Anonymous – Red Alert!

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  Adam Coleman

Wow! Nice doc! I came an inch away from not watching it but I’m glad I stayed with it! Slightly redundant towards the end but forgivable as sometimes the message needs repeating espec about walking bird BLOWbama!
Is Marc Emery still going through his ordeal? I thought those three got that resolved years ago?
Talk about hypocrisy! Anyway…this is one cool and unique doc which I will like and pass forward.
Keep up the good work and some cool pix as well. You have a gift.
It really is a shame that many Jewish people have no idea of the scumsucking zionist agenda and like the scumsucking Joey Biden said, “you don’t have to be a Jew to be a zionist” and he is right.
Shit eaters come from all religions and walks of life!
I think a good quote I often use that my father used from time to time is this: “be mindful when you argue with an idiot that the idiot isn’t doing the same thing!” Also one I coined myself…”there’s a fine line between fast and half-assed” Doobie cool Amigo. Add one new subscriber

Filmed by Daniel J Towsey, The Visionary Folk Photographer is A Truth Soldier Cancer Cure.

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