yourself, you better be prepared to get through the night on your own.
You can call the police on your Obama phone, but you better only call between 8am and 5pm.
Just how dangerous is it? Justifiable homicide in Detroit rose by an amazing 79% during 2011.Who Bankrupted Detroit?
The globalists defeated Detroit through the various free trade agreements.
Through NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA, American auto manufacturing were free to ship their factories overseas in search of near slave labor markets.
The passage of these free trade agreements made it possible to hire foreign slave laborers and without the now prohibited tariffs on imports, the globalist-controlled corporations could ship slave labor manufactured products back into the United States.
Our government failed to protect manufacturers, and the net effect is that we are beginning to see third-world conditions inside the United States in cities such as Detroit . . . and it is spreading like wildfire.
Since the 1970s, America has lost 86% of its manufacturing jobs. Actually the Globalists have been trying to get rid of American tariffs for 100 years in the name of free trade. Look up the Payne-Aldrich Tariff; it is part of our history.
A year later, we got the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and then real fun began in earnest.
No Tariffs, No American ProsperityTariffs used to pay our national debt. No longer, we replaced tariffs with the Income Tax Amendment. If you are reading this historical facts for the first time, you have to be getting angry. And who could blame you for getting angry?
You and I should not be paying income tax — tariffs should be paying for the national debt. We are paying income tax because the globalists wanted free trade and it is our “duty to pay” so they can maximize their profits.
Oh, and by the way, the third leg of this scheme was to introduce fiat currency where bankers could invent money out of thin air which caused our money to now be worth less than 4 cents for what used to be a dollar.Now, back to Detroit which helps us understand where we are headed.
You may not live in an area of the country in which the jobs are headed overseas. However, you have been targeted for de-industrialization.
If you ever let Agenda 21 get a grip on your city, the result will be like Detroit and will result in abject poverty as a result of green zones, Wildlands, promises of Smart Growth, saving the planet from global warming and economic growth inhibitors, etc. By the way, the globalists have the guts to build a $25 million light rail in Detroit, right in the middle of this rotting corpse.
ConclusionNow that you know the truth, what are you going to do about it, because Detroit’s situation is our future unless we can change the direction we are headed?
I would urge you to become familiar with the phrase: all politics is local. We have indeed lost the presidency and we have lost the Congress.
However, we can effect some change at the local governmental levels by helping to keep Agenda 21 away from most of our cities. Roll up your sleeves, go to city council meetings and listen for phrases like NGOs, Smart Growth, Planning Areas, Public Private Partnerships in relation to your local utilities.
Be vocal, call out your public officials for forsaking their oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Time is very short . . . act as if your life depends on it, because it does.

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms PhoenixNews With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.


Anonymous said…

I have to tell you, that Detroit is the canary for both the U.S. and Canada. It is intentional. NAFTA just one of endless mechanisms used to enslave and create a third world populace. Please note there is a GREAT DEAL OF MONEY to be made from misery, poverty, violence, ill-health, inferior housing, unsafe food and other ongoing lifelong chronic issues.
The amount of money to be made off these people is a lot higher and on-going than someone buying a house, a car and in good health. Globalists, Multiculturalists, the Elitist Minions in Government, Business, Media, Politics and the Arts are all knowing collaborators in this intentional killing of the North American people. Thank you for the article.
Paul Panza said…
I disagree with Detroit as the canary, I would have chosen Aliquippa, PA. Not only representing the collapse of big steel but also the radiation exposure of it’s population due to the governments interest in atoms for war and peace. Things like the Vulcan Forge uranium contamination in West Aliquippa is a stunning example of the trade off between health for phoney money; this area was a “ghost town” decades before the collapse of Detroit.
The lungs of Aliquippa also lay within the path of the fallout from the Shippingport, PA. the worlds oldest nuclear/electrical generating facility; as it also receives some of the largest doses of pollution from its neighboring states because this is the drop zone for the contaminants.
Cheering for the return of the 2nd amendment will not return what has been lost in any of the cities in the greater rust belt of the USA. Now that the 2nd civil war is underway most of this will be forgotten along with all the money that was generated here to make more than just automobiles.

Anonymous said…

The author suggests that in order for people to be prosperous we must forsake “green zones, Wildlands, … Smart Growth, saving the planet from global warming”.. What then do we work and hope for? To live in a sealed box surrounded by our goodies while the world burns?
Oh I am more than sympathetic to the plight of working people and the loss of good jobs! The reality is that simply having Detroit and other sad places be again giant producers of manufactured consumer goods is no answer.. Don’t like the sound of Agenda 21?
Me neither! There’s no denying there are larger systemic problems than the loss of the auto jobs or the deconstruction of Detroit. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller – Aldrich married into “the family.”Also note that the Federal Reserve Act was initially called the Aldrich Plan.
Debt Money Tyranny
Weapons of Mass Debt

Deja vu! said…

There is NO way to restore what once was, especially trying to effect change using the same mechanism that reduced the nation (world) to the current state!
The world leaders, while trying to maintain the “status quo”, will merely feed the degradation of the human condition and end things with massive, violent alterations in the economies, societies, and populations of the world.Normalization may take five to twenty decades, and, most likely, the damn fools will organize the world using most of the same, built-in points of failure that have highlighted every government in recorded history!



They Want You Dead is Written in Stone

5 Mississippi Lawmakers Die In Months; Pro-Agenda 21 Legislator Jessica Upshaw Found Dead Of Gunshot Wound

Monday, March 25, 2013 3:43


The Baker’s Dozen of BP Whistle-Blowing Victims

5 Mississippi state lawmakers have died within the past few months, including the recent death of Jessica Upshaw who recently took a great deal of blame for not allowing a vote to kill Agenda 21 in Mississippi. Upshaw represented a district that included the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and was said to have committed suicide.

Could this have something to do with the BP oil spill and all of the mysterious deaths surrounding that? I find it strange that 5 politicians from the same state have died within the last few months.

What else is going on down there? Is there an ‘Agenda 21’ hit list? Are the Feds mad that she brought Agenda 21 to this level of attention? From the Daily Mail.:

Authorities in Mississippi are investigating after a state representative was found dead in a suspected suicide at the home of a former lawmaker, according to local officials. The death of Republican Rep Jessica Upshaw, 53, of the 95th District in Diamondhead, was confirmed by Simpson County Coroner Terry Tutor.

She was a Republican from Diamondhead along the state’s coast.  Mendenhall (where she was found) is about 110 miles away from her hometown.

Upshaw is the fifth Mississippi lawmaker in to die in the last few months.

Joe Gardner of Batesville, died last month of a heart attack at the age of 68. Democratic Rep. David Gibbs, of West Point, died January 13.

Two Democratic state senators, Bennie Turner, of West Point, and Alice Harden, of Jackson, died in late 2012.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2298608/Jessica-Upshaw-Politician-shot-death-home-lawmaker-Clint-Rotenberry.html#ixzz2OXrJYPlm

From Stop Agenda 21 we learn more about Jessica Upshaw.:

Representative Jessica Upshaw is a Republican member of the Mississippi House of Representatives. She currently serves as Chairman of the Conservation and Water Resources Committee.

The Anti-Agenda 21 Bill, H.B. 801, submitted by Representative Becky Currie was sent to Rep. Upshaw’s committee on February 20 and it ultimately died in that committee on March 6 with no action. The bill was submitted in response to a Resolution exposing and opposing Agenda 21 which was passed unanimously by the Republican National Committee on January 13. CLICK HERE to view the Resolution.

When asked why she stated that she would not allow the bill to get to the House floor for a vote, she simply stated that she did not feel it is the right time.

Representative Upshaw chose to make an arbitrary decision rather than reviewing the documentation presented to her and to the Conservative Coalition and in doing so, robbed our legislators of an opportunity to protect our state from the growing tentacles of Agenda 21.

For anyone who is not aware of Agenda 21 and the role that it plays in what we see unfolding across America today, this excellent video from Red Ice Creations shares that the “UN Agenda 21 is the Blueprint for the Framework of the New World Order.”

“UN Agenda 21 is the Blueprint for the Framework of the New World Order” Rosa Koire – Red Ice Radio

Published on Mar 24, 2013

Activist, speaker, and blogger, Rosa Koire is a forensic real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation. Her research into and fight against redevelopment led her to UN Agenda 21 and was the genesis to co-found the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, and the Post Sustainability Institute.

She has been speaking and inspiring groups nationally to take action. She is the author of Behind The Green Mask.

Don’t miss this important program as Rosa details how Agenda 21 is being used to transition the world into a global totalitarian state where one must pay to live.

She’ll explain how this agenda is the biggest public relation scam in history. We’ll cover how this plan is designed to destroy the individual, create scarcity and make us vulnerable to control.

Rosa talks about the ideology of Communitarianism, which is similar to Communist China, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Later, we’ll discuss the hypocrisy, the propaganda and how to fight back.

Red Ice Radio – Published on Aug 22, 2012

Red Ice Radio – Rosa Koire – Hour 1 – Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21

“Behind the Green Mask” – http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/buy-behind-the-green-mask.html

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