It is NOT our ‘GOV’ it is a ‘CORPORATION’

NOT 'Our Gov'

Below is a comment tread from. Dutchsinse Propheticseer believersunderground videos facebook group.

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  • Tom Nation I would argue, it is not a corporation, but a government. Just as corporations are simply smaller governments.
  • Daniel J Towsey You make no sense..your thinking is dangerous anti human non sense..
  • Tom Nation Calling our government a corporation is foolishness. It is a regulatory control for the people, it acts in the best interest of the people according to the will of the people. We are not a dictatorship such as a corporation would be, but a governing body set in motion by the people and for the people. You may no longer believe that, but there are plenty of us who do. That is why we VOTE and practice our rights daily, such as the one I am practicing now called my freedom of speech. No corporation ever gave me that right. My ancestors took it and claimed it before all mankind! That my friend is government and that is the reason we are so successful.
  • Jan Lubben They play government,but they act like a corporation;it’s a money-market in the ‘temple’
  • Jan Lubben The presidents of the U.S.A. have been given to the people,not elected.The president does the will of them above him,and than think about corporation
  • Daniel J Towsey The corporate governments are traded as corporations on the NY stock exchange..what more proof do people need?
  • Tom Nation Alright “a truth soldier” tell me this, what is your definition of a corporation?
  • Tom Nation I am assuming it is anyone who is traded publicly for currentcy, right?
  • Daniel J Towsey A corporation is NOT a Peoples Government…it is a for profit syndicate…come on you can not figure this out? wake up..please
  • Jan Lubben Where did the gold went,and then say we have a crisis
  • Jan Lubben go i mean
  • Tom Nation so it has to be a “syndicate” meaning 2 or more people who are: combined to promote some common interest. So yea, by that definition, even marriages are corporations, I think you need to wake up to reality and learn that governments give us our rights, corporations do not. There is a difference. WAKE UP MAN!
  • Daniel J Towsey you are really not awake..Have you not noticed that since they corporatized the GOV they have taken away ALL our human rights and they are now going to kill us under the U.N. Agenda 21 world depopulation really need to wake up..
  • Jan Lubben I am Dutch,so i have an other ‘view’ on what’s going on in the U.S.A. than you of course.My question is “who has to wake-up”
  • Daniel J Towsey

    U.N. Agenda 21
    Insane (Original song written by Greg Spencer) Published on Jul 5, 2013 A song to open eyes and wake people up to what is going on. I couldn’t mention every little thing but, I hope I mentioned eno…
  • Daniel J Towsey Tom you are either very young and have never experienced freedom or you are a Facebook CIA troll
  • Tom Nation Daniel I bet you believe aliens engineered humanity too don’t you? Do you really think evil of everyone?
    Does humanity have no heart to you? No compassion? I am sorry you are suffering as you are, however, you need to wake up to love my brother.
    You are buried so deep in conspiracy you don’t know reality from fiction.
    All the soul of humanity has left the sight of your eyes.
    So long as WE THE PEOPLE Stand together for liberty and freedom, as we have all taken for granted, Only weapons of mass destruction will take us down.
    There is no one ruler who is willing to take his own life to end ours. Is the world an evil place? sure.
    But we as a race are bound by common laws of the heart. Common laws that all mankind can inspire to. It is these laws we must find within ourselves to bring to fruition.
    These laws are based on a simple idea. A simple foundation that can be summed up in 1 sentence. Revelations 22:11 –
    “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
    and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”
  • Tom Nation Oh, and you should never look at age as a sign of weakness or lack of wisdom. I have lived eons longer than you.
  • Daniel J Towsey are an idiot you think you know what I think and are deliberately off topic and doing your professional trolling to try and destroy meaningful dialogue.
  • Tom Nation Meaningful dialog in the sense of the UN is going to kill the whole world population? That kind of meaningful?
  • Jan Lubben And silence covered the earth
  • Tom Nation How about we talk about love my friend. What it means to you, how you spread it. Who you give it to. Why you dont give it to others. That sounds more meaningful to me than a global conspiracy to kill everyone.
  • Jan Lubben Jesus is love
  • Daniel J Towsey you know what the problem with you is? You know everything because you do not think for yourself and do not go and seek truth by investigating things for yourself. Remember ‘Truthers always sound insane. When telling you what the insane are doing’ why don’t you educate yourself by clicking on the link I gave you..It has all the proof that you know nothing about..wake sound like a little kid on a power trip to try and boost your weak ego.
  • Daniel J Towsey Have you heard of CODEX ALIMENTARIOUS ?
  • Daniel J Towsey Thanks for the comments..makes for a great post..see it here.…/it-is-not-our-gov…/

    It is NOT our ‘GOV’ it is a ‘CORPORATION’
    James Qualls likes this. Tom Nation I would argue, it is not a corporation, but a government. Just as corporations are simply smaller governments. Daniel J Towsey You make no sense..your thinking i…
  • Daniel J Towsey The only thing I LOVe is TRUTH..for they are both one and the same..LOVE TRUTH
  • Daniel J Towsey Kill everyone..where do in begin..CHEMTRAILS, FLUORIDE, GMOS, PHARMACEUTICALS, RADIATION FALL OUT, The list of their insanityThanks to the corporations. Today there is nothing you breath, eat and think that is not poisoned by corporate criminals is endless..
  • Tom Nation Well from my understanding, the chem trails is to fight global warming, Pharmaceuticals saved my life, Radiation fall out is from people not doing their jobs, anything else? Until the WORLD gets off its dependancy of oil, there is going to be chemtrails.
  • Daniel J Towsey The USA got Corporatized when they create the Federal Reserve and Canada got corporatized in 1975 when Trudeau shut down the function of the Bank of Canada..Corporate criminals are all about money and and the insanity that comes with being able to do anything they want because they can produce the money out of thin air.
  • Tom Nation I tell ya what Daniel, You know what would make you happy? Go live on land where you can hunt for your food, build your own shelter out of trees, ride horses so you have no need for cars and sell all your electronics, because your not going to have electricity either. Go live off the land, grow everything organic and then die of no medical treatment because it was the only way to live life without taking some biological risk. We are human, we will err, we will learn, adapt and overcome just as we have done as a species for over 200,000 years. Relax, your not dead yet.
  • Daniel J Towsey Global warming.. really? Hummm the Chemtrails material blanketing the planet is blocking 25 per cent of the sun and that has been going on for more then 30 years. So how is that causing global warming? Pharmceauticals do not cure anything.. Natural health products do.. Like I said..You know everything and only contribute meaningless generalities with no factual substance to back them with..what a dumb troll you are very boring..I am continuing this conversation only because I am copying it for the world to see what a trolls sounds like..have any more stupidity to say?
  • Tom Nation Am I a CIA Spy troll yet, “a truth solider”?
  • Daniel J Towsey Go live off the you are not aware of what is happening with chemtrails and radiation fall all mutating , killing and destroying everything..You see you know everything about nothing.. There is no land that is not contaminated by the effects of the criminally insane corporate minds..
  • Daniel J Towsey The generation of today grew up with a one dimensional screen in front of their faces and have no idea what is real and what is really happening outside in the real world..
  • Tom Nation “Meaningless generalities” lol, no mirror in your house is there? I bet you don’t have one cause your afraid you wont see your own reflection. Nor did I say it causes global warming I said it is to fight it. And yes, I have lots of “Stupidity” to say. Like, your a tool, your blind, uneducated, paranoid, condescending, and over all just a little psychotic. I think you need some of those “Pharmaceuticals” For your paranoid delusions. Get some help man, not everyone is out to get you.
  • Tom Nation Oh, and mr mathematician…. that is a 2 dimensional screen. Technically, its 3D, theoretically 12D. But what would you know about real?
  • Daniel J Towsey you fell for can there be global warming is the chemtrails are reduce the sun reaching the planet..there is no global warming..go learn about HAARP and how they have fully controlled the weather since the second world war..ever heard of environmental warfare..
    Tom all you do is attack with your sick ego are really are an absolute dumb down idiot..
    but hey for me this conversation is absolutely not of any intellectual interest.
    Like I said I am re-posting this duel from a genius and you the idiot..
    Know what a genius is? It is one who always seeks and speak truth their whole life for one like you that does not do that will only turn out to be an idiot that thinks they know everything..Unfortunately for you, you have lived in a completely socially engineered society your who life.
    Unlike me being older and wiser.
    I actually lived in time when true genius was respected and dumb idiots were also acknowledged for what they are..I found one named Tom ..
  • Daniel J Towsey What an idiot…you think that a screen in front of your face really has dimension..for you the only thing has has done is give you dimensia that is why you are so demented……hahahahhahaah oopps fell off my chair..thanks for the confirmed actually do live your life in front of a screen..
  • Tom Nation No the chemtrails are a certain type of poison, sulfuric acid I believe, and sulfuric acid is a dirty way to reduce greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.
    Its a simple choice, burn up the earth, poison it, or move to renewable energies. And let me guess, your a “genius” right? Lol, like I said My friend, get some meds, you need it.
    I may have an ego, but its is only directed towards fear mongering idiots such as yourself. Those who wish to spread lies to convince everyone is trying to kill them and they have to fight for their lives right now!
    ARM YOURSELVES! People like you, if it is not the government you want to kill, its the muslims, or christians, or whoever, I am just so sick of dealing with idiots like you who don’t know how to tell a story of love to anyone.
    Do I have love for you? sure, its an agape love, but I do. Do I think you should be able to say stupid shit like this? sure, but be prepared for people like me who are going to wreck your logic and ruin your day.
    You are not a “genius”, there is no “genius” There are those with imagination and those without, yours is just running wild.
  • Daniel J Towsey go to school..Barium,aluminium and much more is sprayed in chemtrails..
  • Tom Nation So what school did you go to, to learn about chemtrails, maybe ill sign up!
  • Tom Nation “Genius”
  • Daniel J Towsey here is a school for you

    Chemtrails In Our Skies
    Wake Up Look Up Speak Up
  • Tom Nation is that a peer reviewed scientific academy? Where you went to school to learn about chemtrails?
  • Daniel J Towsey Tom..since you like one dimensional screens and can not study for yourself then please listen to this. There is no reasoning with the insane

    ‘There is no reasoning with the insane’ Is this You?

  • Tom Nation I know there is not, that is why I am not trying to reason with you. Instead just pointing out your stupidity. For once, we are in concurrence.
  • Tom Nation and just to reiterate! This is one dimensional – _____________________ this is 2 dimensional X 3D has 3 axis, how many axis does a one dimensional screen have?
  • Tom Nation Trick question! There are no one dimensional screens! HA! You laughed!
  • Tom Nation I think you should change your icon.. “A Truth Solider” doesn’t fit you. You don’t seem to know any “Truth” Maybe you should change your icon to “A Possible Solider” Because that is as far as your evidence can possibly go.
  • Daniel J Towsey hey tom..your are just a dweb…..
  • Tom Nation Well at least im not your first hunch and I’m not a “CIA SPY TROLL”, whew! I thought I was getting jipped out of a paycheck.
  • Daniel J Towsey school time.

    Daniel J Towsey's photo.
    Wake Up WARNING: This is a BIG DECEPTION ! Climate Engineering has been going on since the 40’s and is today, the main CAUSE of Climate Change (previously known as Global Warming). The government, …
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Chemtrails – and food and drug and water tainting- PSYCHOTROPIC SUBSTANCES – UN Resolution A/RES/31/125 16 December 1976 ACCESSION TO AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE 1971 CONVENTION ON PSYCHOTROPIC SUBST…
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Important evidence of presence of barium and strontium in aerial spraying
    An important evidence of presence of barium and strontium in aerial spraying and that they may initiate transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) also known as prion diseases, which are a gro…
  • Daniel J Towsey

    The Proof of Weather Modification Haarp cloud seeding and chemtrails (updated)
    Link to original post. November 14, 2012 BOOM The U.S Military Will Use Weather as a Weapon on AMERICAN Citizens NOTE – SPECIAL DEBUNKING SECTION NOW ADDED BELOW Now the history of weather warefare…
  • Daniel J Towsey

  • Daniel J Towsey

    Philippines Attacked by Haarp Environmental Warfare Weapon
    Microwave Pulse gives birth to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) See this related page.  This video is related and important. Have a look at the photos of the burned car. The front is intact and the back is…
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Chemtrails Are Not Geoengineering
    Below is a short documentary on the topic. I will adding more information to this topic soon. Comment by Daniel J Towsey: In this documentary, they say that global warming is caused by chemtrails. …
  • Daniel J Towsey

    by: Thomas, William   William Thomas is an investigative journalist who comes to us from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. He has won numerous awards for his feature films and articles. His 30-…
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Here is why global warming and carbon tax are
    Here is why global warming and carbon tax are written by A Truth Soldier   I am a photographer and videographer, and as such I am more observant of the environment then some.   Over the past two ye…
  • LOOK UP WAKE UP by Christian Sanschaines
  • Daniel J Towsey

    9-11 Twin Towers – Chemtrails Holocaust = US Patent No. 4686605 A
    Dee Nicholson Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2013 4:26 PM To: undisclosed-recipients Subject: Fw: 9/11 Twin Towers/Chemtrails Holocaust = US Patent No. 4686605 A The elite have us fighting multiple is…
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Chemtrails Geoengineering The Greatest Crime of All Time The Evidence
    ©Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri Photos: John Graf August 21, 2013 This article is dedicated to the courageous people around our planet who have spoken out and written about these crimes. In the ultima…
  • Daniel J Towsey

    LIVE Updated Presentation – The Most Important Topic of Our Time – GeoEngineering & chemtrails Published on Jun 20, 2013 the AP; go to: “Droughts, Floods, and Disrupted Weather” In this video, …
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Chemtrail Jet Photos
    Amazing thing is, these jets are probably drones [   VIEWERS COMMENTS jc j Submitted on 2013/05/15 at 8:32 pm i believe that 95% of the chemtrail aircraft are ufo’s not of this earth! you have…
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Chemtrails Documents
    Documents 1966 US Government Document Outlines National Weather Modification Programs And Implications The document contained below is very damning. It should be a stark wake up call for any that s…
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Chemtrails Documentaries
    GeoEngineering and BioEngineering : The Unmistakable Link – Carnicom Institute Published on Dec 7, 2012 For additional speakers presentations at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference (Aug …
  • Daniel J Towsey

    HAARP – Blue Beam Videos
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Nano Fibers Morgellons Videos
    Chemtrails Nano Fibers Fall Out (3 Video Compilation) Doctor admits breathing problems have gone up” LOTS!!!”-Its CHEMTRAILS 100% – WAKEY WAKEY 22.4.2012 Voerde Germany particle smartdust fibers po…
  • Daniel J Towsey

    Trees and Foliage Dying Sick and Mutating Worldwide
    Fukushima Radioactive Chemtrails Rain Killing Foliage Worldwide Please scroll down for videos and pictures…and read viewers comments below videos. Youtube is blocking some of my videos so i am cr…
  • Daniel J Towsey Do your home work now..
  • Daniel J Towsey Now this one you will be tested on and it is worth 80% of your grade…

    Creation of First Corporation on Daniel J Towsey
    Posts about Creation of First Corporation written by Daniel J Towsey
  • Tom Nation I got it, your one of those “spies” your so worried about me being. lol, you must be a russian spy trying to topple the world for your own socialist domination. Right? i mean,
    I can site any website that has a special agenda, such as yours and spit hate and fear all over the web. I know many will believe it.
    Fear is what drives the human race, and people like you harness that fear and try to incite chaos by deception.
    These Christians here call people like you “children of satan” but i just call you misguided.
    Ok, pick a topic besides chemtrail, pick a side, and I will find a news network like yours that only puts out the worst fears of the people on that topic. Just pick a topic! Any topic! Its the internet, PEER REVIEWED is KEY TO KEEP AWAY FROM ALL DECEPTION!
  • Daniel J Towsey NO TALKING IN CLASS.or you will go in the corner and put on The dunce cap..DO YOU UNDERSTAND..CHILD
  • Tom Nation lol
  • Daniel J Towsey lol..its been fun now anyone that checks out this blog will learn something..take care..

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