My Audio Transcripts

Canadian Situations audio-video transcripts.

POEMS & Stories audio-transcripts.

My Stories audio-video Transcripts

My folk videos of performers and much more at

Please see The Visionary Folk Photographer

Link to complete Seeds of truth play list on youtube….

Below are the links and audio videos transcripts to my seeds of truth articles and of some of my writings.

Please understand that my health is very poor.

I have great difficulties in breathing which affects my speech. So many times you will hear me miss read my writings.

But I feel that I still need to read some of my writings.

UPDATE, I am now using a word reading program to do my video transcripts.

So this list will grow as I convert more of my writings to videos. I hope you enjoy them and please do share them.

You can find more of my audio video transcripts writings here .

This will also give you the opportunity to check out all the links to the supporting proof of what I have written.

The list below will be added to as I get new readings done.

A Truth Soldier Occupation

Corrupt Canadian Elections (Vote Fixing)

The Tree of Life

Madness is a sign of insanity

Fukushima Daiichi From Nuclear Power Plant to Nuclear Weapon

My other related articles.

Shock and Awe of Militarized Police Killings Beatings and Brutality

The Old Boys Club Is Finished

Crash Warning

Here is how Government Corruption Works in Nova Scotia

Manufactured Realities of Occupy, Anonymous & Arab Spring

 A crude wildlife eulogy

The BP Gulf of Mexico Destruction

Beware of the internet troll

The house of commons

My visits to Ottawas Parliament

The Last Democracy

The Last Democracy is Dead

Income tax is a fraud

It is getting really bad

How the chemicals got in the cigarettes

The huge learning curve to the forbidden truths

Why get a FLU shot?

Remote Controlled Vehicular Assassination

Recipe for insanity.

There is no reasoning with the insane

So who’s delusional now?

Psychiatry Industry of Death

Cell Phones

(What every activist needs to know)

Beware of Internet Reverse Psychological Operations

The Web of Deceit

Creation of first corporation

Beware of the Corporate Mind

Has anyone ever sworn allegiance to CANADA and the Canadian people?

The Insane Do Not Know They Are

Careful The Truth Might Kill You

Corrupt Canadian Elections – Vote Fixing

Wake up you are in a Frightening Nightmare

Corrupt Voting in Nova Scotia

Theft of Nova Scotia Power Report

US Declaration of Independence

Covert to Overt

Checks and Balances

The Sleeping Giant Is Brain Dead

Modern Food by A Truth Soldier please click this link if video will not play

Hate Speech Laws

The Occult

A Void Of Truth

Vaccines are not Immunizations

I Have A Dream

Illussions (Part1)

Illussions (Part2)

The Seeds Of Truth

Yugoslavia is now a democracy

Remember These

A Luxurious Jail Cell Awaits The Financial Criminals

The HRM Storm

Once Upon A Time There Was A Canada

Its Over and You Did Nothing

No Truth Justice and Liberty in Nova Scotia

The American Constitution

Tap Water Will Kill You!


A Conversation with A Truth Soldier

What do you seek?

I called in Sick

Made in Canada

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