Holocaust ‘Hoax”


Explicit Truth 150px textDo not be fooled by all the photos of sick, starving and dead prisoners at Auschwitz. What you were shown was the deliberate delay of military rescue by three months after Germany had been fire bombed to oblivion and could not care for or feed the prisoners


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The “Six Million” Jewish “holocaust” Myth






Ugly crime of the Popes_009_ A Truth Soldierhttps://worldwarthreereports.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/the-catholic-church-its-satanic-history-exposed/

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Auschwitz Made in Switzerland; Swiss Servants Satan`s Seed


Published on Oct 16, 2014

auSchWITZ-ERLAND & THE SWISS NAZI TEMPLARS FROM OCTOGON IN THE ALPS. The maker has been sentenced to a prison sentence in Switzerland for making videos about the swiss involvement in WW2 and the death camps, which was a swiss idea and concept, financed by the Swiss and executed by the all swiss top responsibles.

The producer is a Nazi Hunter and so was his grandfather, who got killed by the Nazis in 1942. He can await death and torture in the swiss torture detention facitilty of Amthaus in Bern Switzerland dated November 10th 2014, where many an immigrant has been tortured and murdered including the austrian Wolfgang Umfogl concerning the swiss tax evasion scandals of the swiss Nazi banks. Y

ou will learn many things from this film, and that the head of the Nazis was 100% swiss and the Germans the right hand and stupid germanic soldier doing the dirty work for the motherland in the Alps having their minds twisted by sly swiss made racist propaganda, just as we can see it happen today in Switzerland, where 10.000 asylumseekers have gone missing and most likely incinerated as in Auschwitz – even Himmler and Mengele were in fact so called ethnic Swiss.

Auschwitz must not be forgotten, and this video will shine a new light upon the true responsibles behind the screens of the Shoah.

You`ll find the links by clicking “show more” under each attribution of the following link: http://www.youtube.com/attribution?v=AOEqWB5LFXIDr. Sdf. Sean Hross Switzerland Core of the evil – A Truth Soldier Message –

YOUTUBE is blocking me from puting this video into CC Creative Commons Public Domain..You may copy and reupload this video..
Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross  shows that Switzerland is the world wide Nazi Zionist Banksters center of evil.. They are not neutral at all….I am now going to attempt to write a review of the last piece of the puzzle that good truth loving humanity has been searching for…

This is it.. Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross has done it . He has risked his life to do this for humanity and his life is still very much in danger…

It will require intelligent people to spend many days viewing the videos below to comprehend that those who control and create digital money are insane.

Which is why I have said “Truthers always sound insane when telling what the insane are doing” that is why sane people have not been able to stop the insanity that has gripped this planet..

For the sane can not comprehend that such world wide organized insanity has jeopardized the future of this planet.

The insanity will not stop until humanity starts to seek truth and then spread those seeds of truth.

You will fully comprehend the insanity when you take the time to watch all the videos below and hear what Dr.Sdf. Sean Hoss is revealing.

The doctor speaks four languages and has done these videos in French, German and English and on other language. Below are only the English ones.

Please go to his Youtube channel and download everything and you are free to re-upload them under Creative Commons licensing..

Please spread his truth before they kill him.. The more attention he gets the less likely the Swiss will kill him..
Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier

Faces of Evil: Warmakers from Switzerland on all Key Positions

See page one. https://weoccupyearth.wordpress.com/sean-hross/


1948 – Allies Found That No Camp Inmates were gassed.pdf


A Prominent False.pdf

Anne Frank’s Diary – Written with BallPoint Pen.pdf

Argument Boils About Number of Dead at Auschwitz.pdf

Auschwitz – Myths and Facts.pdf

Auschwitz Museum Director Reveal Gas Chamber Hoax.pdf

Chemical & Toxicological.pdf

Great Revisionist Website…..

Germar Rudolf’s Personal Website

Remembering all casualties of war_4719German woman lays charges against Central Council of Jews

How the “Holocaust” was faked


Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told

David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper.pdf

David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper2.pdf

David Cole.pdf

Forty-Six Important Unanswered Questions Regarding the Nazi Gas Chambers.pdf

Gas Chamber Doors — A Comparison in Photos.pdf

Historical Lies as an instrument of domination.pdf

HOLOCAUST Why it must be questioned.–Statement by University President.pdf

Holocaust Fundamentalism You WILL Believe! 4 Feb 2006.pdf

Holocaust Literary Frauds.pdf

How Not To Be Interviewed by CNN about Holocaust.pdf

Iran points out Lies Of The Holocaust Industry.pdf

JDL Affair.pdf

Michael Shermers 18 bits of evidence.pdf

Michael Shermer’s Jumping Together Argument.pdf

Monstrous Traitor.pdf

Michael Shermer’s Jumping Together Argument.pdf


Silence Too is an Answer.pdf

Statement of David Cole.pdf

Taboo Quality of the Holocaust.pdf

The Most Powerful Proof of the Holocaust.pdf
The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz – David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper…


What remains to be done to nail this down.pdf

What they do to revisionists.pdf

Who Are They.pdf

Dare to care Why I don’t believe in the Holocaust.pdf

Daniel J Towsey.

Do not be fooled by all the photos of sick, starving and dead prisoners at Auschwitz. What you were shown was the deliberate delay by three months after Germany had been fire bombed to oblivion and could not care for or feed the prisoners.

The Allied were told to wait three months before going to the camps were upon you are shown the photos of the condition at the abandoned prison work camps with the prisoners left to their faith.

Below you will find all the evidence of what really happened. And please know that when the Soviet communist country collapsed a few years ago, All the hidden and confidential records from Germany WW2 were released to the public.

All the work camps were searched long after the war for evidence of the war propaganda claims that millions died and were buried in mass graves on the camps properties. Ground penetrating radar was used to search the camps for soil that had been disturbed to prove that there had been mass graves..

Nothing was ever found except the ones the Zionist controlled Allied’s dug to bury all those prisoners of the work camps that died after German civilian populations were fire bombed.

Now you know why to saw all those photos of skinny sick, dead and dying prisoners. and their mass trench graves dug by the Americans and the bodies were being thrown into.

Here is another thought for you.

At the beginning of the second world war, there were 50,000 real Jews that had never been forced out of Palestine and lived there in peace for over 2000 years. The Jews were never thrown out. Then ask your self why is it that after the second world war there now appeared six million mostly Khazar Zionist Fake Jews living in Palestine..

The NEW WORLD ORDER ZIONIST KAZAR JEWS that came from the bombed out countries were forced to do what is standard for the fake Jews. They were told to do the deceptive thing and that is to change their names so that it could not be traced backed to the supposed six million..

Modis Operendi

Here is the true history about this insane satanic Zionist evil that has been unleashed all over this planet for the past 200 years.

It goes back to the first Rothschild. He was a Jew that changed his name to Rothschild that means rotten child.

Please read the Zionist protocols that he wrote on how he was setting up the take over this planet.

http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm The Jews say that these are forgeries. I think it is the first and only time I ever heard any true from the Zionist Jews. But as their slogan goes.

Do war through deception.

The deception here is the true meaning of forgery. Forgeries are always duplicates of the original. Jews never said the protocols were fake. When you read the protocols I think you will know how real this plan is.

Rothschild began his banking empire by financing Napoleon Bonaparte.

Napoleon started the the plague of destroying whole ancient beautiful peaceful cultures and countries so that Rothschild then after would come in and put in his central bank.

Then his banksters would finance the rebuilding of the destruction he engineered. For ever then after financially enslaving and controlling humanity.

But no money in the world would bring back the humans that had built the previous culturally beautiful society. Thanks to all the truthers on the internet we can now know and see a glimpse of the cultural gems that have been lost to humanity for ever.

But worse then that is the destruction of this planets natural healthy environment.

The banksters are not just stealing lives, cultures and all beauty of human achievements.

Their corporate empire of insanity is poisoning everything .The peoples minds and bodies, Chemtrals, H.A.A.R.P. Weather manipulation and environmental warfare, Radiation fall out, GMO’s, Depleted uranium munitions radiation pollution, Cloning and genetically creating monstrous living creatures, Killing the oceans, raping the surface of the planet like Fracking, and the Alberta tar sands.

The list of insanity and destruction brought a pond this planet by that insanely evil Rotten child bankster Illuminati pyramid scheme, is endless.

The destruction and fire bombings of Japan, Germany, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, there is no place on this planet that has not been harmed by this Rotten child empire of insanity.

Human beings have got to to stop letting this pyramid scheme control their lives and actions. Especially those who are in the military that for some illogical reason believe that those above them in the pyramid scheme are any smarter or better then you are.

Humanity has to stop this pyramid scheme NOW. This planet is dying very fast.. Much plant natural biodiversity has been killed and gone extinct, much of the living creatures have gone extinct due to this empire of insanity.

Daniel J Towsey is A Truth Soldier, for there is a satanic war on for your very minds…The only thing that empowers the individual is truth. You need to discover it and then share it. Do not believe for a minute that you are powerless to change the negative direction this planet is on.

If you done something positively good by sharing the empowering truths, such as the ones on this site, with others then you will then empower others.

Truth is power. Power to the people. Get involved in the world wise awakening that is NOW happening.

Be part of The World Wide Truth Revolution.

“When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution

will blossom from the


Video: A Female Hitler Survivor’s WARNING TO AMERICA – “Please Hear Me”

Is America Today Marching to the Same Drum Beat as Nazi Germany? – Kitty Werthmann

Published on May 13, 2013

http://EagleForumOfCalifornia.org Eagle Forum of California 2013 Conference
Kitty Werthmann is a WW2 survivor.

She is 87 years old and is President of the South Dakota Eagle Forum. Werthmann lived under Nazi rule through the war, and strongly feels the need to warn Americans about the horrors of socialism. Werthmann said that Adolf Hitler spoke just like an American politician.

She says: When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny, but when the government fears the people, that’s Liberty!

Sighting Switzerland’s policy where citizens are required to own guns, Hitler did not attempt to invade the country and it has not been involved in a war for 600 years. Kitty advocates: ‘Keep your guns. Keep your guns, and buy more guns! and stock up on ammo because: “What good is a gun without ammunition?”

Hitler Fled To Argentina and The FBI Has It RIGHT On Their Public Website


Posted by  Royce Christyn

So, as with a lot of US Governmental agencies, they like to hide things in plain site – like the fact that Hitler didn’t kill himself, he DID flee to Argentina, and it’s all public record.  The just didn’t make a big press announcement that every history book in every school across the globe is wrong.  It would be bad for business, I suppose?

Anyway, Red Flag News has an article entitled, “FBI Opens Files Proving Hitler Went To Argentina” [1], and it even has links to the actual FBI Documents!

It says:

Read the documents yourself at fbi.gov

(by R&S, Exposing the Realities) — Newly declassified FBI documents prove that the government knew Hitler was alive and well, and living in the Andes Mountains long after World War II.

On April 30 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his underground bunker. His body was later discovered and identified by the Soviets before being rushed back to Russia. Is it really possible that the Soviets have been lying all this time, and that history has purposely been rewritten?

No one thought so until the release of the FBI documents. It seems that it is possible that the most hated man in history escaped war torn Germany and lived a bucolic and peaceful life in the beautiful foothills of the Andes Mountains.

The Intelligence Community Knew.

Recently released FBI documents are beginning to show that not only was Hitler and Eva Braun’s suicide faked, the infamous pair might have had help from the director of the OSS himself, Allen Dulles.

In one FBI document from Los Angles, it is revealed that the agency was well aware of a mysterious submarine making its way up the Argentinian coast dropping off high level Nazi officials. What is even more astonishing is the fact that the FBI knew he was in fact living in the foothills of the Andes.

Who is the Mysterious Informant?

In a Los Angeles letter to the Bureau in August of 1945, an unidentified informant agreed to exchange information for political asylum. What he told agents was stunning.

The informant not only knew Hitler was in Argentina, he was one of the confirmed four men who had met the German submarine. Apparently, two submarines had landed on the Argentinian coast, and Hitler with Eva Braun was on board the second.

The Argentinian government not only welcomed the former German dictator, but also aided in his hiding. The informant went on to not only give detailed directions to the villages that Hitler and his party had passed through, but also credible physical details concerning Hitler.

While for obvious reasons the informant is never named in the FBI papers, he was credible enough to be believed by some agents.

The FBI Tried to Hide Hitler’s Whereabouts.

Even with a detailed physical description and directions the FBI still did not follow up on these new leads. Even with evidence placing the German sub U-530 on the Argentinian coast shortly before finally surrounding, and plenty of eye witness accounts of German official being dropped off, no one investigated.


Click on image to download PDF or review directly on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website fbi.gov


Even More Evidence is Found:

Along with the FBI documents detailing an eye witness account of Hitler’s whereabouts in Argentina, more evidence is coming to light to help prove that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not die in that bunker.

In 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires informed Washington there was a high probability that Hitler and Eva Braun had just arrived in Argentina. This coincides with the sightings of the submarine U-530. Added proof comes in the form of newspaper articles detailing the construction of a Bavarian styled mansion in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Further proof comes in the form of architect Alejandro Bustillo who wrote about his design and construction of Hitler’s new home which was financed by earlier wealthy German immigrants.

Irrefutable Evidence that Hitler Escaped:

Perhaps the most damming evidence that Hitler did survive the fall of Germany lies in Russia. With the Soviet occupation of Germany, Hitler’s supposed remains were quickly hidden and sent off to Russia, never to be seen again. That is until 2009, when an archeologist from Connecticut State, Nicholas Bellatoni was allowed to perform DNA testing on one of the skull fragments recovered.

What he discovered set off a reaction through the intelligence and scholarly communities. Not only did the DNA not match any recorded samples thought to be Hitler’s, they did not match Eva Braun’s familiar DNA either. So the question is, what did the Soviets discover in the bunker, and where is Hitler?

Even former general and President Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote to Washington.

It was not only General Eisenhower who was concerned over Hitler’s compete disappearance, Stalin also expressed his concerns. In 1945, the Stars and Stripes newspaper quoted then General Eisenhower as believing that the real possibility existed of Hitler living safely and comfortably in Argentina.

Hitler Escaped: Is it Possible?

With all of the new found evidence coming to light, it is possible and even likely that not only did Hitler escape from Germany; he had the help of the international intelligence community. Released FBI documents prove that they were not only aware of Hitler’s presence in Argentina; they were also helping to cover it up.

It would not be the first time the OSS helped a high ranking Nazi official to escape punishment and capture. Look at the story of Adolf Eichmann who was located in Argentina in the 1960’s.

Did Hitler escape to Argentina? The answer is yes.


[1] http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2014/03/fbi-opens-files-proving-hitler-went-to-argentina-2603372.html

Ditlieb Felderer exposes ‘Auschwitz’ survivor


Published on Mar 6, 2014

This zionist freakshow took place at the Merle Pollis radio talk-show in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 23 September 1982.

As mentioned in the video the whole interview is to expect on this youtube-channel.

Felderers book on the Anne Frank diary hoax:
PDF: http://www.vho.org/aaargh/fran/livres2/DFAnneFrank.pdf

Name one good thing Israel did for humanity (Compilation)


Name One Good Thing That Israel Did For Humanity asked of Kazim Hafeez Tonight October 15 2012, I went to video tape a lecture by Kazim held at St Mary’s University in Halifax. I had never before h…


Eisenhower exterminated one million Germans

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

Published on Nov 19, 2014

The who, how & why of the JFK assassination. Taken from an historical perspective starting around world war 1 leading to present day. We hope after watching this video you will know more about what happened in the past and how the world is run today.

The Allied bombing of German cities in World War II was unjustifiable

Published on Oct 26, 2012


Filmed at the Royal Institute of British Architects on 25th October 2012.

Event info:

No one doubts the bravery of the thousands of men who flew and died in Bomber Command. The death rate was an appalling 44%. And yet until the opening of a monument in Green Park this year they have received no official recognition, with many historians claiming that the offensive was immoral and unjustified.

How can it be right, they argue, for the Allies to have deliberately targeted German cities causing the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians? Even on a strategic level the offensive failed to bring about the collapse of civilian morale that was its intention.

Others, however, maintain that the attacks made a decisive contribution to the Allied victory. Vast numbers of German soldiers and planes were diverted from the eastern and western fronts, while Allied bombing attacks virtually destroyed the German air force, clearing the way for the invasion of the continent.

U.S. HoloHoax Museum

Night Bombers 1943

Published on Dec 30, 2012

A unique record of the nightly air raids made on Germany during World War II. Archive colour footage from No. 1 Group, Royal Air Force operating Avro Lancaster bombers, in action, winter 1943.

In the winter of 1943, RAF Bomber Command was sending massive raids almost every night into the heart of Germany.

This is the story of one of them, an attack on Berlin. Although certain scenes had to be re-created for technical reasons, make no mistake, the raid is a real one and there are no actors.

Made by Air Commodore H.I. Cozens while station commander at Hemswell. This is the Only known colour record of the Bomber Command during WWII documenting a bombing raid targeting Berlin.

Readers comments.Geoffrey Franklin says Daniel do you know who Sherman Skolnik was?

Daniel J Towsey says yes I read most of what he wrote for years..he was a great intelligent activist..an guy in a wheelchair like me..he never gave up and fought against and exposed the corrupt judges in Chicago..he got a lot of judges penalized..but Skolink died for unexplained reasons..

Geoffrey Franklin says,  He was Jewish too.


By Collection of Sherman Skolnick’s Writings
Nov 9, 2008

Candace: When I saw this name picked for Chief of Staff I cringed terribly, remembering something that said this man should not have been selected.

I was pleased to find this on Rense today, for it was from follow Sherman Skolnicks’ work that I remember the name Rahn Emanuel.

God rest his soul, he was a great investigator with endless courage, despite having to live in a wheelchair. He was arrested in that chair and thrown into jail, plus other murder attempts.

Journalist Reaches From
Grave To Nail Rahm
Excerpts From Archived News Investigations
By The Late Sherman H. Skolnick
(July 13 1930 ­ May 21, 2006)

Daniel J Towsey says You mean he was a real Jew and not a Zionist

 Daniel J Towsey says I thought he died

Tyler Dunphy says This is true! Churchill killed way more people than Hitlers armies.

Have you researched the Haavara agreement?

Tyler Dunphy says The Haavara agreement was a document created in ’33 by Hitler and the Rothschild family, it forced German jews to move to Palestine(british controlled at the time) BUT they got all their assets whenever they moved.

So they would go from being poor in Germany to rich in Palestine. After two years Britain had to set a cap of 75,000 immigrants a year from’35 to ’39 because there was too many immigrants moving to Palestine.

This created a population in the area of Palestine that is called Israel today. Also something else that’s interesting is from ’46 to ’48 Mandatory Palestine(Israel)’s population DOUBLED from immigrants.

And that’s how Israel was created

Tyler Dunphy Oh sorry that’s not the best link, hopefully wikipedia does it justice!


The Haavara Agreement (Hebrew: ???? ????? Translit.: heskem haavara Translated: “transfer agreement”) was signed on 25 August 1933 after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany (die Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland), the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany.

The agreement was designed to help facilitate the emigration of German Jews to Palestine. While it helped Jews emigrate, it forced them to give up most of their possessions to Germany before departing.
Those assets could later be obtained by transferring them to Palestine as German export goods.

Daniel J Towsey says. I recommend you download and read (First book original) this free book to learn about the devastatingly worse than nuking firebombing.

David Irving’s famous bestseller:

Apocalypse 1945: The Destruction of Dresden


Dresden Fire Bombing VictimsDresden Fire Bombing Victims 2

Firestorm Over Dresden (full)


Published on Nov 22, 2012

Firestorm Over Dresden Germany: A Real Holocaust
On the night of February 13th, 1945 there began one of the most controversial raids of World War 2 – the bombing of Dresden. It is a controversy which still rages today. This documentary, taking into account the latest historical evidence, attempts to shed new light on this event.

Contemporary witnesses, previously unheard, describe the events and the terror of what it was like to be in Dresden through the night of bombing.

The film combines archive images of pre-war Dresden with a night of remembrance 45 years later in the Palace of Culture. Using information from Winston Churchill’s diaries the outspoken historian David Irving painted a comprehensive picture of the time, the background to the bombing, and the strategies employed.

Above all this film was made as a memorial to the loss of human life and of great works of art, and as a warning of the future. It is a demand for peace and a plea for humanity.

Holocaust Or Holohoax 06: The Faked Atrocity Photos


World War 2: Fake Pictures Of German Brutality


Whenever anyone questions the extent of Nazi atrocities and the “Holocaust” the jew zionist controlled main stream media always trot out photos as evidence.

However modern techniques are now exposing many of these photos as fakes.

Here is a small sample below to show how it was done:











Dino A Brugioni: Photo Fakery: The History and Techniques of Photographic Deception and Manipulation

Dino A. Brugioni was one of the founders of the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center. He also co-authored the CIA’s “Retrospective Analysis of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Complex.” In the “About the Author” section of this book it notes that he “became the CIA expert in photo fakery and photo manipulation.”

Of course this topic is of interest to revisionists. It is doubly interesting in that the self-admitted CIA expert in photo fakery is also the one who wrote the CIA’s report based on aerial photos to prove the Holocaust.

Brugioni was hired by the CIA in 1948. He notes that

“it became immediately apparent to me, even as a neophyte in the intelligence game, that the Soviets had embarked on a massive program of misinformation during the war years. On reviewing still photos, I found that the Soviets had used heavy brush techniques to delete details of their weapons. Care had also been taken to portray their leaders in the most favorable light. Reviewing Soviet newsreels, I found that many battle scenes had been deliberately staged; often, dramatic scenes of one battle would be superimposed to show up in films of other battles.”

With this said, Brugioni attempts to lead the uninitiated and the neophytes through the history and techniques of photo fakery. The book is filled with photographic fakes. Interestingly the 5th chapter, entitled “Spotting Fakes” includes a discussion of the concentration camps and Brugioni’s work on the subject.

Note that Brugioni in no way claims that these aerial photos are faked — although it strikes me as incredibly odd that they conclude his chapter on “spotting fakes.” It almost strikes one as a sort of game or challenge on the part of Brugioni.

The specific photos included in this chapter are one of Belsen after the British burned the barracks. It is followed by the same photo run through various stages of computer enhancement to “reconstruct” the camp from the ash left from the burned buildings.

clickBrugioni also includes an aerial shot of Belzec. He notes that the photo “revealed the massive pits where the bodies were buried.” He also includes one shot of the Birkenau camp from 25 August 1944 and one of Auschwitz I from the same date. In his text he notes:

“In 1978, photo interpreter Robert Poirier and I discovered World War II aerial photos of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp that had inadvertently been taken on leader film during an Allied reconnaissance mission against the nearby I.G. Farben Synthetic Rubber and Fuel Plant. Using a variety of density slicing and enlargement techniques, Holocaust victims who had arrived in boxcars at Auschwitz could be seen being marched to their deaths in the gas chamber. Others could be seen lined up at a processing center for slave labor assignments.”

An examination of these two photos in comparison with the CIA report is interesting. Neither picture matches that in the CIA report. The photo in the new book of Birkenau might be the same photo that is labeled No. 4 on page 9 of the CIA report.

The Auschwitz I photo is closest to Photo No. 2 on page 7 of the CIA report.

The Birkenau photo. In Photo Fakery the picture is cropped very differently (if it is the same photo).

The labels are also different. In Photo Fakery much more of the Women’s Camp is shown and the “Gas chambers” are at the very far right of the photo. Actually you can not even see the extreme right of KII or KIII. The photo goes right into the binding of the book. Therefore the Undressing Room which is clear in the CIA report (KIII) is not shown in Photo Fakery. In Photo Fakery there is a label reading “Gas Chamber Crematorium” which points to the thick line (fence? hedgerow?) behind KII.

The label in the CIA report that says “Engine Room” and points to KIII is now labed “Crematorium.” The label in CIA that reads “Prisoners on way to Gas Chambers” now reads “Group on way to Gas Chamber.”

Although the labels are different and the cropping is very different the prisoners seems to match up exactly. Therefore it seems that Brugioni chose to use the same photo in both books but to alter its appearance in the new book. The odd alleged “Zyklon openings” in KIII clearly visible in the CIA report are now off of the photo entirely. It’s not that they don’t appear, it’s that the photo is cropped to exclude them.

The four “dots” that line up behind KII are still visible in the new book. Note that the photo under discussion appears to be the same photo in John Ball’s “Air Photo Evidence” page 40. The new book crops it from “Prisoners undergoing disinfection” and cuts off at the vents of KII and KIII. The Auschwitz I photo is similar to Photo 2 from CIA.

However in the CIA report it claims the photo is from 4 April 1944 in Photo Fakery it is labeled 25 August 1944. The photo in Photo Fakery is on an angle. Whereas in CIA the barracks are straight up, they appear at an angle in Photo Fakery. All labels are different. Otherwise the photos cover the exact same section of the camp.

This photo is similar to John Ball’s on page 44. However the photo in Photo Fakery is upside down and cropped to only show the far right of this view. Actually there are details in Photo Fakery which go further to the right than the photo in Ball’s book.

A final word from Brugioni on False Captioning:

“The falsely captioned photo differs from other groups of fake photos in that, although the photography has not been altered, the context of what the photograph purportedly conveys is simply falsified. Proper captioning of a photograph includes descriptive data regarding the ‘who, what, where, when, and why’ of the subject or scene. In falsely captioned photos only one or more of these elements is usually mentioned. This type of fake is frequently used in criminal cases to trap defendants who have tried to silence witnesses from testifying against them.”

One wonders is that “group on way to Gas chamber” “Prsioners on way to gas chambers” or “Prisoners on way to Barracks” or “Group out on morning jog?”


The Bombing of Dresden in World War II & Slaughterhouse-Five: Kurt Vonnegut (1997)


Published on Mar 25, 2014

Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death (1969) is a satirical novel by Kurt Vonnegut about World War II experiences and journeys through time of a soldier named Billy Pilgrim. It is generally recognized as Vonnegut’s most influential and popular work. Vonnegut’s use of the firebombing of Dresden as a central event makes the novel semi-autobiographical, as he was present during the bombing.

A film adaptation of the book, also called Slaughterhouse-Five, was made in 1972. Although critically praised, the film was a box office flop. It won the Prix du Jury at the 1972 Cannes Film Festival, as well as a Hugo Award, and Saturn Award.

Vonnegut commended the film greatly. Guillermo del Toro has confirmed his intention to remake the 1972 film, originally hoping to release it in early 2011;[18] but due to his previous involvement with The Hobbit, the date of release for a film adaptation was pushed back.

Although Guillermo del Toro has since dropped out of involvement with The Hobbit, the possibility of a new Slaughterhouse-Five adaptation remains in question since it is not among several projects Del Toro is said to be working on as of Summer 2013.’.[19]
In 1989, a theatrical adaption premiered at The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, in the UK. This was the first time the novel had been presented onstage.

It was adapted by Vince Foxall, and directed by Paddy Cunneen. In 1996, a theatrical adaptation of the novel was premiered at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, IL.

The adaptation was written and directed by Eric Simonson and included actors Rick Snyder, Robert Breuler, and Deanna Dunagan.[20]

The play has been performed in several other theaters including a January 2008 New York premiere production at the Godlight Theatre Company.

The operatic adaptation by Hans-Jürgen von Bose,[21] premiered in July 1996 at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. Billy Pilgrim II was sung by Uwe Schonbeck.[22]
In September 2009 BBC Radio 3 broadcast a feature length radio drama based on the book which was dramatised by Dave Sheasby and which starred Andrew Scott as Billy Pilgrim and was scored by the group 65daysofstatic.


The Bombing of Dresden was an attack on the city of Dresden, the capital of the German state of Saxony, that took place in the final months of the Second World War in the European Theatre.

In four raids between 13 and 15 February 1945, 722 heavy bombers of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and 527 of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped more than 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the city.[1]

The bombing and the resulting firestorm destroyed over 1,600 acres (6.5 km2) of the city centre.[2] Between 22,700 and 25,000 people were killed.[3]
Post-war discussion of whether or not the attacks were justified has led to the bombing becoming one of the moral causes célèbres of the war.[4]
A 1953 United States Air Force report defended the operation as the justified bombing of a military and industrial target, which was a major rail transport and communication centre, housing 110 factories and 50,000 workers in support of the German war effort.[5]

Several researchers have claimed that not all of the communications infrastructure, such as the bridges, were targeted, nor were the extensive industrial areas outside the city centre.[6]

Critics of the bombing argue that Dresden—sometimes referred to as “Florence on the Elbe” (Elbflorenz)—was a cultural landmark of little or no military significance, and that the attacks were indiscriminate area bombing and not proportionate to the commensurate military gains.[7][8]

Large variations in the claimed death toll have fuelled the controversy. In March 1945, the Nazi regime ordered its press to publish a falsified casualty figure of 200,000 for the Dresden raids, and death toll estimates as high as 500,000 have been given.[9]

The city authorities at the time estimated no more than 25,000 victims, a figure which subsequent investigations, including one commissioned by the city council in 2010, support.


Image from Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1994-041-07 / CC-BY-SA [CC-BY-SA-3.0-de (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/de/deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons

Sir Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris talks about the Dresden Holocaust


Inside Out, BBC TV, 11th February 2013 Rare interview clips from 1977.

Unedited David Irving in Arlington, TX on March 3rd, 2014



Published on Mar 4, 2014

The Enduring, Dangerous Legacy of Winston Churchill


Copy of Winston Churchill_3788

Mark Weber: The Real Winston Churchill


Tyler Dunphy Yeah i’ve seen direct quotes from Churchill ordering to bomb 500,000 refugees. Also Truman(32nd degree mason at the time) just happened to drop two atomic bombs on the highest populations of Christians in Japan.

Lor Martinez-d ugh seriously…ill be counting the minutes till this is removed..geez

Kristen Wolfe Yep lets all close our eyes and pretend that the government is telling us the truth about this, just not the truth about vaccines.

Lor Martinez-d has NOTHING to do with vaccines and its going to offend a hell of a lot of people and im not even going to go into MY opinion of it.. who are the admins aside Tina? is there a list somewhere

Kristen Wolfe I agree with you on that point Lor Good post, wrong page that’s for sure!!



Examining the Evidence of the Holocaust Part 1 of 

David Cole in Auschwitz full documentary 1992

Published on Feb 8, 2012

Regarding your account: HISTROIKA
We have received a legal complaint regarding your video. After review, the following video: Examining the Evidence of the Holocaust Part 1 of 2 has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s):

French Polynesia, France, French Guiana, Wallis and Futuna, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, French Southern Territories, Austria, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Czech Republic, Reunion, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Israel, Germany

YouTube blocks content where necessary to comply with local laws. Please review our help centre article on legal complaints //support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.­py?answer=3001497&hl=en-GB.

A city dies. Bombing of Pforzheim.


During the latter stages of World War II, Pforzheim, a town in southwestern Germany, was bombed a number of times. The largest raid, and one of the most devastating area bombardments of the war was carried out by the Royal Air Force (RAF) on the evening of February 23, 1945. About one fifth of the town’s population, over 17,000 people, were killed in the air raid, and about 83% of the town’s buildings were destroyed.

Daniel J Towsey I think the lies were told is the real offense.. go to the link and read the Destruction of Dresden fire bombing its a free download..


Bombing Raid on Emden, Germany in 1943 – “THE THUNDERBOLTS: RAMROD TO EMDEN” – WDTVLIVE42


This docu-drama produced by the United States Army Air Forces during World War Two details the planning required for fighter coverage during an allied bombing raid on Emden, Germany.

The film shows the departure of P-47s and P-38s, rendezvous of fighter escort with bomber formations, air-to-air combat between the bombers and attacking aircraft, and between fighter escorts and attacking aircraft, bomb drop on target, return of fighter escorts to English bases, and highlights the role of 56th Fighter Group in this raid.

This movie is available to download from the Fedflix collection at http://www.archive.org/details/gov.archives.arc.3483

Daniel J Towsey oh and who do you think are creating the deadly vaccines and why..it is the same ones that did the fire bombing and the vaccines are doing the same thing.. killing innocent people.. wake up

Kristen Wolfe You can’t complete the puzzle until you have all of the pieces. Thank you for sharing Daniel.

Lor Martinez-d uh no thanks…seriously r they not going to remove this? considering the stuff over actual parenting thats been removed rather ridiculous

Kristen Wolfe You do realize that the german scientists who perpetrated these atrocities, came to America and headed our pharmaceutical companies right Lor? You do realize that the experimentation done on all of those people, not just the jewish ones, is being carried out today on all of us right?

Operation Gomorrah – Bombing of Hamburg


Published on Jul 9, 2013

The attack during the last week of July, 1943, Operation Gomorrah, created one of the largest firestorms raised by the RAF and USAAF in World War II, killing 42,600 civilians and wounding 37,000 in Hamburg and practically destroying the entire City. Before the development of the firestorm in Hamburg there had been no rain for some time and everything was very dry.

The unusually warm weather and good conditions meant that the bombing was highly concentrated around the intended targets and also created a vortex and whirling updraft of super-heated air which created a 1,500-foot-high tornado of fire, a totally unexpected effect.


Operation Gomorrha – Hamburg im Feuersturm 1943 Doku

Operation Gomorrha war der militärische Codename für eine Serie von Luftangriffen, die vom Bomber Command der Royal Air Force und der 8th US Air Force im Zweiten Weltkrieg vom 25. Juli bis 3. August 1943 auf Hamburg ausgeführt wurden. Es waren die bis dahin schwersten Angriffe in der Geschichte des Luftkrieges. Befohlen wurden diese Angriffe von Luftmarschall Arthur Harris, dem Oberbefehlshaber des Britischen Bomber Command.

Het Bombardement op Hamburg, ook wel Operation Gomorrha genoemd, was het bombardement dat de Britten in de Tweede Wereldoorlog, op 24 juli 1943, uitvoerden op de Duitse stad Hamburg Het offensief van ‘Bomber’ Harris duurde tot 3 augustus. In totaal vlogen 2353 zware bommenwerpers over de stad. Er viel ruim negenduizend ton brisant- en brandbommen. In de nacht van 24 juli vielen bijna honderdduizend brandbommen op de stad.

L’opération Gomorrhe, en anglais Operation Gomorrah, est le nom de code militaire d’une campagne de sept raids aériens rapprochés menés par les bombardiers des armées de l’air britannique et américaine sur la ville allemande de Hambourg entre le 25 juillet et le 3 août 1943. Son but était de détruire entièrement la ville afin de réduire les capacités militaro-industrielles allemandes et de porter un coup au moral de l’ennemi.

Ce fut, avec le bombardement de Dresde, l’attaque aérienne la plus meurtrière en Europe, coûtant la vie à environ 40 000 personnes. En raison du massacre délibéré des populations civiles, l’opération Gomorrhe est interprétée par certains comme pouvant constituer un crime de guerre au sens de la quatrième convention de Genève de 1949, bien postérieure toutefois aux bombardements par les Allemands de Guernica, Varsovie, Rotterdam ou Londres. Toutefois, les traités internationaux en vigueur à l’époque des faits n’interdisaient ni le bombardement stratégique des civils, ni la guerre totale.
Les Allemands l’appellent aussi « die Julikatastrophe von 1943 » (« la catastrophe de juillet 1943 ») et les Britanniques « The Battle of Hamburg » (« la bataille de Hambourg »). Le nom de « Hiroshima allemand » lui a également été donné par des officiels britanniques. L’opération Gomorrhe a fait autant de victimes que toutes les opérations aériennes allemandes sur l’Angleterre.

«Operasjon Gomorrah» var et alliert bombeangrep mot Hamburg (Tyskland) i den siste uken av juli 1943 under andre verdenskrig.
Ildstormene som følge av Royal Air Force og US Air Forces luftangrep er blant de mest omfattende under andre verdenskrig. Mens store deler av byen ble ødelagt, er antall omkomne efter «Operasjon Gomorrah» aldri blitt fastslått med sikkerhet. Frem til 30. november 1943 var det funnet 31 647 lik, hvorav 15 802 lot seg identifisere. Luftforvarsledelsen i Hamburg anslo på dette tidspunkt at antall ofre lå rundt 35 000, mens moderne anslag beløper seg til 34 000 omkomne og 125 000 sårede.

L’operazione Gomorrah fu una serie di bombardamenti compiuti dal 26 luglio al 3 agosto 1943 dal Bomber Command della Royal Air Force (e in misura minore dalla Eight Air Force statunitense) sulla città tedesca di Amburgo. L’episodio più noto è il bombardamento del 28 luglio che generò una tempesta di fuoco (Feuersturm in tedesco) lungo le vie cittadine facendo decine di migliaia di vittime e procurando gravissimi ed estesi danni alle strutture.

Operación Gomorra (ingl. Operation Gomorrha) es el nombre en clave de una serie de bombardeos sobre la ciudad alemana de Hamburgo llevados a cabo a partir de finales de julio de 1943, durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, por la Royal Air Force (“RAF”) británica y las USAAF estadounidenses. En su momento fue la mayor campaña de bombardeos de la historia de la guerra aérea. Los ataques se realizaron por orden del mariscal de la RAF sir Arthur Harris, comandante en jefe de la división de bombarderos de la aviación británica (RAF Bomber Command).

Daniel J Towsey here is something for u to think on..50,000 Jews never expelled from Palestine as we were told lived there in peace for 2000 years. after the war there was six million Jews living in Palestine..do the math and remember all the war photos of Jews getting on trains to go to Palestine before the fire bombings began.


20 Video Play List of The Destruction of Dresden


Vidhya Siva Hoerr Yes, trying to join the dots all the time.. like the bill gates foundation lobbying government: they have their hands in the new “common core” too… dirty.. very dirty.

Vidhya Siva Hoerr water fluoridation…

Daniel J Towsey Bush’s grand father NY banker was charged with trading with the enemy for funding Hitler. Bank was shut down. Project paperclip was the cover for bring all the nazis to the usa to creat the UN The FBI and the CIA ..all three were created by nazis..

Nazi Fluoride

Daniel J Towsey Hitler never died. he lived in Argentina to till a very old age

Daniel J Towsey The answer is the Nazis are still putting the fluoride poison in the water.

Susie Taylor Hibbs So is Ann frank still alive too?

Kristen Wolfe I guess if she’s been reincarnated by now, she would be

Daniel J Towsey They discovered that the writing of her diary was written in ball point pen that never existed then. so it was proven to be faked..if you think you know it all you will never seek the truth..the truth is available but you have to find it for yourself.

Eighty days and nights of bombing and Yugoslavia is now a democracy..that is why it does not exit..



Bombing of Dresden


Daniel J Towsey Sorry to wake the sheeple..what do sheeple always say when you try feeding them truth that came from the tree of life that grew from the seeds of truth? The sheeple always say Baaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

Susie Taylor Hibbs Who is “they”?

Daniel J Towsey Why don’t you discover it for yourself..do some research…

Daniel J Towsey oh I will help you..use this search term.
‘Anne Frank’s diary written by ball point pen’

Kristen Wolfe Because it’s easier to try and discredit what you say Daniel, than to actually look beyond the lies. This is nice though, it shows who is really in this group for the right reasons. Makes me wonder how many others are lurking here pretending to be anti-vaxx, and in reality are just gathering information to cause abuse.

Peter Angel The big pharma owners, the Zionist international bankers, created & financed WW 1 & 2.

Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel (Complete)


Susie Taylor Hibbs I’ll Google Ann Frank’s address and go visit and have a chat

Peter Angel I’m pretty sure it’s way too late to wake up the majority of people in Australia, or anywhere else for that matter, as the controlled mainstream media has the sheeple by the brain stem.

Fortunately the internet has so far overcome the censorship of the MSM & has been, to a great extent, able to provide information to those seeking the answers to many enormously large questions. Thanks to the work of many great researches who have done the hard yards & put in countless hours of their time to bring us excellent documentaries such as this one, people can know vast amounts of facts & information without having to spend years searching for & reading books & other information.


A history of the Zionist/Communist wars & takeover of nations from 1878 & including WW1 & 2 & who were and are behind these wars & takeovers.

Exposes the Zionist/Communist ideals, parts of Agenda 21, gun control, censorship, world economic subjugation, world domination & much much more.

The information provided here should be taught in every school, every university & be presented on television over & over again in the whole world, until people fully understand it all. Of course it doesn’t cover every little detail of everything that has gone on in the world, but it covers enough to expose what has gone on & is going on today to a great degree.

My hope is that everyone should watch & share this documentary as far & wide as humanly possible.
SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full documentary 1878-2006 by A.C.Hitchcock


Daniel J Towsey I wrote this many years ago before anyone ever thought of it.


Daniel J Towsey Unfortunately the brain dead sheeple can not be woken up..I think they drank to much fluoride

Peter Angel


The big pharma owners, the Zionist international bankers, created & financed WW 1 & 2.


Susie Taylor Hibbs I’ll Google Ann Frank’s address and go visit and have a chat

Daniel J Towsey
I think there is one here that is worse then a useful sheep. It is a lemming. he is going to go visit Anne Franks and have a talk with here. I guess for here it is not Baaaaaaahhhhh it is Duhhhhhhhhhhhh.

This Post comment thread at this Facebook page VACCINES- THE HARMFUL & DEADLY TRUTH

was deleted.. good thing I copied it here.





Fire Bombed every city except one in Japan.

Nuked two cities


Jews did this



Published on Aug 4, 2013

Please comment, share, like, and stay safe god bless!

One Third Of The Holocaust


Published on Feb 12, 2013

Holocaust Revisionists and Historians claim that the genocide of Jews during World War II ~ usually referred to as the Holocaust did not occur at all (seldom) or in the manner or to the extent historically recognized.

Key elements of these claims are the rejection of any of the following :: that the German Nazi Government had a policy of deliberately targeting Jews for extermination as a people; that more than six million Jews were systematically killed by the Nazis and their allies; and that genocide was carried out at Concentration Camps using tools of mass murder, such as gas chambers etc etc. An Extensive documentary showing the lengths Zionists went to in order to bring about their goal of achieving the illegal state of Israel.



International Red Cross Official Holocaust Total Death Records

Original ‘One Third of the Holocaust’ Upload With ‘198.760’ Views Deleted With Channel ‘IMMORTALTRUTHZx’ on 14/11/2012.

David Cole: A jew Exposing the Holocaust


David Irving – The Biggest Lie


Holocaust Gas Chambers Hoax David Cole on The Donahue Show



Uploaded on Oct 1, 2011

In 1994, two gas chamber deniers, Bradley Smith and David Cole, went on a talk show. Denierbud, the maker of One Third Of The Holocaust, points out witnesses lies, like where everyone (including a famous sceptic) believes an obviously fraudulent phone caller.

PROOF! The official version of the Holocaust is a LIE


Published on Oct 10, 2013

The official version of the Holocaust is a LIE. The Jews are not as innocent as they are often perceived, they were expelled from Germany due to their power grabbing, usury, influence peddling and demoralisation of the German people. Hitlers Germany was the 109th country to expel its Jewish population due to there behaviour. Adolf Hitler had NO policy to exterminate Jews, not one Jew died in a gas chamber and the figure of 6million is an irresponsible exaggeration. Don’t believe me? then watch the entirety of this video.

Mark Weber: Holocaust Deceit


Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole-part 1


Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole-part2


Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole-part3


Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole-part4


Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole-part5


Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole-part6


Uploaded on Nov 4, 2009

http://thedissidentrags.blogspot.com In the early 1990s, a young Jewish man, David Cole, joined the burgeoning Revisionist movement. Controversial from the start, Cole did some excellent Revisionist work in the beginning, visiting concentration camps in Eastern Europe and ferreting out an important admission from Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director of the Auschwitz State Museum, Auschwitz, that the buildings marketed to tourists as gas chambers are, in fact, altered reconstructions after World War II.

In this interview, widely acknowledged as a classic, Cole chats with a relaxed Ernst Zündel about the results of his fact-finding trips – and his incisive conclusions about the modus operandi of the Jewish Lobby that needs villains in order to cement and maintain its grip on a patently incorrect interpretation of history for its own political ends.

Support the heroes of Revisionism…Get the full DVD at http://www.zundelsite.org/


Anne Frank’s Diary – Some Honest Questions.pdf

The Jews And The Concentration Camps A Factual Appraisal by the Red Cross.pdf

A Prominent False Witness – Elie Wiesel.pdf

Israels Most Powerful Weapon–The Holocaust.pdf

Jail Deal for Rabbis in Holocaust scam.pdf

INSTITUTE FOR HISTORICAL REVIEW The Liberation of the Camp Facts vs. Lies.pdf

Institute for Historical Review The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews.pdf

It’s Official – No Actual Shortage Of Holocaust Survivors.pdf

History and Scriptural Origin of the Six Million Number.pdf

Auschwitz Museum Director Reveals ‘Gas Chamber’ Hoax.pdf

The Taboo Quality of the Holocaust.pdf

Holocaust Or Holohoax 08: The Six Million Number



1900 – Stephen S. Wise, New York Times, June 11, 1900
“There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.”

1902 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 10th Edition, Vol. 25, 1902, page 482
“While there are in Russia and Rumania six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …”

1902 – Samuel W. Goldstein, New York Times, November 27, 1902
“PLEA FOR ZIONISM … In answer I would say: Does Dr. Silverman represent the 6,000,000 Jews in Russia, 300,000 in Roumania and the 1,000,000 in Galicia?”

1903 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 18th, 1903, page 6
” … six million downtrodden brethren.”

1904 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), February 19th, 1904, page 2
” …  where five or six million people existed under persecution.”

1904 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), October 7th, 1904, page 1
” … the final and definite deliverance of the six millions of Russian, Roumanian and Galician Jews … transporting five or six million people over the sea.”

1904 – Israel Zangwill, New York Times, October 20, 1904
“The problem does not relate to the American Jews, but to the 6,000,000 in Russia. The Russian Government has consented to allow the Jews to leave,”

1905 – New York Times, January 29th, 1905
“He declared that a free and a happy Russia, with its 6,000,000 Jews, would possibly mean the end of Zionism, since the abolition of the autocracy would practically eliminate the causes that brought Zionism into existence.”

1905 – New York Times, November 1st, 1905
“From 1800 to 1902 he caused 6,000,000 Jewish families to be expelled from Russia …”

1906 – New York Times, March 25th, 1906
” … the condition and future of Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews were made on March 12 in Berlin to the annual meeting of the Central Jewish Relief League of Germany by Dr. Paul Nathan … He left St. Petersburg with the firm conviction that the Russian Government’s studied policy for the “solution” of the Jewish question is systematic and murderous extermination.”

1907 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), October 18th, 1907, page 13
” … for six million people cannot emigrate.

1908 – Deseret Evening News, March 17th, 1908
” … poverty, starvation and disease are the afflictions which now beset the six million Jews in that country and Roumania.”

1908 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 7th, 1908
” … when six million Russian Jews are crying … ”

1910 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), February 4th, 1910

1911 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Vol. 2, 1911, page 145
“While there remain in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …”

1911 – Max Nordeau speaking at The 1911 Zionist Congress. Hecht, Ben. Perfidy. NY; Julian Messner. 1961. page 254
“But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly, industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six million people,”

1911 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), June 4th, 1911, page 15

1911- New York Times, June 4th, 1911
“The Russian Authorities seem bent on devising still more heartless methods of destroying the elementary rights and liberties of their 6,000,000 Jewish subjects…”

1911 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 18th, 1911, page 14
“Very soon a fervid Russian patriotism will reign in every Ghetto, and the melting-up of the race begin. But this absorption of the five or six million Jews … ”

1911 – Max Nordeau, The Jewish Chronicle (London), August 18th, 1911, page 14
” … the downfall of six million creatures … for no war has ever yet destroyed six million human lives.”

1911 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 25th, 1911
” … six million Jews are still groaning under the most terrible yoke.”

1911 – New York Times, October 31st, 1911
“The 6,000,000 Jews of Russia are singled out for systematic oppression and for persecution due to process of law.”

1912 – American Jewish Year Book 5672 (23 Sep 1911 – 11 Sep 1912), page 308
“Russia has since 1890 adopted a deliberate plan to expel or exterminate six millions of its people for no other reason than that they refuse to become members of the Greek Church, but prefer to remain Jews.”

1912 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), January 5th, 1912
” … more than six million Jews reside in small towns and villages there is no Sabbath question.”

1912 – Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, New York Tribune, September 11th, 1912, page 9
“Russia is now asphyxiating the Jews. It does not dare to offend the nations by blood spilling, so it is slowly, but surely grinding out the lives of 6,000,000 Jews.”

1913 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), October 18th, 1913, page 4
“There are six million Jews in Russia and the government is anxious to annihilate them by methods that provoke protests from the civilized world.”

1914 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), July 10th, 1914, page 9
” … where six million Jews are suffering … ”

1914 – New York Times, December 2nd, 1914, page 12
“APPEAL FOR AID FOR JEWS. … the plight of more than 6,000,000 Jews … upon the Jewish people, more than nine millions of whom live in the countries at war and over six million of these in the actual war zone in Poland, Galicia and the whole of Russian frontier.”

1915 – New York Times, January 14th, 1915, page 3
“In the world today there are about 13,000,000 Jews, of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of the war zone; Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow … ”

1915 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 19th, 1915
“How the casting of six million people into the deepest abyss of servitude and outlawry is to relieve tension we cannot understand.”

1915 – The Sun (NY), June 6, 1915, section 5, page 1
Six million Jews, one-half of the Jewish people throughout the world, are being persecuted, hounded, humiliated, tortured, starved. … six million Jews in Russia … are being tortured so mercilessly.”

1915 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), June 25th, 1915
“The annihilation of the six million Jews now congregated in the Russian domains goes on in a well defined and systematic manner.

1915 – Jacob de Hass, The Boston Sunday Globe, September 26th, 1915, page 46
Indeed the only point that all warring elements are agreed upon is that at the end of the holocaust the Jews and Palestine will be more closely related than at present.

1915 – New York Tribune, October 14th, 1915
“What the Turks are doing to Armenians is child’s play compared to what Russia is doing to six million Jews, her own subjects.”

1915 – The Mercury, December 4th, 1915
” … six millions of Russian and Polish Jews are to-day the most pitiable victims of that race hatred and that race fanaticism which have been the creed of Germany … ”

1916 – The Jews in the Eastern War Zone, The American Jewish Committee, 1916
” … where six million human beings guilty only of adherence to the Jewish faith are compelled to live out their lives in squalor and misery, in constant terror of massacre … estimated at six million or more … of these six million people … a kind of prison with six million inmates … The persons most affected, the six million Jews of Russia … The Jews are loyal and brave, and it is most inadvisable to pursue a policy which might convert six million subjects into enemies. … the six million Jews of Russia still continued … nearly three of the six million …”

1916 – Oakland Tribune (CA), January 25th, 1916, page 1
“The President of the United States—6,000,000 Starving, Homeless, People—and January 27th Why should the President, by proclamation to the people of the nation, fix upon january 27th as the day for contributing towards the relief of over six million Jews located in the Far Eastern War Zone?”

1916 – North Devon Journal, March 9th, 1916, page 7
“In Poland, in Southern and Western Russia, six million Jews resided when the War broke out. They lived there in the pale of settlement, in poverty, and were terribly overcrowded.”

1916 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), March 12th, 1916, page 34
” … six million Jews reported starving in the warring countries.”

1916 – The Tacoma Times, February 28th, 1916
” … there were 6,000,000 Jews in Europe absolutely without food or resources.”

1916 – New York Times, February 28th, 1916
“Nearly six million Jews are ruined in the greatest moral and material misery; millions of them are refugees, dependent upon the good will of their brethren.”

1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 3rd, 1916
“Nearly six million Jews are ruined.”

1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 31st, 1916, page 6
“Position of the Jews in Russia. The Jews in Russia, numbering about six million, are denied full political and civil rights and are economically oppressed.”

1916 – El Paso Herald, April 22nd, 1916, page 5
Six Million Jews Are Deprived Of Papers By Russian Censorship. … Six million Jews have been robbed of their newspapers.”

1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 4th, 1916
” … six million Jews …”

1917 – Corsicana Daily Sun, February 16th, 1917, page 2
Six million Jews are living in lands where they are oppressed, exploited, crushed and robbed of every inalienable human right.”

1918 – Fort Wayne News and Sentinel (IN), June 22nd, 1918, page 1
“In the war zone of Europe there are six million Jews who have been the war’s worst sufferers,”

1918 – The Columbus Jewish Chronicle, June 28th, 1918, page 1
“Claims Palestine Has Room For Six Million … “It is quite possible for Palestine to find room for five to six millions … 800,000 hectares will suffice to produce the food of six millions of people,”

1918 – The Bakersfield Californian, July 30th, 1918, page 4
“… the six million starving Jews in Poland, Galicia and other stricken Eastern provinces …”

1918 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 5th, 1918
” … Russia, where the bulk of the Jewish people to the number of well over six million still dwell, is a land of blood and midnight darkness.”

1918 – The Columbus Jewish Chronicle, September 13th, 1918, page 1
“The report describes the havoc the war has caused among the six million Jews of Russia. Driven by the invading armies, the Jews have been compelled to flee from their homes;”

1918 – New York Times, October 18th, 1918
Six million Souls Will Need Help to Resume Normal Life When War Is Ended. … Committee of American Jews Lays Plans for the Greatest Humanitarian Task in History. … 6,000,000 Jews Need Help.”

1919 – The Bourbon News, April 1st, 1919, p.4
“… six million Jews in Poland, Lithuania, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey and Siberia who are dying of starvation,”

1919 – The Corsicana Daily Sun, April 3rd, 1919, p.5
SIX MILLION ARE STARVING … It is estimated that there are six million Jewish women, children and aged men actually starving to death.

1919 – The Galveston Daily News, April 4th, 1919, page 3
Six million Jews in Poland, Lithuania, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey and Siberia are dying of starvation. … These six million despairing souls are totally dependent on American generosity for the bare necessities of life.”

1919 – The Galveston Daily News, April 5th, 1919, page 5
Six million Jews are dying of starvation.”

1919 – The Galveston Daily News, April 6th, 1919, page 8
“The American Jewish Relief Committee is endeavoring to save from starvation six million Jews who are the helpless victims of the German terror.”

1919 – San Antonio Express, April 9th, 1919, page 12
“At no other time in the history of the Jewish people has the need been so great as now. Six million of our brothers and sisters are dying of starvation. The entire race is threatened with extinction.”

1919 – The Wellington Leader (TX), April 11th, 1919, page 1
“We wish to call the attention of our people to the great drive that is on to raise funds for the relief of the six million Jews who are starving in the war ridden districts of the east.”

1919 – The Daily Courier (PA), August 4th, 1919, section 2, page 1
“APPEALS TO AMERICA TO ACT QUICKLY IF LIVES OF SOME SIX MILLION JEWS ARE TO BE SAVED … The lives of some six million people are at stake.”

1919 –  The Fulton Patriot, September 3rd, 1919, page 4
WORLD JEWRY AT GREATEST CRISIS Leaders in America Striving to Save Race in Europe From Destruction. … All told, many million Christians and more than 6,000,000 Jews in countries other than the United States are being directly aided by American Jewish relief funds.”

1919 – New York Times, September 8th, 1919, page 6
“127,000 Jews Have Been Killed and 6,000,000 Are in Peril. … 6,000,000 souls in Ukrainia and in Poland have received notice through action and by word that they are going to be completely exterminated – this fact stands before the whole world as the paramount issue of the present day.”

1919 – The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, September 17th, 1919, section 2, page 1
” … six million Jews are dying of starvation and where vast numbers of them—innocent victims of the ravages of war—wander homeless, and in rags.”

1919 – Rushville Daily Republican, September 29th, 1919, page 4
“The thought that as I walk the streets of this properous and happy town there are 6,000,000 people in other lands without food, shelter or raiment is disturbing. … When I read, as I have read all my life, of the persecution and slaughter of the Jews I am not proud of my own race or my religion. … Six million people perishing!”

1919 – Janesville Daily Gazette (WI), October 4th, 1919, page 4
” … the Feast Day of Rosh Hashonah. It was not a feast day for some six million starving Jews of Europe because every day for the past four years has been a fast day for them. … the five year fast that has been the lot of the 6,000,000 Jews in Europe.”

1919 – The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (IN), October 6th, 1919, page 3
“With six million of their population in absolute want, they are unable alone to render sufficient aid … There are to-day to be found in the ten provinces of Russia, Poland and the fifteen provinces called the ‘Pale of Settlement’ six millions of these peaceful and law abiding people … We do not see with our eyes the evidences of want and degradation into which six million Jews have been thrown suddenly through no fault of their own.”

1919 – Indiana Weekly Messenger, October 9th, 1919, page 1 & 4
“Life for six millions in the shadow of death! … Six millions mean what? … Six million souls, old men, old women, and little children in Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Palestine, Glaicia, Turkey, Syria, Roumania, Greece, and Bulgaria are in imminent danger of starving to death this winter. … The responsibility of maintaining life in these six million sufferers rests upon every man and woman in the United States … Helping the Jews in their extremity is not helping the Bolsheviks,” the speaker emphatically declared.”

1919 – Schenectady Gazette, October 16th, 1919, page 15
“Today 6,000,000 Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known in the Long History of the Race.”

1919 – Titusville Herald, October 18th, 1919, page 4
“… Jewish Relief Fund … Contribute Today, the Last Day and Help Save From Death Six Millions of Starving People.”

1919 – San Francisco Chronicle, October 19th, 1919, page 18
6,000,000 JEWS IN BREAD LINE, STRAUS WRITES. More Than Third of Entire Race in World Reduced to Despair in Europe. … Six million Jews, out of the 16,000,000 in the world … ”

1919 – Cape Vincent Eagle, October 23rd, 1919
” … there are six million people in other lands without food, shelter or raiment is disturbing. … When read, as I have read all my life, of the persecution and slaughter of the Jews I am not proud of my own race or of my religion.”

1919 – The American Hebrew, October 31st, 1919, page 582
“The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop! From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help … Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. … In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand. Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life […] bigoted lust for Jewish blood. In this threatened holocaust of human life in the name of the humanity of Moses to six million famished men and women. Six million men and women are dying … six million Jewish men and women are starring across the seas … ”

1919 – The Evening Tribune Providence, October 31st, 1919, page 11
“In the midst of our campaign for the relief of the six million Jews of Eastern Europe … ”

1919 – The Record (Johnson City, NY), November 1st, 1919, page 8
“There are 6,000,000 Jews in eastern Europe whom the war has left dependant upon America for aid.”

1919 – Beatrice Daily Sun (NE), November 8th, 1919, page 2
“The territory which Mr. Hoover visited is but a part of that in which 6,000,000 Jews, suffers of war and war’s equally horrible after-math, stand helpless today, … The Need: SIX MILLION STARVING SOULS. Six million Jews in Poland, Lithuania, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey and Siberia are dying of starvation. … These six million despairing souls are totally dependent on American generosity for the bare necessities of life. The Object: $35,000,000 for 6,000,000 LIVES”

1919 – Lebanon Daily News (PA), November 11th, 1919, page 2
“DISEASE AND STARVATION IN POLAND Lieut. Wright Tells of Half Starved People Clad in Rags BREAD OUT OF LEAVES Says 6,000,000 Face Death This Winter Unless Given Immediate Relief … 6,000,000 Face Death … Six million Jews in eastern Europe face death during the coming winter,”

1919 – Felix M. Warburg, New York Times, November 12th, 1919
“The Jews were the worst sufferers in the war. The successive blows of contending armies have all but broken the back of European Jewry and have reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,000,000 souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth.”

1919 – Gouvernur Free Press, November 12th, 1919
Six Million Men and Women Are Dying… Won’t You Help Them? … From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help … in six million human beings … In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate … Six million men and women are dying … Six million men and women are dying … Because of this war for Democracy six million Jewish men and women are starving across the seas … Six million men and women of the race that helped do the greatest of the world’s work are falling into the grave! … six million famished men and women now turn mute eyes of appeal … ”

1919 – Chester Times (PA), November 28th, 1919, page 15
“There are 6,000,000 Jews in Eastern Europe whom the war has left dependent upon us for aid.”

1919 – Ironwood News Record (MI), December 6th, 1919, page 9
“For First Time in History of Race, Jews Are Asking Others For Help. … They are doing it because six million Jews in eastern and central Europe are actually in need of food at this moment. … The problem of 6,000,000 starving men, women and little children ought to be the problem of all humanity.”

1919 – Lima News (OH), December 24th, 1919, page 3
“Today Six Million Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known In the History of the Race.”

1919 – The Toledo News-Bee, December 27th, 1919
Six Million Human Beings Are Suffering the Tortures of Disease, Hunger and Death … American Jewish Relief Committee”

1920 – Van Wert Daily Bulletin (OH), January 5, 1920, page 3
“… Jewish relief work in Europe and Asia. There are six million Jews in the two continents who because of the war have been made destitute.”

1920 – Manti Messenger (Utah), March 19, 1920
“Just now some six million of Jews, eight hundred thousand of them just children, are in imminent danger of starvation in eastern Europe.”

1920 – Tulsa Daily World, April 11th, 1920, section B, page 14
“Today 6,000,000 Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known in the Long History of the Race”

1920 – New York Times, May 1st, 1920, page 8
“Just Another Drive, but the Lives of 6,000,000 Human Beings Wait Upon the Answer.”

1920 – New York Times, May 2nd, 1920, page 1
” … six million human beings, without food, shelter, clothing or medical treatment.”

1920 – New York Times, May 3rd, 1920, page 11
“Your help is needed to save the lives of six million people in Eastern and Central Europe.

1920 – New York Times, May 5th, 1920, page 9
” … to save six million men and women in Eastern Europe from extermination by hunger and disease.”

1920 – New York Times, May 5th, 1920, page 19
“Six million starving, fever-stricken sufferers in war-torn Europe appeal to us.”

1920 – New York Times, May 7th, 1920
” … Jewish war sufferers in Central and Eastern Europe where six millions face horrifying conditions of famine, disease and death.

1920 – Ogden Standard Examiner, August 8, 1920, page 9
“PUSH DRIVE FOR JEWISH RELIEF … Mr. Bond declared today that there are six million jews (sic) in eastern and central Europe whom the war has left dependent upon America.”

1920 – The Ogden Standard-Examiner, August 20th, 1920
” … there are six million Jews in eastern and central Europe whom the war has left dependent upon America.”

1920 – New York Tribune, August 29th, 1920
Six million Jews were made homeless by five years of foreign and domestic wars.”

1921 – New York Times, July 20, 1921, page 2
“BEGS AMERICA SAVE 6,000,000 IN RUSSIA. Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre.”

1922 – Lowell Sun (MA), March 22nd, 1922, page 14
“The Jews in the immediate district for which the aid of the war sufferers’ campaign is to be given numbered over six million. … Over 300,000 orphans, over 150,000 descrated women, over six million wandering Jews walking, crawling in their misery, feeding on the bark of trees and on herbs that drow by the wayside.”

1926 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 13th Edition, Vol. 1, 1926, page 145
“While there remain in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …”

1926 – Canadian Jewish Review, April 9th, 1926, page 4
” … the extreme need of 6,000,000 Jews in Russia and Poland,”

1926 – New York Times, April 21st, 1926
“In Heaven’s Name, Arouse the Jews of America! New York’s Quota: $6,000,000 United Jewish Campaign of New York”

1931 – The Montreal Gazette, December 28th, 1931, page 25
SIX MILLION JEWS FACE STARVATION. … FEARS CRISIS AT HAND. … six million Jews in Eastern Europe face starvation, and even worse, during the coming winter.”

1932 – Symphony of Six Million, film, April 29th, 1932
Directed by Gregory La Cava, written by Fannie Hurst (story), J. Walter Ruben, Bernard Schubert (screenplay), starring Ricardo Cortez.

1933 – New York Times, March 29, 1933
“It is now active in relief and reconstructive work in Eastern Europe where 6,000,000 Jews are involved.”

1933 – The Jewish Western Bulletin, September 21st, 1933
“At this period of human persecution and of human destruction, when life, especially Jewish life has ceased to be of any value in the cruel land of bloody Germany, when the lives of hundreds of thousands are tortured and hang in the balance – during this holocaust … ”

1935 – New York Times, September 8th, 1935, page 26
“The preliminary session of the first world conference of the Federation of Polish Jews being attended by sixty delegates from eighteen countries representing 6,000,000 Jews … ”

1936 – Chaim Weizmann: Reden und Aufsatze 1901-1936. jud. Bucherverlag Erwin Lowe, Berlin 1937, page 272-4
“It is no exaggeration to say that six million Jews are sentenced to be imprisoned in this part of the world, where they are unwanted, and for whom the countries are divided into those, where they are unwanted, and those, where they are not admitted. … It is ultimately the fate of six million people!”

1936 – New York Times, May 31st, 1936, page 14
“AMERICANS APPEAL FOR JEWISH REFUGE. The petition, in expressing the opinion of enlightened Christian leadership in the United States, favoring a larger Jewish immigration into Palestine, stressed the intolerable sufferings of the millions of Jews in “the European holocaust.” … to save these unfortunate millions from total annihilation … ”

1936 – The Jewish Western Bulletin, June 12nd, 1936, page 3
“Great Britain has it within her power to throw open the gates of Palestine and let in the victimized and persecuted Jews escaping from the European holocaust.”

1936 – The Montreal Gazette, August 8th, 1936, page 5
“Delegates of 32 Nations Represent six million Hebrews.”

1936 – Chaim Weizmann, The (London) Times, November 26th, 1936
“While in Western Europe many individual Jews had happy homes, in Eastern Europe there were 6,000,000 unwanted unfortunates who were condemned to be penned up in places where they could not live. … the presence of these 6,000,000 people without a future whose condition was a threat to Europe.”

1936 – Chaim Weizmann, The Jewish Western Bulletin, December 11th, 1936, page 3
” … where six million Jews are in a position which is neither life nor death.”

1936 – New York Post, December 11th, 1936, page 19
“JEWISH RELIEF BOARD TO HEAR LEHMAN SUDAY Gathering to consider the crisis confronting 6,000,000 Jews in Central and Eastern Europe,”

1937 – Fitchburg Sentinel, February 17th, 1937, page 1 & 11
“Stating that “6,000,000 Jews in central Europe have neither life nor death because of extreme persecution,” Mrs Emanuel Halpern of New York city, member of the national board of Hadassah urged … Today there are 6,000,000 million (sic) Jews in central Europe who have neither life nor death.”

1937 – Jewish Western Bulletin, December 31st, 1937
“The number six million is often used to describe the Jewish population of Central and Eastern Europe.”

1938 – New York Times, January 9th, 1938, page 12
“PERSECUTED JEWS SEEN ON INCREASE. 6,000,000 VICTIMS NOTED. … Five to six million in all are today the victims of governmental anti-Semitism … ”

1938 – New York Times, February 23rd, 1938, page 23
“A depressing picture of 6,000,000 Jews in Central Europe deprived of protection or economic opportunities, slowly dying of starvation, all hope gone … Now anti-Semitism has spread to thirteen European nations, and threatens the very existence of millions of Jews.”

1938 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), April 1st, 1938, page 15
“I shall not comment upon the first except to remind you that six million Jews in Europe are struggling between life and death.”

1938 – The Guardian, April 4th, 1938, page 11
Six million Jews at this moment are trapped like rats … ”

1938 – New York Times, May 2nd, 1938
“The rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe today, which has deprived more than 6,000,000 Jews and non-Aryans of a birthright … ”

1938 – The Jews of Central Europe by Jacob Lestshinsky, in Jewish Frontier, Vol. 5, No.6, June 1938, page 13
“EVERY NATION is morally compelled to face the bitter truth. This article is written not with the intent of bewailing our plight but in order to arrive at a factual calculation of the status of six million Jews in Central and Eastern Europe and of the prospects that exist in the lands of immigration.”

1938 – Port Arthur News, June 9th, 1938, page 1
“It is estimated that nearly six million Jews have been driven from their homes by ruthless oppressors and stripped not only of their property but their right to work for a living.”

1938 – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, June 16th, 1938, page 18
“Judge Lewis urged American members of the race to swing moral and financial powers into the channels of evacuating some 6,000,000 Jews to Palestine.”

1938 – Turtle Mountain Star, Rolla, North Dakota, October 6th, 1938
“Five or six million Jews, uprooted by dictatorship and tossed about by economic storms, may have to depend upon the development of the Holy Land, under British mandate, as a solution to their difficulties. But they face the hostility of the Arabs living there, whose economic and religious interests conflict with theirs. … protects the settlers from the raiding Arabs. … The Arabs Are Coming! … The dreaded Mohammedan raiders have been sighted by a neighbor settler … ”

1938 – The Times, November 22nd, 1938
“Mass emigration of Jews to Palestine for two years and the formation of a Jewish national assembly was advocated by Sir John Haslam, M.P., in a message which he sent to a public meeting at the Kingsway Hall last night held by the New Zionist Organization. The message stated that the problem now involved some 6,000,000 Jews.”

1939 – New York Times, January 15th, 1939, page 27
“Rabbi Silver wanted assistance to Jewish emigration safeguarded so that European governments would realize that ‘it is impossible to evacuate 6,000,000 Jews.’”

1939 – The Binghampton Press, January 18, 1939, page 8
“IRISH PLEA — Deputy Robert Briscoe, only Jewish member of the Irish Parliament, arrives in New York city to begin a campaign to enlist Americans in a plan for resettling approximately 6,000,000 Jews in Palestine.”

1939 – The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, January 27th, 1939
“Only six million Jews remain at the moment safe. But they will have to carry the burden.”

1939 – Chaim Weizmann, The Palestine Post, February 14th, 1939
“The fate of six million people was in balance … ”

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, February 17th, 1939, page 20
“The fate of six million people is in the balance. … They supported their stand with a declaration that Jews never needed unrestricted immigration to Palestine as much as at present, with 6,000,000 Jewish refugees seeking a haven.”

1939 – The Evening Independent, February 22nd, 1939, page 1
“6,000,000 Helpless. … there are six million Jews in Europe today fighting desperately against intolerance and despair. For them the support of the united appeal is crucial.”

1939 – The Jewish Western Bulletin, March 3rd, 1939

1939 – The Advocate, March 17, 1939. The Advocate: America’s Jewish Journal. Vols. 95-98. 1939, page 47
“If the six million Jews that constitute the European scene were removed from the lands where they now dwell the forces of brutality and ruthlessness would still continue to operate.”

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 7th, 1939, page 4
“Not in Hitler’s Hands, In Yours … The Fate Of Six Million European Jews

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 7th, 1939, page 33
” … six million Jewish people who are in dire need today.”

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 14th, 1939, page 4
“Recent events in Central Europe have brought to 6,000,000 the total number of Jews in Central and Eastern European countries affected by anti-Semitic activities”

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 14th, 1939, page 6
” … whether our 6,000,000 fellow countrymen will live or die … More than a million refugees, starving, tortured, fear-dazed, have been dragged from their homes, separated from their families, expelled from their countries. Five million more, await with horror the moment this misery will strike them … ”

1939 – Chester Times (PA), April 20th, 1939, page 6
Six million Jews are the stepchildren of fate in Europe today.”

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 21st, 1939, page 15
” … the distress and suffering of 6,000,000 Jews in Europe. … HAVE YOU DONE YOUR DUTY? THE UNITED JEWISH FUND NEEDS YOUR HELP FOR THE HELPLESS 6,000,000 IN EUROPE

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 28th, 1939, page 3
” … 6,000,000 fellow Jews who are in distress today.”

1939 – The Niagara Falls Gazette, May 1st, 1939, page 15
“ITHACA RABBI SAYS FREE JEWS MUST AID HARASSED BRETHREN Six Million Jews Are Refugees, Members of B’nai B’rith Lodges Told. Three-eights of the world’s Jewish population of 16,000,000 persons, or approximately 6,000,000 persons, are potential refugees. … Rabbis Fischoff declared that the 6,000,000 Jews or Christians of Jewish extraction are in real of imminent danger due to the spread of totalitarianism in the world.”

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, May 5th, 1939, page 9
“PLIGHT OF 6,000,000 … The 6,000,000 European Jews … ”

1939 – The Jewish Criterion, May 12th, 1939, page 7
“The year of 1939 is the year of the most critical struggle of 6,000,000 European Jews.”

1939 – Western Morning News (Devon, UK), June 8th, 1939, page 6
PLIGHT OF THE UNWANTED … A little more than a month ago Lord Winterton, chairman of the Evian Committe, declared that the potential problem concerned five or six million Jews.”

1939 – Ohio Jewish Chronicle, June 30th, 1939, page 1
“The crisis which Jews of Europe are facing today envelopes far more than six millions souls.”

1939 – Contemporary Jewish Record, Volume 2 July/August 1939 (Published by the American Jewish Committee)
” … the coming ward would be the annihilation of the six million Jews in East and Central Europe.”

1939 – Samuel Broncheck, Syracuse Herald-Journal, October 30th, 1939, page 15
“… in Poland alone there are 6,000,000 Jews who are now subject to Hitler’s persecution or Stalin’s “communizing.””

1940 – Mason City Globe Gazette (Iowa), January 20th, 1940, page 16
“Mr. Tannenbaum stressed that Palestine offered the only solution to the six million Jews who are homeless, starving and sick in central and eastern Europe today.”

1940 – The Southern Israelite, May 3rd, 1940
“Almost six million Jews find themselves on the brink of starvation and extermination. Their only hope is the help which the Jews of America can extend to them. The success of the United Jewish Appeal will determine their fate.

1940 – Robert W. Schiff, Ohio Jewish Chronicle, May 17th, 1940, page 1
“Over six million Jews in Central and Eastern Europe are faced with great danger of annihilation as the result of the sweep of war and oppression.”

1940 – New York Times, June 25th, 1940, page 4
Six million Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction, if the victory of Nazis should be final. … The chances for mass emigration and resettlement of European Jewry seems to be remote, and European Jews face the danger of physical annihilation. Even the 4,000,000 Jews under Soviet rule, although free from racial discrimination, are not safe in the event of a final Nazi victory.”

1940 – Joplin News Herald (Missouri), June 25th, 1940, page 3
Six million Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction.”

1940 – Ohio Jewish Chronicle, June 28th, 1940, page 1
“The lives of six million Jews have been uprooted by the psychopathic, political ambitions of totalitarian leaders.”

1940 – The Palestine Post, July 1st, 1940, page 6
“Nor must we despair that six million Jews will forever lose trace of their historic heritage.”

1940 – The Jewish Criterion, November 15th, 1940
“J.N.F. to Raise $6,000,000 for Palestine During Coming Year. … the Jewish National Fund of America voted to raise $6,000,000 for the holy land’s war needs during the coming year.”

1941 – Salt Lake Tribune, February 5th, 1941, page 2
“Nazis Prepare Blueprint Of All World Enslaved … Later, the survivors will all be sent to whatever “reservation” the Nazis finally decide to set up—all six million of Europe’s Jews.”

1941 – New York Times, October 2nd, 1941
” … as to avoid the likelihood of another holocaust.”

1941 – The Jewish Criterion, November 28th, 1941
6,000,000 Jews in Europe Look to America for Aid, Says Warburg. Fully six million Jews in Europe … ”

1942 – The Jewish Spectator, Volume 7, 1942, page 53
“Now, too, the unspeakable tragedy of almost six million Jews under nazi domination is not considered sufficiently important to be discussed.”

1942 – The Palestine Post, November 1st, 1942
“The Chief Rabbi, who spoke on behalf of Empire Jewry and Jews of the United Nations, as well as of all six million Jews in Europe, said that the deliberate extinction of the whole house of Israel was being carried out by Hitler’s sadists and quislings on a scale beyond compare even in the annals of Israel.”

1942 – New York Times, December 13th, 1942, page 21
“Rabbi Israel Goldstein in Temple B’nai Jeshurun, Eighty-eighth Street, near Broadway, declared: “Authenticated reports point to 2,000,000 Jews who have already been slain by all manner of satanic barbarism, and plans for the total extermination of all Jews upon whom the Nazis can lay their hands. The slaughter of a third of the Jewish population in Hitler’s domain and the threatened slaughter of all is a holocaust without parallel.”

1942 – The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), December 19th, 1942
“GERMAN HORROR CRIMES; ALLIES PROMISE JUSTICE. Statements issued simultaneously in London, Washington and Moscow, told at German barbarity and of proof of the Nazi determination to exterminate Jews. … Hitler’s decision to exterminate the Jews … It is estimated that there are between five and six million Jews in Occupied Europe … Nazi Slaughter House. … Hitler’s oft-repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe.”

1942 – Barrier Miner (Australia), December 23rd, 1942
“Mr. Silverman suggested that Australia and Canada could each absorb 6,000,000 Jews. … MOST ARE DOOMED … The Jewish Congress declares that 2,000,000 Jews have been exterminated so far.”

1942 – The Massacre of a People: What the Democracies Can Do, 1943. The following article is an except from “Let My People Go,” a pamphlet written on Christmas Day, 1942, in London.
“Of the six million Jews or so who were living at the outbreak of the war in what is at present Nazi-occupied Europe, a high proportion—between one and two million—have been deliberately murdered by the Nazis and their satellites. … Unless something effective is done, within a very few months these six million Jews will all be dead,”

1943 – American Zionist Emergency Council (from 1970: American Zionist Movement) – “Palestine” – Volumes 1-5 (1943)
“Jewish civilian casualties will be close to six million … ”

1943 – Contemporary Jewish Record, Volume 6 1943 (Published by the American Jewish Committee)
“Suddenly, during the summer of 1942, world public opinion was shocked out of its lethargy by the realization that the Nazis had decreed the complete extinction of six million Jews and that a third of the victims had already perished.”

1943 – The Canberra Times, January 25th, 1943
” … Jews are being subjected as part of Hitler’s plan to exterminate six million Jews in occupied Europe.”

1943 – The (London) Times, January 25th, 1943
“They note further that the extermination already carried out is part of the Carrying into effect of Hitler’s oft-repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe, which means in effect the extermination of some 6,000,000 persons in the territories over which Hitler’s rule has been extended.

1943 – Lowell Sun (MA), January 26th, 1943, page 9
“Of these six million Jews, almost a third have already been massacred by Germans, Rumanians and Hungarians and the most conservative of scorekeepers estimate that before the war ends at least another third wil have been done to death.”

1943 – The Guardian, January 27th, 1943, page 4
“A PROPOSAL TO SAVE THE JEWS … Some six million lives remained in imminent peril.”

1943 – The Canadian Jewish Review, January 29th, 1943, page 1
” … Hitler really intended to exterminate 6,000,000 more human beings.”

1943 – Hull Daily Mail, January 30th, 1943, page 3
“Mr Gollancz states that of the six million Jews living at the outbreak of war in the present Nazi-dominated areas, between one and two million have been deliberately murdered.”

1943 – Western Morning News (Devon UK), February 5th, 1943, page 2
“There are some who hold that Hitler’s set purpose is the extermination of the Jews in Occupied Europe, numbering about six millions. … We can neither accommodate six million Jews here nor dictate the attitude of other Governments.”

1943 – New York Times, March 2nd, 1943
” … appalling is the fact that those who proclaim the Four Freedoms have so far done very little to secure even the freedom to live for 6,000,000 of their Jewish fellow men by readiness to rescue those who might still escape Nazi torture and butchery.”

1943  – The Canadian Jewish Review, March 14th, 1943, page 8
“Two millions of Jews have already been done to death. Six millions in mid-Europe are sentenced to die.”

1943 – Wallace R. Deuel, Cumberland Evening Times, March 23rd, 1943, page 1
“The Nazis set out in the beginning to destroy whole peoples. They expected to obliterate from the earth not less than 6,000,000 Jews as a beginning.”

1943 – The Advertiser (Adelaide, Australia), May 15th, 1943
” … the possibility of the complete wiping out of six million Jews if something is not immediately done to secure a harbour of refuge.”

1943  – The Canadian Jewish Review, August 13th, 1943, page 8
“Two million Jews out of Europe’s six million have already been slaughtered by the Nazis; most of the remainder seem doomed,

1944 – The Palestine Post, January 23rd, 1944
“Only a handful of Polish Jews survived the extermination. They were now either with the partisans in the forests or living as Crypto-Jews. The death toll was six million, they declared.”

1944 – The Montreal Gazette, March 18th, 1944, page 11
“There must be insurance that the Germans, unrepentant as they were after the last war, do not prepare another holocaust.”

1944 – Rabbi Michael Dov Ber Weissmandl, May 15th, 1944
“And you – our brothers in Palestine, in all the countries of freedom, and you, ministers of all the kingdom – how do you keep silent in the face of this great murder? Silent while thousand on thousands, reaching now to six million Jews, were murdered. And silent now while tens of thousands are still being murdered and waiting to be murdered? Their destroyed hearts cry to you for help as they bewail your cruelty. Brutal you are and murderers too you are, because of the cold-bloodedness of the silence in which you watch.”

1944 – Rabbi Michael Dov Ber Weissmandel, May 31st, 1944
” … heads of government and radio must announce what was done to our people in the slaughter house of Belzec, Malkinia (Treblinka), Sobibor, and Auschwitz. Till now six times a million Jews from Europe and Russia have been destroyed.”

1944 – United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America Convention Proceedings, September 25th-29th, 1944
“WHEREAS: History records no parallel to the bestial cruelties inflicted on the Jewish people of Europe by the Nazis and their satellites, whose coldly calculated program of extermination of all European Jews very nearly succeeded, almost six million Jews having been murdered in cold blood … ”

1944 – Chicago Bar Record, October 1944
“There were then at least eight million virtually homeless Jews in Europe who acquired rights under this treaty. Happily, perhaps, for the Arabs, that number has been cut down by six million.”

1944 – Proceedings of the Annual Convention, Vols. 62-66. Illinois State Federation of Labor, October 2nd, 1944
“WHEREAS, Six million Jews were murdered by the Nazi henchmen during the time the Nazis kept Europe under their bloody heel … ”

1944 – The Leader, November 28th, 1944
“Russian “Black Book” lists German crimes. The first volume of a five-volume Russian “black book” recording the documentary form of the German massacre of approximately 6,000,000 European Jews has been completed by the Soviet state publishing house … The five-volume work is under the general editorship of Ilya Ehrenburg, noted Soviet writer and war correspondent, with an editorial board that includes poet-playwright Kanstantin [Konstantin] Simonov, writer Vsevold [Vsevolod] Ivanov and poetess Vera Imber. Editors of the work -which will be published in both Russian and English in press runs of hundreds of thousands of copies- estimate from data now available that the Germans killed between 5,000,000 and 6,000,000 Jews in Russia, Poland and western Europe. They believe an additional 500,000 now are being murdered in Hungary.”

1944 – The Palestine Post, November 28th, 1944
SIX MILLIONS MURDERED. The Soviet State Publishing House is preparing the publication of another “Black Book,” a documentary record of the German massacre of approximately six million European Jews. … According to the Soviet editors, the Germans killed between five and six million Russian, Polish and Western European Jews, and an additional half million are being murdered in Hungary now.”

1944 – Nahum Goldmann, Jewish Western Bulletin, December 8th, 1944
” … apart from Jewish losses in combat service, 5,500,000 Jews have been killed in Germany and German-occupied tesritories [territories] since the outbreak of the awr [war]. These figures exceed the number anticipated even by the most pessimistic. … Yes, the Germans murdered close to six million Jews … ”

1944 – Ilya Ehrenburg, Soviet War News, December 22nd, 1944
“In the regions they seized, Germans killed all Jews, from the old folks to infants in arms. Ask any German prisoners why his fellow countrymen annihilated six million innocent people … ”

1945 – New York Times, January 8th, 1945
6,000,000 JEWS DEAD. The Jewish population in Europe has been reduced from 9,500,000 in 1939 to 3,500,000. Of the 6,000,000 European Jews who have died, 5,000,000 had lived in the countries under Hitler’s occupation.”

1945 – New York Times, February 11th, 1945, page 10
“1,200,000 Jews survived of the 6,000,000 who had been under German rule during the war, and that most of them were eager to come to Palestine.”

1945 – New York Times, February 17th, 1945
“Dr. Joseph Schwartz, European director of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, estimated today that 500,000 of Europe’s 6,000,000 Jews had escaped destruction by emigration and that only 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 of Europe’s 6,000,000 Jews were now left on the Continent.”

1945 – Joseph Thon, president of the National Organization of Polish Jews in America, March 22nd, 1945
“I accuse the whole German people that in the years 1939 to 1945 they slaughtered upward of 15,000,000 men, among which there were 6,000,000 Jews. … The German people murdered, in cold blood, in excess of 6,000,000 European Jews, among them over 3,000,000 Polish Jews.”

1945 – Ilya Ehrenburg, The Advertiser, March 27th, 1945
” … the Germans tortured the last handful of Jews. The Germans killed six million Jews -all the Jews of Poland, Hungary, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Byelo-Russia, West Europe and of course Germany.”

1945 – Army News (Darwin, Australia), April 11th, 1945
“NAZIS HAVE MURDERED SIX MILLION JEWS. Of a population of 16 million Jews in the world before the war, more than six million had been murdered by the Nazis.”

1945 – New York Post, April 21st, 1945, page 9
“The Nazi leaders felt they had nothing to fear. “They murdered six million Jews, but nothing was done. In the words of the Czech delegate to the London War Crimes Commission,”

1945 – Stephen S. Wise, May 1945; Friends Indeed: The Special Relationship of Israel and the United States, Norman Finkelstein, 1998, page 33
“The Christian world, and I include England, of course, in the Christian world, suffered six million of the people of Jesus of Nazareth to die in a most horrible manner. The Christian world owes the Jews some reparation.”

1945 – New York Times, May 2nd, 1945
” … estimated that only 1,000,000 of 6,000,000 Jews in Europe in 1939 were still alive.”

1945 – The Pittsburgh Press, May 13th, 1945
“Nazis Destroy six million Jews. … Of the eight million Jews living in Germany and German occupied countries before the war, 6,200,000 have died from either execution, cruel treatment or starvation, according to latest figures compiled by Jewish welfare organisations here.”

1945 – New York Times, May 20th, 1945, page 7
” … seemingly endless streams of former “slaves” from all parts of Europe and by the huge cantonments of liberated victims of Nazism. More than six million of them have been liberated … ”

1945 – Dr. Jacob Robinson (lawyer), June 11th (12th), 1945; Nuremberg: The Last Battle, David Irving, 1996, page 61
“How great were these losses, inquired [Robert H.] Jackson, seeking a figure to use at the coming trial. ‘Six million,’ responded Dr. Robinson, and indicated that the figure included Jews in all Nazi-occupied lands ‘from the Channel to Stalingrad’ … Jackson noted that day: ‘I was particularly interested in knowing the source and reliability of his estimate as I know no authentic data on it.’”

1945 – The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, August 3rd, 1945, page 7
“This commission is gathering all materials, documents, and photographs illustrating the martyrology of Polish Jews and of the Jews of all Europe. This proves that the Germans murdered six million European Jews in Poland.”

1945 – The Canadian Jewish Review, August 10th 1945, page 1
“while the Jews, who had lost 6,000,000 victims to Nazism in Europe,”

1945 – The Times (London), August 14th, 1945
” … some 6,000,000 men, women, and children – were put to death by the Nazis and their satellites.”

1945 – The Evening Post (New Zealand), August 21st, 1945, page 5
“Two-fifths of all Jewry-nearly 6,000,000 men, women and children-were butchered.”

1945 – The Guardian, September 5th, 1945, page 8
“Altogether, it is estimated that six million Jews have been killed.”

1945 – The Canberra Times, September 6th, 1945
SIX MILLION JEWS KILLED BY GERMANS. Throughout the war the Germans killed 6,000,000 Jews, the number left in Europe being approximately 1,600,000 … most surviving Jews desired to emigrate to Palestine. The agency plans to send six groups of six men each to help Jews in German camps. … It is planned to erect a monument on the summit of Mount Scopus to commemorate the Jews who died. It will bear the names of all the 6,000,000, including soldiers, partisans and ghetto fighters. All the Jewish cultural documents and religious objects left in Central and Eastern Europe are to be collected in Palestine.”

1945 – The Evening Post (New Zealand), September 6th, 1945, page 7
“The Germans killed 6,000,000 Jews during the war, said Mr. Eliahu Dobkin, head of the Jewish Agency’s immigration department, on his return to Jerusalem from Central Europe.”

1945 – Jewish Western Bulletin, September 7th, 1945, page 43
“Almost 6,000,000 Jews were wiped out during these years,”

1945 – Jewish Western Bulletin, September 7th, 1945, page 47
“Throughout the world there is a growing indignation over the barbarism and the unspeakable cruelty of the mass murders of six million Jews by the Nazis,”

1945 – New York Times, September 17th, 1945
Six million Jews have died as martyrs and their blood cries up from the ground.”

1945 – American Zionist Emergency Council, New York Post, September 27th, 1945
“It was our very unhappy conviction all along that the responsibility for the extinction of six million Jews in Europe was not Hitler’s alone. The Entire Christian world shares that responsibility.”

1945 – The Canadian Jewish Review, September 28th, 1945, page 8
“We mourn six million dead adults, the aged, the young and the little Jewish children. We remember them.”

1945 – New York Post, October 1st, 1945, page 15
“While “we waited patiently for the fulfilliment of Great Britain’s pledges to the Jewish people,” they said, “six million Jews were killed in Europe. …” … Aren’t 6,000,000 Jewish Dead Enough?”

1945 – The Evening Post, October 2nd, 1945, page 7
“The 6,000,000 Jews who had been killed … ”

1945 – The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, October 5th, 1945, page 6
“You now propose to continue to keep these doors shut against our survivors, after six million of our people perished, for whose death your country [Britain] is not without blame.”

1945 – The Observer, October 14th, 1945, page 5
“At the entrance to its office, a large poster asks the searching question: Six million Jews have been murdered-world, where is thy conscience?”

1945 – The Canadian Jewish Review, October 26th, 1945, page 12
“They look about and behold the tragic suffering of Israel during the past decade in which six million Jews perished and they seen to see Israel as a defeated nation.”

1945 – The Observer, November 2nd, 1945, page 10
“The horror of the Middle Ages with all forms of torture was brought down upon European Israel with the result that six millions of Jews perished.”

1945 – Lebanon Daily News (PA), November 9th, 1945, page 11
Six million Jews have perished—victims of the Nazis”

1945 – Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill’s son, Daily Boston Globe, November 22nd, 1945, page 9
Six million Jews have been murdered in the past six years and the problem of finding a home for the two or three million European Jews who remain is one of urgent importance.”

Dr. David Duke on the Alan Colmes Show – March 11, 2015

Published on Mar 12, 2015

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The Ethnic Origins of the Communist Revolution and The Greatest Holocaust in the History of Mankind.

Dr. David Duke shares in an illustrated video the Introduction for his new academic resource book on the ethnic motivations behind the Bolshevik Revolution and the mass genocides committed by the Soviets.

Dr. Duke in The Secret Behind Communism, uses the research of Raphael Lemkin to expose the Bolshevik purposeful genocide against the Ukrainian people that took place in what is today called the Holodomor. He also exposes the Bolshevik war against the Russian intelligentsia and nobility was also an attempt at destroying the natural leadership of the Russian people, so as to render them weaker against their new rulers an ethnic minority harboring deep racial animosity toward the Russian people for historic anti-Semitism.

He shows how almost all reputable historians are of the opinion that the communists killed far more human beings than alleged against Hitler, yet he points out that the genocides of the Red Terror are almost totally ignored by Hollywood and the mass media.

This book is a massive resource on the issue offers the reader a real understanding of Communism as ethnic weapon, that has murdered and tortured more human beings than any other regime in history.

One of the most striking parts of the video is the revelation from Ynet News, an Israeli publication, that Gengrik Yadoda killed at least 10 million people in the Bolshevik State. Dr. Duke points out that not one in one thousand people even know his name, yet he has killed twice the number of victims than the Jewish Death toll in the Holocaust — according leading Jewish Holocaust authority Raul Hilberg, of 5.1 million.

He also shows long, close relationship between communism and Zionism, and how both extremist entities have engaged in similar repressive strategies.

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