Worse Case Scenario FUKUSHIMA Doomsday End of ALL LIFE is Happening NOW


I have been saying, and no one listened.

“If humanity is not guided into the future by truth then we are all doomed”

We are now all doomed and they are still not telling us the truth…

This will sound insane, but remember “Truther always sound insane. When telling you what the insane are doing”
About 311-
Brief version. NO Earth quake, man made tsunami, Plants never damaged by tsunami, Israslis planted two pound mininukes at each plants a month earlier.

The zionist controlled american navy implanted nine nukes in bed of sea, triggered tsunami, plants blown up to cover up the radiation from their nukes.. all three core with their mox fuel rods are burning through to the core of the earth..

Worse then that like 911 and all the other acts of terrorism.

They were all pre planned very long ago.. go to my site and check out my Fukushima reports. ATruthSoldier(dot)wordpress(dot)com

FUKUSHIMA ‘Worst Case Scenario’ (shorter version)


Published on Oct 6, 2013



Published on Nov 7, 2013

and the lies LIES JUST GET BIGGER AND BIGGERHawaii went radioactive yesterday with spiking radiation readings as shown in both of the two charts below from BlackCatSystems showing huge spikes in radiation levels. With reports of the Pacific Ocean dying and radiation levels rising throughout much of the West coast according to this scariest chart , is this Fukushima making its impact here in America? According to the alarming video below, Fukushima is now in fuel rod meltdown after heavy rains and a power blackout that we have not been made aware of by the mainstream media.
Amateurs and yakuza at the plant
Worker A: Just the other day, we had six people exposed to radiation when contaminated water leaked while people were exchanging hoses, but the leaks are mostly due to really basic mistakes. I’d say 80 — 90 per cent is about human error.

Worker B: Worker morale at the site is really low. Especially because of the high turnover, there’s not really a sense of responsibility here. The people I’m working with right now, their jobs before coming to Fukushima Daiichi were positions like working at a pub in Shinjuku (a district in downtown Tokyo), a pool lifeguard, a cram-school teacher, and a truck driver. They’re all amateurs. There’s not one expert among them.

Worker B: They’ve got to increase the number of workers here. In particular, they’ve got to bring experienced workers back to Fukushima.

Worker C: There was one company partnering with Tepco that made a ridiculously low bid, and that triggered a huge deflation of Fukushima Daiichi’s labour costs. Among the workers, there are guys who were sent in because they owe money to the yakuza, and some others are desperately poor yakuza without options. At the worksite, there’s nothing but yakuza and total amateurs…

Worker B: There was a journalist* who wrote in his book that a tenth of the workers at Fukushima Daiichi were yakuza, but it’s certainly true that yakuza types have been increasing…it’s a reality that you can’t get people gathered here without the help of gangs.

Worker D: In the first place, it’s a mistake to let this company that never had a proper preparation plan to deal with the aftermath of the accident. Plus, they have a lot of pride, so they (the company) can’t bow their heads and admit that the situation is untenable. Even though the contaminated water keeps increasing, the workers keep decreasing. Plus, even if there are policies to support children and victims of the earthquake disaster, there’s nothing for the workers who have been exposed to radiation, so eventually, even the amateurs and yakuza will leave Fukushima Daiichi too.

Worker C: Among the workers, there are the commuters and the ones who stay overnight, but once you enter a small subcontracting company, you can get held back at the site for 16 hours a day. It’s a place of long hours, low wages, no overtime pay.

Prepare for Mass Extinction – Dr. Michio Kaku


Published on Aug 31, 2012

FUKUSHIMA,And The End of Humanity.Michio Kaku


Published on Jul 18, 2013

As the prestigious scientific journal Nature notes:
Shortly after a massive tsunami struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on 11 March, an unmanned monitoring station on the outskirts of Takasaki, Japan, logged a rise in radiation levels. Within 72 hours, scientists had analysed samples taken from the air and transmitted their analysis to Vienna, Austria — the headquarters of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), an international body set up to monitor nuclear weapons tests.
It was just the start of a flood of data collected about the accident by the CTBTO’s global network of 63 radiation monitoring stations. In the following weeks, the data were shared with governments around the world, but not with academics or the public.
The attempted cover up of the severity of the Fukushima disaster is nothing new. Governments have been covering up nuclear meltdowns for 50 years, and the basic design for nuclear reactors was not chosen for safety, but because it worked on Navy submarines … and produced plutonium for the military.
(Indeed, the government’s response to every crisis appears to be to try to cover it up; and see this.)
Today, Yomiuri Shinbun reports (Google translation) that the U.S. knew within days that Fukushima had melted down:

The subject of evacuating the US citizens was raised in the early hours on March 16 (local time). The US … already knew about the unusually high temperature of the reactors from the Global Hawk data, and determined that “the fuel has already melted”.
The US high-ranking officials wanted to evacuate the US citizens [Tokyo] but the local officials including Maher objected, as “it would severely undermine the US-Japan alliance”
(The Global Hawk is an unmanned aerial aircraft).

Fukushima And The End Of Humanity


Published on Oct 19, 2013

-Fukushima And The End of Humanity-
Important Website For Your Salvation

Important Video About The End of The World



Published on Nov 1, 2013

The FUKUSHIMA RADIATION is not only out of control, it is putting in danger LIFE as we know it. 300 tonnes of RADIOACTIVE GROUND WATER IS LEAKING into the PACIFIC OCEAN every day. Nuclear experts say Japan’s disaster is intensifying and there shall be “No Happy Ending”. ALL SEA LIFE will eventually DIE! So will we…
Alright, so the scoop is that TEPCO is dumping radioactive water into the Pacific at the same time that a key company official has admitted that the problem is not under control. Furthermore, the beckerel per kg allowed amount in Japan is 100/kg, compared to 10 times more in America at 1,000 beckerels per kilogram. The cover-up fully extends to hospitals in Japan where there are cases of open rashes on people’s faces, and burns, yet health staff are warned by superiors to cover that up. Now the beckerel count is thousands of times above the Japanese legal limit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit !!!!! Wake up Japan ! Wake up America ! Never mind dead fish, how about radioactive rain right here in North America. Wake up people !!!!!!

Finally when we factor in the Olympics being held in Japan in 2020, that is a recipe for political enabling of a further radio-active water and rain fallout that promises to extend as far east of Japan to the United States and Canada !!!!!! Looks like some extremely volatile radioactive fallout shit coming our way. I feel sorry for the fish, but even sorrier for the human beings here and in Japan who will surely suffer, or even die, down the road. WTF?????????????
Japan,… awarded the Olympics. Go Figure.

UPDATE!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBXypyZ7ysw&feature=player_detailpage&list=TLU2KuxZaTDLA6BSCfeZyNZe_IDHXpAUV9

FUKUSHIMA: ‘Worst Case Scenario’


Published on Sep 24, 2013



This is a special video presentation concerning the the current crisis at the TEPCO Nuclear Facility Fukushima Daichi.

This is a special video presentation concerning the the current crisis at the TEPCO Nuclear Facility Fukushima Daichi.
Read the Report here:
Permalink: http://concienciaradio.com/fukushima/
Before It’s News: http://beforeitsnews.com/japan-earthq
Download the Yoichi Shimatsu audio interview excerpt here:

1.Yoichi Shimatsu interview on The Jeff Rense Radio Show, August 12, 2013, http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/s
2.San Onofre Edison…West Coast Radiation Crisis – Part 1, Yoichi Shimatsu, http://rense.com/general95/sanofre.html
3.Rising Tritium Could Trigger Huge Fukushima Blasts, Yoichi Shimatsu, http://rense.com/general96/rising.html
4.Disease killing Pacific herring threatens salmon, scientist warns, Mark Hume, http://license.icopyright.net/user/vi
5.Biologist: Pacific herring in Canada bleeding from eyeballs, faces, fins, tails — I’ve never seen fish looking this bad — All 100 examined were bloody — Officials informed of hemorrhaging soon after 3/11 — Gov’t ignoring problem (PHOTO), http://enenews.com/biologist-pacific-
6.Fukushima Radiation Concerns in Alaska: No clams found in area — Salmon season canceled, population too low — Large mammals with huge sores (VIDEO)
7.Costas de Baja California Corren Peligro por Radiación Mortal de Fukushima,
8.Ocean-fertilization project off Canada sparks furore, PDF here
9.Symposium: Steven Starr, “The Implications of Massive Radiation Contamination of Japan with Radioactive Cesium, http://nuclearfreeplanet.org/symposiu
10.On The Beach (1959) Part 1 of 2 [World Nuclear Holocaust],
11.On the Beach (2000 film), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_
12.Final Days Of Planet Earth 2006, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3tNW

13.Atlantic Ocean Floor Unexpectedly Pumping Iron, http://news.discovery.com/earth/ocean
14.Chairman of Oregon Republican Party suggests dropping nuclear waste from airplanes for its health benefits — Wants to put radioactive material from San Onofre into drinking water (VIDEO), http://enenews.com/chairman-of-oregon
15.The Sinner’s Prayer, http://www.freechristianteaching.org/

FAIR USE NOTICE: Any copyrighted (©) material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, which constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

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fukushima still out of control february-2014


Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Systematically Poisoning The Entire Pacific Ocean


Published on Aug 6, 2013

Michael Snyder brings you news that you won’t get on the propaganda television
No, the state-controlled media won’t tell you about this disaster and when the bone cancer cases start popping up from the strontium, you won’t hear about it!
We, the people, now have to take over the role that the media played and spread truth about Fukushima, but remember that anyone who brings truth to the people, will be portrayed as a traitor, by the Nazi regime!

Fukushima The Coming Global Disaster


Published on Aug 26, 2013

2014″Fukushima Radiation Fallout Review Fukushima Global Radiation Crisis USA Radiation Fallout”




Published on Oct 24, 2013


Fukushima News 1/2/14: Nuclear Expert: Fukushima Reactor Cores Melted Into The Ground


Published on Jan 2, 2014

Nuclear Expert: Fukushima reactor cores melted right down into the ground — That radioactive material is getting washed out into Pacific Ocean (AUDIO)

Japan to set new policy for nuclear waste disposal
The Japanese government plans to revise a basic policy for disposing of nuclear waste so that it can play a more active role in selecting disposal sites.
The industry ministry says starting early this year it will act on proposals submitted in November by a panel of experts.
The government plans to store highly-radioactive waste from nuclear power plants deep underground. It has been asking local governments to come up with candidate sites under a law that came into effect in 2000.
But no municipalities have stepped forward, and the government has still not secured any candidate sites.

Nuclear plants unlikely to resume operations soon
Officials with the Nuclear Regulation Authority in Japan say no nuclear plants are likely to resume operations in the near future.
They set new safety standards last July following the 2011 accident at Fukushima Daiichi. The guidelines call on operators to prepare for severe accidents and to reinforce facilities to make them earthquake-resistant.
Seven utilities have applied for safety screenings for 9 plants so they can restart operations.

Annual New Year sit-in held in Nagasaki
A group of atomic bomb survivors and other citizens have staged an annual New Year’s Day sit-in in Nagasaki, calling for the elimination of nuclear arms.
About 60 people took part in the event at the city’s Peace Park on Wednesday.
Speaking at the rally, 91-year-old former Nagasaki mayor Hitoshi Motoshima said helping create a peaceful world is the duty of Japan which inflicted damage and pain against the people of Asian nations during World War Two.

Japan-U.S. Decommissioning and Remediation Fukushima Recovery Forum Tokyo, Japan
February 18-19, 2014

BBC Interview: “News about Fukushima… keeps getting worse” — Japan Professor: “Rash of disease” in Fukushima children, rate of cancer in thyroid up to “dozens of times higher than usual” — Expert: Forcible radiation exposure by gov’t (AUDIO)

Gundersen: Very visible steam at Fukushima Unit 3 is from constant radioactive releases — Coming from hot rubble, not related to new explosion

Officials: Unprecedented disease outbreak to blame for dozens of bald eagles deaths — “A major development.. really kind of undocumented” — Concern virus may have mutated — Brains hemorrhaging, immune systems not fighting it off, why are they now more susceptible? (VIDEO)

#Fukushima I NPP Reactor 3: Debris Removal from Spent Fuel Pool Has Started

Fukushima ghost towns struggle to recover amid high radiation levels
Post-tsunami reconstruction and radiation cleanup could take 10 years, but officials say something has been permanently lost

Cesium-137 deposition and contamination of Japanese soils due to the Fukushima nuclear accident

Uranium – the ‘demon metal’ that threatens us all

Nuclear Waste Disposal Documentary

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WTFUKU? What the Fukushima?!


Published on Sep 1, 2013

#WTFUKU? CNN broke the historic WHAT THE FUKUSHIMA? news today 8.31.13. Here scientist Patrick Flanagan tells us that Fukushima is far worse than we’ve all been led to believe.

UPDATE 11.1.13 – The doctor’s solution he mentions in the videi has been presented to the Japanese government by other scientists. Great minds. He is focusing on radiation treatments to cleanse our bodies.

http://phisciences.com founder Patrick Flanagan says it’s even worse that CNN has reported, a horrific equivalent of radiation equal to 10 Hiroshima’s an hour 24/7 has been pumped into seas for since 3.11.13. That’s equal to about 8,700 Hiroshima’s.

Link to the LIFE MAGAZINE story on the young doctor Flanagan. http://phisciences.com/patricks-life-magazine-article
Is it any wonder our world is dying? What the Fukushima?!

Video from director Ken Sheetz http://buzzbroz.com

See Ken’s meditations for a better world at http://dreamshield.org

The CNN story the world can be grateful for. http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/2013/08/30/why-fukushima-is-worse-than-you-think/

Songs used are licensed for our exclusive worldwide use in connection with his video.

TRAGIC CONSEQUENCE: http://www.videoblocks.com/videos/details/Tragic-Consequence-tragicconsequence225-production-music/

LONELY LOVE STORY http://www.videoblocks.com/videos/details/a-lonely-love-story/

All still and A bomb footage used under Fair Use laws for documentary purposes.

Not surprisingly, some out there, deep in the programming of society, brainwashed by videos game or God knows what, who seem to think a post apocalyptic world of zombies and the living dead radiation will create are cool are making some strange comments and personal attacks. I reassure you not a single one of these comments will be allowed to be posted out of great respect for Patrick Flanagan’s message of hope and serious wake up call. I will also ban and weed out anyone making disrespectful comments from my channel permanently for wasting my time with your nonsense. Thanks and big thanks to all of you seeing what this man, who invented something to help heal you, and not hiding behind a psuedonymn is doing. Grow the Fuku up.

This makes a lot of work for me on a viral video as I must review thousands of comments for approval to post. So please be patient at seeing your comments appear.


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