Out of the Darkness Into the Light – Unseen Evil – MUST SEE #Pizzagate #Pedogate

Published on Apr 10, 2017

This series of videos are compiled here as a public service to the many thousands of trafficked, abused, and murdered children who continue to suffer and die at the hands of satanic monsters.
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OTHER SOURCES: Clinton satanic child sacrifices

Pizzagate is REAL & Hostel 2 ISN’T Fiction

Published on Feb 15, 2017

This one is a MUST SHARE. Not only is Pizzagate REAL, the movie Hostel Part 2 is not just a fictional movie, based on what we now know about the elite, it’s much closer to a documentary. Author Stefan Verstappen joins me to discuss. Visit Stefan and buy his new book ‘A Masters Guide To The Way Of The Warrior’ at his site ChinaStrategies.com
Pizzagate is Real – Hostel movies are really documentaries

Pedophile Rings Rule The World

Alex breaks down the hidden horror of rampant global pedophilia. There are numerous victims bringing their cases to be heard in Hollywood as the avalanche of evil begins to implode on itself. A man who allegedly endured sexual abuse by numerous Hollywood executives when he was a teenager has reissued his case against them. Shedding light on the abuse has created a firestorm of controversy in Hollywood. Jon Bowne explains the current state of affairs and delves into the 32 Billion Dollar global sex trade industry that claims 1 million children per year.

Best Alex Jones Pedophile RANT In History!!

The Alex Jones Channel

 Published on May 21, 2016
Alex Jones goes off on Salon’s Facebook page showing leftist news organization’s resident pedophile, Todd Nickerson, explaining how he masturbated over a 5-year-old girl while romanticized video footage of a child is used to illustrate his sick fantasy. http://www.infowars.com/salon-romanti…
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Inside NAMBLA Pedophiles https://youtu.be/N54dhq1JNf4 Pedogate – children sacrificed for their blood used as “youth serum” https://youtu.be/1haGs3NHAgQ
Don’t believe this is for real? check THIS: http://www.ElitePedos.com Pedophiles in Britain’s government https://youtu.be/i4fklTtMqdo David Icke puts Pizzagate in perspective https://youtu.be/k_FcNw-mtng
First person account Satanic sex abuse https://youtu.be/QxQNQa6sT1I
70 Arrest Warrants pending at DOJ (30 politicians) https://youtu.be/RK1twYcGvBs
Those investigating Pizzagate end up DEAD. https://youtu.be/i1A5Tvq6–o
Hillary tied to Child Trafficking https://youtu.be/UEUWhEihYDU Pizzagate documentary PROOF: https://youtu.be/6mSIlbJxoe4 Hillary may have KURU – a disease common in New Guinea that is transmitted by CANNIBALISM: https://youtu.be/vDusLOce8uI https://youtu.be/MNpB6c4dANo
See Podesta Wikileaks emails: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/…
Encrypted data (steganography) found in Podesta email photos: https://youtu.be/P-od8Aoe8rM
What is steganography? See: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stega… Anonymous has video of Bill Clinton RAPE of a 13 year old girl https://youtu.be/bZgnx5KabfY
FBI exposes pedophile rings: https://youtu.be/SQd53bCwrZM CIA and other government agencies use blackmail against pedophile politicians to run world governments https://youtu.be/SQd53bCwrZM
End Times News about A. Weiner https://youtu.be/caG2nz0s8oQ Masonic rituals of child rape exposed https://youtu.be/QhFFSOpyEP8
Stupor-Bowl sex trafficking sting https://youtu.be/WLcAj11TI10 CIA likely to be involved in child trafficking https://youtu.be/-mE-3E3C2iM
Epstein’s pedophile island https://youtu.be/Mf86PYNFDEg
Miley Cyrus exposes Pizzagate https://youtu.be/vDBIC6eJV44
Clinton pedophile sex ring Satanic rituals with children exposed https://youtu.be/suDHJDX90zE

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