How to get rid of Trolls on Youtube


Uploaded on Nov 5, 2014

This text below is a shorter version of the message in this video.

Here is how to get rid of trolls.
The person that posted the video needs to go to the trolls channel.
Click on the ‘about’ tab.
There you will find ‘Block User’
That prevents the trolls from seeing your videos and can not comment..
But this has a limited effect since the trolls well create new accounts.
But Youtube figures it out fairly quickly and then demands the troll to provide a real name with proof.. and then Youtube can also block their IP..If everyone that gets trolled did this, we Truthers would solve the troll problem.By the way this works from any commenter who get trolls responding..
You can also go to the trolls channel and block them, then the troll can not respond to your comments..It works great… Trolls beware.. we are stopping you..


Ron TheFlash Smith

Great message FP! My wife, MerAngel1212 says “Thank You Thank You Thank You from the bottom of my heart”

I say “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”Namaste’
FEMA camp ColinI agrees the trolls are knumbnuts!! The FEMA camps are real!!
Alex saved my life
i got trolls picking on me Daniel , will this video work on how to get rid of them ?
Try it..USA Liberty Boy
What is a troll ? Why would you want to get rid of people ?

Trolls are professional subversives that under mind freedom and truth on any blog, forum or video that has information that the NWO does not want the people to know and learn about. Trolls try to destroy all productive intelligent comment treads..


Thank you for putting this video out and spreading the word about these bastards. Planet X/Nibiru videos get the most trolls out of all of YouTube! I asked this one POS named d5uncer, why do you constantly come here? I never got a straight answer ever. By the way, when I make a video I never did enable comments or likes or dislikes, as I figured out long ago they were useless. Even the counter of how many views is bogus. The main thing to me, is that the video is one and people get to see it. God Bless!
Yes they are Colin, I think we are going to see one day a repeat of Nazi Germany with the Jews, only this time it will include the Christians and anyone who is not Muslim. Research “The Mark Of Allah and the mark of the beast connection”


Reply toTheDestroyerStar.. Youtube is not permitting replies to your comments…there is no ‘REPLY” thingy under your comment so I will comment here.. You are very correct about your comment..Have you seen this Nibiru Video? The Nibiru Sunset Multiple Suns 3D HD slideshow…

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