Armed Militia at Oregon Rancher Standoff

ALERT NEWS BEWARE The Number One Threat to your Survival

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Oregon StandOff: 320 Yrs In Prison For Nevada – Pete Santilli, Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Payne

Published on Feb 28, 2016

The Mark McConnell Investigation:…
Brandon Curtiss Exposed:…

Federal Oregon Kangaroo Court railroad Ammon Bundy Patriots to FEMA camp

Published on Feb 28, 2016

The Ammon Bundy Patriots hurt no one ! But if you protest this criminal Government you will be chained, shackled and sent to a FEMA camp. But where are the Killers who murdered Lavoy Finicum ? The real Killers are being protected by a Criminal Government Cabal, while Real American Patriots are Chained, Shackled and Murdered. We are now watching a Historic event in motion, as this Kangaroo court tries to railroad the Ammon Bundy Patriots in Oregon, they will not even let a Camera in to show America the Truth. One Day 200 Million out of work Americans will put their Foot down, that day is getting Closer and Closer at hand !

Burns Oregon – Live Update – 2 – Sunday January 10, 2016

Streamed live 6 hours ago

Live streaming from Burns Oregon with Pete Santilli Pete covers up to date happening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge outside Burns Oregon. Tune in here to get exclusive interviews and word from patriots on the inside as well as commentary from locals her in the Burns Oregon area.

Historic Militia Moment! Heavily Armed Idaho 3 Percenters Roll Up On FBI Compound Burns Oregon

Streamed live on Jan 9, 2016

IMPORTANT UPDATES: Please go to our Facebook page to receive ongoing updates from on the ground in Burns, Oregon (PLEASE LIKE & COMMENT ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!)

Historic: Heavily Armed Idaho 3 Percenters Roll Up On FBI Compound (Pacific Patriot Network) – VIDEO CREDIT : Embed Reporter Michael Emery of The Voice of Idaho (

This is the very first time in U.S. History that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has ever been confronted by heavily armed members of the Patriot community. The leadership team of the Pacific Patriot Network rolled up on the FBI compound with approximately 20 vehicles and entered into firm, but diplomatic dialogue with FBI agents.

Again, to emphasize the significance of this historic event; the Constitutional Crisis at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is being peacefully resolved with direct intervention by the PPN.

More updates, analysis and coverage will follow this important report. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH MEMBERS OF THE ENTIRE PATRIOT COMMUNITY…..especially Stewart Rhodes and other nay-sayer fake-triots who lack the capacity to lead our republic to a Constitutional Restoration.

To all those who only participate in Patriot events they can win — in advance — you are witnessing the courage & leadership.


Live From Burns Oregon – #aslongasittakesoregon

Streamed live on Jan 7, 2016

Pete Santilli brings live coverage from Burns Oregon and the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Oregon Militia Press Conference

Published on Jan 4, 2016

Oregon Militia Leader Says Government Is “Putting People Into Poverty” An armed militia group in Oregon took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon on Saturday as part of a demonstration against the U.S. government.

The occupation was also in protest of the prison sentences handed down to local ranchers Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steve, who were convicted of arson after they burned 139 acres of federal land in 2001. The Hammonds were due to surrender to the U.S.

Bureau of Prisons on Monday. Ammon Bundy, a Nevada rancher, is acting as one of the militia’s leaders. He is the son of Cliven Bundy, who has a history of clashing with the federal government over land grazing rights.

The FBI took over as the lead agency for the ongoing standoff on Sunday. They said in a statement that they would be working with local law enforcement to “bring a peaceful resolution to the situation at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.”

Hammond Ranch Update: Open Letter To Sheriff David Ward & All Sheriffs In The United States

Published on Dec 1, 2015

Listen to the full show here: Episode #1114 – FBI & Media Relentlessly Terrorizing United States Marine

Bundy Family Calls Upon American People To Back Up Oregon Sheriff In Defending Ranchers

Published on Nov 23, 2015

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