Is this nine year old shooting instructor another crisis actors media gun grabbing propaganda hoax?

BS ALERT: “9 Year Old Girl Kills Shooting Instructor With Uzi”

Published on Aug 27, 2014

Oh, you so silly MSM! LINKS BELOW.

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Americans and Canadians Be Afraid Of The Militarization Of Your Police Departments!

Published on Aug 16, 2014

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Great commentary.. I agree a pro would not stand beside the girl and the instructor surely would know the first rule to make sure her arms are locked and fully straight and extended..and how is it the girl did not shoot her left hand off as the gun was firing off…This is so unreal…

and the manager should of been professional with his commentary..then also why has this place license not been pulled…pending investigation…

The Russians Are Coming!

Published on Aug 7, 2014

A massive buildup on the Ukrainian border in the last 48 hours has seen Russia double its troop levels!

Bioweapons expert says ebola virus is under control. Meanwhile President Barack Obama signed an amendment to an executive order which allows health authorities to detain Americans who merely show signs of respiratory illness and the CDC has outlined measures for dealing with an outbreak of a communicable disease which allow for the quarantine of “well persons” who “do not show symptoms” of the disease. No Need To Fear! The CDC is Here!


Published on Aug 7, 2014



Published on Jun 17, 2014
Putin is saying to American people keep your guns! He knows Obamas master plan, Our own soldiers will not fight our own people so Obama is bringing in illegal immigrants to do the job. Putin also knows of Obama selling American land to China, Saudi Arabia and others.. Now why would our president sell OUR LAND. HE IS A PARASITE!!


Published on Jul 5, 2013

Why Americans Should Cheer for Putin

Published on Apr 18, 2014

Anti-Russia hysteria has made it easy for Americans to think that Putin and Russia are the bad guys in Ukraine. But people in the US are getting played.

Watch This Reaction: Putin Laughs Right In This Journalist’s Face

Published on Mar 29, 2014

*With English Subtitles*

More: When an interviewer recently confronted Vladimir Putin about Europe’s American-made missile defense system the President of the Russian Federation couldn’t help but laugh right in his face.According to the journalist, NATO’s missile defense system is pointed at and designed to protect Europe from Iran, not Russia.Putin’s reaction is a must-see.Sourced:
Original video: —The use of these media materials is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the rebroa

ALERT! Obama Bans Russian AK-47s With Executive Order 13662

Published on Jul 17, 2014

While no one was looking, Barack Obama used his powerful pen to effectively ban AK-47s, and other Kalashnikov Russian-made imports, indefinitely.

This will include the import of parts and accessories so it affects current owners as well as those looking to make a new purchase. If you like your gun, you can keep it.

Just don’t expect to be getting parts for it without paying a small fortune.
The Executive Order was issued under the guise of punishing Russia with more sanctions. Considering AK-47s are one of the weapons that this administration, and certain members of congress, have been looking to ban, that excuse doesn’t seem to hold much credibility.

As John Galt said, “The good news is Obama has not banned Vodka imports from Russia yet, probably because he is the biggest homolush in Amerika.”


+Red Pill Revolution Yea this video cuts it earlier than the first one I saw, the first one I saw when she opened fire it showed her point the gun up as she shot because of the sheer force of the gun and it stoped right before the gun got to his head.

Sabo Sabon

fucking typical stupid low fucking IQ Americans giving a fucking weapon to 9 years old girl now she will spend her life blaming her self because a fucking stupid asshole decided it good to give a girl a gun

Red Pill Revolution
It’s bullshit buddy don’t worry about it


This isn’t BS. Its been in the news all day long. It is sad all the way around. I feel bad for the 9 year old that is now scarred for life, and for the instructors family.

Oh yeah, just cos it’s in the news, it MUST be true! WAKE UP!!! Regardless of whether this is bullshit or not, you cannot simply trust the media.


BS ALERT: “9 Year Old Girl Kills Shooting Instructor Im calling Bullsh#t too!!

MICHAEL ALCORN Excellent evaluation of the video.


They would start a kid off with dry firing, show them how to stand how to hold a weapon and how to NOT STAND WITH YOUR HEAD INCHES AWAY FROM THE BARREL ! No instructor is this dumb. When she finally did move on to live rounds it would be with something like a .22 which is mostly used for target shooting. They would also have her sit and use sandbags to rest the weapon on for stability. They werent even wearing hearing protection which is mandatory with most ranges and instructors.
TheKsmallwood81 I never heard him say keep hand off trigger too. #1 rule!

johnny chimpo

Realyy?, nobody notices there are no bullets hitting the dirt after the gun arcs toward the instructor. Only bullet we see hit dirt is the first one.

Soluthes Sethulos great catch there buddy, you see the first shot on semi-auto hit the dirt and then the first shot on full-auto hit the dirt and that’s it.
Claude Rifat
+Soluthes Sethulos It’s because of muzzle climb that you’re not seeing other shots not hitting any dirt…she’s already shooting high (can see this from the 1st shot in full auto) and the rest of the shots most likely went above the dirt.
johnny chimpo That would be correct if muzzle climbed but it went left not up. Look at video again my friend
+Claude Rifat you are correct.
TheFranksantana And right you are, we would have seen a trail of bullets hitting the dirt movings towards the left.
Gretchen McAuley There also seems to be zero recoil on the first shot. She didn’t even flinch. Then the second one makes her left hand completely let go and it crosses in front of her….BS all over this
TimmmCruizer  Look at the org vid you see dirt moving on the left hand side and the little girl also says WHOA
Yes there is, slight recoil. Look at the original video. It goes up as any other semi automatic.


buy guns before it’s too late

TheKsmallwood81 Ammo too!!! Start reloading everyone!!!


This is like the Foley “beheading”.  They never showed it happening, just repeated, non bloody cuts across the throat and then fade to a moulage kit of a headless mannequin. Same here, it’s basic videography 101.
Tell the story, use a video to associate it, without actually showing it happening, and people assume it to be real.
In war movies, you hear helicopters in the background but don’t see them, you assume they’re there, but it’s actually a sound track.
This is the same principle.
The story of how everyone volunteered their videos to the police department who didn’t release the accidental killing is a VERY likely story, as in, a tall tale of bullshit.

Chaz Mania

Thats true, why would you post the video online if your daughter in the next second kills the instructor, the police would prolly wanna seize that as evidence, if there is an investigation…. but if it was real, then thats fucked up for the mom to post it online, so the instructors family/friends could become distressed/

JJ Botch

What a bunch of shit. Very convenient that they got it on tape. No one would start this girl on an uzi. And only practice fire one shot on single. Wtf? Doesnt make sense, just like everything the media spoon feeds us.
John M. Murphy Jr.

I’d rather take away the voting rights from people who cannot discern between themselves and the stories and images on the TV news than I would take the gun rights away from those who can.

+John M. Murphy Jr.
elections are completely fake and rigged..we have no governments, just corporations…


The uzi is not real.. More like airsoft.. Listen to the muzzle report.. Way too quite for an unsupressed uzi 9mm.. Also no casings seen ejecting.. B.S

Maayraa Star

On the fence about this one

BUT this is what I know, nothing shows more of how controlled and hypocritical hollywood and the stars are when they promote gun control. WOW, I took a look at “Hollywood Hypocrites Demand Gun Control For Citizens As Their Movies Promote Gun Violence’. This is complete proof how robotic and manipulated these actors are….this was really my real awakening towards HOLLYWOOD and yes towards the reptillians behind these actors.  They need the guns, part of the issue is they do not want to rebuild the whole earth from scratch, it’s too much trouble but they need us COMPLETELY VULNERABLE AND DISARMED!!!!
FolkPhotographer Yah they need the guns to kill us. that is why they want to take our guns..

Paul Price

Great job. Have sympathy for us here in the UK. Closest we get to being armed legally is a crossbow.


Did you know that the uzi was created for the Israeli army?


3 out of the top MSN news “photo stories” right now are similar “weird gun” stories. I guess they like to layer the psy-ops for added defect, er, effect I meant.

James stovall

I have seen a grown man do the exact same thing he was not prepared for the way the gun pulls in one direction when fully auto her arm barley moves and there is no body movement . The guy I saw this happen to was pulled by the gun and it turned his whole body


I saw the head line but never bothered looking at it for one why would an instructor be using an uzi to instruct a child it make not sense wtf that is way yo big for a child dumb freaking poeple….I couldn’t even take this seriously

Donald Roberson

They don’t even show the guy getting shot it’s just cut off that’s wild.


REALLY??? wow….real or not…no instructor in the world would ever give a 9 year old girl an uzi and set it on full auto…..maybe a child molester.


Wow, I had not heard a word about it until this post.  I guess I have successfully eradicated MSM from my house!  lol.     Yeah, seems like a pretend story to aid the anti-gun agenda.


Good point. I didn’t know the mother had posted this video to YouTube. If true, that’s probably one of the sickest things I’ve ever heard of.
Why would anyone post a video of their child accidentally shooting someone?
You’re right, it doesn’t make sense. What’s more, the video itself doesn’t make sense.
Surely, the instructor would know that the recoil from an Uzi in full auto mode can make the barrel of the weapon deviate laterally/diagonally. And common sense would tell you that an Uzi in full auto mode in the hands of a weak wristed 9 year old could result in fatal injury if your standing directly next to the child.
Now, if the instructor is indeed dead as a result of this girl accidentally shooting him, his survivors (family) should seriously consider suing the mother for glorifying his unfortunate death on YouTube.
Moreover, they should consider suing YouTube as well for violating their own policy on such matters.
Clearly, the video is gratuitous, and was only allowed by YouTube to promote a political agenda.
Another example of how YouTube is controlled by a sick cabal which only permits violent content or sexually explicit content as long as it promotes their own twisted ideology (or financial interests).
I, for one, do not want them around me or my family under any circumstances.
They are regarded as dangerous criminals in my social sphere and shall be treated as such in real life should they dare to intrude upon our space. And, yes, this is a warning (and a final warning, at that).


Too young for the automatic setting, I would have started them out with a BB gun, I had one, my son had one good training for future “real” gun.

b h

no way an instructor would give a young person an automatic to start shooting with without basic shooting skills first.personally i dont think any real instructor would even let someone that young shoot an auto.


The instructor might as well have handed her a Huge Chainsaw!!!

ryan poling

Great video as always man! Once I’m unblocked from Facebook I’m going to share it on The Modern American Revolution Facebook page. ( I’m an admin there). Your JAMES foley video I shared got me blocked on Facebook… Hah keep up the good work god bless and stay safe !!!!

Mile Hi Life

NO way there should be LIVE ammunition with such a powerful weapon being handled by a 9 yr old — girl OR boy.  Even trained, strong men have difficulty handling such firepower.  I smell a rat!!

Agatanai Crow

Red Pill, where are the bullets as she shoots you should see a line of them kicking up sand, as she loses control. It appears she only shot in one spot as the gun fired many shots. There should be at least more than one place where the dirt and sand would fly. But there is only one. Agreed know real instructor would be so poorly trained foolish or ignorant.


They’re doing a psyop every day or every other day until there is a public outcry for the kind of gun ban they have in England. The problem they’re having is that there is no outcry no matter how many hoaxes they pull. People are waking up to the hoaxes because they are so lame and most Americans know better than to give up their protection. I never watch the MSM anymore, because I know it is sickening propaganda, all of it.

commonlaw man

And also today, 15 people died by slipping in the shower, 500 died of doctors mistakes ,3 people died from a bee or wasp sting and 10000 died of government geoncide.

But hey you cant ban slippery showers or bees and the big pharma pays to much in donations so they can only report on the stuff they have a agenda for.
1 person died of a gun accident , woohoo how scary .
Brainwashing 101 .


Damn, now they gonna ban 9 year old girls.



Danny Secrest

definite BS, u have to be 16-18 to even use a firearm at a range, especially a class 3

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