The American Constitution

By Daniel J Towsey

August 14, 2007

As usual we have been deceived by the New World Order secret societies.

Now if you go into any court of America to argue the constitutionality of any issue. You are told that the constitution has no effect or authority in this court and is now NULL AND VOID.

Therefore now, you have no constitutional rights in any court of the USA today.

It has been replaced with the Patriot Acts.

The American Government is now a despotic and tyrannical institution, run by a despot who is part of the New World Order.

This was planned when the Masonic founding fathers wrote the Constitution. They knew that this phrase would one day destroy the constitution.

Just see Article 1 Section 8 Claus 17 …It says;

"Congress shall have THE POWER to exercise exclusive LEGISLATION IN ALL CASES WHATSOEVER over such districts as may become the seat of the government of the United States" Which means Washington.

Article 1 Sec 8 cl 17 was included as a result of proposals made to the Constitutional Convention by the MASON James Madison. So it is now to be said that he was the father of tyranny.

This means that the Constitution has always been a tyrannical document.

Please note that the people of Washington do not elect a congressman or a senator. For this is not needed because Washington has a tyrannical government. Congress has sole power over Washington and only Washington.

Congress is given power and authority to operate under Article 1, Section 8 Clauses 1 – 16, 18 and the Bill of Rights.

Those powers are very specific – the power to run Washington D.C. is absolutely UNLIMITED.

This means that there were two constitutional governments in America.

One was: The Government of THE UNITED STATES Washington D.C. Which has power over Washington.

The Other was: The government of THE U S OF AMERICA – which has power over the rest of the fifty states America

Now onto Amendment 14

It reads in part " All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States..,"

Two questions come to mind after reading the fourteenth Amendment.

Question number one, What were we before the 14th Amendment? If we were not citizens prior to the 14th amendment? What were we?


Now what are we according to the 14th amendment?


What does that mean? It means that you do not have a government for the people and by the people.

Notice: "People" became "Persons" meaning that your individuality as a ‘people’ is no longer significant and that now you are just an insignificant ‘Person’

This amendment states that there are to ways to become a citizen. You can be born inside Washington D.C. or be born outside Washington D.C. and become a Naturalized citizen.

A naturalized citizen is one who is not born in Washington, who voluntarily asks to become a citizen, because when you do you become subject to the jurisdiction of the United States Government of Washington.

You became a naturalized citizen by voluntarily accepting a social security card of the United States. When you accepted the {contract] social security card, you voluntarily gave up your sovereignty to the tyrannical government of the United States. You gave up your sovereignty to a foreign government named the government of the United States. So when you did that you voluntarily granted total tyrannical control over you to the United States Government.

[Personal note. That decision was made by the parents and not the adult. So therefore I say that you did not voluntarily give up anything and that this agreement with the government is therefore NULL and VOID. The agreement by the parents should be conditional until you come of age and agree to this agreement. This would then make it binding. I am not an American, so I am not aware, Do you get your social security cards before or after you become a legally recognised adult? If its before, then the contract is not legally binding. as you the adult did not agree to it.]

There is no law requiring you to get a Social Security card. You can request to have your social security number removed from government records.

Another deception you should be aware of is that Federal Income taxes are voluntary. There is no law requiring you to pay them. There has never been such a law.

Please note that the IRS operates under rules and only rules and not laws. The rules only apply to US citizens that voluntarily accept the rules..

[Personal note; Maybe its time to ponder the idea of giving up your United States of America citizenship and become an illegal immigrant. You’ll probably have more rights. This is just a thought. Or better yet. After you give up your citizenship. Create a new peoples Government. While your at it take back the control of the money from the Federal Reserve. Your taxes are only going to them and enriching the secret society members. You must come to the realization that the People of the US have no money or gold reserves. That all money is loaned to the people from the Federal Reserve. Its nothing but a scam to control the people and the secret members own everything. In reality you have been enslaved]

In the Bill of Rights,

The Tenth Amendment of the constitution is another cleverly worded deception. You come to realize this after reading Article 1 Section 8 Claus 17 …which says;

"Congress shall have THE POWER to exercise exclusive LEGISLATION IN ALL CASES WHATSOEVER"

Amendment ten says;

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

So therefore the Constitution says that the founding fathers gave all powers to the United States Government and that all remaining power goes to the states or the people. But Article 1 Section 8 Claus 17 clearly says that this is not true. All power is solely in the hands of the US Government. So there is no power left to give to the people.

The tenth amendment destroys human rights. It does not protect them. You thought that the congress was specifically limited to 18 powers and that if you did not give more power to them they did not have it. This is absolutely false. You have been deceived.


The Founding fathers created the great seal of The United States of America in 1782.

In 1935 the Federal Reserve decided that it was now safe to gloat and put both sides of the seal on the back of the one dollar bill.

Around the outer edge of the back seal with the pyramid is written in Latin.

ANNUIT = the announcing of the announcement of

COEPTIS = the birth of

NOVUS = new

ORDO = order

SECLORUM = world


23 of the 39 founding fathers were 33rd level Masons, [a secret society].

The back side of the great seal depicts a pyramid with a flat top and an all seeing eye above it. This is to symbolise that the pyramid is not complete, but that they can see clearly how to complete it and that they are watching you.

NOTE: Have you seen the pyramid they erected in Las Vegas? It is an exact replica and the top is attached with a bright light.

On the front side is an eagle. The Masons put this eagle there for mystical reasons.

In mysticism, the eagle is a symbol of initiation.

The eagle is of great antiquity figuring in the symbolic inventory of the Egyptians, as the sun.

The eagle was sacred to the sun. The eagle was a bird consecrated to the sun in Egypt.

The Eagle also represented the great Egyptian Sun god Amun Ra.

Another explanation for the Eagle is that it is supposed to be the only creature that can look directly into the sun.

So the concealed meaning behind the eagle is that the eagle can see the sun god and that man needs the eagle to be able to go to the sun god.

This eagle has 32 feathers on one wing and 33 on the other. This eagle does not represent one of gods creations, as gods creations are perfect. The numbers 32 and 33 are relevant Masonic numbers.

Important note, the Masons do not worship the God of the bible. They claim that he does not even exist. They only worship the god of Lucifer.

The New World Orders Principal is;

"Atheism in religion, anarchy in politics, and no property in the economic sphere"

In the early sixth century Pope Phelix the third said; "Not to oppose error is to approve it. And indeed to neglect to confound evil men when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them."

It is time to oppose error, it is time to confound evil men, it is time to oppose the New World Order.

Note; the source of most of this information is from a 1990 lecture by Ralph Epperson. Of Tucson Arizona. Shown on the video ‘Americas Secret Destiny made by Publius Press

You may wonder why a non American who be interested or care what happens in the US. Well the answer is simple. The US us the heart of the New World Order. Which affects every human on this planet. All this has been possible because they control the money.

There is no democracy if the people do not control the money. So therefore Democracy has become nothing but an deceptive illusion.

Quote; from Montesquieu

"There can be no liberty where the legislative and executive powers are united in the same body of magistrates."


A SOVEREIGN – a citizen that lives by god given inalienable rights

A CITIZEN – one who lives by government granted privilege.

Privileges can be taken away by the grantor at anytime.

RIGHTS – can not be taken away except by the grantor, in this case meaning the creator god of the bible.

DESPOT – a king invested with absolute power or ruling without any control from men, Constitution, or laws.


The definition of Tyranny as listed in Websters 1828 dictionary states;

1 Arbitrary or despotic exercise of power. The exercise of power over subjects, or not requisite for the purposes of government. Hence tyranny is often synonymous with cruelty or oppression.

2 Cruel government or discipline; as the tyranny of a master.

3 Unresisted or cruel power.

4 Absolute monarchy cruelty administered

5 Severity: rigor: inclemency

Other definitions of Tyranny;

Despotic exercise of power; absolute monarchy or absolute power.

Tyranny. Federalist paper # 47

"The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive and judiciary, in the same hands whether or one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-approved, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny"


"…a tyrannical concentration of all the power of government in the same hands."



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Recipe for Insanity

Recipe for Insanity

by Daniel J Towsey

Aug 25 2007

This maybe the most difficult and important article I will ever write. If humanity chooses to ignore this one. Then ………………………………….

[NOTE; Whenever you see the words, YOU YOUR in capitals it implies a message directed at the members of the secret societies.]

All normal human beings are faced with the same challenges to survive. Hardships is what teaches us compassion and understanding. The struggle for survival is what makes us better people. Having to work to survive, buy food, for a shelter, and everything else is what makes us human and keeps us sane.

We need limits. That is the only way to keep from going completely insane.

For insanity is one that is lost in infinity.

There was a time in our society not so long ago when individuals only prospered and advanced in society through good honest hard work. They were then respected for such.

Long ago politicians would only get elected for their uncompromising sincerity, honesty, fairness, morals and virtues.

But now bankers use their money to influence and corrupt the political systems of democracies, and with the advances in technology, that which again the money masters have financed to create. They now control the voting machines and the results of such.

Ah but the insane think there is an easier way to do things. They have taken a short cut. Unfortunately there is quicksand along their path. And all who follow will also disappear into that quicksand.

But just suppose you had an unfair advantage. What if you could buy anything you wanted any time you wanted. You had the money to control who gets employed and who does not. You also controlled what they were employed to do. What if you had a never ending supply of cash? What if you actually made that cash?

You could also pick and choose who you shared that cash with. Also giving them a secret and an unfair advantage over everyone else. You would own their loyalty. Hence the secret societies.

Your advantage would eventually become an unfair and overwhelming burden on all other normal humans.

Eventually your free money would spread and spread. Eventually it would destroy the very structure of civilized society. Eventually you would be able to completely rape, abuse and destroy all of this planets precious and delicate beauty.

All that would be left would be nothing but ugliness.

What do YOU see when you look into your mirror?

Eventually there would be no reward left for anyone who was virtuous and truthful. They would be scorned, ridiculed and destroyed. For no one would believe what the barer of truth was saying. Nor would they want to hear it. For life has become so abundant and easy at the expense of all others who do not have YOUR unlimited advantage.

With no limits of any kind YOU would eventually destroy all morality.

YOU would have no worldly limits.

What would keep YOU from going insane?

Without natural limits.

What would keep YOU from making all of civilization completely INSANE?

Nothing is the answer. With a never ending supply of cash eventually YOU would completely destroy the very fabric that keeps civilization functioning.

That is the very dilemma that is destroying our very civilization right now.

This is why we have secret societies. This is the secret they hold dearly and well kill anyone to keep it from being revealed.

In a true democracy secrecy would be outlawed. For there would be only one reason for secrecy. And that would be to hide wrong doing. This especially applies to what they call National Security. The only nationals that are being kept secure are the crooks.

Now with this secrecy that applies to “’Intelligence Agencies’ Why do you think they are called that? Because you do not possess the intelligence to know what they have been covertly doing. This does not mean you are not intelligent. It just means you can not make intelligent decisions about the so called ‘Intelligence Agencies’ because you do not know what they are doing. They rightly should only be called ‘Secret Covert Mercenary Agencies’ for that is what they are.

All this works on the pyramid scheme. To get to and stay at the top, YOU only have on thing to do, that is to deceive everyone. But eventually YOU would become just as insane as Howard Hughes became.

The only thing a person who has become insane with money has left to do is play with peoples lives.. Since this unlimited money means there is nothing to keep YOU in sane limits. With no natural human limits on YOU, YOU would begin to believe YOU are a god or an extraterrestrial. Or what ever.

With no normal human limits such as paying bills, doing groceries, doing laundry, cooking, Shopping. Taking care of the kids. Participating in local civil activities in your community. Paying taxes etc, etc.

YOU sit at the top of your Illuminati pyramid and play with YOUR fake monopoly money and play war games with YOUR toy armies.

YOU have absolutely no cares for anyone or anything for YOU have become completely insane with power. With all that unlimited money.

So YOU have used YOUR armies to destroy anything that stands in YOUR way. Thanks to all the power that YOUR world wide illegal Federal Reserve Systems gives YOU. Which YOU have placed in just about every so called democracy in the world. It has been very easy for YOU to eliminate all that stands in the way of YOUR complete insanity.

YOUR biggest obstacle has been any organised civilizations or cultures, be they Christians, Muslims, Hindus. Etc.

Dear reader. Please realize that all good and free democracies of the world were created by Good Christians. But now what falsely passes as Democracies. Really is not. Remember that when ever your told that your government is bringing democracy to other countries at the end of a GPS guided cruise missile or bomb.

Repeating what I have said many times “ You do not have a democracy if the people do not control the money, for the money controls everything” If the money goes into the control of a small secret group, society well always become unravelled and out of control. For such a huge responsibility must always be shared and controlled by all of us.

Please remember everything I am saying here the next time you drop a bomb on civilians. I hope that maybe all peoples well start using the most powerful weapons of all against this most serious situation. The weapon is “Truth”. And the most sophisticated delivery system in the world for that. Is free. And you have it. That is your words. Whether they be word of mouth or the written word. For the word is mightier than the sword. So are you now going to join the world wide “Truth Revolution”?…It’s quiet easy to join and participate. The organisation is very simple. First you learn the very simple truth for truth is always simple. Then second you spread the truth anyway you can. Remember only deceptions and lies are complicated.

If you do the research you would find out that up to 60 million Christians of Russia were secretly destroyed behind the so called iron curtain that YOU also created. After the czar and his family were killed by YOUR covert agents. YOU then introduced something new to the world. YOU introduced communism.

YOU then moved onto another country that had been peaceful for thousands of years. And introduced communism there to. I am talking about China.

The oppression, banning of religions, human rights violations, torture and murders that occurred after that are absolutely unlimited. But again the truth never got out to the masses. As YOU continued to deceive them.

Nothing in the world could stop YOU for no one who knew the truth would dare mention it. They would rather participate in it. For that was far easier , and profitable to do. Plus they got to stay alive.

Also not known to most as YOU control all information that is taught in schools. or that is reported in the major medias. Was that the Nagasaki and Hiroshima nuclear bombs were dropped on defenceless Christian neighbourhoods, and not on military installations.

Lets not forget the non stop firebombing campaigns inflicted on millions of Japanese civilians that YOU conducted.

And now moving onto the Christians of Germany. YOU absolutely did not like their socialist democracy. YOU went on an unobstructed fire bombing campaign for well over a year. YOU fire bombed more than 60 towns, villages and cities. At night for YOU knew that, that would achieve the most deaths. For they were all in their homes sleeping. Will over 20 million defenceless civilians were killed. While YOUR Hitler deliberately left the homeland undefended and went out to all surrounding countries and took over them. So that you could go in and put into place your monetary Federal Reserve systems, in other words. Take over the money.

Dear readers. You must understand that there is no democracy if the people do not control the money. For the money controls everything.

How many of you readers ever wondered why it was that the allies were siding with this so called evil communist Russia? In the total destruction of Germany? Its not hard to figure once you realize that the bankers have been controlling both sides of all conflicts. They have been deliberately deceiving and killing you.

As a result of the complete firebombing and destruction of Germany. All those other soles that were imprisoned by you in the concentration work camps, to keep the factories going that were fuelling this war.

Germany could no longer feed them. Months went by before the allies came in to rescue and feed them. Meanwhile typhoid caused by mall nutrition started killing them off as well as starvation. YOU waited months before going to their aid as they were disposable. And to feed them would have been to costly.

YOU later used this event as a cover and distraction to keep anyone from coming to realize YOUR true intentions. YOU later created a whole fiction. Curiously this fiction only occurred in the camps that were left in the control of the Russians at the end of the war. For you knew that the reporters from the still somewhat free west could not enter into Russian controlled areas to investigate the claims. Is it not very curious that these fictions did not occur in any of the same kinds of concentration camps that remained under allied control? That was because the ridiculous fiction would of quickly been discovered. But now that many years have gone by you feel absolutely free to continue this very advantageous deception.

Here ‘s a note for you to think about. Before the war there were 50,000 Jews in Palestine. After the war there were six million. The Jews are also victims of the secret societies. The Jews were forced to relocate. [Have you seen the pictures of Jews being loaded onto trains?] The Jews that arrived in Palestine were forced to change their names so that they could not be traced back to Europe. The creation of Israel was not for the Jews. It was to create a base of operation to get control over Arab territory.

Also the one and a half million German prisoners of war that were in allied custody. Were killed by YOU. None of the prisoners were ever released. Dear reader. Please realize that Hitler’s dictatorship forced civilians to become soldiers. The civilians had no choice. They were not willing participants. They were also victims of the secret societies.

All conflicts have always been about the insanity in the bankers minds.

Lets not forget the Christians of Yugoslavia who were also destroyed through more of your propaganda lies. Again you used your toys to destroy another decent Christian civilization.

Again YOU destroyed more than a million Christians in Rwanda by using your radio station to instil hate in the deliberately under educated simple peoples by telling them lies.

But in other countries that have been unified and strengthened through their collective religious or cultural identities. You have also gone in and very patiently seeded your weapons of destruction.

In north America you sent in YOUR agents to destroy the Christian churches from the inside. That story you told to the public about 80,000 priests with molesting boys. Well I just do not believe it. As there is no proof of it. Dear reader have you not wondered why no priest ever went to jail. Its because the courts were instructed to be lenient. On YOUR agent infiltrators.

Television has been YOUR best propaganda tool. I also advise everyone to stop watching television and stay away from the influence of all other major publications. This includes Hollywood productions.

People have been unable to come to understand what is going on in this world because they are using reason and logic. But they can not even come close to the truth because. The truth is not logical. For to go there one has to open up their minds and then in doing that you would be risking your sanity. For you would have to try and reason insanity. But there is no reasoning insanity.

So most just completely close their minds because they do not know how to deal with this. For it is completely out of their range of reasoning, so they take the easiest way out. They just go into denial.

But denial is not the truth and without truth one can not be sane. For lies equals insanity and truth equals sanity.

What you have to do is accept the very simply truth of it. Once you accept the truth then and only then can this madness be brought under control.

But how many of you are willing to even ponder any of this? Is your life comfortable? Do you have a nice home? Do you have a nice car in the driveway? Do you have nice clothes to wear? Do you eat well? Are you caught in the bankers slave system of debt?

I could keep writing until I filled books. But most people do not read books as that would require effort. You lack effort because the easy money has made for a lazy society. The secret societies entertainment industry has made people absolutely dumb. People do not question anything and never do their on critical thinking. The deliberate dumbing down started when you started to go to school. The first thing they did was to undermind the family. And any teachings you received from your caring parents. That’s why kids do not respect their parents or elders.

Ever notice what happens to intelligent kids when they are in school? They get so absolutely bored with the conditioning [brainwashing] that goes on. That they cause trouble or get labelled. “attention deficit disorder”. The secret societies have been deliberately drugging all the intelligent kids. The system is set up to deliberately destroy any intelligent free thinkers. Who under normal circumstances would become the leaders of the future. They get denied the ability to have a real education.

I always say, “Never judge a persons morality and decency by their monetary standing”

With enough research you would come to discover the absolutely horrible insane truth of what the money masters have been doing to civilizations all over the world. Its time for you to WAKE UP! Only truth will give you freedom.


freedom is never given freely. You have to protect and use your freedoms or you will not have it. The time has come to fight for your freedom. The only way to do that is with truth….So can I now call you a member of “THE TRUTH REVOLUTION?”

Join this e-mail group and have access to huge archives.

Psychiatry Industry of Death

by Daniel J Towsey

Psychiatry; The hidden agenda….is social control to achieve their NWO plans.

Psychiatry is politics. It is the application of force against those who do not want to be forced.

In Oct 1945 at the US dept of the interior in Washinton DC, Co-founder of the world federation for mental health. G. Brock Chisholm said “To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men. Their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”

In a 1950 conference on mental health for children and youth at the White House it was planned that there would be a total reorientation of the public school system. So that it would now include the involuntary physiological testing, labeling, and putting children on mid altering, very addictive and very harmful drugs. This is part of their deliberately dumbing down Americans plan.

In 1965.To implement their master plan. American psychiatrists convinced congress that mental illness was a national threat. That only they with a mass increase in funding could solve. Therefore the National Mental Health Act- H.R. 4512 was passed to start the federal funding of psychiatric testing and administering of drugs on the vulnerable in our society. Our children and future generation.

It only takes a five minute interview with a psychiatrist to label a child and force the child onto drugs. The parents have no control or say in this. And the parents can also be tested and forced on drugs. In 1984 there were 4.4 million children diagnosed with ADHD. There is no diagnostic test for ADHD. Therefore there is no way to validate the diagnosis.

ADHD is really just children bored to death in school. Schools today do not encourage children to develop their own individual thinking. The school curriculum today is designed to deliberately dumb down society. Children are being programmed to do no critical thinking of their own. They are being programmed to accept everything the system tells them and to fit in like everyone else. Individuality is not accepted. No free thinking allowed. Any child that shows superior thinking is deliberately kept down or is put on drugs or worse. Or their education gets sabotaged, so that they can not get any education. All through society. Outstanding intellectuals are being destroyed. This is also part of the NWO plans. They are creating a slave puppet society.

Note; Many psychiatry patients are those that have been altered due to the use of over the counter drugs, street drugs, alcohol or even prescription drugs.

“We must aim to make it permeate every educational activity in our material life, public life, politics, and industry. Should all of them be in our sphere of influence. We have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest naturally are the teaching industry and the church. The most difficult are law and medicine.”

And lets not forget the secret MKULTRA program. Experiments were done to the homeless and 50,000 unwanted orphans in Montreal and the US during the 50’s and early 60’s. This is how they created the street drug LSD and possibly many other street drugs. It has always been suspected that the CIA is the institution that controls the street drug industry. and that they use the proceeds to run their covert operations.

Psychiatrist’s master plan to infiltrate all sections of society has been realized. We don’t have an epidemic of mental illness. We have an epidemic of psychiatry. You need to spread the truth. Join the “TRUTH REVOLUTION” by getting informed and then inform others.

Psychiatrists have openly admitted that they cure nothing and that they have no scientific experiments or means to diagnose or prove any diagnosis. All psychiatrist do is put harmful labels on people. These labels are usually believed by the patients. The labels do allot of harm. And vulnerable and easily influenced simple people end up believing these labels and eventually end up acting the way they are labeled. Its called the power of suggestion.

Maybe some psychiatrists do not realize that they are just in the business of administering drugs and undermining free society to fulfill the NWO agenda.

Remember. Truth equals mental health. Lies and deceptions equal mental illness. If you fill your mind with lies and deceptions. Then you well be mentally ill.


Please note that CCHR had no participation in the writing of this article. Not all information or comments, in this article came from CCHR. Any information gathered from the CCHR movie. Is being supplied here for public educational purposes only. CCHR maintains all copyright to the original information in the “Psychiatry; An Industry of Death” movie. But I believe that this information should be freely copied and distributed by anyone. As it is, the public needs this information that has to do with, and is vital to the public good.


Man’s Wars His Revolutions, His Suffering, All Stem From His Lack Of Data On The Mind And Man. With Psychiatric dominance Of This Field. We Have Had A Century Of Untold Suffering And Violence.

Some of this information has been compiled from the Citizens Commission On Human Rights International movie. “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.”

To find out how you can become a part of the citizens commission on human rights or to obtain further materials. Call 1-800-869-2247 or visit

Portage into the wilderness

By Daniel J Towsey

This is my story of my first ever experience with absolute wilderness. I had just turned 16. I had live in the cess pool of metropolises all of my life.

I had never been free and on my own. I had never experienced nature. All I knew was life in the big city surrounded with cold strangers, concrete, noise, stress and pollution.

So far my life’s experiences had been a long list of absolutely horrific abuses. I had already lived in hundreds of different locations. Foster homes, group homes, orphanages and more. I had been treated as a piece of garbage by most. My experiences compiled of child abuses, torture, beatings, neglect, malnutrition, abandonment. Sexual abuse by people put in positions of trust over children.

It would take a huge book to describe all my horrible experiences.

One day. before I turned sixteen.

I decided that I needed to do some healing and get in touch with my inner self. The only way I saw to do this was to go back to the basics of life. I needed to get out of the city and go to the wilderness.

I decided to leave Toronto and go far north to the huge Provincial wilderness park. Called Algonquin Provincial Park. Ontario, Canada

I saved up some money. I bought a sleeping bag and a cheap tent. Got some other necessities.

Then for the first time in my life I hitch hiked out of the city. I was free. But it was scary for as I had absolutely no knowledge as to what waited for me.

The trip to Algonquin Park was pleasant. I headed to Portage lake where they rented canoes.

But first I had to speak to a park warden and get a permit to enter the interior of the park. I was told of the rules. I was told that I was not allowed to leave anything behind. etc, etc.

The warden gave me a topographical map, and explained how to use it with a compass to travel. He explained how to use the sun and how to use the compass to calculate my position and to calculate distances to far away object of landscape.

The most important advice he gave me was about my food. He seriously cautioned me about all the wild animals in the park. Such as wolves, bears, moose. This park was absolutely teaming with wildlife.

I had never ever seen wild animals in my life.

He told me that if the animals smelled my food, that they would probably attack to get at it. Especially the bears.

He told me to use my sleeping bag’s carry bag. Put all my food in it, and every night . To make sure that I find a tall tree and find a long branch up high. Throw a rope over the branch and pull my bag of food up high and far from the trunk of the tree. For if I was far into the interior of the forest. It could take me days to get back and I would get very hungry. Plus my adventure would be cut short.

If I got attacked by a bear and injured in the park. I could very likely die there. As no one would know where I am and very few people ever went into the interior of the park. There is no roads and no motorized vehicles of any kind in the interior of the park.

In those days there was no cell phones. Once in the interior of the park, one is completely cut off from civilization.

The park warden looked at me with puzzlement. He had never heard of anyone going into the parks interior alone. Plus I was young and inexperienced. But After speaking with him I felt confident that I could do this. But like all young people the confidence comes from lack of experience and knowledge. But I possessed another quality that was absolutely necessary for this adventure to succeed. I had to be brave and not scared of the unknown.

It was a beautiful bright sunny day. I had never before experienced such bright and clean air. The smells of nature were wonderful.

I walked around to the other side of the lake and went to the portage store. Got some supplies and rented my canoe. Again I got more disconcerting stares of puzzlement from people. They had never seen anyone attempt to go into the interior alone. They felt that that was a very dangerous thing to do.

I studied my map and picked a course I would start off on. I sat in my canoe and pushed off. The lake I started off on was called Portage Lake. It was a fairly long lake. I decided that I wanted to enter the wilderness as far away as possible from people as I could get. I did not want to see anyone while I went on my adventure.

So I paddled for hours and went all the way to the other end of the lake. I picked a spot to portage that I knew would lead to a smaller interior lake. The paddling was exhausting.

I got to shore and unloaded my canoe. I then began my trek through the dense woods carrying my canoe over my shoulders. I walked for at least an hour and found the other lake. I had to return to where I first landed to get the rest of my supplies.

I also always had to keep track of the time of day. For I knew that I would need time to search for and set up my camp for the night.

All the while I am taking in the majestic beauty of the unspoiled nature.

I reloaded my canoe and cast off again into the unknown. I paddled for a few hours, all the while scouting for a suitable location to camp. But I always had the thought of meeting up with a bear or wolves.

I saw a good location of cleared space for a camp. But a young couple had beaten me to it. They were typical people from the city. Their campsite was loaded with material possession scattered everywhere. Their camp site was a mess and they had food out in the open everywhere. I thought that was foolish, as the odours of open containers of food was very likely to attract animals.

I went on a short distance and set up my first camp for the night across the lake from the young couple.

One thing that amazed me was how clear and easy it was to hear their voices in the silence of nature. All my life I had been in noisy environments where you had to scream over the noise of the city to be heard.

Well the big city campers where active and noisy. I also realized that a lot of noise would attract curious bears.

Well after I set up my camp I started to eat something. Then I heard the woman on the other side of the lake screaming. She was terrified. I knew something bad was happening. So I paddled to where they were.

Their campsite was all torn apart. They had been cooking and the smells of food loured a bear into their campsite. He was unafraid of them and went after all their food. He destroyed all their containers and even their tent.

Well I felt braver and wiser then them. I explored the situation and I saw a trail of flour going into the woods. The man and I decided to follow the trail. It was amazing to me to see all these marks of flour giving us a clear trail to follow.

So as I got farther into the woods. It came to me that, what would I do when I caught up to the bear. A shocking and scary thought came to my mind. I thought what a stupid idea it was to chase a bear into his turf.

I suddenly stopped and told the other guy that we are crazy to chase after a huge wild black bear. All of a sudden he got a really scared and terrified look on his face. And started to run as fast as he could back to camp.

When we arrived back at camp. I realized that these people had a big problem now. They had no supplies or shelter. Even their sleeping bags were ripped. The campsite was littered with debris everywhere. It was a huge mess. They also had to consider that the bear would probably come back. She was absolutely terrified of that thought. They only had one choice. They had to return to the Portage Store. It was really late and it would be dark in a couple of hours.

They took what they could and loaded their canoe. They broke the first rule of the wilderness camping. They left their camp ground a huge mess. All the debris looked so out of place in this beautiful natural setting.

I felt sorry for them. But I also wondered why they had not been given that great advice that I received from the park warden.

Well I watched them leave. I knew they would have a really hard time of it. For they had to do a two hour portage into the woods to get to the other lake. It would be dark by then. They would not be able to do it in the dark. Plus they could get attacked by animals.

Wow I thought. What a first day this is turned out to be. As I paddled back to my camp ground in the quiet of the evening. All I could hear was my thoughts. They were not pleasant ones. For I realized that now I would have to camp and that I could possibly get attacked too. But now, I was all alone for the first time in my life.

There would be no one to help me if I got attacked or injured. Oh well! That’s why I came here. To be all alone.

I found a huge tree nearby and I put my food up high like the warden told me to do. As it got dark the sounds of the forest came to life. Its amazing how noisy it got. I could hears sounds from far way. I could hear tree branches breaking. I could hear splashes in the water.

Hisses hoots and all kinds of other sounds I had never heard before. It was a bit scary. Plus I kept thinking that these woods have bears and wolves in them.

Now I was in for another first experience. I never knew that it got so absolute dark in the wilderness. It was a moonless night. I could not even see a foot in front of me. I could not even see the ground at my feet.

Being an inner city kid I had never been in an environment that was not lit up.

So I had a small flashlight and I found my way to my tent. I thought that this tent would not offer me any protection against wild animals. All the sounds had me spooked. Especially all the braches that I kept hearing cracking nearby. Now I was scared. I figured I would have a real hard time going to sleep.

I laid there all alone. In the middle of nowhere. I kept hearing sounds outside my tent. So I opened the zipper on my tent and with my flashlight, looked around. Hoping to see nothing.

I did this a few times. The hours went by. I was getting really tired. I needed to get some good sleep for my long day tomorrow.

So I laid down with my head right beside the wall of my tent. Just as I closed my eyes. I got the biggest scare. There definitely was a large animal walking around my tent. I was too scared to make a sound. I could hear it sniffing around my tent. Then it was right beside my head. The sniffing was really loud now. It was sniffing right beside my ear. I was paralyzed with fear. I choose that it was best that I did not move. Especially if it was a bear. I did not want to startle it. For if I did it most surely would of attacked me.

I laid there for a while and the sniffing stopped. The animal left my campsite after a while. Now I was really in an alert state. I listened to all the sounds. But I was so tired. After a while a finally fell a sleep.

Hours later around two thirty in the morning I was awoken to. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick. What is that? It was so loud and rhythmic. Now this was a very different sound then all the other sounds of the forest. The tick, tick, tick, tick continued. I got dressed, got my flashlight and slowly opened the zipper on my tent. The zipper sounded so loud in the quite of the forest.

I peeked out with my flashlight. I could not see anything. But I kept hearing the tick, tick, tick, tick. I looked all around in the dark. It was really hard to see anything with my little flashlight. I could not figure out where the sound was coming from. For the forest has a really neat echo effect. Then I looked up way, way, way up. Tick, tick, tick, tick was getting louder as my ears where going up the big trees trunk.

Wow I thought what is that. I saw an animal. A big animal. It was hanging onto the tree trunk with one of its claws and was reaching way out with the other one. The tick, tick, tick was coming from my food bag. This animal could not quite reach my food. All it could do was just clip the bag with its claws. Every time it touched the bag, the bag would swing away, and every time it swung back. The animal would claw at it. Causing the tick, tick sounds.

I was lucky that my bag was made of strong rip stop nylon. For if it had broken. My adventure would have been over.

Now I had to make a quick decision. How to stop this animal before it got a good grip on my bag. What to do? I quickly looked around on the ground for something to throw at it. There was no rocks. All I could find was small twigs. So threw some pieces of wood at the animal. I could not reach it. It was up too high and I had nothing heavy enough to throw that high.

A couple of my throws got close. It got the animals attention. But it did not get scared. It continued the tick, tick, tick.

I had to think of something quick. So I started to scream at it. This worked. It looked at the bag, then looked at me and decided it was not worth it.

The animal was at least forty feet up. Oh now it started coming closer to me. Now I had another problem. What would I do when it got to the ground? This animal was big. It was the size of a small bear.

I had nowhere to go. There was no trail or clearing near me. All I had was the lake. I could not take that option in the dark. So I continued to make screaming sounds and kept throwing twigs at it. Now it was close enough and I was able to hit it. I had nothing big enough to hurt it with and I had nothing to defend myself with. But I did have one thing that I knew would be alien to this wild animal. I had my flashlight. So I began to blind it in a strobe effect. I knew that if I kept blinding it. It would get confused and it would eventually start seeing spots. It worked. The animal had a real difficult time trying to see or identify what I was.

But now it was on the ground, really close to me. I was frightened, for this thing was big and strong with huge claws.

I kept screaming at it and throwing twigs. It left. I then had time to figure out what it was. But It did not make sense to me. It was way to big to be. It was a huge racoon. I mean huge. If it stood up. It would have been as tall as me. I was puzzled and confused. For I had never ever heard of or seen a racoon that big. But it really was a racoon. There was lots of racoons in the city and they were nothing as big as this one.

I went back to bed and eventually went to sleep. I did not enjoy getting out of my tent in the middle of the night. I was now really cold and all damp from the dew.

The next morning was beautiful. I packed my canoe and continued down the lake. I studied my map. I portaged twice that day. I was now far into the interior of this huge wilderness park. At least thirty miles from any humans. I never saw another person for the rest of my adventure. I was definitely all alone.

I decided that from now on I would only set up camp on small islands. So I studied my map and set course for one. I had to keep using my compass.

Now in front of me was a long portage through dense forest to get to a lake that had an island.

I was now in for another first experience. I knew that this would be a difficult portage for I had to carry all my supplies and the canoe in one trip. It was getting late and I would not have time to make it a two way trip.

This portage was different for now there was thousands of mosquitoes. As I approached the shore the swarm of bugs attacked me. It was horrible and painful. I could barely keep my eyes open. There a constant buzz of thousands of mosquitoes all around me. I quickly unloaded my canoe and started my portage.

I walked as fast as I could. The bugs never left me. They chased me all through the forest. I was covered in mosquito bites. I had blood all over my face. I was so anxious to find the other lake. I could now see the lake. I threw the canoe as fast as I could into the lake. Jumped in and paddled as fast as I could. Eventually the mosquitoes disappeared. It was to windy for them in the open lake.

So on I went. I found the island I was looking for. It was a tiny island in the middle of a good sized lake. The water was absolutely still. There was no wind and no clouds. I set up my camp and ate.

I was very tired because I did not sleep well the night before. But I wanted to stay up to enjoy the beautiful scenery all around me. It was so peaceful and still. The noises from the forest were far away. So it was very quiet.

As it began to get dark I began to hear the strangest sound. It was coming from far away across the lake. It was loud and melodic. It was kind of eerie. It had me scared because I did not know what it was. And in the silence it sounded really loud. It echoed all around the lake. Now the sounds started coming from every other part of the lake. The sounds were all around me. It sounded like a pack of wolves had surround the lake. I thought they wanted to get at me. The sounds continued for a couple of hours until it was completely dark out.

Once in a while I could hear sound of braches breaking or ruffling coming from the forest on shore. I kept my ears open for sounds of water splashing in case some bear decided to come over to my island. But I was safe.

So now I was in for another treat of nature. The island I was on only had a few smaller trees. I was close to the water. I had a clear view of the sky. I laid down on the warm ground. Put my hands behind my head and laid there listened to the sounds of nature and started staring at the sky. I was so amazed. The longer I stared up the more stars I saw. I could now see what appeared to be millions of stars. They were everywhere. The sky was completely covered in stars of every size. This was the first time I had ever seen stars. It was so spectacular. For I being an inner city kid. I had never been in an environment where the air was clear and dark.

You see the sky in the big city always has a haze of pollution and the lights from the city always made the sky too bright to see the stars. .

Oh by the way. Many years later I discovered what that eerie sound was. When I was watching a Mutual Of Omaha’s nature show. It was the singing of the Great Loons.

Loons are birds for those who also do not know what a loon is.

I then had the most peaceful sleep of my life. I was one with nature. It felt so wonderful to be in touch with the beauty of mother earth.

The next morning I began on another adventure of exploration. I went out into the perfectly clear and still lake. It was a bright and sunny day. There was no wind and no waves. It was completely quite. All I could hear was the sound of my paddle break the surface of the water. Then I would hear the drops of water fall off my paddle as I was singing it forward to dip it into the water again. Then I decided to stop in the middle of the lake and not make a move. My canoe became perfectly still. The only movement in the water was the little ripples from the edge of my canoe if I moved. Then I looked down into the water. The water was pristine. The lake was shallow so I could clearly see the bottom. It could see plants moving around. Then I would see bass swimming around. They did not even know I was there. It seemed like I could of just reached down and grabbed one. It was like looking into the worlds biggest fish tank.

I so enjoyed the experience with nature. That’s why I have spent the rest of my life fighting to protect it. Nature is very delicate and we have the responsibility to protect it. Not exploit it.

Continuing with my adventure. I paddled very slowly close to shore. I only paddled once every few minutes. The water was so still that my canoe just coasted along for ever from its own momentum. Plus I just wanted to be part of nature as if I was not even there.

Not knowing I was in for another experience of a life time. I was completely relaxed. Enjoying the still quiet water. Just as I came past a protruding piece of land only about two feet beside me. As my canoe came to stand still. I looked up just as a giant moose was lifting its huge head and furry antlers out of the marshy bottom. The sound of all the water as its head came out of the water and the dripping water in such an absolutely quiet place was breathtaking. I was paralyzed with amazement as the moose only about five feet from me came to it full height. It sat there and was acting like I was just part of nature. It was not afraid of me at all. It just looked at me. It seemed to give me a look that it liked me. Then just to my right I saw the brush moving. The moose swung its huge head and antlers to look back at the noise. And out popped a baby moose and jumped into the water. The moose swung back around to check on me to make sure I posed no danger to its little one. But again the moose gave me an assuring look. So I stayed there not moving for a few more minutes. Enjoying the spectacular moment.

I continued on my adventure enjoying nature at it best.

A week later my supplies were running low, so I had to bring my adventure to and end. The whole week I was blessed with perfect weather. Except on my last day. After my last portage. I entered the far end of Portage Lake. This lake is long. I began to paddle back. I was exhausted from my week long adventure. But as I began to paddle back the weather got nasty. I was hit by a very strong cross wind. The wind made my paddling extremely difficult. I kept being blown away from my intended course. This made my trip back twice as long. I was fighting for my life. The wind was blowing me into shore. I would of crashed into rocks. I had to paddle as hard as I could just to keep off the rocks and keep moving forward. I did this for about six hours. I was very concerned about the waves swamping my canoe. As I did not know how to swim and I did not have a lifejacket.

I made it back. Returned the canoe and walked out to the hwy. I hitch hiked back to the big miserable city.

This adventure was the best experience of my life. It is now 35 years later and I still look back at that adventure. Never again did I ever have an opportunity to do it again. Now my health is poor. And I know I will never again experience that closeness to nature.

Tears come to my eyes as I watch this precious and delicate planet being destroyed for greed.

In all these years I have watched the human race deteriorate into fascism. If only people could experience what I did . I feel that if everyone got close to nature this world would be a much better place.

After all it is God’s country.


My travels for truth, for truth is freedom

May 14, 2007

(Letter to an American)

All I can tell you is that things are really bad, and everyone has

Been brainwashed. There are so few with their eyes open…I have been

unto this situation for more than 30 years. But I can tell you that

for as long as people listen to the propaganda media. I feel there is no


I discovered that they were fixing the votes here in

Canada when I worked on a federal election campaign. The guy we

We’re against was the solicitor general of Canada. He was in charge of all

Police forces and that year he created the secret police called

CSIS. I was their first project. As a result of my having had many violent run ins,

with the solicitor during the election. He told me he was going to

Destroy my life…and they did. I went from having a great career to

Being on the run. It would take a book to tell all that I have been

Through. I have had nine attempts on my life many with serious

Injuries. I have been drugged, assaulted, threatened, robbed,

Imprisoned and more. I now live in poverty. They well not let me make

a living. I have had my credibility and life destroyed. I can’t

Possibly tell u all right now. But I live in absolute fear. I have

been terrorized. Did you read my "Corrupt Canadian Elections?"

article?. Just do a google search…..

But believe me the situation in this world is absolutely horrible.

I hate to tell you this but they have all been at the reigns of the

US for almost 100 years…If you do enough research, you well find

that all the wars, invasions, coups, and more have been at the hands

of the US in the past 100 years.

Even all the drug smuggling is

completely controlled by the CIA, and everything that the public has

been led to believe has been lies…

All this is controlled by the

bankers out of London. Such as the Rothchilds.(who own the Federal

Reserve)….I don’t believe there is any real working democracies

anywhere on earth. The US Zionists have made sure of that. That’s why

they have military in 130 of the worlds 200 countries…I am not anti

American. I am anti-corruption. Its ashame that all the good work of

American ancestors has been corrupted. The US used to have a

great constitution and bill of rights. But all that means nothing

now. The patriot acts made sure of that.

You people in the USA have a

dictatorship on your hands…Its just that not many realize that


Did you notice that the first thing they did in all democratic

countries. Is get gun control in place. Brought on by acts of terror

committed by the secret government forces.

This war on terror is a

joke. There is no terrorists except the secret agents…The people

doing all this are absolutely mad with power. You know the first

thing they did to get the American people under their control was to

buy them off by providing an artificially produced high standard of

living, But now that they control everything. They don’t care to do that


Thanks to the privately owned Federal Reserve that produces

money out of thin air.

By the way there is no gold reserve to back

the money. There isn’t that much gold in the whole world. Plus Fort

Knox is empty…Democracies should never owe money to commercial privately owned banks. The people should own the money and control it creation. The government then would have its own bank and never need to borrow money at interest.The

Money, or should I say, wealth should belong to everyone…What a

fraud this system of governments borrowing money is…The Bankers are

the ones that are destroying civilization.

Why do you think the CIA

killed JFK.. It’s because he had already started printing American

dollars which were backed by silver. He had already passed the law to

make it so and he had already started dismantling the CIA….He was

about to shut down the Federal Reserve System. Take a look at your

paper money. It’s not even dollars. It’s federal reserve notes…..You

know that they have completely taken over the whole of the US. With a

never ending supply of cash they have been able to buy all money

making enterprises, and even control who gets the education to get

the best jobs….etc. etc…are you getting the picture yet…The

biggest crime ever committed against civilization has been the

creation of the Federal Reserve system…..Did you know that there is no law

that says you have to pay federal income taxes. But when you do it

goes to the interest on the money owed to the Federal Reserve…so

really, the American Government (people) have no money….once you

realize that, you realize who is really controlling everything…I

suspect that the bubble well burst soon. Especially with that 8

Trillion debt. Your economy at present is being kept going

Artificially with worthless money created from credit that can’t be

paid back.

I am sorry to say but I see a financial collapse as the

end of the US as we knew it. [That’s probably why the three leaders of the US, Canada and Mexico signed a secret agreement, about 8 months ago. In Mexico to agree to create the new Amero currency. Which well just replace the collapsed money. The bankers won’t lose anything. They’ll just print what they need] after that it well be marshal law

(Tyranny) under a different name of course.

The first thing they did

is create slaves who are controlled by debt…That new Military Commissions law [torture bill]

they just passed should of really woke everyone up……Even Hitler did

not have laws passed that said he could torture anyone he wants…but

then again Hitler was financed in part by the Bushes great grand

father Prescott Bush as well as other Jewish bankers from NY


Remember the Zionists control the banks…etc etc…

you have part of the picture. Not a pretty one..

Take care my fellow

Traveler……………. Daniel J Towsey

Please read

My life’s Education

People in trust.

Have taught me,

The pain of want

The pain of abuse

The pain of poverty

The pain of neglect

The pain of torture

The pain of isolation

And the worst pain of all,

The pain of utter and complete loneliness.

It has been so painful to be a quick learner

Daniel J Towsey

we have to take the corporations out of our governments

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