Google Plus Is Deliberately Destroying Youtube

youtube logged in but not logged in

update..I can now access my youtube but there are still many problems with Google Plus.


I just sent this message (below) to google and then it says they can not respond to individual  messages.

I can no longer log into my original channel your mess of google plus created other profiles and keeps creating more that do not connect with my original you tube channel here is the channel..
It says I have to subscribe to my own channel..what a mess google made of youtube.. please contact me at and PLEASE disconnect google plus from my youtube channel…and put things back to the way youtube used to be..


Google is forcing people to connect their original Youtube channels to the horrifically and deliberately technically messed up useless google+.

This google+ plus forced linking of Youtube channels is going to KILL youtube.

When youtube users sign up to try out google+. They are told that you will be able to return your youtube channel back the way it was if you want to.

THAT is not true.

The first problem started when google+ turned off my Comments tab in the dashboard of my youtube channel.

Then I could not longer control, moderate, respond too, or even know or see any more of the comments on my channel or on any of my videos.

Google plus completely disconnects youtube users from interacting with any other youtube users who are posting comments or messages.

It hink this is all deliberate.

This is what you get from youtube having been created by the CIA and NSA.

As you can see in the screen capture above. I am logged in but am not able to access my own channel.

So when I tried to disconnect my youtube channnel from google+ and re log in.

Google asked me to create another youtube profile for my youtube channel and it would not let me log into the original youtube channel I created.

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