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Alex Hunter

For reasons very obvious to those of us following along Faceplant wants to know “What’s on your mind?”:
In my case today at 5:30 AM Saturday November 16th, 2013 it would be blood clots from being lobotomised/mentally mutilated by UHF/SHF every night for trying to alert and inform others about
– the covert domestic use of technetronic warfare for political control
– technetronic tyranny/bio – technetronic enslavement
– globalist genocide, chemtrails, HAARP, chemical, biological, advanced biological and genetic warfare,
– military – police training/indoctrination, desensitisation, brainwashing, manipulation, mind control and subsequent depravity and brutality
– shadow government – government, regulatory, judiciary and executive perpetrated medical – ‘legal’ – insurance fraud and racketeering and the perversion of justice via their “Just Us” system and every other under their sphere of influence which encompasses everything of significance here on earth
– weaponised air, water, food, mediSIN, administration, technology, social NETworking and anything else of human significance.
– the ruthless ruling group’s war crimes, atrocities, techniques, technology, fascist/socialist policies, lies and outright reversals
– much else… the frequencies are so loud, sharp, hot and fast I could no longer stand trying to lie in bed doing whatever it is I do after being sleep deprived for four years
For those of you who don’t like the swearing and suggestion that we all use force to neutralise and/or eliminate those responsible I am sorry about the swearing.
Power concedes nothing without a demand – it never has and it never will.
We are now completely out of time.
Those of you who sit back and allow this to continue are next. Once they kill off the best of us they will come for the rest.
If you are content to try to cower thinking someone else might save you then you are not only dead already, but doomed as well.
There is only one way out of this and most of us are going to die in the process. Freedom must be replenished through the blue blood of tyrants and that of their pathetic, cowardly and treacherous minions.
There are many ways to make that happen once you understand the technology, materials, dynamics and opportunities available to you but those won’t be so readily available to you once they start the hot stage of WWIII which is why I chose to give my life to try to prevent it.
To be clear, while you are all culled under the guise of being “protected” anyone non compliant with the tyrannical/genocidal and outright insane globalist policies/agenda will be shot, clubbed, tasered, stomped, microwaved, mentally mutilated, irradiated, incapacitated and/or eliminated.
Once they start the hot stage of WWIII anyone not following orders will be executed on the spot or dragged off and tortured, then eliminated.
We are being manipulated and divided into factions that will be diametrically opposed to one another and remain locked in lethal combat until little or nothing is left of us and our once beautiful planet.
That is my Faceplant Forecast for today since I cannot sleep though poppies grow and flow from Uncle Sam’s poppy fields courtesy of the Synagogue of Satan and the Poppy Cops.
Harden up to the Brutal Truth & HELP!



Laura Ludwig I think you are right, there is no time left, it is time to prep and protect ourselves and loved ones the best we can. something is brewing big time. this sign was posted on the street in from of our Lincoln Park Community Center a couple of days ago, they have never done this before, ever.

Laura Ludwig's photo.

Daniel J Towsey yup…that truly faces the situation.

Comment by kalooha BELFAHIM | November 17, 2013 |

In the Middle East and else where any country that have been under attack have fought back with determination and hope but in occidental country!?… Nothing… I always think that only action, military action will save the world from tyranny because 80% of the world population is not and won’t do anything to change… We are outnumber but we are not connected… We are millions ready to go to war but we are not INTERCONNECTED!!!


Christian Sanschaines Towsey


think of how the pharmaceutical companies work. they own the FDA. they get any drug they want to sell approved by the FDA. their main objective is to rob you of your hard earned money. nothing else matters.
they also own your doctor. they will prescribe a pill at the drop of a hat every time.
It is just a bandaid. but you will be hooked, even though it says that the pill could cause death, or some other deadly ailment. the warning is there in plain sight, in fine print. well your good doctor prescribed it. surely it must be safe inspite of the warning in fine print. the one pill surely will produce the dreadful side effects it warned about. your good doctor will prescribe another pill and another pill, one after another. you are now a Zombie of the evil pharma, helplessly dependent on their poison. we see this all around us, but we just go along them. they are now getting to our young ones right in their school. The FDA would raid a farmers house with swat teams and attack helicopters just for selling unpasteurized milk, but completely ignore the death dealing pharmaceuticals.
The New World Order

New World Order Logo
The Latin words “novus ordo seclorum”, which appears on the backside of the Great Seal of the U.S since 1782 and on the back of the U.S dollar bill since 1935, means literally “New Order of the Ages”, but conspiracy theorists translate it as “New World Order”

The term New World Order (NWO) refers to a group of genetically related people with a global agenda to create a fascist world government which replaces all independent nations.

This group of people is extremely influential and powerful, many of the world’s top political leaders, wealthiest people, corporate leaders and high members of royal blood (better known as the Black Nobility of Europe) are part of this group.

On February 17, 1950, Zionist banker, Paul Warburg told the U.S. Senate: “We will have a global government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved through conquest or consent.”

The New World Order ultimate goal is to have complete control over every individual on the world and to reduce the world’s population by 5.5 Billion people. It is speculated that major political and financial events are orchestrated by organizations behind the New World Order. Many current and historical occurrences are considered to be steps in a secret agenda to reach global domination through secret political meetings and decisions.

In 1992, Dr John Coleman published Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300. In his book he researched the New World Order agenda of global domination and control. He wrote about the New World Order:
“A One World Government and one-unit monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population.

There will be no middle class, only rulers and the servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist. The system will be on the basis of a welfare state; those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simply be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited.”

Members of the NWO

Most members of the New World Order are oil barons, international bankers and high ranked people from major multinational corporations and the pharmaceutical industry. The Royal Family of England is playing a big role in the New World Order, especially Queen Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor, (who are descendants of the German Royal family the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, they changed their name to Windsor in 1914). The NWO agenda and important decisions are made in London, Basel, and Brussel (NATO headquarter).

World Health Organization Logo
World Health Organization part of the New World Order

Many organizations such as the United Nations (UN), and UN agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO), are part of the NWO. Same goes for NATO which is a military tool of the New World Order.

The leaders of the rich nations such as the U.S, England, Germany etc. (members of the “G8” ) are fully cooperative participants in the NWO. The NWO has become so powerful that it can select individuals to become the leader of nations such as the U.S, England and Germany. It did not matter whether Bill Clinton or Bob Dole became president in 1996 because they both followed the NWO agenda. Everyone who doesn’t follow the NWO agenda such as President Kennedy, Aldo Moro (Italy) and Ali Bhutto (Pakistan) is killed. More recently, William Colby and Admiral Borda were assasinated because they weren’t doing what them was told, or tried to expose the NWO agenda.

NWO Propaganda

Stanford Research Institute
SRI International’s headquarters in California

The NWO uses a lot of propaganda but it is now called “Public Opinion”. Public opinion is scripted propaganda by the NWO to manipulate the behavior of the people. Public opinion polls are taken to gauge the people’s acceptance of the NWO’s agenda. When the poll results are positive the NWO knows the programming has been successful, when the poll results are negative the NWO needs to “tweak” the programming until the desired response is achieved. While the subject and content of the propaganda is decided at Tavistock, is the realization of the propaganda executed in the U.S by well over 200 ‘think tanks’ such as the Brookings Institute and the Rand Corporation which are overseen and directed by the top NWO mind control organization in the U.S, the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, California.

The NWO manifests their agenda by using fear to manipulate human emotions. In the past centuries, they have repeatedly used the same method to achieve their goals by creating a Problem, Reaction, and Solution.

The method is as follows: the NWO creates a Problem – by funding, training, and assembling an “opposition” group to create unrest in an established nation that they wish to impinge upon and thus create opposing groups in a conflict that the NWO themselves maneuvered into existence. In recent years, so called opposition factions are usually called in the media as ‘liberators’ or ‘freedom fighters’.

New World Order Pyramid of Power
the ‘pyramid of power’ shows the role of every group and organization in the NWO

The controlled media reports about the conflict with a barrage of video’s and photo’s of terrible and bloody atrocities suffered by innocent people. The world demands “Something has to be done!” And that is the desired Reaction.

The major nations, which are in fact puppets of the NWO, then provide the Solution by sending in UN ‘Coalition Force’ (Gulf War) or an UN ‘Peace Keepers’ (Bosnia) or NATO Bombers and then ground troops (Kosovo), or soldiers to ‘search for Weapons of Mass Destruction’, which of course are never found.
Once there, the ‘peace keepers’ never leave. The goal is to have NWO controlled military in all major nations or strategic regions where it is likely for the NWO to face heavy resistance when the global takeover occurs.

The NWO’s Role in Historical Events

Many major wars, economical crises and political events of the last centuries were set in motion by the NWO. Among these staged events are: The Spanish-American War in 1898, WWI and WWII; the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution; the Great Depression; the Rise of Hitler’s Nazi Germany; the Vietnam War; the Korean War; the “fall” of the Soviet Union in 1989; the War in Kosovo; the Gulf War in 1991; and the wars in Iraq. The New World Order even had influence on the French Revolution in 1789.

The gaining of ever more wealth, world domination, and total control over the population are the motivating forces of the NWO leaders. The suffering among the population and the deaths of innocent people are non issues for these individuals.


  • Daniel J Towsey https://atruthsoldier.wordpress.com/u-n-agenda-21/


    Obama Calls For “New World Order”, in front of the United Nations. The U.S. to g…See More
  • Daniel J Towsey https://www.facebook.com/TheyWantYouDeadIsWrittenInStone


    Check out https://atruthsoldier.wordpress.com and http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com https://www.facebook.com/ATruthSoldier

    The invisible war against humanity

    Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 1:15am

    The invisible war against humanity

    Today all over the world we are experiencing a time that becomes increasingly agitated and stressful. Susceptible individuals, and even the man in the street experience, but now feel the pressure and the growing influence of forces and powers that appear to maintain their dominance in these end times, as was prophesied. The current agenda is to remove all conscience and authentic spiritual experience intensifies with increasing ingenuity, efforts are made to reduce the possibility of releasing physical and invisible systems that shape control and manipulate human society on Earth.

    This is a subject that we seek to be long in the open, even if scares many people, because it became necessary to issue a warning about what we had been given to see for some time already knowing that a time would come when many more people would be aware of these influences, and therefore seek to understand. Because even if the increase in media such as the Internet and so on. allowed humanity to realize more tangible methods of propaganda in the media, politics, economy and military activities, although fewer people are aware that the more subtle and insidious dynamic of the day ‘secret offensive against the collective human consciousness.

    In these times of global possibility of awakening and spiritual awareness, an informed portion of humanity strives to generate as much as possible of the “matrix” *, at least in thought and aspiration, this is possible, even if it is far from easy, unlike a withdrawal at the physical level of our being. However, such a disconnection and an adjustment in his life and interior layout brings strange reactions and ramifications of ubiquitous intelligence of the matrix itself, and now they weigh heavily on humanity as the inevitable global tension s ‘increases.

    * The Matrix: suitable metaphorical term, borrowed from the deeply allegorical film of the same name.

    The lively and intelligent and his servants matrix intangible assets constantly hostile to any sincere effort to liberate reactions. Some of these reactions are perfectly recognizable to mind informed and are undoubtedly experienced by sensitive. The person who has become aware and therefore naturally takes a direction opposite to the dying world order can experience periods of clouding of consciousness that it is impossible to explain in purely rational, these periods can last for hours , weeks or even longer, and then suddenly disappear, giving the victim a much needed time and enjoyed recovery. Agitation and mental stress, doubt, guilt, thoughts of self-denigration, confusion, inability to think clearly, physiological effects such as headaches, heart palpitations, insomnia, disorientation in thinking, “voice”, thoughts that are repeated as on an old broken record, physical heaviness and extreme indolence identical to the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), apathy and depression … these are just a few of the possible backlash from the matrix to the souls who are struggling to to release or who are carriers of Light.

    These psychic attacks are inflicted deliberately to undermine self-esteem, confidence, awareness and consciousness. Designed to awaken the feeling of not being at or to fail, thereby encouraging a sense of guilt and shame, they stimulate a need to “cure” the problem or else to distract by indulging in passions and desires of the lower nature *. The victim prey to these attacks can therefore seek respite in various ways, sincerely believing that he or she is a bad person or a small or otherwise unworthy person. And yet, inexplicably, and in an instant, the psychic attack symptoms may disappear completely, as if you had pressed a switch, while the mind and consciousness covering some clarity and intelligence found stunned, not including or what happened or where it is located.

    * If the victim would choose to succumb to the lure of gross impressions and opt to engage in surface activity, worldly or rewarding to the ego (eg, smoking, drinking, eating, having sex, take part in entertainment or even a social activity worthless), symptoms may lessen or so, in the midst of such distractions, the person may be less conscious and therefore less clearly exposed.

    Currently, throughout the world, we can see the manifestation of the physical connections on a constant invisible war against humanity from the inner side of life, and facilitated by the general state and customary business mass consciousness itself. Almost every human being in one way or another suffered the attack, but those who conform to the matrix and thus vibrate inside of “psychological acceptability” parameters set by the driving forces of this world have become accustomed to most of its effects through the habit that leads to crystallization of the consciousness and its corresponding psychic and spiritual insensitivity. To date, the world, as it participates in and contributes to fuel “the system” or die, it is generally not subject to the most virulent psychic attacks or the inevitable effects of Armageddon, you can even be encouraged or inspired by his own worldly activities being fed by the energy of the intelligent matrix, and stimulated by a symbiotic relationship with her, this matrix is everywhere on the planet, no one can escape its influence, while the majority of mankind is fully submitted and identified. As long as people “give satisfaction to the beast” by feeding the matrix in one way or another, by their attitudes, their thinking and their emotional reactions and – by analogy with a military scenario – as long as ‘they walk to the sound of drums and common do not leave the ranks, they are exempt from reprimand and pressure for corrective discipline and may even be rewarded with a sense of complacency or materialistic achievement. This kind of reward, however, is temporary, and as it is intrinsically linked to the human psyche lower, it requires research and participation in appropriate mental and worldly activities to ensure the achievement of the next dose. Meanwhile, those who sincerely seek to free themselves from the matrix and therefore venture even marginally beyond the ceiling of conscience not to cross, know one way or another the wrath of ” guards “,” sentinel “or” agents “of the matrix, in order to force the consciousness back to a level where it can be more easily manipulated and controlled.

    Even if you do not participate in the indoctrination of society, human consciousness is still gradually conditioned by the pervasive matrix through negative reactions to avoid certain attitudes, ideas and states of consciousness. Organizations that allow the success of such a hidden intrinsically active in the handling human ego: it is the interiors own personality that each soul occupies when it is embodied. To give just one example, the mind / brain is easily conditioned stimuli of pleasure and pain, and the subtle bodies that exist within the human aura are extremely impressionable, and prolonged by artificial pressures abusers hidden humanity, the subtle body can be shaped to produce a certain type of habitual reactions.

    As has always been the case, but especially in these times of tension and increasing global purification requires a particularly brave soul, committed and pious to follow the true spiritual path: a path that requires the abandonment of the ways of the world Once taken the healthy decision to start the journey that led out of the prison of the matrix. For many sincere and love of truth in these troubled and difficult times we are experiencing, follow the path researchers is largely to simply endure the attacks carried out in a spirit of non-attachment and submission, often it means suffering be relegated to a humble awareness spiritually reduced but never losing his alertness. Because only unconditional surrender can minimize additional hassles that often occur as a result of hasty reactions, although understandable in a world where true justice, as well as any sense of honesty exercised by fair people, is totally absent. “Resist not evil” – Jesus. A faithful endurance is under the “hour of crucifixion,” as Jesus demonstrated on the cross, and it is normal and natural to feel that God has abandoned us.

    Today, perhaps more than ever before, this Earth is indeed the world of cross *, and those who seek to live or live a life consistent with the truth on their shoulders the heavy weight of the Cross. As Jesus said to those who considered themselves ready to follow in the footsteps of Christ, “You have to calculate the price” before embarking on the path. But for those who are sane, there has never been a choice: either they must bear their cross in personal self-sacrifice, or they submit to the forces that are opposed to freedom and release of the soul from the bondage of ignorance and death, which means use these forces.

    * As many enlightened members of the galactic community knew for a long time.

    Experienced at first only by the sensory from the inner and subtle map of the world, which is being developed is now manifest physically and materially on the planet. More and more the world sees evidence of psychological and physical control that takes place in the midst of external machinations of society. Humanity is deceived and manipulated on a massive and global scale, and the deception which in the past was relatively subtle, is now becoming more evident. One can almost never read the news these days without a country learn more rebelled against corruption in his government: the polarities of Armageddon unfold in the material world as a result of tensions that arise from the hidden side of life.

    Physical ethers of the planet are already saturated with electromagnetic noise. This is generated largely by communication systems, however, a part of the bandwidth that humanity naturally shares in the collective consciousness is also used for the intentional transmission frequencies that cause agitation, confusion and weakening of the be sensitive inside. In addition to the physical pollution is a side effect of trade and human industry, the very air we breathe is polluted, once again voluntarily by chemical substances and components that transform or suppress conscience. As a result, humanity, forced daily to assimilate and thus comply with the program of the matrix, is increasingly driven to turn to activities and self-numbing distractions.

    These external events are the inevitable rush of inner psychic pollution that occurs within the human society on the thoughts and desires perpetuated for millennia. Mental and emotional worlds that correspond to the physical world are now filled with the noise and clouds of noxious unhealthy existence. The planet Earth is suffering terribly.

    In these days of global cycle, it is wise and advisable to maintain an attitude of detachment and impartiality with knowledge of the facts. An understanding occult and non-identification resulting from the phenomena of a world in crisis, are invaluable qualities to maintain the right attitude and to stay well focused, which will avoid being completely destroyed by the increasingly intense attacks.

    There is now little hope of a change of direction in the direction of the human collective consciousness before the end of this era. If there is a greater rate of rebellion against the more tangible manifestations of these developments for time (“war and rumors of war”), for a fundamental change to happen, we need humanity addresses their cause and fundamental source, it was not willing to do for a long time and to this day. Therefore, one would expect that the global situation is still ablaze more eventually leading to the inevitable Apocalypse prophesied.

    Every soul has the responsibility and the opportunity to discern what is true, to investigate in depth and rigor in order to be able to see clearly what is happening in the world. Although it may be unpleasant, we must not be afraid to face the reality bluntly, because in our search for truth we must acknowledge that just as the evil. Then when we have a clear vision, we can adopt an objective attitude, understanding the price and tribulations that inevitably we will experience on the way, while directing us toward what is true, in a spirit of free consent and humble prayer. Despite all outward appearances, we should stay true to our inner calling, whatever form it may take. The wise man does not delight in hopes, nor regret the contrary, he faced it like it is, so with clarity, honesty and perseverance, it can move on the track in an attitude of spiritual submission.

    “Materialism is the trap, the prison of our souls lost in the hallway so I consumption expenditure I be or seem made us forget that we are all doomed to disappear and that this world has a hidden meaning for meaning, but everything becomes clear when the heart is open spiritually then it goes to the well as the plant leans toward the light. “


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  1. In the Middle East and else where any country that have been under attack have fought back with determination and hope but in occidental country!?… Nothing… I always think that only action, military action will save the world from tyranny because 80% of the world population is not and won’t do anything to change… We are outnumber but we are not connected… We are millions ready to go to war but we are not INTERCONNECTED!!!


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