Psychological Warfare On You


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‘Psychiatry Industry of Death’ is not a medical science

‘So who is delusional now’ You stupid quacks

The Insane Do Not Know They Are

Shocking Documentary – How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It

Published on May 2, 2013

North Korea is only one of a few places that the banksters have not infiltrated.

Could this and this docu. info. be the reason why the west do not like North Korea and perhaps want to silence them? Could if be that they have sussed out everything that most in the west have not? Are you aware that you are being mind controlled today and never knew it until now after seeing this documentart? It is shocking so beware. See also on B1uebott1e1 – Oust The Banksters + Corruption – Restore The Bradbury Pound

Dr Udo Ulfkotte, journalist and author, on RT Admits All the News is Fake

Published on Oct 9, 2014

Control Factor, 2003 on

Published on Jan 15, 2013 – Free and structured online films and movies!

An average man discovers he’s the unwitting target of an ultra secret domestic black-op centering on mind control. The full Control Factor, 2003 film watch here:

The Truth About Television (YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED!)

Published on Apr 23, 2012

Television is extremely common in our western society.

Children grow up with it from young to old, it gives us all our information that we assume to be reality. The one in power of this tube is definitely the most powerful individual in the world. The history of mass media dates back to american mind control experiments and nazi propaganda. And when most of the multinationals started to work for the government and the rich in a group that’s concealed from public knowledge, it starts to become questionable if this information is to be trusted..

Excellent Mind Control Documentary

Uploaded on Jun 20, 2011

Nick Begich presents the solid science on mind control. It’s academic, military and intelligence history as well as a workshop type presentation on the mind control devices available today for psychological and physiological health. A well researched, very informative presentation

“The End Game 2013” ~ Steve Quayle on Gang Stalking, Mind Control, The Coming Collapse

Published on Aug 26, 2013

Source video and thanks to user Last Chance Truth at

The Hagmann Report

The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER

Published on Sep 8, 2013

Psywar – The Real Battlefield is in the mind

Uploaded on Feb 1, 2011

“A deep, richly illustrated study of the nature and history of propaganda, featuring some of the world’s most insightful critics”. – Mark Achbar;

Film director; ‘Manufacturing Consent’, ‘The Corporation’ “Psywar exposes the propaganda system, providing crucial background and insight into the control of information and thought.”

– Kim Petersen, Dissident Voice “An Important work”

– Russ Baker, Journalist, Author “Family of Secrets” “Must See” – Tom Feeley, Information Clearing House “Encyclopedic and riveting”

– Stephen Marshall, Guerrilla News Network “Truly excellent” – William Blum, journalist, Author ‘Killing Hope’ “A Lucid and insightful study of the manipulation of public consciousness…

Take heed.” – Michael Yates, Associate Editor, Monthly Review “If it is your desire to understand how we are manipulated into believing the things we do — watch this film. Every American should see it…for the sake of our future.”

– Timothy Gatto, fmr Chairman, Liberal Party of America Sources: Beder, Sharon — Consumerism: an Historical Perspective Chomsky, Noam — What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream Darwinia — WWI Propaganda Ewen, Stuart

— Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture Lazere, Donald

— American media and mass culture Lutins, Allen — An Eclectic list of Events in US Labor History Millies, Stephen

— The Ludlow Massacre and the Birth of Company Unions Parenti, Michael — Super-Patriotism Simpson, Christopher

— The Science of Coercion Smith, Sharon — Subterranean Fire: A History of Working-Class Radicalism in the United States Snow, Nancy

— Propagnda, Inc., Selling America’s Culture to the World Stauber, John and Rampton, Sheldon

— Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush’s War on Iraq ; Toxic Sludge is Good For You Tye, Larry

— The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays & The Birth of PR

The age of fear – psychiatry’s reign of terror.

Published on Feb 9, 2013

i do not own the rights to this film.i am putting this film on my youtube help warn people of the dangers of psychiatry and psychiatric drugging in particular.after suffering so bad myself with this.

“If some doctors-torture rather than treat,murder the soul rather than minister the body-that is,in part,because society,through the state,asks them and pays them, to do so.

“We saw it happen in Nazi Germany.and we hanged many of the doctors.We see it happen in the Soviet Union.and we denounce the doctors with righteous indignation.

But when will we see the same things are happening in the so -called free societies?

When will we recognise-and publicly identify-the medical criminals among us? -Dr Thomas Szasz.M.D. Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus.

We live in the very picture of modern society. seemingly secure.seemingly safe.seemingly happy. But life isnt always as it appears.

Psychiatry@s history of atrocities can be found everywhwere. But nowhere can we see them more clearly than in psychiatry’s very birthplace-Germany.

Drawing from exstensive research and interviews with psychiatric experts and victims.this shocking documentary reveals the sordid story of psychiatry from it earliest beginnings to present day.

it is a seldom told tale of false claims,damaging treatments and the ultimate in human cruelty. CCHR.

Psychiatry: The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?

Uploaded on Jan 3, 2012


Right click save as to download movie. The definitive documentary on psychotropic drugging—this is the story of the high-income partnership between drug companies and psychiatry which has created an $80 billion profit from the peddling of psychotropic drugs to an unsuspecting public.

But appearances are deceiving. How valid are psychiatrist’s diagnoses—and how safe are their drugs? Digging deep beneath the corporate veneer, this three-part documentary exposes the truth behind the slick marketing schemes and scientific deceit that conceal a dangerous and often deadly sales campaign.

Psychiatry An industry of Death

Uploaded on Jun 18, 2011

The DSM: Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam

Uploaded on Dec 9, 2011

It’s psychiatry’s best-selling catalog of mental illness — 943 pages long and covering everything from depression and anxiety to stuttering, cigarette addiction, fear of spiders, nightmares, problems with math and even disorder of infancy — all reinterpreted and labeled as a brain disease.

And though it weighs less than five pounds, its influence pervades all aspects of modern society: our governments, our courts, our military, our media and our schools.

Using it, psychiatrists can enforce psychiatric drugging, seize your children and even take away your most precious personal freedoms. It is psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and it is the engine that drives a $330 billion psychiatric industry.

But is there any proof behind the DSM? Or is it nothing more than an elaborate pseudoscientific sham?

* * * * * * * I am not affiliated with the producers of this video. For more information on how psychiatry is used to discredit victims of government mind control programs, please visit my website

How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child – Documentary Video

Published on Dec 1, 2012

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a nonprofit mental health watchdog, responsible for helping to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive practices.

CCHR has long fought to restore basic inalienable human rights to the field of mental health, including, but not limited to, full informed consent regarding the medical legitimacy of psychiatric diagnosis, the risks of psychiatric treatments, the right to all available medical alternatives, and the right to refuse any treatment considered harmful.

Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child. From the makers of the award-winning documentaries Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging and The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane? comes this searing new documentary, exposing how devastating—and deadly—psychiatric drugs can be for children and families.

Behind the grim statistics of deaths, suicides, birth defects and serious adverse reactions is the human face of this global drugging epidemic—the personal stories of loss and courage of those who paid the real price. Psychiatrists claim their drugs are safe for children?

Once you hear what eight brave mothers, their families, health experts, drug counselors and doctors have to say instead, you will come away convinced of one thing…

Psychiatrists are DEAD WRONG. Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

The Drugging Of Our Children (Full Length)

Uploaded on Jul 9, 2011

In the absence of any objective medical tests to determine who has ADD or ADHD, doctors rely in part on standardized assessments and the impressions of teachers and guardians while the they administer leave little room for other causes or aggravating factors, such as diet, or environment.

Hence, diagnosing a child or adolescent with ADD or ADHD is often the outcome, although no organic basis for either disease has yet to be clinically proven.

Psychiatrists may then prescribe psychotropic drugs for the children without first without making it clear to parents that these medications can have severe side-effects including insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, psychotic symptoms and even potentially fatal adverse reactions, such as cardiac arrhythmia.

And yet, despite these dangers, many school systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken from the home unless they cooperate.

The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2011

Now showing on TON (The Occult Network):

The Marketing of Madness is the definitive documentary on the psychiatric drugging industry. Here is the real story of the high income partnership between psychiatry and drug companies that has created an $80 billion psychotropic drug profit center.

The Truth About the Drug Companies Lecture – Dr. Marcia Angell

Published on Aug 17, 2012 Katella Chiropractic and Laser Center 2901 East Katella Ave. Suite H Orange,CA 92867

Michael D. Berry, D.C. (714) 639-4640 Americans spend more than $200 billion a year on prescription drugs. What are they getting for their money? Dr. Marcia Angell, senior lecturer of Harvard Medical School’s Department of Social Medicine and former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, answers that question and more in this installment of the President’s Lecture Series at The University of Montana.

This presentation, “The Truth About the Drug Companies,” Katella Chiropractic and Laser Center 2901 East Katella Ave. Suite H Orange,CA 92867 Michael D. Berry, D.C. (714) 639-4640

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging – Full Length

Uploaded on Aug 10, 2011

Excellent Documentary On The Facts And Truth Of The Cults of Psychiatry And Psychology

Containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves, this riveting documentary rips the mask off psychotropic drugging and exposes a brutal but well-entrenched money-making machine.

It’s the story of big money – drugs that fuel a $330 billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure. These drugs now kill an estimated 42,000 people every year.

Mind control by remote control

Published on Nov 30, 2012

Uploaded for

The Nazis created “Mind Control Towers” that is high pulsating microwaves designed to send information directly into the human brain on the same frequency.

Back then these towers was created for crowd control, making people sick, dizzy, throwing up, lose sleep, hear music or voices in their heads, etc.

Today these towers are all over the world, known as “Mobile Phone Towers” but is really created for more MILITARY purposes than commercial use, such as talking to the ones you love and at the same time giving you both things like brain tumors and Alzheimer. Today will be about mind control by remote control in general.

Mind Control – The Mechanics of Mind Control – Tools for the Awakening

Uploaded on May 25, 2011

Hi-quality at: This facinating 2 hour lecture will keep you on the edge of your seat and mind in understanding the mechanisms of your mind and the implications of applying this information to the current awakening that is happening in human consciousness. Joe Marshalla

Mind Control 2 – The Mechanics of Mind Control 2 – More tools for the Awakening

This 2nd of 6 facinating 2 hour lecture will keep you on the edge of your seat and mind in understanding the mechanisms of your mind and the implications of applying this information to the current awakening that is happening in human consciousness.  

Mind Science Kept Hidden – Secret US Experiments [Full Documentary]

Published on Sep 15, 2013

Secret US Experiments kept hidden from public media. Mind Science researches kept hidden. 

Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

Yuri Bezmenov (alias Tomas Schuman), a Soviet KGB defector, explains in detail his scheme for the KGB process of subversion and takeover of target societies at a lecture in Los Angeles, 1983.

Yuri Bezmenov was a former KGB propagandist who was assigned to New Dehli, India – and defected to the West in 1970.

Bezmenov explains his background, some of his training, and exactly how Soviet propaganda is spread in other countries in order to subvert their teachers, politicians, and other policy makers to a mindset receptive to the Soviet ideology.

He also explains in detail the goal of Soviet propaganda as total subversion of another country and the four-step formula for achieving this goal.

He recalls the details of how he escaped India, defected to the West, and settled in Montreal as an announcer for the CBC.

Note the segments starting at around 14 and 24 minutes into the video.

Please mirror this video! Thank you.

Psywar – Psychological Warfare

Reformatted for HD. This documentary created by a British film team digs deep into the meaning and implications into the concept of the psychological operations being perpetrated upon the world.

Psychological Warfare (Mind Control – Pure PropaGanda)

No copyright Infringement intended. Protected by the Education Act and the Higher Education Opportunity act in the sense that this video is used only for educational purposes and for research. (Free too the Public)

Pure Propaganda Aimed at the Sheeple. mind control. brain-wash. fearmongering. buy this buy that. Slave Labour, ect ect ect
sorry about the ending, ” i ran out of memory on me laptop” it was only a couple of mins.

Wash Your Brain – Hollywood Mind Control

Psywar : Full Documentary HQ

This film explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the elitist theory of democracy and the relationship between war, propaganda and class.

Includes original interviews with a number of dissident scholars including Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Peter Phillips (Project Censored), John Stauber (PR Watch), Christopher Simpson (The Science of Coercion) and others.

A deep, richly illustrated study of the nature and history of propaganda, featuring some of the world’s most insightful critics, Psywar exposes the propaganda system, providing crucial background and insight into the control of information and thought.

Thanks to

Secret Societies And Psychological Warfare Part 1: The Monolith

This is a show William Cooper did on November 4, 1996.

Radio 3Fourteen – Lisa Arbercheski – Feminism as Psychological Warfare & Harnessing Human Resources

Lisa Arbercheski is a publisher at Tragedy & Hope Communications. Prior to T&H Lisa worked with the world’s largest corporate media & publishing companies. Tragedy and Hope delivers in the form of daily, weekly, and monthly publications which provide objective and thought-provoking content which inspires critical thinking & emotional responsibility.

In this program we’ll discuss how feminism was used as a means to achieve an agenda for a ruling class. We’ll discuss the leading women behind the feminist movement who were communists.

What did women really want and what was really accomplished? Lisa explains the psychological warfare of the feminist movement and feminism today.

Equality, freedom, what is feminine and what is ideal beauty is now being defined for us so we do not define it ourselves.

The new roles females play benefit a small group. The ruling class has divided and conquered us, in order to rule over us and control our bodies and minds, so that we can be harnessed as human resources.

We’ll talk about their divide and conquer strategies now in play effecting relationships between males and females, the family unit, female confidence, motherhood and sex.

There is a secret elite the rules this world and they understand the power of manipulating the male and female principles in a specific and esoteric matter.

We also touch upon “The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America.”

Psychological Warfare and Mind Control In America

A partial sound bite of a show on the Scientific analysis of Mind Control In America.

Psychological Warfare #1: Behavioral Triggers

Get ready for the inaugural episode of the highly anticipated Psychological Warfare series. Are you ready to start getting your business noticed? You can start using these simple behavioral triggers to get people to take action now!

Whether you have a brick and mortar business or an online presence, this fast-paced firehose of information is going to recharge your batteries and give you the tools you need to get people’s attention.

In this episode, we’ll be introducing the series and explaining just how powerful psychological triggers can be to influence the way people respond to your business, branding, and marketing.

I’m a psychological operations specialist in the United States Army, and I’m going to be sharing how the principles of psychological warfare can be used to take your business to the next level.

+Dustin W. Stout is the world renowned creative lunatic. I call him that because his mastery of design is of epic and crazy proportions. He’ll be sharing his thoughts regarding behavioral triggers with a specific emphasis on design, marketing and social media.

+Keith Bloemendaal is a successful serial entrepreneur and he’ll be providing practical ways to implement our principles into business.

Please consider helping us make this show a great success by commenting like crazy, telling your friends, and showing your support however you can. Thanks so much. I’ll see you on Saturday!

UPDATE: +Wade Harman had to cancel his appearance on this week’s show due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict. He’ll be back with us on future shows. We’ve replaced his spot with the epic creative genius +Dustin W. Stout.

Psychological Sales Triggers: Control the Mind, Motivate, Influence and Persuade”

Triggers: 30 Sales Tools you can use to Control the Mind of your Prospect to Motivate, Influence and Persuade By Joseph Sugarman

Cathy O’Brien: Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Victim

Warning: Adults only, if you’re easily offended don’t watch
Read the book here:… – private

For Reasons of National Security
(Intro – Mark Phillips. Cathy O’Brien – 0:36:50)
The Granada Forum, October 31, 1996

On May 7, 1966 a 9 year old child named Cathy O’Brien was subjected to an occult ritual named “The Rite to Remain Silent”. This is her own very shocking and eye-opening life story about her experience as a CIA MK-Ultra Whitehouse Pentagon level trauma-based Mind Control slave. She speaks out to expose those who abused, who go right up to presidents and congressmen and women and to give voice to the many mind control victims out there who can’t think to speak out.

O’Brien claims to have been abused since she was a toddler by her own family. Forced to partake in satanic sadomasochistic child pornography movies produced for Gerald Ford, she was eventually sold to the CIA, which was looking for traumatized children for their mind-control program … U.S. Presidents Ford, Reagan, Bush and Bill Clinton; Canadian Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney; Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid; Haitian dictator Baby Doc Duvalier; Panamanian President Manuel Noriega; and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia all sexually brutalized her. She recounts in graphic detail how the elder George Bush raped her thirteen year old daughter and how she was forced to have oral sex with Illuminati witch Hillary Clinton … While being sodomized, whipped, bound and raped, O’Brien overheard the globalist elite planning a military coup in the United States and conspiring to usher in the satanic New World Order

Britney Spears Illuminati Mind Control Victim

Bill Clinton under mind control

9/11 Subliminals: GCSE Exam Papers

RFID Mind Control

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