Neuro linguistic programming (Instant Hypnosis)

Beware that this can be and is easily done to you instantly, by anyone, and especially the Police who will use it to antagonize you, Public Speakers, Priests, Social Workers, Teachers, Child psychiatrists,Television talking heads, Salespersons,Politicians, Lovers, and anyone that works for the government.

Please learn about this, because not knowing this will very likely do you much serious harm. Especially if you are a kind, gentle and trusting person..

Also learn about CRISIS ACTORS who use this technique.

Here you will see the hypocrisy of the Corporate media calling independent people social media “Fake News”. Judge for yourself and you will realize that Corporate media IS the fake news.

Below you will see videos on how easy this is to do and is routinely done by Police.

Covert Hypnosis

Don’t Be SandyHOoked Obama Hypnotized US part1

Beware of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in Church

This article is not about whether or not Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) works. Its about how pastors are using this technique in their arsenal during sermons.

Neurolinguistic programming

Read full article here;

“NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.” Richard Bandler

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a branch of cognitive and behavioral psychology whose primary concern is to model behavior and cognition. It was developed in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder from their work in modeling. They initially modelled family therapist Virginia Satir, Gestalt therapist Fritz Perls, hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson and Gregory Bateson.

They derived much of the theory behind their work from Korzybski‘s General Semantics and Chomsky‘s Transformational Generative Grammar. Bandler describes NLP as the “study of the structure of subjective experience.” At times it has also been called the study of things that work.

Although NLP started in the field of therapy, it has now been expanded to include such diverse topics as sales, persuasion and even seduction (ladies beware).

A True Story of “The Handler and the Butterfly”

Published on Jul 17, 2013

Victims of MKUltra Trauma Based Mind Control – A monarch is the king or queen at the head of a monarchy. This is a form of government in which a state or polity is ruled or controlled by an individual who …(wiki)
Their purpose was to study mind control, interrogation, behavior modification and … Its remit was to develop mind-controlling drugs for use against the Soviet … (wiki)
The Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is a milkweed butterfly (subfamily Danainae) in the family Nymphalidae. It is perhaps the best known of all North …(wiki)

Neuro Linguistic Programming Demonstration

Richard Bandler’s Master Practitioner Certification of NLP

He is the man who co-invented Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), who taught Paul McKenna and catapulted him to …. But beware of imitation NLP events!

Mirroring/NLP Techniques

see harassment skits – …Do not harass To setup their targets, Community Stalkers use a technique called NeuroLinguisticProgramming (NLP)

How To Hypnotize Anyone Secretly

Lie to Me? Beware: Eyes Patterns Give Away Your Thinking | NLP…/lie-to-me-beware-eyes-patterns-give-away-your-…

May 30, 2011 – In NLP we call these eye patterns or eye accessing cues. Most people follow a similar pattern (which I’ll cover in a sec) and that pattern gives us

Article: New Code of NLP by Chris Collingwood

Buyers beware. This makes it particularly important to identify problems with the definitions, application and training of NLP. NLP in the classic form has been


Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingBeware! – Groups – Yahoo!…/message/394United States

Oct 31, 2008 – portlandconspiracycentral: Portland Conspiracy Central.

John La Valle – NLP

nlp gotomypc · Download this NLP Hot Tips Newsletter Here in PDF Format ….. Beware of bootlegged and/or counterfeited products on eBay® and other places!

NLP – How to Control a Girl’s Mind

Discovering NLP | harrykeydotcomslashblogs

Feb 4, 2010 – It’s a field full of clever cons, and for that reason the buyer must beware. Some people simply ask: “NLP? What does that stand for?” which I hate

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP: Kath Temple

Beware of providers without the right background and experience who are distant from the source of NLP. Check their credentials. You wouldn’t trust your health

Conversational Hypnosis Shocking Demonstration

Shocking Documentary – How You Are Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It

Covert & Conversational Hypnosis

Neurolinguistic Programming For Dummies – Page 243 – Google Books Result
Romilla Ready, Kate Burton – 2010 – Self-Help

NLP calls these words nominalisations – where a verb (for example, to love) has turned into a noun Generalisation – beware the always, musts, and shoulds.

Steven Jacobson Mind control Neuro-linguistic programming

The NLP Eye Accessing Cues

NLP eye accessing cues, or indicators, provide us with information about “how” a person is thinking – whether they are visualising, attending to sounds

NLP Techniques: Embedded Commands & Suggestions How To Do Them

NLP: Jesuit Mind Tricks – Truth On The Web Ministries

Beware of Jesuits in Minister’s Clothing! …. The name NeuroLinguistic Programming comes from the disciplines which influenced the early development of the

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming Mind Hacks – Volume 1

C4 – Explosive Marketing: NLP Is A Tool For Programming Change…/nlp-is-tool-for-programming-change-…Share

Aug 13, 2012 – NLP Is A Tool For Programming Change, But… Beware of duplicity? Consider the hammer. It’s the tool that, probably more than any other, built

NLP – Change Your Breathing, Change Your Mind

What is NLP? – Take that Step with Gerry Murray.pdf

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View
NLP is a powerful technology and therefore it must be used responsibly and ecologically. ….. Beware of static Positive Affirmations! For many years people have

NLP – Two Simple Yet Powerful Questions

Steve Andreas’ NLP Blog – Real People Press

Metaphor has been part of the field of NLP since the early days. ….. But beware of the dark side — anger, fear, aggression — the dark side of the force are they,

Monarch Survivor Randy – Zeph Daniel

Published on Dec 3, 2012

Zeph interviews Randy an ex Monarch survivor back in November 2007 after she starts the journey into remembering her ‘Lost Time’ from her days of being programmed, memories are starting to return as she seeks the truth…..
This is a very real issue and many more are starting to awaken and seek help to remember what went on in their lives, some things may be better left to the imagination but as more and more victims of this satanic programming do come out we can be sure that little by little this system will be exposed as to how dark, destructive and deeply evil it really is.
It is estimated that there are millions of victims in this splitting of the human mind.
One of the purposes is to create numerous personalities within a ‘Chosen One’ – Multi (each personality is trained with different skills) for the purpose of serving the dark powers and to be used as a ‘Super Soldier’.
This stems back from Nazi Germany and now it is now known to be into the 3rd and 4th generation and spread worldwide.
When researched this is a massive system and way bigger than most can even comprehend, are these the troops of anti-christ and what exactly is their end game.

How to Hypnotize Tutorial: Richard Nongard’s 1-Hour Crash Course in Hypnosis

Uploaded on 14 Sep 2011


Trauma Based Mind Control & Satanic-Based Protocols of Birth with Jeanice Barcelo * ALARMING*

Published on May 4, 2013

Guest: Jeanice Barcelo
May 3, 2013

Today’s show is very alarming and the first half hour in particular may not be for everyone, the evidence is absolutely shocking! So please be prepared!

Birth Trauma; Trauma-Based Mind-Control; The Satanic-Based Protocols of Hospital Birth; The Genetic Modification of the Human Race; The Corruption of Human Sexuality; Haphazard vs. Conscious Conception; Prenatal Trauma; How the First Nine Months in the Womb Influence the Rest of Our Lives


Jeanice Barcelo is an independent childbirth educator specializing in the healing and prevention of birth trauma. She is a birth activist, TV and radio show host, and an outspoken leader in the movement for conscious conception and gentle birth. Jeanice offers workshops and teacher trainings and classes designed especially for men. To learn more about Jeanice, please visit her website at:

Mind Control through Tv and the Children {Documentary}

Published on Sep 28, 2012

The greatest form of control is when you think you’re free when you’re being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and you can see the bars and touch them. The other one is sitting in a prison cell but you can’t see the bars but you think you’re free.

What the human race is suffering from is mass hypnosis. We are being hypnotized by people like this: newsreaders, politicians, teachers, lecturers. We are in a country and in a world that is being run by unbelievably sick people. The chasm between what we’re told is going on and what is really going on is absolutely enormous.

Below is an amazing Facebook tread on the ‘Electronic Harassment and Gangstalking: Record Keeping’ group page.

This is the type of story this group should be interested in…Very important…

August 2013 Last updated at 11:42 ET

Turkey: Telepathy ‘linked to deaths’

News from Elsewhere... News from Elsewhere… …as found by BBC Monitoring

Generic image of woman holding hands to her temples

Telepathy could have been used to compel four young Turkish engineers to kill themselves, it’s been suggested.

That’s one explanation of the deaths of four workers at the defence giant Aselsan contained in a report presented to the PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to reports. All four deaths, within the space of 14 months during 2006 and 2007, were initially recorded as suicides. The men had been undergoing psychological treatment before they died but doubts persisted from their sceptical families, reports newspaper Today’s Zaman. And last year the Inspection Board of the Prime Ministry launched a fresh probe.

Included in its report was a study by a neuropsychologist, Nevzat Tarhan, who asks prosecutors not to disregard the possibility of telepathy causing severe distress and headaches in the victims, giving them a tendency to kill themselves, reports Hurriyet Daily News. Brainwaves could have been sent from 1.5km (just under a mile) away, Hurriyet quotes Tarhan as saying. The report apparently doesn’t offer a clear answer as to whether the deaths were murder or suicide but it’s been submitted to the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s Office for further investigation.

Use #NewsfromElsewhere to stay up-to-date with our reports via Twitter.

Turkey: Telepathy ‘linked to deaths’
Telepathy could have been used to compel four young engineers to kill themselves, a report to the Turkish government suggests.
  • Anthony Forwood It seems very odd that this neuropsychologist would suggest telepathy before even considering hypnosis. The men who died were all getting psychological treatment. They were in the hands of people who are often highly trained hypnotists.
  • Memory Shock Synthetic telepathy can be a form of remote hypnosis…
  • Anthony Forwood Of course, and I realized later that you were probably thinking along those lines.

    August 14, 2013 at 11:52pm

    Anthony Forwood But I wonder about where this neuropsychologist is coming from, since he didn’t offer any info to suggest that telepathy (as most of us undersdtand it) was a plausible possibility.
    He also didn’t explain how telepathy could be used to kill someone.
    Telekinesis would be a more likely means.
    For telepathy to be used that way, it would almost necessitate hypnosis to some extent, in order to convince the targets that suicide was desireable.
  • Michael Richter I believe that more would be known if the psychological records before death could be let known.
    I believe that the power of suggestion on the conscious level as well as subconscious level plays a major role in mind control. the double end of that is,
    If it is the power of suggestion, Is it mind control?
  • Anthony Forwood Anything that affects your thinking can be used for mind-control.
    There are hard weapons and soft weapons.
    Hard weapons are physical technologies, and soft weapons aer psychological technologies.
  • Scott Wooten Very, very interesting to find people who are aware of some of these theories as I am through decades of study across numerous fields and a ton of brainstorming and theorizing, but then,
    I lose track of time and forget it’s not 1997 anymore and many more people are throwing off the trances and the flow of information at one’s fingertips has grown exponentially. Thank you for the accept.
    I’ve been quite behind to only be able to say this now, but by the first post I can see it is going to be QUITE AN HONOR to be a member of this group.
  • Scott Wooten I didn’t mean for that last post to come off as arrogance, but for many years, a number of subjects seemed to be the exclusive realms of select groups, including a moderate-sized group of my friends and me.
    Each of us had a specialty, of course, along with connections to maybe another group or few individuals and I obsessively study seemingly everything as I come upon it, since I was 7 years old, and my cousin, Kevin Caillouet ( a year younger, since he was 6, but he’s not OCD). I hope my researches will be of benefit to the group.
  • Anthony Forwood It didn’t come across as arrogant at all! Nothing wrong with knowing things and stating so.
    You sound like me, having researched many relevant subjects for many years.
  • S L’isle Freeman Ok. There has ben some evidence linked to LRADS being used by the military.
    Some of them found that the device, when used for projecting voices at sea to make ships stop, would echo in the heads of crewman.
    The military recognized this and used it. Now most inside agencies would probably know about this and use it to whatever nefarious ends.
  • Lolita Nikolova Absolutely important and significant. In Bulgaria during the protests that caused the communists to come back there were several cases of people who had burned themselves (with fatalities). I also have an article
  • Lolita Nikolova The linked article documents that there are several deaths in BG archaeology that may relate to the psychotronic terrorist Henrieta Todorova with gang (P. Georgieva, her son and M. Gyurova).
    I have been several times subjects of attempts to be killed by this gang through psychotronic blocking of my mind.
    However, making the cases public help to save my life and to make this criminal gang (now even with B. Gajdarska) at least aware that if something happens to me, the people with know how it happened.
    They may use devices but mostly is human energy of terrifying personalities who hate the world and use their own human energy to invade and penetrate the brain of others and to block them. This usually does not take more than a 20-30 seconds.
    But if somebody does not know that their brain is invaded they may do things that their believe as own, however, in fact somebody direct their brain.
    Todorova short-term husband was member of Central Committee of the communists, while there was a rumor that her father was Nazi.
    So, she may have devices both from Germany and Bulgaria.
    Unfortunately, lawmakers do not take seriously all this evidence and there is still not international law against the psychotronic terrorists. AS you also know, Putin is an advocate of psycho-weapon, that means even KGB with such weapons in the USA. Hopefully soon Obama as a Nobel Prize winner will find time for this issue.
  • Daniel J Towsey See this page.. I am adding this graat comments thread to it.

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