The Obama Conspiracy Michelle Obama is a Man

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Obama Refusal To Transfer Power. The Antichrist Setup Obama/Trump. Part 1.

Published on Nov 15, 2016

These are 2 NWO actor running a game. The first transfer of power action has already been refused by Obama. I believe I see the CON they are running on the American people. Hegalian Dialect. Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. Moving to unite the damned against the Christians. Order out of chaos. First step is to see the game they are running and the act.

YT eventually will TAKE DOWN ALL CHANNELS that expose the NWO. To get new vids where you cannot have YT cut you off from me, you MUST SUBSCRIBE via my website for this reason.…

Obamas Ex-Boyfriend Blows Whistle! Michelle Is A Man & Obama Is Gay!! 2016

Published on Nov 23, 2016

How much more proof do you need America? Expect a video compilation of all these videos I’ve just uploaded!!

The Perverted White House Secret – Hidden in Plain Sight!!

Published on May 18, 2016

The White House has MANY secrets…but you should REALLY know this one!!!

Michelle Penis Was Big On Ellen Show

Published on Mar 19, 2015

Joan Rivers Murdered For Exposing Michelle Obama As Tranny!! 2014

Published on Oct 20, 2014

Joan Rivers mysteriously dies a little over a month after calling Obama gay, and Michelle a tranny. Well, Joan Rivers wasn’t joking. She paid the ultimate price to get you the truth.

PROOF Obama Kids Are ADOPTED! Michelle Is A TRANNY!! 2016

Published on Nov 21, 2016…

Obamas Kids Are Adopted!! I Found The Real Parents!! 2016

Published on Nov 26, 2016


Published on Apr 12, 2015

The first documentary film that proves Michelle Obama is a man, and Barack Obama is a homosexual, this is all covered up by the media. Joan Rivers murdered after publicly saying that President Obama is a closet homosexual and Michelle Obama is a man, Obama calls his own wife Michael, Michelle has the shoulder width of a man, and more. Welcome to The Obama Conspiracy, the documentary that exposes who Barack and Michelle Obama really are, who Barack works for, and their agenda to destroy America from within. This documentary puts the pieces of the puzzle together, and lifts the lid off the secrecy and the lies, revealing the truth for the first time.

Michelle Obama Is A Man: No One Believed Me & I’m Right AGAIN!!

Published on Jul 16, 2014

Michelle Obama IS A MAN!! PROOF!! 2014

Published on May 16, 2014

THIS VIDEO WAS TAKEN DOWN BY YOUTUBE due to a “community guideline violation” two weeks after being uploaded, receiving millions of views. You don’t have to believe this video. It’s still a good watch 🙂 …and if it’s true, then I wouldn’t be surprised.


Published on May 20, 2015

This is a video analysis of Michelle Obama dancing with Ellen DeGeneres….

There is a lots going on…

You Decide!



By Marinodelfino.
London, May 2015.

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