Trump Hater blocks A Truth Soldier’s Car in Montreal

TRUMP CARD wins the Illuminati Card Game.The Game is over we Gods people win…

See the comment treads. on my post and see how the other person who reuploaded my video gets many more comments and views.. I have noticd this many times before..Youtube is blocking many people from commenting on my videos and is continuously deliberately keeping my view counts down…

Published on Nov 18, 2016

I was slowly driving up to make a right turn and she makes a left and drives right up to my stopped car and blocks me when she had lots of room to drive around me if she had stayed on the right side where she belonged. It truly amazes me that someone would say anything about Donald Trump in Montreal Quebec Canada..

Here is a comment that i received by email that youtube did not post.
ghmendes08 said
It’s happen all over the world. Here in Brazil, the “tolerants” do the same: provoke a situation and put themselves as victims. Zombies.



keyup26262 The woman is a racist.
carparks are private property… road rules don’t really apply…. but good for you tho
I was hoping that these dipshit mofos in Canada would not jump on the stupid-train…oh well.
Felix Siam the retard runs deep with that one..
FolkPhotographer yes
Hilarious man!!!!! People are freaking insane!!! O and haven’t you heard the latest news…. all white people are racist’s. Keep smiling man, you can’t cure stupid!

How To Shut A Trump Hater Up

Published on Nov 19, 2016

Random Donald Trump Hater in Montreal Quebec Canada. LMAO!!!

Full Credits to:…


I had three cars behind me, one car drove by me on my left, there was another car coming around this woman and by the time I had a chance to get by she was walking around my car….duhhhh If I had moved my car she might have pulled a stunt to make it look like I tried to hit here… so do you all understand that?
what’s the point of this video?? wasted my time. unsubscribed
what’s the point of your channel?? oh and you have not unsubscribed yet, please do so and have a nice day.
if you don’t like criticism, then you shouldn’t make yourself a public figure by posting stupid videos of some incident in a parking lot. You people are annoying because you think that your opinions matter to anyone. (and god! how many times do I have to push the Unsubscribe button to make it work? :D)
SuperAutomaton criticism is perfectly fine it’s when you threaten to unsubscribe. You know as if I give a f*CK. You are probably having troubles unsubscribing because you were never subscribed in the first place. Just another lyin libtard.
To protect myself with evidence.. the camera can prevent a loony one from doing anything worse..
it is disturbing how disconnected from reality sheepletards are – this is the ultimate weapon system – people like this – with enough of them you can destroy any Republic
A mature person knows which fights to choose. Sometimes, it’s in ones best interest to just walk (drive) away.
It’s a parking lot…..just drive around ! R u kidding me..smh.
Joshua Roberts
im fuckin dyin over here
You’re a piece of shit. Just drive around the car, retard.

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