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You need natural fat in your diet, be it animal or plant.. Do not consume man made artificial fats. Fat is what your body uses to store and neutralize toxins. Cancer is not a disease or illness.. It is a deficiency condition..You are deficient in natural fats.. Thank the U.N. Agenda 21 world depopulation agenda for all natural fats being taken out of your diet…

Phoenix Tears – Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure

Daniel J Towsey

How to get rid of Trolls on Youtube

Below you will find my commentaries and the title and link to the posts they appeared on.

Ask yourself, what is that gas they say comes from the green house effect?
Do you not think that if there was such a gas, that they would be telling us what it is called?
My guess is they are trying to make us believe that CO2, which is natural and all life on earth depends on it, is the gas.
So that really means that there is no such thing as ‘greenhouse gas’ as the article below states.
Daniel J Towsey


 CRISIS Actors

Crisis Actors 150px text


Please know that there is no honor amongst criminals and especially organized criminals operating under the protection of their corporate governments pretending to be the peoples governments.

Crisis actor type of systems has been in operation for a very long time.

It is used to get their patsies and involuntary accomplices in committing crimes against we the free peoples.

So here is a very important scenario I will present to you, be you people looking to work with and in the crisis actors organization. Police or the general public responding or reacting to staged events.

This is a very important warning to anyone that thinks being a participant in a fake protest march paid for by the banksters that created the U.N and numerous other fake organizations pretending to be for the peoples good.

Recruits that are working and training in the crisis actors organization better realize that you are being fooled and you are being set up to very possibly be killed or imprisoned when you unknowingly act out your parts in a drill or movie set type of set up.

Those performances that you do and are filmed and photographed will latter be used in corporate media news reports and will appear to be real events that actually occurred in real time.

For when the crisis, false flag, terrorist or order event is carried out publicly and you then realize the danger you are in and that you have no one one this planet that you can turn to. You also realize that you can say nothing to anyone.

Even most of the Police who are good people are fooled by the same situation you found yourself in, that being a crisis actor who thought is was all fake and make believe harmless acting like on a movie stage.

The real Police are infiltrated by criminals operating at higher positions who will always step in and take complete control over the whole Police handling and investigation of any and all staged and managed terrorism type of events.

Those at the top of the pyramid scheme are the ones you need to be AWARE VERY AWARE OF. The bankster Illuminatti.

signed, Daniel J Towsey

Zionist Banksters U.N. Lock Down of Canada and the U.S.A.


Those of you who are familiar with all the evidence at A Truth Soldier .com know that humanity has been taken over and all that was once natural and beautiful has mostly been poisoned and destroyed by the INSANE.

Those of the UN-derworld have UN-dermined everything through the control of and creation of faked money and have gone completely insane with their UN-limited, UN-regulated, UN- accountable, UN-democratic, UN-just, UN-real,  deceptive manipulations of the minds of the UN-knowing, UN-aware, UN-caring, UN-healthy UN-derminded once free peoples.

Do realize and UN-derstand that the U.N. was created to deceive us by the INSANE Zionist banksters.

Daniel J Towsey.

Some Police are Murderers


I am posting these videos below not in the belief that all Police are murderers. But to show that some are and that the public always needs to know these things in an effort to provide checks and balances to do what we the people need to, to stop these murders by applying informed pressure on the system to truly serve the public good.

Being a Police officer is a dangerous job. This video just below is posted to show how dangerous it can be.

But the rest of the videos below show videos of why someone might do what you see in this first video.

All the videos below are just a few of the videos available online showing insane out of control vicious Police  officers murdering  unarmed people even shooting them in the back.

The Police system is not self regulated for the good of humanity. That is the problem too many Police are lawless since they think they are above the peoples common laws.

When is the Police going to realize that if the bad cops are not held accountable to the people for their misdeeds then eventually society will collapse when the public looses all respect for Police that have repeatedly shown they do not respect the peoples common laws.

The U.N. Agenda 21 is behind the total undermining of our society. You all need to wake up and learn about the Zionist Bankster N.W.O. of INSANITY.

The Zionists created the U.N. and have taken control of our governments and judicial systems and are actually condoning and promoting the destruction of our civilization by letting the murdering thug gang cops walk free to repeatedly do it again and again.

The N.W.O wants a civilian uprising so they can use that to bring in their full U.N. Agenda 21 police state and the INSANITY then will never be stopped since it is the innocent good people that are being deceived and attacked..

The dismantling of our free and just society is being socially engineered by the Zionist Satanic INSANE Banksters..

They have taken full control of our governments and our justice system. They have installed psychopaths into the Police and are protecting these criminal cops.

Good cops that dare to speak up are eliminated including staging their deaths by shooting them and making it appear like it was a real criminal on the street.

This is what happens to a society when you let them take control of the creation of money. They have had 100 years since the creation of the FED to bring about their INSANITY.




The Corporate criminals need to be taken out of our governments and need to be put in a FEAM extermination camp.

Corporatism, Zionism, Socialism, Communism are all one and the same.

The unrest is not happening fast enough for the NWO so they are staging false flag terrorism like 9-11, 7-11, 3-11, the failed 1-11,The Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, The Moncton RCMP shootings and many more.

This is a world wide problem. The Banskters think they now own the whole planet because they bought it with fake money and they do not want to share it..

Daniel J Towsey

Zionist Lies (2) 150px text

Cornwallis Statue Protest in Halifax

My being a Metis from Quebec.

I would like to give you my perspective of what I feel every time I see that statue of a man that is being edificed in public for putting a bounty on the death and scalping of native human beings.

There can and will never be anything anyone says that will take away the horror I feel when I see this statue.

The idea that this statue should stay for historical reasons is totally repulsive.

How would you like it if a statue existed of a man that put a bounty on your race scalps for money?

And you had to be reminded of  this horror every time you saw the statue and worse,

You had to walk in a city that the local people approve of the very existence of that statue.

The statue is horrific but the fact that it is actually there and the people of Halifax put it there is even more horrific.

If this statue stays then why not put up more statues of people who committed horrific acts of violence against any named groups and then lets see how long that would stay.

The time has come for Haligonians to show respect for the feelings of the native peoples of Nova Scotia and Canada.

Signed Daniel J Towsey

Shooter in Moncton N.B. Canada HOAX


You need to be very concerned about the fact that there is no proof that Justin Bourqe did anything except walk around carrying guns.

No videos or eye witness testimonies that he actually did any shooting. This looks like another fake shooter pastie set up.

That video shown from someones living room shows cops hiding behind a car but not holding there guns. It does not show a shooter. Ask yourself why did they not video tape the shooter that they claimed was there?

That video is a production. Proof is very simple. Why would she scream to call 911 when the cops were already there? This is a faked drama crisis production that actually shows nothing of value and sounds like the gun shots sounds may of been dubed into the video.

That Police car has a dash camera, so where is that video showing the shooter?

After the shooting the Police claimed they did not know where the shooter was. Really?

The cops new exactly where he was. He was were they were called to and the officers where shot.

He was walking slowly and police were even taking photos of him and yet there was no police around and they claimed they did not know where he was. Bull Shit.

The person that took the photos knew exactly where he was. How did those photos get online even before the guy was caught some four hours later.

NOTE: It has been confirmed by CBC that the photos of Justin walking were tweeted by the RCMP.

Why was the so called shooter just walking around very slowly and casually?

Amazing how the RCMP took those photos and just let him walk on..

There are no photos showing him holding any guns in a threatening posture as if he was prepared to do some shooting.

I think the photos were done at the drill they were conducting in the town of Sackville.

Now in that police chase, all those police cars have dash cams. So why no videos showing a chase?

I bet you the shooter had no idea of what he was being set up for when he was probably told to just walk through town.

Even at the end he just walked over to the police and surrendered. There was no shoot out.

Then you should also know that they were conducting a drill in Sackville N.B. “Emergency Response will be tested during upcoming simulation exercise”  Published May 21 2014 in the Sackville Tribune Post.

So this is why all that heavy duty militarized equipment happened to be in Moncton. They use these so called ‘Drills” to hide their true activities so no one would suspect anything.

This is another very concerned!

The N.W.O. is trying to create and fake a civil war so they can bring in their Marshall Law. We are all in danger.

Daniel J Towsey.

The Canadian Bill of Rights


Please understand that Canada is our Common Wealth Country where we the common people are are the government. Our Common Law government only gets its authority if we the people give it our authority. and not the other way around.

The peoples government has no authority over us. The only law in Canada is Common Law and not corporate law.

Prime Minister Trudeau committed the most serious crime against Canada by shutting down the function of the Bank of Canada. We the common peoples bank. The only real bank that has the authority to create and put money into our economy.

When Trudeau gave the creation of money to corporate banksters. The Banksters then went about stealing our country with their fake money they create on a computer bank account screen.

Now all our public utilities have been stolen by corporate criminals.

All the the peoples common law governments across Canada have now been taken over and have been corporatized.

We the people have been dis empowered and have lost our common sense ways.

The less common sense a person has, the stranger they get.

Now we have all become strangers, strangers to common truth.

We need to take the corporate criminals out of our governments.

If you want to understand how this take over took place please read “Corrupt Canadian Elections (vote fixing)

Daniel J Towsey

Operation Paperclip or Project Paperclip


Here is some information that you will be able to research for yourself now that you will know what to look for after I tell you this.

I will attempt to just give you a summation as it would take the a HUGE book entitled “The History of the world being destroyed”

Rothchild financed Napoleon Bonapart’s army.

They went out and destroyed, robbed and then controlled by creating their own Rothchild corporate central banks.

All Corporate crimes are hidden behind their very pretty Corporate Image.

That very mod-us-operendi is still in effect today.

You need you rip that Corporate mask off to see the horrifically ugly evil insanity of the Zionist satanic criminals.

Follow the trail of deception, destruction and death and it will lead to the fake money, then you will understand everything you will learn at and beyond on the World Wide Web of Truther sites.

Just be sure to be  brave Truth Soldiers and go out and unload your truth munitions to the every corner of the The World.

Then be sure to return to the World Wide web of Truth to get more truth munitions.

Remember that truth can not be killed….

Nazis were created and financed by the Satanic Zionist bankster criminals.

Then after Hitler was finished doing what Napoleon Bonaparte had started, Hitler retired to a comfortable life in Argentina along with all his buddies.

But the Zionist Nazi machine was not finished. They then set their target on the last two free societies on this planet.

Being Canada and The United States of America.

The Nazis were then put in charge of the newly created United Nations, Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Central Intelligence Agency.

After the Zionist Banksters took control of the creation of money by creating The Federal Reserve they now had the money to go on there insane mission of buying up and taking control of the whole planet with their fake money.

So they flooded the USA with free easy money and they called it the roaring 20′s.

Then the great depression was brought about by the banksters removing over forty percent of the money in circulation.

They took that money to finance Hitlers building up Germany.

That fortune spent on the reconstruction of Germany had the same brain washing on the German population as did the roaring 20′s.

But in the USA all that easy money came with a very nasty loan clause.

That clause begin in small print, that all loans could be recalled for full value anytime the banskters wished.

The bansksters were very cunning.

They loaned money to all the prosperous business owners in the USA.

So now the Banskters in one foul swoop of deception, now took ownership and control of all the real value assets of the USA.

That is what happens when the people give up the control of their central bank.

Just keep following the fake money.

Now here in Canada as in the USA we no longer have any peoples governments.

We only have Corporate governments that have not, can not and will never create any real common laws.

They only create ‘Acts’ Acts against we the people.

It is time for a World Wide Truth Revolution” For truth only comes from Common sense.

The less common sense an individual has the stranger they get.

Through social engineering, fake media, Hollywood suggestive scripts and the magic box known as a programming talking box.

They have completely screwed you up the ass while you kept your head buried in the ground.

Your bare ass has been a real turn on for those sick banksters.

They have literally raped your mind and your ass..

I think now you know why Napoleon Tore His Bone-Aparte…

written by Daniel J Towsey.

Princess Diana Was Murdered

Please go to this link for all the commentaries.


The car slid sideways from the right lane over to the left lane and hit the concrete column sideways with the front end and not straight on.

The right rear of the car continued down the center of the road as the front smashed into the pillar causing the car to spin around and stop facing in the direction it came from..

So the car did not have a straight head on. It had a sideways front end collision as the car was sliding  out of control with the right rear continuing down the center of the road. The right side where Princess Diana was sitting was undamaged

As you will learn when you listen to the man that stopped his car was a doctor that came in to help.

The doctor clearly explains that her injuries were very minor.

She was alive and lying on the floor behind the front seats.

The doctor said had no difficulty opening the door climbing in and reaching Diana.

So why did they take one hour and forty five minutes to get her to the hospital that was just at the entrance to the tunnel?

There was no specialized things needing to be done to get her out of the car.

One hour and forty five minutes was to wait and see and to make sure that Diana would die from her possible internal injuries.

If they really were concerned, then why did they not bring an emergency trauma doctor from the hospital that was right there to help with Diana? It turns out they did bring in a doctor to take control of the scene, and he was the one that stopped them from taking Princess Diana to the hospital immediately.

What I have just commented is all you need to know that Princess Diana did not die in the car.

She died because they made sure of it by denying her the speedy medical help she may of needed or worse as you will learn in the videos below as to why did the ambulance stop just outside of the tunnel for 15 minutes with the princess on board?

Once you realize that her part of the car was undamaged and that the car was sliding sideways when if made impact.

You realize that Princess Diana did not hit the back of the seats with full force. She actually fell over to her left onto the seat and then onto the floor.

She did not strike any hard objects.

My comments and photo comments will help you to understand the lies and deceptions in some of the official story the videos below.

In this photo below take notice that it takes a professional camera at least four seconds between photos for the flash to fire and then calculate how far the car had traveled at normal speed. This helps to understand the situation better and that it was not the driver, driving fast and wreck-less.

The inquest rules that it was not Paparazzi the caused her death. The location of all known paparazzi was accounted for that night and noon were there at the scene,

The inquest ruled that Princess Diana was “UNLAWFULLY MURDERED” by the vehicles behind and motorcyclists.

Commentary by Daniel J Towsey


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