Islam is NOT a Religion… WAKE UP TO THE DANGER



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An Overall View Of The Muslim Culture and Islam Ann Barnhardt

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Published on Dec 13, 2016

Muslims, Islam, Quran, Muhammad, Suras, women, abuse, oppressive, ideology. Islam is NOT a religion it is a totalitarian and militaristic system. The Muslim culture is a sick cycle of denial and abuse

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muslims-hate_017__a-truth-soldier muslims-hate_018__a-truth-soldier muslims-hate_019__a-truth-soldier muslims-hate_020__a-truth-soldier muslims-hate_021__a-truth-soldier

Hidden camera reveals the truth on Muslims hate for non believers.

Published on Dec 6, 2016

The shocking truth and reality of Islam and Muslims. These people are teaching hate and intolerance to all non believers in all their adoptive countries. This is basically treason and highly illegal. Where are the law enforcers when it comes to treating known terrorists. ? You can not murder people in the name of religion, just because they don’t believe in it. GOD has given us freewill to chose our own destiny. Judgement is coming to all of us soon enough, we don’t need Muslim radicals and terrorists judging and killing us as well.


Texans Preparing and To Take On Local Radical Muslims

Published on Dec 19, 2016

Texans Preparing and To Take On Local Radical Muslims, Muslims, Islam, Texas, Sharia, Mosques, immigrants, violence, intolerant, hate, Quran. Texas has had a large number of Muslims migrate to their state. Muslims demand and expect the Texans to change their way of life and laws to follow the teachings of Muhammad on their Quran. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

radical-muslims-_023__a-truth-soldier radical-muslims-_024__a-truth-soldier radical-muslims-s_025__a-truth-soldier

They Don’t just Dance…The Afghan tradition of “bacha bazi” – recruiting young boys for sex

Published on Mar 3, 2016

In Afghanistan’s male-dominated society women face many restrictions. Among the many prohibitions, they are not allowed to go to parties or dance. That female social vacuum has led to an old tradition of “bachas” – dancing boys who dance in women’s clothes at men-only parties but the boy’s job description involves more than dancing. After the party, the men choose their favourite boy for sex. Premarital sex is forbidden for women so many men seek the company of rent boys. Here, sex with a boy considered less of a sin than having sex with an unmarried woman, and male child prostitution is seen as a lesser evil than women selling their bodies.
Often, boys who need to feed their families become bachas from as young as 12. Some continue for years, while for others, it’s a temporary occupation. The practice is illegal in modern Afghanistan, officially, but the men who keep and recruit bachas, known as “playboys”, are well connected and rich, essentially placing them beyond the law. Besides, it’s a long-standing tradition that is unlikely to go away any time soon. In fact, it appears to be undergoing a revival.
In poverty-stricken Afghanistan, where women are forbidden to work, making men the only breadwinners, boys often have to provide for their families from a very young age. Many are tempted by the money that being a bacha can give them while their families are often too busy trying to survive, to object, or even notice where the money comes from.
RT Doc goes to Afghanistan to ask how the bachas became rent boys and goes to a private party where the boys dance and meet their customers. Boys, handlers and punters all speak openly about this outlawed, yet widely practiced, sexual tradition.

Peaceful Somali Muslims Terrorize Women In A Quiet Community In MN

Published on Dec 23, 2016

Somali Muslims terrorize women, Muslims, Minnesota, Somali, Muslims, sharia law, terrorize, America, Quran. A group of Somali Muslim men enter a small quiet community in Minnesota to terrorize the women to force Sharia Law. Muslim immigrants have been flooding into Europe and America endangering civilized cultures

In 18th Century Thomas Jefferson Banned Islam From America

Published on Dec 21, 2016

In 18th Century Thomas Jefferson Banned Islam From America, Thomas Jefferson, Muslims, Marines, American slaves, banned Islam, pirates, Barbary Coast, 1763, In the 18th century Thomas Jefferson banned Muslims and Islam from America. Muslim pirates in Barbary Coast were raiding American trade ships and taking the crew hostage. The U.S. Marines were created to fight Muslims

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