Hoover Dam

Predicting 911 at Hoover Dam – Flash overview

Published on Jan 12, 2014

Hoover Dam is earmarked for destruction in seven years with a prediction of two dates. One is May 6, 2020 and the other September 11, 2021. This trailer is a brief montage of almost two years of research into both my and Jonathan Kleck’s separate, but profound insight into evidence that points an incriminating finger at the global Elitists who perpetrated the same design for the World Trade Center North and South Towers.


Hoover Dam: the Next 911 – the Birth of the New World Order

Published on Apr 9, 2015

This film shows the next possible 9/11. Will the Hoover Dam be destroyed? It already has. Through watching my film, you will be able see the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. The film was made possible through over hundred clips found on the internet. I don’t know for sure if these structures will get destroyed….

Hoover Dam Drying Up Arizona “About” To Lose Water Rights

Published on May 27, 2015

Support the in the field work for on location filming at http://www.gofundme.com/dswfund next trip is Area 51 in July lets make this epic live broadcast happen.

Lake Mead—which used to be the nation’s largest reservoir—serves as the main water storage facility on the Colorado River. Amid one of the worst droughts in millennia, record lows at Lake Mead are becoming an annual event—last year’s low was 7 feet higher than this year’s expected June nadir, 1,073 feet.

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which manages the river, will declare an official shortage for the first time ever—setting into motion a series of already agreed-upon mandatory cuts in water outlays, primarily to Arizona. (Nevada and Mexico will also receive smaller cuts.) The latest forecasts give a 33 percent chance of this happening. There’s a greater than 75 percent chance of the same scenario on Jan. 1, 2017. Barring a sudden unexpected end to the drought, official shortage conditions are likely for the indefinite future.

Why Arizona? In exchange for agreeing to be the first in line for rationing when a shortage occurs, Arizona was permitted in the 1960s to build the Central Arizona Project, which diverts Colorado River water 336 miles over 3,000 feet of mountain ranges all the way to Tucson. It’s the longest and costliest aqueduct in American history, and Arizona couldn’t exist in its modern state without it.

Now that a shortage is imminent, another fundamental change in the status quo is on the way. As in California, the current drought may take a considerable and lasting toll on Arizona, especially for the state’s farmers.

according to Robert Glennon, a water policy expert at the University of Arizona, the current situation was inevitable. “It’s really no surprise that this day was coming, for the simple reason that the Colorado River is overallocated,” Glennon told me over the phone last week. Glennon explained that the original Colorado River compact of 1922, which governs how seven states and Mexico use the river, was negotiated during “the wettest 10-year period in the last 1,000 years.”

That law portioned out about 25 percent more water than regularly flows, so even in “normal” years, big reservoirs like Lake Mead are in a long-term decline. “We’ve been saved from the disaster because Arizona and these other states were not using all their water,” Glennon said.

They are now. Since around 2000, Arizona has been withdrawing its full allotment from the Colorado River, and it’s impossible to overstate how important the Colorado has become to the state. About 40 percent of Arizona’s water comes from the Colorado, and state officials partially attribute a nearly 20-fold increase in the state’s economy over the last 50 years to increased access to the river.

Snorkeler scared by fake skeletons in ‘tea party’ in Ariz.


A snorkeler was chilled to the bone when he spotted two fake skeletons having a “tea party” at the bottom of the Colorado River on Monday, authorities said.

He thought the prank skeletons were real and sent authorities on a hunt in the waters on the border of Arizona and California, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona said.

Arizona officials dove down and found both skeletons wearing sunglasses and sitting next to each other in lawn chairs held in place by big rocks.

“I don’t think they were trying to set up anything to scare anyone. I think they were gonna try to be funny,” Lt. Curtis Bagby told the Associated Press of the pranksters who placed them there.

One skeleton holds a sign with the word “Bernie” on it, in possible reference to the 1989 movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” in which two people carry their dead boss around his beach house.

The sign is dated August 16, 2014, which is when authorities believe the skeletons were dropped there. A diver had to wipe away algae to read it.

Instead of launching an investigation, the sheriff’s office will recover the skeletons and maybe have them guard the office as a joke, Bagby said.

“We like to show some things that are fun, some levity too,” he said. “But in the meantime, don’t think it’s OK to go put something there.”


The Hoover Dam: Should We Be Con-CERN-ed?

Published on Nov 15, 2014

Join us on Truth Broadcast Network: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiY1zuwozxVGVqA3X9qn71A

A look at the Hoover Dam, CERN and opening of the Abyss connection.

SKELETONS Found Near HOOVER DAM in 40 Feet of Water Holding SIGN w/ Same Guidestones Cube Date!

Published on May 9, 2015


Hoover Dam False Flag 1/21 January 21

Published on Jan 20, 2013

Halo 4
South Park
Simpsons Doomsday Clock
Dark Knight Rises
Space Ghost
Adventures of Pete and Pete

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