EARTH CHANGES A Point of No Return

Trump Speech

Published on Oct 24, 2016

This series does not mean the world is ending! These are daily documentaries of current extreme weather events, world news, biblical events, and strange global phenomena which are leading to bigger earth changes. If you’re following the series, then you’re seeing the signs. It’s much more than one video!

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 27 2016) The Day of Earthquakes and Meteors

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 26 2016) Satan in Russia

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 25 2016) Wars and Rumors of Wars

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 23 2016) In Divers Places

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 22 2016) In Deep Waters

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 21 2016) Staging Chaos

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 20 2016) The Downfall of Truth

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 19 2016) A Withering of Worlds

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 18 2016) WW3 and Black Goo?

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 17 2016) Our Way of Life is Changing

EARTH CHANGES (OCT 16 2016) Don’t Vote for World War 3

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