The Myth is Canada: A film exposing the truth about Canada’s legal and lawful status

Canadian Situations

Did you you sign the ‘Convention of Consent’ form online at

here is the video that people need to listen to and watch beforehand as it helps

here is the pdf of the form. right click here to download it. CoCform video signing.pdf


Canada’s legal system is completely corrupt

Published on Jan 12, 2010
Every aspect of how we experience life is through our court systems. To run a business it must be legal, just as it must be legal for you to be an employee. Anyone can take everything you own using our court systems yet it’s completely corrupt. This system is designed to protect the guilty causing social problems known as welfare.



Welcome to Nephalem Films

Our first project, we will be producing a feature length documentary: “The Myth Is Canada”. A film that holds an incredible amount…

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