World War Three Plans UPDATED

The Last war. World War Three is already underway…The insane are doing it. The insane are those who seek and speak no truth…

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World War 3 Has Begun!

Published on Nov 21, 2015

This is a wake up call, America!

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Hoax or not more is coming to our home country, time to prepare.. That’s the plan..

The Jade Helm – Thinking Required – War Map Discussion

Published on Mar 23, 2015

This video report discusses the Jade Helm Training exercise and the map shown to us in the Jade Helm Training Exercise PDF, that I feel is significant in many ways.

This document will show its importance to us, as we prepare for the upcoming Jade Helm event. It is serious conspiratorial material worthy of consideration, and is provided with limited code discussion.

It is the many conspiratorial elements of Jade Helm, that I will discuss and in doing so, it is only so others can be informed and be prepared for what may happen in the coming days should the Jade Helm exercise turn into a turning point, martial law event.

This material is for the serious conspiracy types and will be most appreciated by those that can see the many connections to other events, that such the Jade Helm Training Exercise will touch upon.

The 911 code and the dates of 09-24 and 09-25 have been suggested and noted in the Jade Helm Code observations.

The fact that 09-24 has already been noted by others as a future date for an asteroid strike, is worthy of noting.

Background sources and links:

A Navy statement said Capt. Heather E. Cole was relieved of her duties as commander of Strategic Communications Wing 1, based at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, for what it called a “loss of confidence” in her ability to lead.

On Monday, 16 March, this report states, Captain Cole received from the Pentagon a launch order authorizing a “limited” nuclear strike against the Federation, but which failed due to a critical Permissive Action Link (PAL) failure thus causing her to abort this planned attack.

For her failure to communicate the launch authorization to US nuclear forces, this report continues, Captain Cole was arrested on Tuesday, 17 March, relieved of her command and then taken by armed guard to US Naval Air Station (NAS) Miramar in San Diego (California) where she remains incommunicado.

Key Dates:

14 March report, Russia Warns “State Of War” Exists As UK Nukes Prepare First Strike, President Putin and the MoD had been made aware of the planned nuclear attack against the Federation weeks ago thus allowing the Federation to move its own nuclear forces to the NATO border.

15 March, Obama Meets With Top Russian Spy, Warns He Can’t Stop War, neither President Putin or the MoD have any confidence that President Obama is even in control his military forces anymore, thus necessitating the Federations greatest defensive war moves since World War II, and as reported in the
17 March report,

17 March, Moscow Bomb Shelters Begin To Fill As Russia Prepares For War.

Rev Michelle Hopkins

Jade Helm

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World War III! Obama Tries To Launched Nuclear Weapon At Russia But Navy Captain Refuses

Published on Mar 19, 2015

World War III! Obama Tries To Launched Nuclear Weapon At Russia But Navy Captain Refuses, US Navy Captain Heather E. Cole

World War III Is Breaking Out

 UPDATE Feb 2015

WWIII EXPOSED The facts we have all been waiting for.

Published on Sep 5, 2013

Use this info not only to stop this BS war but to prosecute the actors involved. for the truth. If you find the information you just viewed helpful, please consider donating so we can continue investigating and holding these actors feet to the fire. You can do so at this link


Published on Jul 20, 2014

To all peoples of the WORLD! Please be aware. AMERICA is about to Strike RUSSIA in a FAST strike to begin WW3. This is an OFFICIAL WARNING, it is no joke. ALL HUMANS must prepare. This is a MAJOR BULLETIN!

ALL People on this Planet MUST cooperate together immediately or the end of this Earth will be upon us.

There is to be only a small space of time. MANKIND MUST come together NOW. Stand together! Whatever Nation. America MUST reach out to Russians and all people. Wake up NOW!

China Behind Worse Cyber Attack In History Against The US!
By Live Free or Die


In a follow-up to a viral story yesterday from Susan Duclos, we took a look at a website you can check out now yourselves that shows current, up to the moment attacks upon the US happening by the second from across the world, with both attack locations and attack originations clearly detailed for all to see and what we’ve found is bombshell info as shared by Susan in the 1st video below.

With the US govt now preparing for WW3 against Russia,what we’ve found are massive attacks against the US by CHINA, rarely Russia, and attacks against the US from within the US, with countless attacks upon St. Louis, Missouri, many originating from the Washington DC/Northern Virginia areas (Pentagon?). With World War III and potential nuclear annihilation for MILLIONS OF AMERICANS if our govt continues upon this warmongering path a clear possibility, you can contact your Congress members here to voice your outrage they’re willing to sacrifice our childrens lives


Proof US Being Bombarded – China Is On A Rampage

Published on Dec 9, 2014

Article link – With the site shown above hyperlinked so everyone can see this for themselves!

US Under Attack Right NOW

Published on Dec 8, 2014


The entire United States of America is under some type of massive attack

Article at –

World War 3 [2015 March 14+7 to 15+7] “Iran Nuclear Attack” [Illuminati Numerology] New World Order

Published on Feb 20, 2015

[MUST SEE] Why +7 days?

– – –

Why +3 days? Because:
True Mayan Date Corrected:
4 Eras in Each Cycle:
Modified Rule 1:
Modified Rule 2:
1-7 Clock:

– – –

2015 March 15 is the True Mayan Date:

2015 March 15: True Mayan Date

by R94A21 · 2 weeks ago

World War 3 will be on 14-15 March 2015. March 15, 2015 will mark the end of the darkest era and the end of this cycle.

“Beware the Ides of March”

Rules 1 and 2:…

World War 3 on 14-15 March 2015

by R94A21

Originally published on YouTube:

Rules 1 and 2 Visualised Version:

PDF VERSION (more details) [Scribd]
or… [Google Drive]
or [imgur]

Why Clock Numbering Is Important
Fibonacci Clock:
Nuclear Attack on 2015 03 14: [2 + 15 = 17 = 3 + 14]

— Previous Prediction [2015 Feb 17-18] —

Central Numerology of World Wars published on Feb 9

Numerology for “Completion of 100 Triangles” on 2015 Feb 17-18, not WW3
(“11-11” clock explained)


See full post here and learn how this plan was used to try a start WW III.


Published on Jun 15, 2014

Is our President pushing the deadline for this plan closer than expected???

Source Video:
▶World War 3 : The Beast deploys Nuclear B-2 Bombers against the Russian Bear of Gog (Jun 10, 2014)
By: SignsofThyComing

ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke

Published on Jun 26, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions with ISIS and the possible start of WWIII. David breaks down many esoteric historical writings and the current political situation that can lead to bringing in other countries to war.


Confirmed By Two Sources: This Is Our Last Chance

See this post here.

The Three Secrets of End of the World


Help Obama Kickstart World War III!

Obama & Jewish Bankers Give Pentagon Orders for World War III

Vladimir Putin Illuminati? Does he support the New World Order? (Documentary #1)

Vladimir Putin Illuminati? Truth about ISIS, Malaysia Air, WW3 … (Documentary #2)

Published on Dec 8, 2014

PART 1:…
The illuminated Cabal are desperate to start a world war, not only to white wash their scams worldwide so that Wall Street can keep the $40 trillion they stole from us and steal another $20 trillion or more on the Day the Dollar Dies but it’s also to try and stop the public from ever finding out about our true history that has suffered 2,000 years of corruption.
Putin’s opposition to the Cabal’s “unipolar world” Code name for NWO is now not only obvious: but more than likely credible.
Russia is under constant attack by the globalists who wish to exploit internal divisions to destabilize Russia and install a Zionist lap dog leader like they have in so many places as was the case with Ukraine.
On the 17 of July 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was either shot down or blown up
Close to the border of Ukraine and Russia.
There are now strong speculations that an assassination attempt on Putin’s life was connected to the bringing down of flight 17:
Vladimir Putin was going to travel to South America for the last game of the World Cup and for the Bric’s Conference in Brazil which is a direct attack on the Rothschild-headed Global Banking Cartel’s power over the global economy and financial system.
According to Russia’s Interfax News Agency, the Presidential State Aircraft IL-96 and a similar sized Boeing 777 (Flight MH17) were traveling along the same route over Poland on the way back from South America.
Putin’s plane and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and the same echelon. That was close to Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10,100 meters. “The contours of the aircrafts are similar, linear dimensions are also very similar, as for the colouring, at a quite remote distance they are almost identical”,
But taking the Russian State Aircraft down presented a number of problems. If it were downed over the open ocean, fingers would point at America as the superpower capable of global military action. Host nations did provide considerable security to Putin and his aircraft while he was in their nations and airspace. What better place to attack the IL-96 than over Russian airspace near the Ukraine, shortly after it had left Polish airspace.
As I have mentioned earlier in part one, The Russians have recently developed a new stealth technology or should I say re- development of stealth technology thousands of years old.
Yes you heard correctly thousands of years old.
Russian engineers devised a way to ‘stealth’ existing non-stealthy aircraft using a plasma system. This system has no doubt been copied by various western powers.
However, no such system is perfect and highly advanced electronic systems can usually detect a stealth aircraft.
They are now working on the black hole project in which the aircraft will disappear completely.
ECM stands for “electronic counter measures”.
The Presidential Russian ECM aircraft can spoof things by turning off or changing its ID squawking and a nearby large aircraft, the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 Flight MH17 was spoofed to cover its normal ID code and replace it with the IL-96 code, that probably led to the deaths of 295 people on Malaysian Airlines Flight.
The Russians at this stage have no advantage to ‘outing’ the true story.
Another conspiracy going around is that the plane was filled up with dead bodies due to the composing of body parts.
Let me tell you if a plane explodes at 33,000 feet and people are plunging down at that altitude they would turn blue and look bloated from the freezing temperatures and the impact.
Interesting to note Malaysian high court finds Israel guilty of war crimes against humanity.
The US/Zionist/Globalist supported and funded coup against the elected Ukraine government and the resulting conflict was a calculated effort to draw Russia into a war over the Ukraine and thereby tie it down in order to allow Netanyahu a free hand to create his long-sought General Middle East War. Putin has proven to be a brilliant strategist and not easy to trap.
Now once again the world wide Cabal owned media has put the blame on Putin as the bogey man.

#RFID #pyramid #NWO #Newworldorder #666 #Secret #agenda #knowledge #truth #true #Vladimir #Putin #Obama #NATO #United #Nations #Russia #China #Economic #crisis #conflict #Israel #ISIS #Syria #Iraq #Iran #Palestine #Advexon #

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U.S. sends B-2 stealth bombers to Europe


You won’t believe this! P1. – The Ultimate Truth – New World Order – WW3 to begin NOW!

You won’t believe this! The Ultimate Truth – P2

Are you going to allow the Zionist Jews to start WW3?
The New World Order is the Zionist enslavement of the planet through lies, interest, and war debt…
LUCIFER LIES (and kills God’s people).
Zionists worship Lucifer through their Kabbalah worship and the Talmud.
Depopulation is their goal. Are you going to allow it???
If your waiting for a rapture, you are allowing it.


World War 3 : The Russian Bear of Gog prepares for War with the Beast over Ukraine (Nov 14, 2014)

Published on Nov 14, 2014



World War 3 : The Russian Bear of Gog Magog and Ezekiel Hook of Natural Gas in Israel (Mar 27, 2014)

News Articles:

Russia prepares nuclear surprise for NATO

Northern Europe beefs up air patrols to oppose ‘Russian invasion’

Russia has never flown bomber patrols over Gulf of Mexico before, US official claims

Russian planes to patrol in Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico

Nato reports sightings of Russian tanks and troops entering eastern Ukraine

Russia to G-20: We’re here. So are our warships

Putin: Russian Economy Won’t Be Dominated by ‘Dollar Dictatorship’

China takes new stealth jet for test flight during Obama visit

Russian Tanks Move Across Ukraine Border: NATO Chief Breedlove

Sweden confirms foreign sub in its waters

Russia to expand aviation patrol mission to Gulf of Mexico – defense minister

Russia Has Sent A Convoy Of Warships To Australia’s Northern Maritime Border

Sweden releases sonar image confirming ‘foreign submarine’

China unveils sophisticated stealth fighter aircraft

Russian Tanks in Ukraine, but US Won’t Say ‘Invasion’

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The End Of All Of Us
Washington Is Beating The War Drums

By Paul Craig Roberts

June 18, 2014 “ICH” – I wish I had only good news to bring to readers, or even one item of good news. Alas, goodness has ceased to be a feature of US policy and simply cannot be found in any words or deeds emanating from Washington or the capitals of its European vassal states. The Western World has succumbed to evil.

In an article published by Op-Ed News, Eric Zuesse supports my reports of indications that Washington is preparing for a nuclear first strike against Russia.

US war doctrine has been changed. US nuclear weapons are no longer restricted to a retaliatory force, but have been elevated to the role of preemptive nuclear attack. Washington pulled out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia and is developing and deploying an ABM shield.

Washington is demonizing Russia and Russia’s President with shameless lies and propaganda, thus preparing the populations of the US and its client states for war with Russia.

Washington has been convinced by neoconservatives that Russian strategic nuclear forces are in run down and unprepared condition and are sitting ducks for attack. This false belief is based on out-of-date information, a decade old, such as the argument presented in “The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy” by Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press in the April 2006 issue of Foreign Affairs, a publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization of American elites.

Regardless of the condition of Russian nuclear forces, the success of Washington’s first strike and degree of protection provided by Washington’s ABM shield against retaliation, the article I posted by Steven Starr, “The Lethality of Nuclear Weapons,” makes clear that nuclear war has no winners. Everyone dies.

In an article published in the December 2008 issue of Physics Today, three atmospheric scientists point out that even the substantial reduction in nuclear arsenals that the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty hoped to achieve, from 70,000 warheads in 1986 to 1700-2200 warheads by the end of 2012, did not reduce the threat that nuclear war presents to life on earth.

The authors conclude that in addition to the direct blast effects of hundreds of millions of human fatalities, “the indirect effects would likely eliminate the majority of the human population.” The stratospheric smoke from firestorms would cause nuclear winter and agricultural collapse.

Those who did not perish from blast and radiation would starve to death. Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev understood this. Unfortunately, no successor US government has. As far as Washington is concerned, death is what happens to others, not to “the exceptional people.”

(The SORT agreement apparently failed. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the nine nuclear-armed states still possess a total of 16,300 nuclear weapons.)

It is a fact that Washington has policymakers who think, incorrectly, that nuclear war is winnable and who regard nuclear war as a means of preventing the rise of Russia and China as checks on Washington’s hegemony over the world.

The US government, regardless of party in office, is a massive threat to life on earth. European governments, which think of themselves as civilized, are not, because they enable Washington’s pursuit of hegemony. It is this pursuit that threatens life with extinction. The ideology that grants “exceptional, indispensable America” supremacy is an enormous threat to the world.

The destruction of seven countries in whole or in part by the West in the 21st century, with the support of “Western civilization” and the Western media, comprises powerful evidence that the leadership of the Western world is devoid of moral conscience and human compassion. Now that Washington is armed with its false doctrine of “nuclear primacy,” the outlook for humanity is very bleak.

Washington has begun the run up to the Third World War, and Europeans seem to be on board. As recently as November 2012 NATO Secretary General Rasmussen said that NATO does not regard Russia as an enemy. Now that the White House Fool and his European vassals have convinced Russia that the West is an enemy, Rasmussen declared that “we must adapt to the fact that Russia now considers us its adversary” by beefing up Ukraine’s military along with those of Eastern and Central Europe.

Last month Alexander Vershbow, former US ambassador to Russia, currently NATO Deputy Secretary General, declared Russia to be the enemy and said that the American and European taxpayers need to fork over for the military modernization “not just of Ukraine, but also Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.”

It is possible to see these calls for more military spending as just the normal functioning of agents for the US military/security complex. Having lost “the war on terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan, Washington needs a replacement and has set about resurrecting the Cold War.

This is probably how the armaments industry, its shills, and part of Washington sees it. But the neoconservatives are more ambitious. They are not pursuing merely more profits for the military/security complex. Their goal is Washington’s hegemony over the world, which means reckless actions such as the strategic threat that the Obama regime, with the complicity of its European vassals, has brought to Russia in Ukraine.

Since last autumn the US government has been lying through its teeth about Ukraine, blaming Russia for the consequences of Washington’s actions, and demonizing Putin exactly as Washington demonized Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Assad, the Taliban, and Iran. The presstitute media and the European capitals have seconded the lies and propaganda and repeat them endlessly. Consequently, the US public’s attitude toward Russia moved sharply negative.

How do you think Russia and China see this? Russia has witnessed NATO brought to its borders, a violation of the Reagan-Gorbachev understandings. Russia has witnessed the US pull out of the ABM treaty and develop a “star wars” shield. (Whether or not the shield would work is immaterial.

The purpose of the shield is to convince the politicians and the public that Americans are safe.) Russia has witnessed Washington change the role of nuclear weapons in its war doctrine from deterrent to preemptive first strike. And now Russia listens to a daily stream of lies from the West and witnesses the slaughter by Washington’s vassal in Kiev of civilians in Russian Ukraine, branded “terrorists” by Washington, by such weapons as white phosphorus with not a peep of protest from the West.

Massive attacks by artillery and air strikes on homes and apartments in Russian Ukraine were conducted on the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, while Washington and its puppets condemned China for an event that did not happen. As we now know, there was no massacre in Tiananmen Square. It was just another Washington lie like Tonkin Gulf, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, etc. It is an amazing fact that the world lives in a false reality created by Washington’s lies.

The movie, The Matrix, is a true depiction of life in the West. The population lives in a false reality created for them by their rulers. A handful of humans have escaped the false existence and are committed to bringing humans back to reality. They rescue Neo, “The One,” who they believe correctly to have the power to free humans from the false reality in which they live. Morpheus, the leader of the rebels, explains to Neo:

“The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

I experience this every time I write a column. Protests from those determined not to be unplugged arrive in emails and on those websites that expose their writers to slander by government trolls in comment sections. Don’t believe real reality, they insist, believe the false reality.

The Matrix even encompasses part of the Russian and Chinese population, especially those educated in the West and those susceptible to Western propaganda, but on the whole those populations know the difference between lies and truth. The problem for Washington is that the propaganda that prevails over the Western peoples does not prevail over the Russian and Chinese governments.

How do you think China reacts when Washington declares the South China Sea to be an area of US national interests, allocates 60 percent of its vast fleet to the Pacific, and constructs new US air and naval bases from the Philippines to Vietnam?

Suppose all Washington intends is to keep taxpayer funding alive for the military/security complex which launders some of the taxpayers’ money and returns it as political campaign contributions. Can Russia and China take the risk of viewing Washington’s words and deeds in this limited way?

So far the Russians, and only the Russians (and Chinese), have remained sensible. Lavrov, the Foreign Minister said: “At this stage, we want to give our partners a chance to calm down. We’ll see what happens next. If absolutely baseless accusations against Russia continue, it there are attempts to pressure us with economic leverage, then we may reevaluate the situation.”

If the White House Fool, Washington’s media whores and European vassals convince Russia that war is in the cards, war will be in the cards. As there is no prospect whatsoever of NATO being able to mount a conventional offensive threat against Russia anywhere near the size and power of the German invasion force in 1941 that met with destruction, the war will be nuclear, which will mean the end of all of us.

Keep that firmly in mind as Washington and its media whores continue to beat the drums for war. Keep in mind also that a long history proves beyond all doubt that everything Washington and the presstitute media tells you is a lie serving an undeclared agenda. You cannot rectify the situation by voting Democrat instead of Republican or by voting Republican instead of Democrat.

Thomas Jefferson told us his solution: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

There are few patriots in Washington but many tyrants.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

World War III 2014 (The Best Documentaries of 2014)



Putin on notice: Two U.S. stealth bombers head to Europe for first time amid tension

Obama to Start World War 3 in Ukraine

Are you ready for nuclear war?

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Planning Nuclear First Strike on Russia/China

For More Information See:


RT Reveals U.S. Plan For Nuclear First Strike Attack On Russia And China In 2016!

Published on Jun 1, 2014

June 01, 2014 Russia Today News

Multiple “END OF THE WORLD” Scenarios Pop Up for 2016 – What does the BIBLE Say?

ALERT: Russia Warns Of Nuclear Attack Against U.S.A.

Published on Feb 17, 2014

The Administration better get it’s s*** together. They all know American lives are on the line, they just don’t care anymore.

Russia nuclear attack against the United States warning Alert The Administration better get it’s s*** together. They all know American lives are on the line,.

Moscow’s warned Washington against striking Iran. Russia’s chief-of-staff revealed on Wednesday the U.S. could attack Iran after wrapping up its campaigns in.

On the eve of his trip to the United States, where he will meet with President Barack Obama, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev delivered an unequivocal .

senior government minister warned Wednesday that Russia could retaliate with a nuclear strike if a new US military strategy threatened its security. Deputy P.


Russia Warns of Nuclear Disaster if Syria is hit. A military strike on Syria could lead to a nuclear catastrophe if a missile were to hit a reactor containin.

World War 3 – *Must Watch* Russian Warns United States with Nuclear Armed Jets!! – 2013.

Russia Threatens Nuclear War Against America — End Times News Update According to Lyndon LaRouche’s LPAC and statements made in this video by Russian Presid.

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North Korea Nuclear War – Russia Launches Unexpected Military Exercise Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu arrived at Russia’s coast of the Black Sea to t.

Russia threatened on Wednesday to deploy missiles to target the U.S. missile shield in Europe if Washington fails to assuage Moscow’s concerns about its plan.

January 2014 Breaking News Mortar shell hits Russian embassy compound in Damascus – monitoring group –


North Korea Nuclear War: Russia Warns USA Of Counter Measures And Risks North Korea Nuclear War: Now USA Upsets Russia Over Magnitsky List Russian Foreign .

US, Russia no match for China’s secret technology videos watch no match for China’s this secret technology. My favorite part: the J-20 twisting and turning i.

WW3 – RUSSIA THREATENS US with NUCLEAR MISSILE STRIKE videos watch Please click here to subscribe to my channel thanks From Wall Street, gold price and US fi.

North Korea’s military says it’s now officially authorized to wage a nuclear attack against the US – to counter what it calls Washington’s aggression. Pyongy.

Obama Must Go Russia Warns War Against America Use With Nuclear Weapons.

John McCain wants nuclear war with Russia & China! Confronted by Christopher Green from Alternative Media TV Lunatic NeoCon Madman John Mc ‘Manchurain Candid.

World War 3 – *Must Watch* Russian Warns United States with Nuclear Armed Jets!! – 2013.

Lead Up To WW3 – Russia Warns Nuclear North Korea Conflict Would Be More Destructive Than Chernobyl An analyst says he believes that there is a great danger .

Sorcha Faal: Russian Nuclear Forces Ordered On High Alert Over U.S. War Fears .

SEE ALSO- THE TIME IS NOW! The signs are taking place as your watching this video! Israel, Gods.


MUST SEE! World War 3 is upon us!

URGENT NEWS – World War III Plans Exposed

An Open Letter To Our Representatives On Capitol Hill
by Christopher Goodheart, URGENT NEWS Editor

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 22:35:54 -0600

“The strength of the Constitution lies in the will of the people to defend it.”
– Thomas Edison

FORWARD:  Consider here the documented facts that include CDC’s shameful role in developing contaminated vaccines


Please block Clinton’s current nomination of CDC Director David Satcher as U.S. Surgeon General and assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Dear Vigilant Friend of Freedom:

This letter has been e-mailed to our representatives in the House and Senate as a last-ditch effort to defend the Constitution and avert the terror, death and hell that is planned for the American people by the same people behind the death of the Kennedy’s, behind the massive Mena Arkansas drug imports, and behind many other “black operations” ranging from Cambodia’s Golden Triangle to the unexploded bombs that were found on the columns inside the Oklahoma City Murray Building.  (go to   for details) dead link.

This is a serious warning to all of US regarding domestic enemies that are planning an attack on the America people with biological warfare agents that could kill thousands if not millions of Americans… creating chaos in major cities nationwide, collapse of the stock market, and nuclear attack by China and North Korea.

Both of these arch-enemies of America have been accelerating war preparations this last year with unprecedented financial and technology aid from top power elite insiders; there’s uncanny parallel to Wall Street aid behind the arms industry build-up of Germany and Japan prior to World War II.

The method to this madness and the virtual insanity of insane – virtually satanic — “powers that be” behind the scenes of big business/big government (Big Brother) collusion can now be understood easily and quickly by the masses of Americans through the video or book called EMERGING VIRUSES by Dr. Len Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. (Masters in Public Health).


In Lies We Trust:

The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism

(Full Length Documentary)

In Lies We Trust
Speaking at Safe-Trek’s Round-Table Seminar* of experts about a week ago, Horowitz documents the paper trail behind the intrigue and treachery of those who created and deployed AIDS in America and worldwide.

And he details the insidious nature of “Project Paperclip” that not only brought over top NAZI rocket scientists after the war (for NASA) but also brought over Hitler’s top geneticists and virologists who continued their “ethnic cleansing” agenda in our bio-warfare labs in collusion with the medical industry.
Horowitz has uncovered the irrefutable evidence that proves the who, what, where and how behind hepatitis B vaccines laced with live AIDS virus that targeted homosexuals and blacks in New York, San Francisco and Central Africa (via the UN’s World Health Organization), and this is exactly where the AIDS disease exploded from.

Concerning a much broader population reduction agenda, Horowitz names the names and prints the contracts that show who and how the power elite insiders within the defense establishment have initiated the genocide of millions of American people with the contamination of polio vaccines that has “seeded” the entire baby boom generation with cancer viruses; as age takes it’s toll and our immune systems can no longer keep these laboratory created retroviruses in check, these “biological time bombs” are now activating with one out of three boomers getting cancer.

And Horowitz details the complete story behind the intrigue and treachery whereby the population control agenda of this power-mad power elite has killed millions of “sheeple” they consider “useless eaters” or “potential militia” through a wide range of vaccines ranging from DPT shots for children to the shots given to Gulf War vets.

Horowitz relays the most compelling information to date to confirm that designer viruses in pre-war vaccines are the cause of the Gulf War Syndrome that has killed or seriously sickened more than 200,000 vets already and is rapidly spreading among their children and wives.

A common sense, non-emotional and otherwise objective evaluation of the information provided by Horowitz at this seminar will reveal what any serious student of unadulterated history will tell you.

That the same people who financed and profited from both sides of World Wars I and II, the Vietnam War, and many other global conflicts have likewise made a killing by creating and treating disease through the military/medical industrial complex.

Clearly the “War on Cancer” was a medical Vietnam and the medical-industrial complex is now far more entrenched and bigger than the military-industrial complex ever was.

Indeed, the first thing the Clintons did after the election was to follow the directive of David Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission founder and Chairman, to take over (socialize) 1/5th of the economy — the health care system – that the Rockefeller oligarchy monopolizes.
Studies show that 97.5% of what we call “health care” is in fact disease care – the diagnosis and treatment of disease rather than it’s prevention.

The most powerful special interests in the United States are driven by corporate law that favors shareholders before the public whenever profits are at stake.

This gives incentive to the interlocked food and drug companies to sell the American public on the Big Lie of disease care as health care.

From cradle to grave, population control is waged on the American public through mass media mind control; food and drug adds dominate the mass media, indirectly causing disease through highly processed chemical-laced “food”… and then directly treating disease through more chemicals (drugs) for whatever ails you.
This sick “health care” system thus creates and manages a sickly, weak-willed and dumbed-down public that is too sick and tired to realize how “we the people” are manipulated by mass programming of the mass mind.

The fact is that more than a million American die prematurely every year because our “health care” system cares far more for the creation and treatment of disease than its prevention.
There’s no one more enslaved than those who THINK they are free when, in fact, all of their choices are manipulated, programmed (TV) or otherwise orchestrated by politically correct power elite special interests.

Common sense has become uncommon regarding the huge self-destructive disease-care system called “health care” because the politics and economics (for power and profit) are far more complex and intimidating to the “sheeple” than the science of biological correct health-building and disease prevention.

Indeed, common sense has been turned on it’s head for financially expedient profits.

It’s just “good business” (for profit) that a pound of cure is worth 16 times an ounce of prevention.  And the most powerful special interests in America have a corporate responsibility (vested interest) in keeping it that way.

Now we have proof that their agenda is to reduce US population to 45% current levels.

The issue is that the Internet is waking up the world to the power trips of the power elite, and the need to make them accountable.

Which explains why they want to accelerate their agenda and formula for success; the creation and management of disease and death.

This would be much more difficult to understand if you did not know the history of the key players who have been getting away with murder for generations.

Early in the century, robber barons Rockefeller and Carnegie created a medical monopoly by financing 1640 medical schools with pharmacology at the core of the curriculum, turning out “ethical” drug-pushers ever since because they outright owned or indirectly controlled most of the drug companies.

This same Rockefeller (John D.) also financed legislation that virtually destroyed the dominance of natural cure modalities such as naturopathy (herbs) and homeopathy.

Later he merged his cartel of monopolies in numerous fields (oil, chemicals, drugs, banking and communications) with the IG Farben cartel of monopolies in Europe that brought Hitler to power.

Rocky even loaned out his image-maker, Ivy Lee, to appraise the PR potential of Hitler before they brought him to power as their front man.

While old John D. was destroying nature-based medicine in America and setting up Hitler to enforce his IG Farben cartel agreements throughout Europe, he had a naturopathic and homeopathic doctor keeping him in peek shape into his 90’s.

Rocky’s oil tankers kept Hitler‘s war machine going through the war along with his coal-gasification technology.

Insider collusion pulled strings at the highest levels and we now know that Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor even as the insiders had prior knowledge (actually set up) the bombing of the Murray Building in Oklahoma City.

Horowitz documents how much of the NAZI war chest went into purchasing controlling interest in America’s largest pharmaceutical companies who then contracted for biological weapons development via Hitler’s in-house scientists.

The chilling conclusion to the chain of events since then is undeniable to any mature adult who would rather know a grievous truth than live in wishful fantasy.

The Trilateral Commission “insiders” have already published their intent to reduce world population to 10% current levels (Global 2000 Report) and the CFR‘s own insider newsletter has expressed it’s intent to help that process along in the US to approx. 45 % current population levels.

This agenda is well on its way through immune-whacking vaccines they injected us with when we were children.

Given a little radiation – for a huge whack on our collective immune systems — and you’ll see a massive pandemic of cancers virtually overnight.

To finish off what an anthrax and/or plague bio-attack doesn’t accomplish, the international power elite long ago created the nuclear arms race with their “MAD” system of “Mutual Assured Destruction”.

Horowitz documents how it was Kissenger leading both nuclear and bio-warfare initiatives.

You can expect that biological warfare attack to come from a “black operation” directed by the insiders here in America.  Why?


And they can easily clone another Lee Harvey McVeigh scapegoat if not implicate the entire patriot movement as a pretext to putting the true defenders of America into the “detention centers” (concentration camps) that FEMA has ready and waiting around the US.

Horowitz clearly shows the pattern whereby the insiders have consistently announced their evil intent in veiled messages through their mass media mouthpieces.

They almost always set us up with pre-programming to get us used to the agendas they have planned for us.

Like self-fulfilling prophecy they warn us of dangers and then create the very same problem they would “save us” from.

But their “salvation” is anything but!  For example, in the name of saving the children at Waco, they fried ’em.

In the name of saving the children of America, they’ve injected them with contaminated vaccines for more than 20 years.

And right now, in the name of the urgent “health” needs of children, Clinton is pushing hard with an agenda to vaccinate every child with Hepatitis B vaccines; Horowitz says that recent checks have shown these vaccines to be extremely contaminated.

Another “set up” is more ominous; almost everyday we are being warned in the media that a “biological attack” is imminent at any time.

This would be a convenient tactic to transfer blame for the collapse of the stock market which the insiders fully intend to milk all the way down as they did with the S & L fiasco.

The savings and pension funds of millions of Americans will be gone, and that in itself will depress the immune system, triggering the seeded viruses in many adults.

It’s critical that people prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for what will come if our representative in government do not soon make accountable or otherwise bring under control the numerous tentacles of the “octopus” of  big business/big government (fascist/Big Brother) vested interests in America.

I suggest that THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE TO BEGIN IS RON PAUL‘S HR 1146.  In Ron Paul’s own words:

“One of the most popular pieces of legislation I have introduced is HR 1146, The American Sovereignty Restoration Act.

“In short, this bill calls for the immediate withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations, including an end to the participation of US troops in UN police actions.

This legislation is so important because it is a first step in stopping the march toward a “one world government” through the many other multilateral agencies, such as the IMF, the World Bank and the newly created World Trade Organization.


“Our Constitution does not give Congress the authority to cede our national sovereignty to an international body.

Even under the treaty provisions of the Constitution, it is not permissible.

Our reps quite often do not see the light until they feel the heat.  Let them know that HONOR for America and a future for our children begins with Ron Paul’s legislation that restores sovereignty “of, by and for the people”.

Tell our reps that you want the medical monopoly in America deregulated so that alternative health cures for cancer, AIDS and emerging viruses can be encouraged.

Demand a full investigation of the military/medical industrial complex and their CIA/NAZI connections since World War II. 

And above all, read Horowitz’s book or view his video on “Emerging Viruses”; this is perhaps the most scholastic documentation to date to expose the treachery of those among us who began a silent war against the American people 20 years ago and are now about to trigger World War III via biological and nuclear warfare meant to enslave us if not kill us outright.

I also recommend Steve Quayle‘s definitive preparedness manual for biological/chemical warfare called, “Breath No Evil” (800/424-7870)

For Christ’s sake, “Feed my sheep”; warn the American public of the infamy of this arrogant, corrupt and virtually satanic power elite (and political lackeys) who have promised safety, health and security for our loved ones while in fact setting us up for the kill.

To deny what is about to happen in America is to deny the documented proof that Horowitz provides right before your eyes.  Order his books and tapes from his home page at or, for a limited time, get his 594 page/$29.95 book free along with 4 hours of his recent lecture (9-1-97) where he details the Rockefeller-Kissenger-Bush NAZI connection and the rise of the 4th Reich in America.

That free offer comes with a one year order of food from SafeTrek.

Personally, I don’t care were you order your food reserves from, but I can tell you that SafeTrek Food Reserves are competitive (quality and price) with other suppliers.

Wherever you get them, I suggest you do it fast. The government just made it illegal to order army surplus MRE’s and they may soon make long-term food storage illegal.

Why?  To force you to turn in your guns to get food rations. 

Food is always used as a weapon when corrupt governments turn to genocide of their own people.

They’ve already done that with vaccines in America.  And their time is short because their “fruits” are apparent.

The true test of spirituality is practicality. Hope and pray for the best and specifically for the binding of the wolves in sheep’s clothing among us.


Prepare for the worst.  Stick to your guns.  And shoot straight.

Yours for a safe trek,
Christopher Goodheart

PS – It was revealed at the last week’s SafeTrek Seminar that numerous top secret underground cities have been built around the United States for the power elite to escape into when World War III begins.

Col. Hammerman witnessed to the giant nuclear tunneling machines he has seen that melt the rock tailing into a glass-like wall lining.

I’ve heard multiple reports of the 14 giant underground retreats beneath the resorts that the Rockefeller cartel families have recently built along the east coast of Australia where the prevailing winds of the world are least likely to bring the radiation they know will be circulating big time.

In two weeks, the lethal level of radiation following detonation is down to livable levels.  Radiation is very survivable when you know how, even with expedient back yard preparations.  Quite often, the “chosen” are often those who simply choose.

“Evil will succeed only if enough good people do nothing.”  – Burke

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It must be preserved for the lost sheep of the Scattered Tribes.
Both Houses of The Twelve Tribes of the Scattered Sheep of the Children of IeShRaEL

Terrorism is EVIL – Counter Terrorism is Oppressive – We Support Neither!!
But Rather Encourage Love.

This Page is Brought to you by:
The Assembly of IaHUShUA’ MaShIaChaH
Because you need to know about these things
Please feel Free to GRAZE our Sight!


Shocking Pics Of Day Will Enrage You – US Military Equipment Flying Al-Qaeda Flag

Sunday, June 15, 2014

If ‘to the victor goes the spoils’ is true, America lost the Iraqi war.

The images below are very hard to look at but tell the story of the Iraqi war lost and the American people betrayed.

American military equipment, paid for by Americans and given to Iraq, now waving the Al-Qaeda flag.

Barack Obama’s foreign policy has been made clear: “The world belongs to the terrorists.”

American military equipment now fly the same terrorist flags as those who allegedly attacked the United States on September 11th, 2001.

Warning! Extremely graphic imagery and videos below.



Those who oppose the terrorists are rounded up and then ordered to lie down in mass graves.  

This is why up to a million refugees are now fleeing across the Iraqi borders, so they don’t end up like this:

ISIS In Iraq Unleash Hell Across The Country as They March On Baghdad

Published on Jun 12, 2014

In Iraq, ISIS radicals are reportedly planning to take Baghdad, after successfully advancing in the north. It;s thought the government’s now asked the US to carry out drone strikes against the insurgents. Marina Pornaya explains how that might mean Washington engaging against its own military hardware.

This could well lead to the west sending troops back into Iraq, and if that happens the middle east will literally erupt into all out war – just what the globalists love

Kev Baker Show

Hi there, im Kev Baker and I welcome you to my show right here on Truth Frequency Radio. The Kev Baker show is not just about me however, and I am joined nightly by my two friends and co-hosts,

The Whistler himself, Mr John Sinclair, and DJsNorthWest from Youtube, Mr Martin Hardy. Aswell as that there are researchers both behind and sometimes on mic, with the likes of Dulan & NanoGirl being regular guests aswell as diligent researchers behind the scenes.

We invite you to join us on our journey down the rabbit hole, seeking the answers to age old questions, and trying to decipher the world that is being painted around us via the main stream media, on behalf of their elitist overlords.

Geopolitics, the police state, government surveillance, institutional pedophilia, police cover ups, false flag operations, international terrorism, space, ancient history, metaphysics, human origins, technology and the transhumanist agenda are some of the topics the guys talk about on a nightly basis.

Add to that the strong line-up of guests that the team are building up. This allows the team to present information to the audience from some of the bigger better known names in alternative media. This all adds up to one of the fastest action packed, non-stop, info-filled hour on radio!

And although a lot of the subjects covered are dark and low vibrational, Team KBS promise to make it and entertaining and sometimes humourous look at these topics.

And remember…



MUST SEE! World War 3 is upon us!

Islamic State Of Iraq And Sham ISIS الدولة الاسلامية في العراق والشام

Published on Jun 14, 2014

Squeal like a pig you shia rafidah scum for the record shia are not Muslims but unmoral pieces off garbage of the worst kind
O raafidah, I told you the lions of the desert await you and are hungry. Come, let’s see who bleeds more.
Now that ‎ISIS execute SOLDIERS. You’re crying?
Where were you when people had their hand drilled and their daughter raped?
Where were you when the innocent kids were massacred because of their names?

Is ISIS winning the propaganda war?

Published on Jun 13, 2014

ISIS utilizes high-level production techniques to document brutal killings. CNN’s Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

Burying Truth

ISIL Attack Military base and take Tanks | ISIL iraq war | VIDEO

Published on Jun 13, 2014

Iraq crisis and War in Iraq. ISIL attack Mosul. Tanks abandoned by Iraqi government troops as ISIL militants advanced on Kirkuk province
army tanks appeared to have been abandoned in a field in Iraq’s Kirkuk province after government troops abandoned their posts and what appeared to be Sunni ISIL rebels initially took over the area, a video posted on the internet showed.
ISIS Iraq Crisis | Militants Attack | Tikrit After Taking Over Mosul

Gods forgive them not

If Militarism Continues Humankind is Doomed

By Jan Oberg

June 28, 2014 “ICH” – “Dissident Voice” – – Both NATO and the EU has just announced that their members will now invest more in the military. It’s indicative of the lack of creativity in both organisations, it is self-defeating and counter-productive.

But have you seen it put on top of any agenda and debated? You haven’t, it is so normal – and the argument is that we are threatened. That’s called fearology: Making tax payers pay even more by making them scared.

The military sector is a parasite on society

The military sector produces much less employment than the civilian per invested dollar. It’s a huge burden on the economy because it swallows creativity, research and development badly used to solve humankind’s real problems.

Weapons don’t belong to a market, there is no competition – the state is the only buyer – and thus tax payers must cover the systematic cost overruns.

We are told that there is economic crisis and we must cut down on hospitals, schools and human care everywhere. But this we can afford?

But what if the military did solve our problems?

Well, look at Somalia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and today’s Iraq: Where is it the use of armies and arms have made the world better? Where is the human security we provided?

No, whatever the question, the military and its philosophical base in violence is not the solution.

No cold war and no threat – but it goes on

We are told there is no Cold War. Well-informed people know that Russia’s military expenditures is 7% of NATO’s. Russia is a de facto military dwarf in the ‘correlation of forces.’

In spite of that, today’s global military level is much higher than at the time of the Cold War, measured in constant dollars. And now the creatives in NATO and the EU can find better options than saying: More! That is, more weapons, arms races, arms export, more killing – and more economic weakness and social problems?

It’s the enigma of our times that educated people are allowed in so-called democracies to practise such  fundamental destructiveness.

What if the world is getting more peaceful?

You’ve surely come across books and columnists who argue that “we are living in the most peaceful time ever in human history” – like Steven Pinker and the Peace Index which ought to be challenged in terms of both theory, concepts and methodology.

But we would all love it to be true, wouldn’t we?

That is why such arguments get a wide media coverage. In addition, they legitimate the ongoing militarist mind-set and the absurd military expenditures – US $ 1700 billion versus 30 for everything the whole UN system does.

Worse, they make us reduce the importance of the ongoing 40 or so wars. Do you know that there are now more people killed in Congo than Jews during the Second World War? But how much attention do they get?

It’s the MIMAC, stupid !

There is only one rational explanation of this dangerous madness: MIMAC = the Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex.

The vested interests shared by elites in these sectors are obvious. No matter what the world looks like – more or less peaceful – MIMAC keeps growing. There is a word for it: autism.

And whether politicians like it or not, they obey, see no alternatives to acquiring more arms – like a junkie wanting yet another shot. And some benefit through corruption and later well-paid board posts in the military industry.

No relations between threat and armament

It’s about 45 years now that peace and conflict research pointed out that if one of the super powers disappeared, the other would quickly find another enemy to legitimize its MIMAC with.

And we know how things developed after 1989.

There is no relation between threats and MIMAC and it’s the latter with its academic and media elites that justifies its further growth by pointing to new ‘threats’ and the necessity to be able to conduct wars all the time.

Threats are constructued to fit MIMAC’s insatiable needs. MIMAC is not a service to make society secure. And peace won’t grow out of it – because:

When you have the weapons, you tend to use them – rather than think and seek diplomatic solutions and genuine conflict-resolution.

Most media avoid militarism as an issue – however not Russia Today

It’s deeply controversial and strong power groups  will even kill people – physically or mediawise – who criticize militarism.

I was therefore grateful to be invited recently by RT – Russia Today and – without prior planning – talk about the MIMAC and why we should reduce it and invest, instead, in intelligent conflict-resolution.

RT has 650 million viewers worldwide, albeit “Worlds Apart” is of course only one program. The two videos on YouTube have been seen by more than 30.000 in a couple of weeks and I have received 500+ personal reactions from people around the world, all without exception positive.

My criticism is general, and it’s understood that Russia certainly also has a MIMAC.

One may wonder why it is RT that can take up this civilisational issue and not BBC, CNN, AlJazeera or your own country’s leading media. No one in Denmark or Sweden where I happen to be has addressed militarism the way RT does here for as long as I can remember.

The choice is clear

Either we stop the gigantic MIMAC parasite growth outside democratic control or humanity will be its victim and perish. If armament continues, wars fail and nuclar weapons are used (a related issue no one talks about anymore), you can forget about the environment, justice, democracy, Global Millennium Goals and all the rest.

Welcome to watch and discuss MIMAC and other issues (including Sweden where we begin) on RT’s program:

‘MIlitaries outdated, they should go like cannibalism & slavery’ – Peace researcher

Jan Oberg is a peace researcher, art photographer, and Director of Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF)

Emergency Webcast: “Nobody will Survive this War”

Uploaded on Feb 6, 2012

News Update | On April 3 2013, Chinese officials called for calm in Korea as Washington announced that it would deploy missiles and more troops to East Asia, the island of Guam, Australia and the West coast of the US territory amid a crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program.

Washington has been enhancing its military ties and alliances throughout the region to contain and encircle China. In this sense, the target of the US deployments is not only North Korea but mainly China. In fact, USA Today already mentioned the training shift towards the Asia-Pacific region at Dyess in an article published in August 2012. The article added that the new strategy, which was announced in January 2012 by President Barack Obama, sought to “counter the rising power of China”.

Moreover, during a recent meeting of Obama with Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Washington, the US president announced the sending of more US warships to the area of the Malacca Strait, a waterway that connects the Indian and Pacific Oceans and is critical to Chinese energy imports and trade.

Warmongering Senator John McCain of Arizona has also used the Korea crisis to attack China. “Chinese behavior has been very disappointing, whether it be on cyber security, whether it be on confrontation in the South China Sea, or whether it be their failure to rein in North Korea,” he said.

For his part, James Hardy, the Asia-Pacific editor for Jane’s Defense Weekly – also thinks that Washington “is using the existence of this crisis as an excuse to ramp up its missile defenses in Asia.” He pointed out that this move is related to Washington’s plans for hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region.

For its part, China is logically concerned by the deployment of these military systems near its borders. Chinese leaders have also seen the deployment of missile defense systems as a threat for their country. They have openly criticized the US for announcing a large increase in its anti-missile interceptors based in Alaska. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei warned that “strengthening anti-missile systems will intensify antagonism”.

Both China and Russia oppose the US deployment of these systems in Asia and Europe, which are not mainly aimed at Iran and North Korea, as Washington claims, but at undermining Chinese and Russian nuclear capacity. The ability to destroy missiles would allow the US to launch a “first nuclear strike” against China or Russia while avoiding a retaliation attack against its territory. As a response, Moscow and Beijing have already started to develop their military capacities, including the manufacture of new state-of-the-art nuclear missiles being capable of overcoming any anti-missile defense system. –

Copy of World War Three Plans

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