Hundreds Of Miles Of Razor Wire On Convoy Trucks – Will It Be Used To Divide Colorado For Reconquista Or FEMA Camps For Those Who Rebel Against What’s Coming?

Stefan Stanford

The United States Veterans noticed it 1st, several of them pointing out the hundreds and hundreds of miles of Concertina razor wire seen in the 2nd image above and 2nd, outstanding video below from the Fugazi Report, at the 4:03 mark showing a military convoy for “Raider Focus” in Colorado in the now viral video also featuring Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks.

“Let me get this straight….they’re going to lay down THAT MUCH Concertina razor wire ‘just practicing’ to detain people..Yeah, sure..” one commenter says as the convoy heads towards Pinon Canyon, Colorado. The 1st video below has outstanding exclusive footage of Raider Focus in Colorado from Alex Ansary, a full bore 10 1/2 minute video in which Alex shows us what’s REALLY happening in the Pinon Canyon, Colorado area.

Hundreds Of Miles Of Razor Wire On Convoy Trucks - Will It Be Used To Divide Colorado For Reconquista Or FEMA Camps For Those Who Rebel Against What's Coming

BREAKING ON ANP! Another Florida Wal Mart Mysteriously Closes Tied To China’s Secret Wal Mart Bunker Data Centers – Secret Translation: Jade Helm Means ‘God’s Hand’

For many years, ranchers in the Pinon Canyon, Colorado area, home of the Raider Focus war games, have had a deep distrust of the US Military and the federal government as they’ve gobbled up more and more of their land, and broken promises, for over 25 years.The US Military is well aware of that distrust as seen in this linked story seen in the 2nd screenshot below. Think of Pinon Canyon as Bundy Ranch on steroids; for a quarter of a century.

For those in the Reconquista movement, the lands the Feds are gobbling up are their lands, and legally part of Mexico, and they want them back. For many in the left wing in Washington DC, that’s exactly what they plan on doing, they want to help the Reconquista’s get the lands back. Barack Obama even took a step into ‘Reconquista 101′ when he stated, albeit somewhat factually correctly, “they didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them.” However, he did so in a way of putting himself and his feelings into direct conflict with the country he is the sitting president of.



The SQAlert republished in full below pictures below came from an awakened American who noticed something very strange going on in Colorado; a report of fences being built somewhere between Green River, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado. In the 1st image at the top of story, you can see a map of what America under a ‘reconquested’ southwest would look like; Colorado would be split in half, and coincidentally, or not, close to the same line that we fences are reported to be being built. Pinon Canyon is only 200+ miles away.

The federal government and US Military are clearly preparing for something huge in this country with a coming financial collapse now clear; are the hundreds and hundreds of miles of Concertina razor wire going to be used to finally set up a border between Mexico and America, while dividing Colorado and part of America in half as hoped by the Aztlan movement in their bid to retake America or will it be used to help keep Americans ‘in camps’ who don’t go along with ‘the program’?

According to one US Veteran, Concertina razor wire is used to create barriers; roadblocks, obstacles, checkpoints and defensive ops. It’s not specifically designed to slice people but to grab clothing in case someone attempts to breach the wire. They’ve got an awful lot of it now down in Colorado and Pinon Canyon, where the residents have no trust nor love for the government anyways, and now they may be seeing this.

Lot’s of it. Why? Much more below including the SQAlert reporting chopper activity in Utah, FEMA in the area and fences going up with many more pictures of a Colorado military convoy and what part of America THE Aztlan hope to take back, possibly via civil war, in which Russia may arm them against America .


I have unconfirmed reports second hand coming out of Price Utah, of MRAPS with FEMA insignia, Humvee’s and more moving into the area and a rumor of a desert camp somewhere between Green River Utah and Grand Junction Colorado with fences.


Sighting report for Roosevelt, Vernal Utah area. I’ve contacted you before concerning Skin Walker Ranch so I hope you remember who I am. Things are ratcheting up Hawk and Steve. It’s now a daily occurrence. Started slowly in Feb. 2015. Chinook over flight of oil and gas fields south of Vernal and Roosevelt, from east to west, midday.

I was standing on a 20′ production tank and they went over my head about 15′.
Five F-16’s couple weeks later low and slow over oil and gas patch south of Vernal and Roosevelt, west to east. So low in fact I could see the pilot looking at me. So many high altitude over flights I have lost track but many fast mover over flights between Feb. and May, B1’s and B52’s included.

Beginning of May, five Apache’s in formation over flight of Duchesne, Roosevelt and Vernal from camp Douglas traveling west to east and then back. Was coaching my sons tee ball game and they flew right over the top of us. Everything stopped.

Most were at awe and thought it was cool and were completely oblivious. There is really good film of this one and should be searchable online.They made three circles around Vernal and went back toward Wasatch Front on almost the same flight path.

This made such a stir it made the news reported it and people on social media were ecstatic. A representative of one of the armed forces; I forget which branch responded with, “We are practicing on flying in formation”. The sheep went back to sleep.

I have unconfirmed reports second hand coming out of Price Utah, of MRAPS with FEMA insignia, Humvee’s and more moving into the area and a rumor of a desert camp somewhere between Green River Utah and Grand Junction Colorado with fences.

Another rumor of a camp somewhere above Flaming Gorge near Wyoming Utah border. This one I know personally that FEMA is doing work in the area because I received a notification for bid request through a government contractors group.

I didn’t connect the dots at the time but the request came through end of last year sometime. Both are in proximity to freeways and railroads.

Yesterday and Today more apaches over Vernal and Roosevelt as well as chinooks and this time I got those on film.

There is also a civilian helicopter circling Roosevelt for the last six nights. It shows up at around 9:30 pm and circles the town for about two hours flashing red lights almost like a police car.

I think it is a Sheriff or law enforcement chopper but a friend inquired with the local law enforcement and they said they don’t know who it is. They come after dark so they can’t be identified.

I’m forgetting a few more second hand reports but much Apache activity over oil and gas patches south of Vernal and Roosevelt and North of Price where the Jade Helm map shows ODGx2. I hope this is useful to you and that it can benefit somehow. It’s getting Real and my heart is heavy that we have come to it at last. The deep breath before the plunge. God bless you.

Exclusive Footage of Raider Focus 2015 in Trinidad, Colorado

Published on May 27, 2015

Raider Focus is a war game drill featuring a massive deployment of 4,000 troops and hundreds of armored vehicles. The drill is scheduled to take place between May 26th and May 30th – The convey isn’t traveling together but rather is been broken up into different “units” of 15-30 vehicles as seen in this video.

Recorded by Alex Ansary May 27th, 2015 at 8:30 AM @ the El Moro rest area just outside of Trinidad, Colorado, USA.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Colorado Troops Begin Raider Focus Moving Towards Trinidad

Published on May 29, 2015

From the and the Fugazi News Network: Military troops in Colorado begin war games known as Raider Focus.

They will be moving over 4,000 troops along with equipment and vehicles to this simulated war training. This coincides with the Russian troops training and is a month and a half before the scheduled Jade Helm exercises which are to be conducted in various cities across the United States.

While it may not at first look to you like there’s a lot of razor wire on the truck, consider this as shown in the next 2 images below, as one group leaves the rest area, another one enters. This starts in the morning and continues thoughout the day every 30 minutes. How many more trucks like the one seen in the video above are carrying even MORE Concertina razor wire? How many more miles? Many more images below.






At Pinon Canyon, they even have a full replica of an Iraqi town as seen in the next image below.


It has long been a dream of the far left wing to give much of ‘America’ back to Mexico. It has been documented in the maps below and presentations seen below.



Is this about ‘civil war’? Russia recently stated they’d arm Mexico to help them retake what they consider ‘their’ land.


The population density of Hispanics in the Aztlan area is very high compared to the rest of the country.


Jade Helm *ALERT* Defense Contractors, WEAPONS SYSTEMS in Vegas, NEVADA

Published on May 27, 2015

Jade Helm Update: WEAPONS SYSTEMS & Defense Contractors & Military Supplies Depots in Las Vegas, NEVADA areas. FIDELITY TECHNOLOGIES has MARKED CONTAINERS/CRATES in the Las Vegas Storage areas. Fidelity, as per its site, has over 30 GLOBAL FIELD OFFICES
WORLDWIDE Presence ! Office address of Abu Dhabi, UAE for their Middle east presence is also given.
– Military HUMV’s and Defense Supplies already in NEVADA, one of the 9 Jade Helm states for Unconventional Military Exercises.
– JH exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. It takes palce July 15 – Sept 15, 2015. Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana have now been
added to the list, bringing the total number of states participating to 9.

Heinous Image Of FEMA ‘Hanging Training’ Emerges From Texas – Humanity On The Brink – ‘Something Very Evil Is Coming’

Stefan Stanford

For the last few hours we’ve been looking over the photograph sent to All News Pipeline above (and again at the bottom of the story much bigger) to determine if it is real or if it has been photoshopped. If real, the American people deserve to know what’s going on in it, whether innocently some sort of training drill to rescue people from flood waters in Texas or some sort of bizarre torture ritual that goes back hundreds of years that our govt leaders are preparing to unleash upon the masses once again.

Something Very Evil Is Coming

Reddit conspiracy is looking at the image originally published by Freedomslips, too, trying to figure out if what we are seeing is something monstrously heinous or simply preparing to save lives; prep for ‘public hanging and humiliation’ or water rescue 101? What are the blue buckets with side outlets for that are seen at each ‘hanging station’?

The ties this photo has to a period of time we all thought had long past are alarming as shared in more detail below.

FEMA is quite fond of using RV’s as mobile command centers as shown in the pictures directly below. They also seem to like big sweeping swirl designs on their buses and the lettering looks legitimate on the picture above as well when compared to these other FEMA RV mobile command centers.


Sadly, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has such a horrid reputation that in 2015 America with Jade Helm unfolding across the country, the sinister viewpoint taken by Americans on this picture will quite likely rule out over the ‘water rescue training’ viewpoint, and for good reason some might argue considering the history going back to medieval times of such  contraptions. From a source who is a retired US Navy SEAL.:

“At a much closer look, it’s three different types of hanging methods. One that cuts off circulation of the legs, one that cuts of circulation to the diaphragm and one that is a simple neck hanging. This is tutorial for the different hanging methods! This is a training session!!!!!!!! I would say it’s a joke set up by some bored FEMA guys, but the time it would take to set up all the ropes involved, seems too much work for that.”

We’re asked to noticed the shape of the hanging device being used, almost that of the pyramid, and the illuminati connections to the pyramid shape. We know through history such a triangular shape has been used to torture and put people on display for public humiliation. The image seen below left is from the Steve McQueen movie ‘Sand Pebbles’ from 1966. Below center is torture used by the Germans in Auschwitz; notice the clogs the prisoners are wearing are identical to the clog being impaled by the Jade Helm swords in the JH15 logo. Picture below right shows a ‘torture triangle’ from Port Arthur, a penal colony from Australian history.

“The late great actor, Larry Gates who played the missionary in the Sand Pebbles hamming it up for me at the ‘torture tripod’ used in the scene where Jake shoots Po-han during the torture scene.” Steve McQueen

A survivor after the end of the war drew this depiction of a torture technique that was used in Auschwitz. Take note that the prisoners are wearing their wooden clogs, and a dog is biting the leg of a prisoner. The purpose of the bucket remains undetermined. (Strange that buckets are also in the FEMA image or just a coincidence? What about the JH-style clogs?)

We’re also learning about more and more preparation being undertaken by both the US Army as well as National Guard unit’s across the country for ‘Internment and Resettlement specialists’ as this ad from shares as well as this linked story from DVIDS, the Defense Video and Imagery Distribution Center, which is reporting upon the New York National Guard training to intern detainees at Fort Drum as seen in images below GoArmy job ad.

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