Canada is not a gun culture

by Daniel J Towsey

(Please be sure to read my responses to commentaries below)

Do not miss this article;

Canada has never been a gun culture and never well be.

But maybe it now needs to be.

Because the creation of Canada was built on solid virtues.

Built on Solid Values.

Canada will be Solid to the end.

Only if you know how Canada was built.

Only if you share our history with the young people.

1967 was a very special celebration of the hundredth anniversary

 of the creation of The Confederation of Canada.

One Dollar Bill 1967 Canadian Centennial(reduced)

Expo67 in Montreal was a very special event highlighting the human spirit of beauty and creativity.

Expo67 had no corporate sponsorship.

There were no corporations in Canada in 1967.

Expo67 was an event to celebrate the Goodness, ingenuity and creativity of Common people.

A time when we all had something in Common.

There has never been another World Exposition since the one in Montreal.

expo 67 license plate

Canada was not born in 1867.

It was born closer to the year 1767.

Halifax came into existence around 1662.

The Commonwealth of Canada was born at the same place that the Halifax Commons exists.

Common Law.

Common Sense.

Common Good.

Common Wealth.

A time when we all had something in Common.

The Oldest Representative Parliament was then built in the City of Halifax

on the Mik’maq native lands known as Nova Scotia.

Then the expansion of humanity moved onto the native lands known as Canada.

Quebec City in the Province of Quebec existed fifty years before the City of Halifax was created.

Other Cities grew across the lands of Canada.

Charlottetown, St. Johns, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Victoria and many more.

Then the Provinces came to be Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island,

Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Then the idea of Common Law grew across the lands

and an agreement was reached with all the provinces to create a unity of Common Law,

a Commonwealth for the Common good.

Then The House of Commons was built over looking the Ottawa river.

A house that all Common peoples were freely welcome to enter.

This house then became known as The Parliament of Canada.

Where we the Common people of Canada elected Common people to create our law of the land.

The only law in Canada is Common Law.

Law built on Common sense.

A time when all the people had something in common.

Common sense is built of pure truth.

A time when people understood and valued truth.

An honorable time.

A time when the Common people honored truthful common people.

So we elected these honorable people and called them members of Parliament.

Common people who were given the duty of ministering the peoples common laws.

So then we called them Ministers.

The honorable duties were to care for the common good of our house and native land.

Their duties were to keep order in our House of Commons.

Which is why they are named Honorable Ministers.

Some people were led to believe that the Queen of England created the Common Wealth of Canada.

That is and has never been true.

Canada was created by and for the Common people.

Long ago just like long ago here in Canada,

England also had honorable people in the British Parliament.

Unfortunately England’s Parliament is now controlled by the European Union

that was created by Corporate Banksters.

The England of long ago in a time when the Common Law City of Halifax

was created no longer exists under common sense.

We have lost everything that we once held in Common.

There are no longer any honorable people in our house.

The corporate criminals have stolen our house and native lands.

They did that when in 1969 the corporate criminals started using computers

to tally and control our vote counting results.

Yes they did.

Please read my ‘Corrupt Canadian Elections (Vote Fixing)” article,

to better understand that when the eyewitnesses that hand counted the votes in the ballot boxes

departed the polling stations and took their eyes of the ballot boxes.

They did so without being given any documentation that they could use to later

verify that the votes were properly represented.

So that means that the votes meant nothing the second they took their eyes off the ballot boxes

and departed from the polling stations.

That is how ever since we have never again elected an

honorable minister.

The proof is this.

Here is what Crime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau did to destroy and steal our Common Wealth.

He shut down the function of the Bank of Canada.

The common peoples bank that we used to build Canada with.

A Bank that created money (inflation) when we needed it to build our public infrastructure.

This money was tax free and interest free.

When Trudeau got fraudulently elected there was not one City, Provincial

or other government institution in Canada that had any debt.

The Government of Canada had a $125,000,000 million dollar surplus on the books.

We the common people then owned all our public utilities and we owned our country.

Until the corporate criminals stole everything.

Here is how Trudeau made this possible.

In 1975 when Trudeau shut down the function of the

Bank of Canada.

Then after this corporate government of Canada no longer held people accountable to the commonwealth.

Then after all corporate banksters then were able to now freely create unlimited digital money on a computer screen.

They then used this fake money to buy off everyone and buy up everything that we once had in common.

Common sense bit by bit started disappearing.

The less common sense a person has, the stranger they get.

Now we have a world of strangers.

A world where the people find truthful honorable people to be very strange.

That is what happens when you give up truth for greed.

So today most of our society is now inhabited by insane people,

who do insane things to this country and planet all for profit.

Truth is absolute and the further you go from truth

the sooner you arrive at the opposite absolute.

That being insanity

No society based on lies and deceptions will survive.

Unfortunately that society with unlimited corporate money is also destroying this planet we call Earth.

Canada is not a culture that was built on guns.

Guns that were used to kill, destroy and steal.

Instead the corporate criminals used the power of fake money to conquer and destroy our Common Sense society.

They even made us believe that Corporation have property rights.

There are no property rights under common law.

There is only deeds to a staked claim..

Deeds do not give any property rights.

Because this country is a common wealth and all land is held under common law for the common good.

All this brainwashing, where truth was removed from the peoples minds through daily programing

and social engineering in the public schools.

Please read my related article entitled.

“The one dimensional mind of today”

Until today where everyone is now an unreal fictitious being.

See what unlimited out of control spending and creation of fake money has done.

It has destroyed common sense.

The House of Commons today October 22 2014 was invaded

by those fictitious beings that are now named ‘Crisis Actors”

The fictitious gun culture has moved into The House of Commons.

Today The House of Commons also lives by that digital device.

There is now a real life digital programing device in every living room.

The living room of The House of Commons has now been invaded

with shoot ups acted in real time by “Crisis Actors”

The Corporate Gun culture has completely invaded and removed all truth and reality from Canada.

They now use the gun culture to take over and destroy our once free and sane country.

They use crisis actors to make us believe that they need to give CSIS more power.

The power to spy on Truthers and arrest them to indefinitely imprison them or even shoot them.

The criminals in The House of Commons are very afraid.

They are afraid of the world wide awakening happening on the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Truth Revolution is the only thing that will save this planet.

So the Gun culture thinks they can just shoot to kill truth.

Truth can never be killed if you have and share common sense.

It is time for you to have some sense and spread those seeds of truth.

It is time to clean our house of all the pests.

We need to take corporations out of our society and go back to Companies based on Common Sense.

In 1969 we got into a 69 position and got screwed from both ends.

One end was because we buried our heads in the ground while

being screwed with the crap cuming out of their corporate mouths.

Readers Comments


I beg to to differ with you.
This country is definitely a gun culture.
The pioneers had to use guns to survive the brave new world.
The British were at war with the French.
Then we had the war of 1812.
And 2 world wars plus Canadians were involved in the America civil war and many other world conflicts.
That’s some of our history.
Plus Canadians love our rifles and hand guns,.
We hunt we target shoot and many other gun sports.
So I can’t agree with youbvon this one.


War is not is terrorism….
The Common Canadian people have never condoned or agreed with war..
The Imperialist state are the ones that created war…
Common people is what I speak of.
Canada was built by peaceful Common people.
We the common people built a society of justice, peace love and truth…
It is the the greedy criminals that have undermined our Common law country..
Please understand the difference between Cultured Common people and the uncultured insane criminals…
Yes there is much history about guns and killing..
But the Common people of Canada never approved of it,
nor did the common people create a culture based on a structure achieved at the end of a gun barrel…

We the Common people did not war monger to go out and kill,
steal and destroy other cultures to make our culture more prosperous…
that has always been the efforts of the greedy…
So The Common Wealth of Canada was never strutured to be uncultured.

Try to understand what the past generations of Common Sense people created…

They created a country based of love truth and justice for all Common people..

marc danarc

Canada has always been a gun culture.
This was brought about by settlers needing tools for self defense.
Firearms are an important part of our culture and history.
So-called “progressives” in our society have taken to misinformation in order to demonize guns and those who use them.
The reason for this is simple, the totalitarian socialist society that “progressives”
so desperately desire will require a disarmed population.


Guns do not and have never created culture.
Guns create the very opposite.
Guns are part of our history but not part of Common law culture.
Culture is created very much in the absence of guns and weapons.
When a society becomes peaceful and cultured is when it ceases to use weapons of death and destruction.
That is what our ancestors did when they created the Common Wealth of Canada.
They created a peaceful society of Common Law Justice that did not require the use of guns and weapons.

I understand the fear some have that a disarmed society well lead to totalitarianism..

Totalitarianism exists because the people live by fear and follow orders of the pyramid scheme of the Illuminati.

If people used common sense and common law..there would be no totalitarianism.

So please understand that Common Law Society is the only answer.

A society of Common law, is a society that achieves peace without the use of guns..

Guns and weapons are very much the problem that is destroying Common Sense.

For Guns and weapons are the only things that destroy a peaceful cultured Common law society.

Guns well never protect you from the insanity of corporatism that is now destroying this planet.

Spreading truth, which is, or was once Common sense is the only solution.

Remember that Truth and Love are one and the same. One does not exist without the other.

So it is time to love truth and not guns and weapons.

Only fear makes one think they needs guns.

The problem is you fear everything and in particular, you fear pure truth.

It is time to love the natural world and use common sense to save our planet from the gun loving insanity…

Common Law is based on peace and love…and not from the end of a barrel..

If the totalitarian state ever achieves a complete take over of society.
Guns and weapons well be the very reason that it did.

Guns well never protect you from it.

Only the spreading of truth is going to prevent totalitarianism and oppression.

Truth is the only thing that empowers the individual.



Published on Feb 27, 2014

Whether you advocate gun control or not theft of private property is wrong…

Today the Canadian Government Banned Swiss Arms Rifles and Carbines – Made them Prohibited Classification. These are mechanically Semi-Auto ONLY. Who will be impacted next? You? Me? What will they be targeting for prohibition next and why?

This witch hunt has to end and the letter writing campaign has to begin. Call, write and meet your local MP and educate them.

To Find your Member of Parliament

My Letter to the PM, My riding MP and the Minister of Public Safety. Feel free to use my letter and change as you see suitable.
February 27th 2014

Re: Reclassification of the Swiss Arms Rifles under the Firearms Act

It has come to my attention that there are multiple firearms reviews and potential reclassifications currently underway by the firearms lab.

The Firearms Act is allowing the persecution of law abiding Canadians and theft of their property. Canadians require that the Firearms Act be amended so that the legislation does not punish law abiding Canadians.

The Firearms Forensics Lab has reclassified the Swiss Arms series of firearms from non-restricted (rifles) and restricted (carbines) to PROHIBITED under the Firearms Act, a Federal Act that the Conservative Government promised to amend but hasn’t. This reclassification has turned thousands of law-abiding owners of these rifles into criminals as of February 27th 2014 and will conceivably cost the public treasury a Eight Million dollars ($8,000,000) in avoidable buy backs, public awareness education, front line Policing, confiscation implementation and destruction of this property.

This Government is allowing this reclassification to occur by not amending the broken Firearms Act into sensible legislation that makes sense.

FIRST: Removal of the Firearms Act from the Criminal Code is necessary, along with the removal of mandatory minimum sentencing for licensed firearms owners.

SECOND: The terms “variant” and “converted automatic” could conceivably be applied to any semi-auto only firearm and these terms must either be clearly & lawfully defined or they must be removed entirely from the Firearms Act.

It is illegal to convert a semi-auto rifle to fully automatic and it is the act of converting or being in possession of a fully automatic rifle that should be criminally punished NOT because the rifle has the capacity to be converted.

The Government of Canada is allowing the RCMP Firearms Lab to interpret poorly written and subsequently unjust legislation. By not amending the Firearms Act into sensible legislation the Government of Canada is, by default, allowing the continued criminalization and prosecution of law abiding Canadians and is sponsoring the theft of property.

I respectfully request that you work towards re-drafting the Firearms Act prior to the next election. I request the amendment remove the Firearms Act from the Criminal Code and balanced so as not to punish the law abiding firearms owner with prison or confiscation of their property.

With the redrafting of the Firearms Act I request that you remove the Firearms Lab from the control of the RCMP and place control to an impartial Civilian lab with built in checks and balances, secondary Civilian legislative interpretation oversight with the authority to over-ride decisions made by the Firearms Lab and investigative personnel.

Finally I request that you first take immediate action to ensure current lawful owners of the rifles that have been reclassified get to:
1. Keep their property and use it as they have lawfully done for the past twelve years
2. Live without fear of confiscation of their property;
3. Live without fear of the Government pressing criminal charges
4. Permission to sell firearms to other licensed firearms owners and pass it on to their heirs.

This can be implemented by introducing an Order In Council that the removes semi-auto only variants of prohibited rifles (such as the SG-550 rifle and SG-551 carbine) from the prohibited firearms list. This would show that you are support lawful Farmers, Hunters, and Sport Shooters and plan to move forward with sensible Firearms Act reform in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration into this matter. I assure you that should you act on these matters you will consolidate your Party’s voting base of One Million Seven Hundred Thousand (1 700 000) licensed Firearms owners and assure their voting support well into the future.

“It will be found an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it.” George Washington

Respectfully yours,


RCMP Police Ransack Homes Brutally – Massive Coverup Exposed – High River Gun Grab

Published on Feb 24, 2014

RCMP Police Kick In Thousands of Doors, Who the hell do the RCMP Police think they are? RCMP Police on War Path for Guns – High River Gun Grab
Kudos to Sun News and Lorne Gunter for the documentary Broken Trust: Gun Grab at High River.

It is refreshing to see investigative journalism that refuses to kowtow to left-wing ambition.

The documentary demonstrates chapter and verse that RCMP officers made some very bad decisions during the High River flood in late June. The source behind the orders that violated citizen’s rights remains unclear, but there was ample evidence that police lapsed into a pack mentality as they broke into private homes to confiscate firearms.

Every Canadian should witness and weigh the evidence in the Sun News video. See it here:

Read more:

It appears police spun the natural disaster into a machismo-fest, given that one house had two separate doors kicked in. Conveniently, the police-produced “selfie” video edited out their forced entries when the black boots were busting door locks, hinges and frames. Some doors were reported knocked down entirely and homes left open to the elements.

Is this how Canada’s national police force secures private property now? It takes a concerted effort to cause more than $3 million damage to 1,900 of the 5,300 homes in the Alberta town.

Read more:


You are free to share any and all of my Truth Soldier Articles.

recommended reading.


Rick Albert Canada was built on the Genocide and theft of native land.

Judy Shapiro Not if the CONS maintain their stranglehold on our once beautiful country.

Patrick Downey Canada is not any better than the USA History. In fact, the same Cabal that is in US SAYS jump and Canada says how high. Canada is nothing More than a US puppet. As for giving up their guns, bad move! Did you all enjoy that false flag at Parliament? That was B movie worthy! LOL

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