Bruce Jenner is responsible for deadly car crash

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Below you will see sequential photos and screen captures from the videos of the accident and my explanations showing why Bruce Jenner’s suspicious driving is responsible for sending the deceased woman’s car into on coming traffic.

Also consider that the first rear impact would of set off the airbags making it impossible for the car to be controlled or steered and also consider that the white car now had no airbags for the front end collision which is probably why the impact killed her.

The photos and videos below will show that Bruce was half way into the right side of his lane when he struck the first car and then immediately turned back into the center of his lane and hit the second car in the dead center.

The photos of the damage to the white car’s rear clearly shows that Jenner’s left front corner hit the white car’s center of trunk area proving Jenner was driving to the right when he hit the white car.

Looking at the photos you can see that Jenner was not driving safely with only one hand on steering wheel while his fingers were sticking out of the window with his hand resting on inside of window ledge while holding what appears to be a marijuana joint…

That and his windows being open was probably to keep the smoke odour out of his vehicle.

Video from public transit bus shows that the white car was facing straight forward and was fully in the center of the lane and was not veering left until it was struck by Jenners car..

Jenner is a professional race car driver as you can see his toy he was towing so only his inattention to his driving could of caused this accident.. or was it intentional since the deceased woman was the Kardashian’s neighbour..

Observe the location of the suv to the right of Jenner in photo 4 then observe it in the video from the bus. You will see that Jenner must of gunned his engine to move up that fast.. It sure looks like deliberate manslaughter..road rage..

Also look at the power pole in picture 5 and 7 so you can better understand the location of the collision.

The Police should have taken a blood sample at seen of accident to determine if he was under the influence of drugs..

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Bruce Jenner Fatal Crash: First Bus Surveillance Video

in this video you can see that the cars were not stopped nor wore they slowing down. You can see Jener’s vehicle actually accelerate and veer right as he hit the looks deliberate if you ask me..


Samuel Rivera  That’s not what happened he hit the Lexus way before it hit anything else. See the real video shit heads

Well…this is all proved wrong by the released video. Bruce Jenner who I will call Jackass………was driving along going as he said 46 mph. Trouble is everyone was driving about 35 mph. Jackass who  is not paying attention slams full speed into the Lexus the Lexus then  goies into the other laneinto the Hummer killing her.
Jackass then is going so fast he the slams into the Prius as well. That was the one and only time the Prius gets hit and thats by Jackass who is driving his SUV pulling a trailer with a quad in the back  plus obviously not paying any attention.

How or why hasn’t Jackass been charged with anything is beyond me.

+CanaBruin Jackass then goes on TV after the killing talks about how happy he is with himself after his change bla bla bla. If I had killed a person just a few months prior I would not be able to do that. But I guess in Jackass world the only one that matters is Jackass.


Published on Jul 9, 2015

TMZ has obtained the full video of Bruce Jenner’s fatal accident on PCH … and it shows just how brutal and violent it was. Click ‘SHOW MORE’ below for related content…

Bruce Jenner — Victim’s Stepkids Don’t Deserve Squat In Wrongful Death Suit
Bruce Jenner — I’m Putting On the Brakes for My Sex Change Docuseries … For Now

EXCLUSIVE: See First Footage of Caitlyn Jenner’s Car Crash

Published on Jul 9, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner is facing two lawsuits over a February car crash involving Jenner — and ET has the exclusive, never-before-seen footage of the crash itself.

Bruce Jenner – Accident Reconstruction and Animation

this animation shows the Bruce drifted to the right and then ran into both cars..

Published on Feb 17, 2015

Cops Obtain Critical Video of Fatal Crash Involving Bruce Jenner

Published on Feb 11, 2015

The police have obtained a critical video of the fatal car crash involving Bruce Jenner and it could become a crucial piece of evidence for law enforcement investigating the accident.

Bruce Jenner — Car Crash Photos Could Create Problems for Jenner

Published on Feb 12, 2015

The photographs taken immediately before and during the Bruce Jenner accident have triggered a new theory … that the Lexus may not have hit the Prius in front of her, and that he may have struck both cars.

Bruce Jenner fatal crash: Woman who died reported to be NEIGHBOUR of Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian

Published on Feb 8, 2015

Bruce Jenner fatal crash: Woman who died reported to be NEIGHBOUR of Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.
The woman who tragically lost her life in the fatal car crash involving Bruce Jenner, is reported to be a neighbour of Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, according to MailOnline.
It’s believed the widow lives in the same LA gated community as two of Bruce’s step-daughters, where Rob Kardashian is also currently living with Khloe.
Former Olympian Bruce managed to walk away unscathed from the four-car pile up on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on Saturday afternoon.
Shortly after the incident the 65-year-old was spotted looking shaken at the crash scene, alongside his written-off car.
He was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu in his Cadillac Escalade when the accident happened at lunchtime on Saturday.
According to Sheriff officials the pile up occurred when a Prius stopped in the northbound lanes on the PCH – which is known for being incredibly busy.
It’s believed the Prius was then hit by a white Lexus, which the victim was believed to be driving.
That in turn was hit by the car Bruce was driving.
LA County Sheriff’s department officials confirmed there had been an accident near the exit to the Corral Canyon parkat 12.12pm.
The incident left seven individuals injured including five children.
Bruce is believed to have reported that he was being chased by paparazzi leading up the crash.
These claims have been refuted by Sergeant Philip Brooks who is reported as saying: “That wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s always possible. We can’t confirm that.”
Bruce underwent a sobriety test at the side of the road, which he passed, and he also agreed to visit a hospital to provide a blood sample.
The sergeant confirmed he is not under investigation: “He is not under and investigation right now as far as driving while intoxicated.”
Eyewitness Nando Esquivias tweeted a picture of the scene with the caption: “Bruce Jenner in bad accident on PCH in Malibu. He’s alright, but others involved not so much.”
Not long after the incident Bruce’s son Brody rushed to be by his side and was seen alongside his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter.
Jenner is currently undergoing gender realignment treatment.

Bruce Jenner takes sobriety test at the roadside

Published on Feb 8, 2015

Bruce Jenner was spotted taking a roadside sobriety test just moments after he was involved in a four-car horror crash which left one person dead and seven others injured.
Jenner, 65, smashed his Cadillac Escalade into the back of the victim’s white Lexus, which was then pushed into the path of a Hummer, leaving the vehicle a crumpled wreck and the sole occupant dead.
The Olympic gold medalist and Kardashian family patriarch, who escaped the crash unscathed, took a roadside sobriety test in front of officers in the wake of the horrific collision, which he passed, while his son Brody rushed to comfort him at the scene.
The victim, although not yet formally identified by police, has been named locally as 69-year-old Kim Howe, who is believed to be a neighbor of the Kardashians.
It is believed Ms Howe, a widow, lives in the same Calabasas hideaway as Kourtney, Robert and Khloe Kardashian, which is guarded by security at the road entrance.
Five children – and two adults – were also hospitalized in the fatal smash which occurred just after midday on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, Los Angeles.
Investigators are now trying to determine the cause and circumstances surrounding the crash and plan to look at the cellphone records of all four drivers and check for any video evidence, Sheriff Commander Michael Parker said.

Hummer in Crash Involving Bruce Jenner Carried Woman, 73, Whose Spine Was Fractured

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