NSA is dismantling its Patriot Act program

Holmes from FFTF

Oh snap! It just happened again.

DC people keep telling us that our goal is impossible. Stopping SOPA. Winning net neutrality. It’s always, “Well that’s never going to happen, so what’s your compromise?”

On fighting the NSA, this time last week, even we started to think it was impossible. The Senate was set to ignore the Snowden revelations, reauthorize  the PATRIOT Act, or pass a compromise called “USA Freedom” that makes things even worse.

Then, out of the blue, we won an unheard of victory against Obama’s NSA. Now we just have to make it stick.

If you’ve ever thought NSA surveillance went too far and wanted to do something about it, we really need you to do this now, or share it with others who can.

This is what happened. Last week, NSA-loving Senate leaders failed to renew the PATRIOT Act in time to keep NSA programs operational. The Guardian is reporting that on June 1st, for the first time in nearly 14 years, people in the US will be able to make calls *without* getting tracked by their government.

If you’re an American who turned 18 after October 2001, you will have more privacy next week than at any point in your adult life. 

To the DC establishment, this win was unthinkable. Now, we need to make it stick.

Click here to drop-in unannounced at your Senators’ offices with a copy of the Constitution in hand. If we show our conviction, courage is contagious.

The drama last weekend was unbelievable. Mitch McConnell tried to use the June 1st deadline to strong-arm his colleagues. But an epic 13-hour filibuster by Rand Paul kept the Senate in session until early Saturday morning… and they didn’t vote to renew! With the holiday approaching and his plan crumbling, McConnell moved debate to this coming Sunday at 4pm, just 8 hours before the deadline.

A single Senator has a lot of power to block bills, so Rand Paul’s (actually pretty badass) opposition to the PATRIOT Act has been crucial. To win, we need to make sure Paul has as much encouragement and as many allies as possible on the Senate floor this Sunday.

Bottom line: we have until this Sunday night to change some Senators’ minds, and give them the courage to do what’s right.If we succeed, our impossible victory becomes much harder to roll back.

The memorial day recess means Senators are home right now. That means we can *own* their time and attention as never before. Click here to print out the US Constitution and the address of their office.

Victory is so close you can almost smell it.

On 4pm Sunday May 31st, just hours before the deadline, the Senate will have a special session where the goal is to push these measures through no matter what. We have to change their minds, and a “drop-in” is one of the most powerful weapons we have.

Spontaneously “dropping-in” (just showing up) at a Senate office is one of the most effective ways to show Congress the strength of your conviction and hold them to account. And when Senators are home from DC (e.g. this week!) it works even better. If the office is far or you can’t leave home, a mailed handwritten letter can be just as powerful.

Can you do it? Click here to print out a copy of the 4th Amendment and the reasons why they should let the PATRIOT Act expire, and then make sure they get the message by mailing it or dropping it off in person.

I’m not sure we’ve ever asked every Fight for the Future member to do this before. But these are really exciting times. Hot tip: never let *anyone* tell you something is impossible, if you can see a path to making it happen.

Thanks for being awesome,

– Holmes, Tiff, Susan, Jeff, Evan, Vasjen, Charlie and the whole Fight for the Future team.

P.S. Mega-popular DJ Bassnectar is holding a contest for VIP tickets to the sold out Electric Forest music festival to support ending mass surveillance! You get an exclusive package and a chance to hang out with him! Click here and take action to win!


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