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Truthers sound insane

It’s Amazing How One Common Denominator in the Middle East Wars is Ignored : the Only nations left there with their Own Central Banks are Syria and Iran.

UN Says Rebels Used Nerve Gas! Large Explosion Rocks Damascus & Assad Flees to Iran! (Video) Tuesday, August 27, 2013


A United Nations official has now come out and confirmed that the Free Syrian Army Rebels were the group that used the chemical weapons in Syria as shared in the first video below from Dahboo77. Beforeitsnews broke a story this morning containing a video clearly showing that the FSA rebels were launching the chemical weapons, a clear sign of a ‘false flag’ attack that has been completely ignored by US politicians and the mainstream media. Is Barack Obama ready to possibly end the lives of MILLIONS of Americans  by doing something as crazy as attacking the sovereign nation of Syria over a false flag, leading to possibly catastrophic attacks on America by Russia, China and Iran as shared in the 2nd video below from Christopher Greene of GreenewaveTV? I can’t believe that Obama is that insane, or is he, or is this situation now totally out of his control?

Testimony from victims now strongly suggests it was the rebels, not the Syrian  government, that used Sarin Nerve Gas during a recent incident in the revolution-wracked nation, a senior UN diplomat said Monday.

Carla del Ponte, a member of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, told Swiss TV there were “strong, concrete  suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that rebels seeking to oust  Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had used  the nerve agent.

But she said her panel had not yet seen any evidence of Syrian government forces using chemical weapons (CW), according to the BBC, she added that more investigation was needed.

Damascus is facing growing Western accusations that its forces used  such weapons, which US President Obama has described as crossing a Red Line. But Ms. del Ponte’s remarks may serve to shift  the focus of international concern.


Published on Aug 27, 2013

Alot of things happening quickly…Eyes Open Folks!

WW3: Russia and China Warn of “Catastrophic Consequences”


Published on Aug 27, 2013

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV warns of “catastrophic consequences” in response to an attack on Syria.


Assad Busting The Rebels. Battle In Damascus. Rebels Are Surrendering.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 6:00

(Before It’s News)



Syrian Perspective has learned that President Assad has ordered Syrian Forces to “not hesitate in defending the homeland”.  Syrian Perspective has also learned that U.S. Tomahawk missiles will be rendered useless by the nature of Syrian Army deployments.  Russia is closely coordinating with Syria and Iran to insure the success of Russian military equipment.  This could be Moscow’s greatest opportunity to demonstrate the decrepitude of NATO’s arsenals and the superiority of its own missile technology.

SyrPer is in constant contact with its sources in Latakia, Tartous and Damascus.  Our source in Tartous tells us that “Russian ships have been docking here and Latakia for days and delivering equipment to the SAA.  It’s non-stop!”


In the meantime, the rout of the terrorist rats continues unabated in Damascus.  The unprecedented annihilation of the rodent army at Al-Ghazlaaniyya on August 2 and 3rd, 2013,  reported by SyrPer, was the last straw.  They simply cannot recover and now require assistance from NATO and its rat allies to keep their aggression on life support.



Jawbar:  This in from reports all night and just now from Monzer:  SAA surrounds a nest of rodents and demands their surrender.  When they refused, listing names of prisoners they wanted released, the captain in command ordered a full throttle attack on the warehouse where they thought they were safe. They were not! All 19 vultures were put to death in 8 minutes:

الجيش السوري يستهدف تجمعات للإرهابيين في حمص وريفها
Ahmad Khurmaasha
‘Abdul-Mun’em Al-Sayyaadi
Hassan Qallaabaat
Hassan Al-’Ali
Jihaad Teenaawi
‘Abdul-Rahmaan Abu-Jammaala
Muhammad Sulayta
Rabee’ Ja’afar
Kaayed Al-Mahmoud 
Muhammad Baddoor
Hussayn Farajallah
Sa’ad Muraadi

The other 7 had no papers or were carrying forged id.

Barza:  On the Central Corniche southeast of the Electric Company, more buzzards were grounded by the unstoppable SAA and militia:

Mustafaa ‘Abdul-Mu’ti
Muhammad Zarzoor
Al-Sayyed Bilaal
Ahmad Hassanayn

Another 4 were taken prisoner.

Dayr Al-’Adas:  A truck loaded with military-grade TNT coming from Shaqrab was destroyed by an SAA RPG.  The driver was killed instantly.  Also, in the same exact area, SAA sappers dismantled over 20 IEDs with remote triggers and kept the C-4 for use against Saudi Arabia.  Here’s the name of the driver of the truck:

Shukri ‘Abdul-Sattar Mir’iy

‘Arbeen:  This miserable excuse for an area has about 4 more terrorist rats nests before it’s declared rat-free.  Yesterday, the SAA surrounded and killed 7 in one nest leaving only another 3 to go.  No names.

Harastaa:  South of the Water Resources Building, SAA killed these gnats:

“Abu Khaaled Skaaf” (Id pending)
Jameel Sindiyaan
Radhwaan Al-Taqi 
Muhammad Bursu

Another 2 were wounded and taken prisoner.

Doumaa: At the Al-’Ibb Farms, the preposterous rat organization, Youth of Righteous Guidance Brigades, (Yawn) were eradicated to a rat:

Anas Al-Sibaahi
Majdi Muhammad
Maalek Kurdi 
Ziyaad Al-Hawwaas 
Safwaan ‘Armeeshu

4 others were seriously wounded and are believed to be in critical condition. Good!

Al-Hussayniyya:  Security forces pursued and put down these vermin:

‘Abdul-Razzaaq Al-Jawhari 
Mundher Sa’eed 
Hassan Jabboor

Another 8 were confirmed foreign rats who appeared Jordanian, Palestinian or Iraqi.

Al-Hujjayra:  A 23mm machine gun cannon and these dung beetles were put out of commission:

‘Abbaas Al-Faadhel (IRAQI HOG VOMIT)
Muhammad Al-Khafraawi
Maaher Nazzaal 
Faares Al-Buzum     
Taaleb Waheed

Another 2 could not be identified.

Al-Sabeena:  Complete control over all roadways between Al-Shurta Neighborhood and Sa’ad Ibn Mu’aadh Mosque.  This was the last nest in the area.  No names available.

Daarayyaa:  At the Associations Quarter:

“Abu Naasser”  (Id pending)
“Abu Muhammad” (Id pending. SANA)  

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  IEDs and machine guns dismantled.  No details.

Al-’Abbaasiyya:  No details about operations here, yet.

If you have been watching events in Damascus since the rout at Al-Ghazlaaniyya,  you know that the seams that bind the skin of the rat army are beginning to burst.  There can be no recovery unless the vermin in NATO and Saudi Arabia start to intervene.  But the intervention comes at great cost.  With our First Army Corps completely unengaged and ready for war with Obama, and the battle being fought in the Ghouta now being prosecuted expertly by the Republican Guard and all the militia and NDF,  the U.S. is in for a jaw-jarring experience.


The Bible announces the Apocalypse will come from Syria. Antichrist Obama will be defeated. Even if Syria will be destroyed (Obama has turned Syria into ruins already), in the end, truth and goodness will triumph over Antichrist Obama’s lies, deceit and fraud.


Bible Prophecy

Damascus (Syria)

Will Be Destroyed

Damascus will one day be completely destroyed and left uninhabitable . . .

Syria is almost a ‘city-state’ with much of its population living in and around the city of Damascus.  Some historians and archaeologists believe Damascus may be the oldest continually inhabited city in the world and there is no record in ancient history of it ever being fully destroyed.  Syria is also the home of many Islamic terrorist groups and its army invaded and has occupied Lebanon for almost 30 years.  Currently, Syria (with Iran) is supporting the Hizbullah in southern Lebanon against Israel.  Syria, like the rest of Israel’s Islamic neighbors hate Israel, have invaded and attacked Israel on several occasions, and have publicly called for the destruction of Israel.  It is interesting to note that a number of years ago an Israeli general, on commenting on the growing threat of Syria, said the easiest thing to do to protect Israel from Syria would be to drop a nuclear bomb on Damascus . . .

Damascus, Syria will someday be completely destroyed and become a “ruinous heap” . . .

   “The burden of Damascus.


     Damascus is taken away from being a city,

     and it shall be a ruinous heap”   (This prophecy has not yet been fulfilled … but it will be fulfilled)
(Isaiah 17:1)



It’s Amazing How One Common Denominator in the Middle East Wars is Ignored : the Only nations left there with their Own Central Banks are Syria and Iran.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It is common knowledge that the entire western world is as near as dammit to total bankruptcy, with only two other political entities still operating with their own central banks (and in the black) the US State of North Dakota and South Africa.

It’s also common knowledge that “only a war” can get us out of the current global debt trap…

An internal, publicly-owned central bank issues the nation’s currency, sets the repo and interest rates and monitors the money supply needed to drive the economy, which is the ease of access of product from manufacturers to consumers using ‘money’ as a medium of exchange.

The nation’s businesses and government borrow from the central bank, and any interest incurred is returned to the national fiscus and spent on service delivery and the business of government, which is the well being of its citizens.

A central bank can also issue asset-backed scrip to raise emergency funds or sell long-term investment funds as Treasury Bonds, again, backed by hard and recoverable assets.

One of the largest financial ‘trading assets’ is the mortgage bond debt.

A mortgage is a long-term financial commitment and the 20 or 30 year debt incurred can be sold at a discount to investors willing to wait that time for their money to yield returns as mortgages are paid off.

Meantime, the mortgage lender has new cash in hand (although much less that the total 20 or 30 year mortgage yield) for further lending into or investing in the economy.

If on the other hand, a nation’s money supply is ‘fiat’ or paper currency borrowed at interest from a foreign bank and further, that paper is not backed by gold or other ‘hard’ assets, a part of the nation’s GDP is spent ‘servicing’ the debt incurred over the interest and not on service delivery or infrastructure maintenance.

What has happened in the world is a repetition of several other debt-based economic collapses over the centuries, all the result of many fraudulent financial practises like securitizing ‘troubled assets’ by pooling them with Triple-A Mortgage securities, but particularly by interest rates called usury.

Once anyone, including a nation, has fallen into the ‘debt trap’ a ‘modern’ false economy kicks in – borrowing more money to pay off the interest – called Keynesian economics, which only ‘works’ up to the point where the consumer base stops growing.

You can’t get more money from for the same products from the same number of people unless you raise your prices, in which case the consumer will turn to his employer for higher wages and the ‘push-pull’ inflationary cycle starts.

There are many other factors involved if an economy strays from the basic rule of income “more must come in than goes out”, but the most common is fraud that government turns a blind eye to like the sub-prime fraud that the Bush Administration actively supported to the point of ‘politically assassinating’ the governor of New York, Elliott Spitzer, for attempting to rally the nation’s other governors to legislate against the practice.

Once that ‘borrowing to pay interest’ mistake is made, the “Debt-to-GDP Ratio” must increase until all GDP revenue is being used to service debt and basic infrastructure collapses…

Or we have a war.

This is literally the deadliest economic flaw of all – to deliberately waste huge mineral and human ‘assets’ only to destroy them as quickly as possible in order to build or hire more of them, employing more people and thus generating a ‘recovery’ – because the money to fight a war has to be borrowed and a nation drops further into debt.

By the end of a major war and for a few decades after, the populations on both sides have been stripped of their savings and property and are offered credit with which to ‘rebuild’… startng the ‘Boom-Bust-cycle’ all over again along with the new debt incurred by the war – America is still paying war debts from the beginning of the last century.

The only respite in the current situation is that the world is now aware of the system’s total inadequacies and will hopefully write a true history of these events, pass it to the next generaton and thus prevent another wave of robbery, depression, destrucion and ‘recovery’ only to repeat it again.

Tom Dennen


Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, not Assad’s regime: U.N. official

By Shaun Waterman The Washington Times

Testimony from victims strongly suggests it was the rebels, not the Syrian government, that used Sarin nerve gas during a recent incident in the revolution-wracked nation, a senior U.N. diplomat said Monday.

Carla del Ponte, a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, told Swiss TV there were “strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof,” that rebels seeking to oust Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad had used the nerve agent.

PHOTOS: Military assets already deployed for action in Syria

But she said her panel had not yet seen any evidence of Syrian government forces using chemical weapons, according to the BBC, but she added that more investigation was needed.

Damascus has recently facing growing Western accusations that its forces used such weapons, which President Obama has described as crossing a red line. But Ms. del Ponte’s remarks may serve to shift the focus of international concern.

Ms. del Ponte, who in 1999 was appointed to head the U.N. war crimes tribunals for Yugoslavia and Rwanda, has sometimes been a controversial figure. She was removed from her Rwanda post by the U.N. Security Council in 2003, but she continued as the chief prosecutor for the Yugoslav tribunal until 2008.

Ms. del Ponte, a former Swiss prosecutor and attorney general, told Swiss TV: “Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals. According to their report of last week, which I have seen, there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas, from the way the victims were treated.”

She gave no further details, the BBC said.

The UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria was established in August 2011 to examine alleged violations of human rights in the Syrian conflict which started in March that year.

SEE ALSO: Syria to Secretary of State John Kerry: You’re lying

It is due to issue its next report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in June.

Rebel Free Syrian Army spokesman Louay Almokdad denied that rebels had use chemical weapons.

“In any case, we don’t have the mechanism to launch these kinds of weapons, which would need missiles that can carry chemical warheads, and we in the FSA do not possess these kind of capabilities,” Mr. Almokdad told CNN.

“More importantly, we do not aspire to have (chemical weapons) because we view our battle with the regime as a battle for the establishment of a free democratic state. … We want to build a free democratic state that recognizes and abides by all international accords and agreements — and chemical and biological warfare is something forbidden legally and internationally.”

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/may/6/syrian-rebels-used-sarin-nerve-gas-not-assads-regi/#ixzz2dgnsOeCf

CONFIRMED: US Claims Against Syria – There is no Evidence


By Tony Cartalucci

August 28, 2013 “Information Clearing House –   The Wall Street Journal has confirmed what many suspected, that the West’s so-called “evidence” of the latest alleged “chemical attacks” in Syria, pinned on the Syrian government are fabrications spun up from the West’s own dubious intelligence agencies.

The Wall Street Journal reveals that the US is citing claims from Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency fed to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a repeat of the fabrications that led up to the Iraq War, the Libyan War, and have been used now for 3 years to justify continued support of extremists operating within and along Syria’s borders.

Wall Street Journal’s article, “U.S., Allies Prepare to Act as Syria Intelligence Mounts,” states:

One crucial piece of the emerging case came from Israeli spy services, which provided the Central Intelligence Agency with intelligence from inside an elite special Syrian unit that oversees Mr. Assad’s chemical weapons, Arab diplomats said. The intelligence, which the CIA was able to verify, showed that certain types of chemical weapons were moved in advance to the same Damascus suburbs where the attack allegedly took place a week ago, Arab diplomats said.

Both Mossad and the CIA are clearly compromised in terms of objectivity and legitimacy. Neither exists nor is expected to provide impartial evidence, but rather to facilitate by all means necessary the self-serving agendas, interests, and objectives of their respective governments.

That both Israel and the United States, as far back as 2007 have openly conspired together to overthrow the government of Syriathrough a carefully engineered sectarian bloodbath, discredits entirely their respective intelligence agencies. This is precisely why an impartial, objective third-party investigation has been called for by the international community and agreed upon by the Syrian government – a third-party investigation the US has now urged to be canceled ahead of its planned military strikes.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

In an email on Sunday, White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice told U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and other top officials that the U.N. mission was pointless because the chemical weapons evidence already was conclusive, officials said. The U.S. privately urged the U.N. to pull the inspectors out, setting the stage for President Barack Obama to possibly move forward with a military response, officials said.

The US then, not Syria, is attempting a coverup, with fabrications in place from discredited, compromised intelligence sources and the threat of impending military strikes that would endanger the UN inspection team’s safety should they fail to end their investigation and withdraw.

The Wall Street Journal also reiterated that the US is planning to fully sidestep the UN Security Council and proceed with its partners unilaterally:

…if the U.S. chose to strike, it would do so with allies and without the U.N., in order to sidestep an expected Russian veto.

The US proceeds now with absolute disregard for international law, all but declaring it has no intention of providing credible evidence of its accusations against the Syrian government. It is a rush to war with all the hallmarks of dangerous desperation as the West’s proxy forces collapse before the Syrian military. Western military leaders must consider the strategic tenants and historical examples regarding the dangers and folly of haste and imprudence in war – especially war fought to protect special interests and political agendas rather than to defend territory.

The populations of the West must likewise consider what benefits they have garnered from the last decade of military conquest their leaders have indulged in. Crumbling economies gutted to feed the preservation of special interests and the growing domestic security apparatuses to keep these interests safe from both domestic and foreign dissent are problems that will only grow more acute.

Outside of the West, in Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran, leaders must consider a future where Western special interests can invade with impunity, without public support, or even the tenuous semblance of justification being necessary.

This article was originally published at Land Destroyer


US-NATO campaign to justify Syria war disintegrates as attack looms


As their case for war with Syria collapses, US and British officials are promising to present evidence, while continuing to prepare for war.

By Thomas Gaist and Alex Lantier
29 August 2013

Washington’s campaign to justify war against Syria is disintegrating, as it becomes ever clearer that the war is illegal, and that Washington has no evidence to back up charges that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime used chemical weapons in Ghouta. Despite press reports of an imminent US-NATO attack, US and British officials suggested yesterday that they might delay launching the war.

There is rising concern inside the political establishment about how to package a war in Syria modeled on the hated 2003 invasion of Iraq. Again, Washington and London are moving to launch a war based on lies about weapons of mass destruction and without legal sanction from the UN Security Council—that is, in violation of international law.

Even before war has begun, Obama administration officials are in disarray. In a PBS television interview last night, Obama attempted to back away from threats of an imminent attack: “We have not yet made a decision, but the international norm against the use of chemical weapons needs to be kept in place. If we are saying this in a clear and decisive but very limited way, we send a shot across the bow saying, stop doing this; that can have a positive impact on our national security over the long term.”

Obama’s claim that his administration has not decided to move against Assad is an absurd lie. Washington has called for Assad’s overthrow for over a year, while the CIA massively armed Al Qaeda-linked Islamist opposition militias against his regime.

A senior US official contradicted Obama yesterday, telling NBC that US moves toward intervention in Syria are “past the point of no return,” and that strikes will be launched in days.

Obama is also encountering opposition to his attempt to launch a war without a vote in Congress, in violation of the US Constitution. A petition signed by 111 House lawmakers, 94 Republicans and 17 Democrats, warns that this would “violate the separation of powers.” The petition asks that Congress be reconvened so it can back the war and “share the burden of decisions made regarding US involvement in the quickly escalating Syrian conflict.”

Yesterday the British Conservative-Liberal Democrat government retreated from its intention to take a vote today supporting war with Syria. With public support for war hovering in polls between six and nine percent and predictions of mass anti-war protests, as well as disagreements within the military and even the government, the opposition Labour Party declared that it would not support direct action by UK forces without a further vote in the Commons.

To provide a fig-leaf for its support for war, Labour insisted that the United Nations Security Council must be allowed to consider a report from weapons inspectors charged with investigating the alleged chemical weapons attack and that “every effort should be made to secure a Security Council Resolution backing military action before any such action is taken.”

The UN has said that it will be at least four days before inspectors are able to finish their work in Syria.

The motion will now leave the door open for intervention, asking MPs to agree the principle that a “strong humanitarian response” is required from the international community that “may, if necessary, require military action that is legal, proportionate and focused on saving lives by preventing and deterring further use of Syria’s chemical weapons”

The fact that the US and Britain embarked on such reckless and unpopular policies—first arming Islamist opposition militias against Assad, then moving to illegally attack Syria—testifies to the fact that they are indifferent to public opinion. With their repeated, inflammatory statements, Obama and Cameron have staked their political authority on this war. They will seek at all costs to proceed with it, despite its unpopularity and rising international pressure.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov charged this week that Washington had no proof to back up its allegations that Assad’s forces gassed Syrian civilians in Ghouta. “They cannot produce evidence, but keep on saying that the ‘red line’ has been crossed and they cannot wait any longer,” he said, pointing out that “the use of force without the sanction of the UN Security Council is a crude violation of international law.”

Concerned that the Obama administration is undermining the credibility of the UN by pressing for war before inspectors have even investigated Ghouta, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon pleaded yesterday: “The team needs time to do its job. Give peace a chance; give diplomacy a chance, stop fighting and start talking.”

Obama administration officials have told the UN to call off the inspectors, however. According to the Wall Street Journal, the administration told Ban that UN inspectors’ efforts in Syria were “pointless.” CNN reported Wednesday that “US officials are all but telling United Nations inspectors in Syria to get out of the way.”

Washington clearly does not want the truth about what happened in Ghouta to come out. The chemical weapons incident itself could have been manufactured by US intelligence, in an operation aiming to provide the pretext for war. Since the middle of this month, the areas near the chemical incident have been flooded with CIA-trained militants led by US, Israeli, and Jordanian commandos.

Previous UN investigations found the US-backed rebels responsible for other chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

State and media propaganda maintains that US attack plans are a limited response to violations of international law by Assad. These claims, dutifully disseminated by a state-controlled media, are lies intended to disorient the public. The objective of the planned US strikes is to kill Assad and cripple his military, thus changing the balance of power inside Syria between the Assad regime and US-backed Islamist opposition militias.

The US offensive is based on a carefully prepared plan to destroy the Syrian regime’s military capability. According to CNN, “there is no indication that the missiles would target stockpiles of chemical weapons.” In fact, strikes against “military command bunkers” and airfields are being planned.

The US is moving significant forces into the region, including at least one nuclear submarine and four destroyers in the Mediterranean, and two aircraft carriers in the western Indian Ocean. Together with the British build-up of fighter-bombers and military equipment on nearby Cyprus, these deployments make clear that claims in the media that the Syrian war would be a limited pinprick operation are lies. The US and its allies are preparing devastating attacks that will kill thousands and savage Syria’s infrastructure.

The offensive by the US and its allies threatens to unleash a far broader regional and even global war. US hawks and military planners have pushed for war and “regime change” against Syria for a decade, aiming to clear the way for an attack on US imperialism’s main regional target, Iran, and set the stage for a US confrontation with Russia and China.

Iran has responded to the war threats by warning that attacks will be launched against Israel in retaliation. Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Araqchi said: “We want to strongly warn against any military attack in Syria. There will definitely be perilous consequences for the region. These complications and consequences will not be restricted to Syria. It will engulf the whole region.”

On Wednesday, apparently in response to the statements from Iran, Israel mobilized reservists and bolstered its missile defenses.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Syria Could Become a Rallying Point Against the Banksters

For a brief moment, Obama and his banker bosses met the world and the world punched Obama in the mouth.
Through our collective efforts, with regard to Syria, average people have made every elitist banker blink and these gangsters have temporarily backed up. However, one’s work is never done, because what do military historians advise generals to do following a big victory?
They advise them to follow up on that victory and smash their enemy.
This is precisely what humanity needs to do with regard to the recent positive events involving Obama’s plans to attack Syria.
We Have Bought About Two Months Of Time Both my insider sources and some of my prominent colleagues in the alternative media are now reporting that Obama may have to wait as long as eight weeks, or more, to launch a decisive military strike against Syria.
To our foreign friends and our fellow countrymen, I say take a bow as we have won some breathing room, but we must press on.
Syrian Officials Waste No Time Claiming Victory Syria’s official newspaper, al-Thawra, stated in a front-page editorial on Saturday that “Obama announced yesterday, directly or through implication, the beginning of the historic American retreat.” Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad stated that Obama is showing signs of indecision. Even the British Parliament rejected the Obama war initiative against Syria.
Recent polls show that American citizens are against this war by a 9 to 1 ratio. One of the major players in what was to be the upcoming attacks, France, has been clamoring for war against Syria for quite some time. France lost control over Syria in 1946 as they were unable to hold on to their colony following World War II. Of course, the French have not won a military battle since the early 19th century and with Obama meeting significant roadblocks they are unwilling to enter the conflict alone. This is a wise choice for the French, because they simply couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag.
For the moment, the Assad-led Syrian government remains in power. The Beginning of Syrian Normalcy? Since Obama has waffled on attacking Syria this past weekend, Syria has somewhat returned to normal, or at least as normal as things could be under the dire circumstances in which the United States has placed them. However, any news of peace is not welcome news to the globalist-serving minions such as Secretary of State, John Kerry, who stated that sarin gas has been found in chemical weapons residue in Damascus, and this implicates Assad as being the source of the chemical weapons attack.
That is like saying that a gun has been found at the scene of a homicide and the ownership of the gun can be ascribed to whatever political enemy deemed necessary. But apparently, that is Secretary Kerry’s story and he is sticking with it. Yet, Kerry’s logic is so horribly flawed. Why would Assad do the one thing that would allow the United States and her allies to wage war on Syria based on a pretext provided by Assad himself? Further, the chemical weapons attack occurred in a residential area under the control of the rebels. Assad is not stupid and he would never hand a loaded gun to Obama. Further, the chemical weapons target had no military value. In other words, there was nothing to gain for Assad to have launched the attack. However, we should not confuse Obama and Kerry with the facts.
Read more at http://www.activistpost.com/2013/09/syria-could-become-rallying-point.html#K7BVoGA3UQbJD6TQ.99
There is also nothing, in reality, for America to gain by attacking Syria. Fourteen hundred people died in chemical weapons attacks.
How many more Syrian people will an Obama air campaign kill? Would it be 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 or two million? Because Assad is falsely accused of killing 1,400 of his own people, then does this give Obama the right to kill tens of thousands of Syrians in response? And the American people are seriously listening to this nonsensical reasoning?
There is one decisive question that has never been asked and answered in all the discussions that I have read with regard to the chemical weapons attacks. If Obama was facing an overthrow at home, does anyone seriously think that he would not hesitate to use chemical weapons against his potential enemies, the American people? What does this say about the quality of our leadership when Kerry and Obama are not even clever enough to fabricate a believable cover story.
The Real Culprit It is obvious to most neutral observers that the most that the CIA backed al-Qaeda led rebels could hope to achieve in the Syrian Civil War was a stalemate. Consequently, Obama needed a game changer because, as I have pointed out in several recent articles, the bankers are holding no less than six Watergate-type scandals (e.g. Benghazi) over Obama’s head as they blackmail him into producing results in the Middle East, which will culminate in saving the petrodollar. The game-changing event that Obama needed appears to most of us in the alternative media to consist of a false flag chemical weapons attack which could be used to implicate Assad. Of course, in this scenario, this event would be followed by military strikes which would be launched against Syria and a regime change would surely take place.
The United Nations can investigate the event all they want, however, they will never be able to determine which side did it to any degree of certainty unless they are in on the fix. Syrians in the US Are Fighting Back All across the nation, people are marching in opposition to the coming war in Syria. Over 300 people rallied and marched in Chicago, last Thursday, as they collectively said, “Hands off Syria!” This was in response to the U.S. threat of a military attack. There is a very encouraging aspect of what happened at the Chicago protests. Only half of the people present were estimated to be Syrians.
There were people of all backgrounds marching in the protests including Muslims, Christians, Assyrians, Arabs, atheists and other people of all backgrounds who are growing weary of the tyrannical bankers imposing their will on innocent people. Also present was the Syrian American Forum (SAF). The SAF is a group that has worked over the past several years to try to prevent U.S. intervention in their country.
The anti-war groups in attendance were also very diverse which included the Anti-War Committee, Chicago (AWC), ANSWER Coalition, and the March 19th Committee.
There were also members from the Iraq Veterans Against the War. Syria constitutes the perfect victim. Even the state-run media outlet, CNN, identifies the Syrian rebels’ link to al-Qaeda (see the screen shot below). With al-Qaeda involved how far behind can the CIA and ultimately the Muslim Brotherhood be?
The Syrian government and their people are not an aggressive people. In Middle Eastern terms, they are a somewhat moderate regime, albeit a dictatorship. Assad is supported by the majority of his people who also do not believe the chemical weapons allegations.
All of this adds up to a case of unnecessary victimization by the Obama administration. And whatever the Obama administration will do to the Syrians on behalf of the bankers, they will surely do to people anywhere, including the United States when it is their/our turn to become a proxy villain in the name of resource reallocation. Does anyone else see what is happening here?
The rank and file of the people on this planet have a real opportunity to stand up to the banksters and push back with great force. The world is not going to collectively organize against GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride in the water, illegal immigration, death by doctor or most any other issues which has humanity fragmented. However, all human beings understand what it is like to be bullied and most people don’t like it. The Syrian American Forum
Read more at http://www.activistpost.com/2013/09/syria-could-become-rallying-point.html#K7BVoGA3UQbJD6TQ.99
The Syrian American Forum Protests against the Syrian war have taken place all across the country and the diversity of the protesters is stunning.
The organizing element for most of these protests is the Syrian American Forum and they are the perfect place to start a nonviolent revolution against the bankers as they have good organizational capabilities as evidenced in the nationwide protest efforts.
I would suggest going to their contact page and offer to help. We need to make T-shirts, bumper stickers and provide publicity for their efforts.
I would ask my friends in the alternative media to help in this endeavor as this opportunity, to uniformly oppose the bankers, may never come again. The Syrian American Forum can be contacted at this site. We can derail the globalists on this issue and this issue could galvanize people to stand up to these globalist thugs on other issues as well. The SAF advocates for the following reforms: Syrian National Reconciliation and Unity through dialogue.
Promoting reforms. Rejection of violence and foreign intervention. A Secular Syria based on the coexistence mosaic of the Syrian society. These are very easy initiatives to rally behind. The Syrian people are quickly showing the world that they are the only party in this conflict who still possess any degree of humanity. Conclusion Humanity needs to collectively organize to reject the use of force against Syria.
I am not keen on contacting Congress these days, but this is one exception I think everyone should make. Syria could become our rallying cry for freedom on a global scale. Karl Marx once said that before a successful revolution can be launched, a collective consciousness must be achieved. Thomas Paine accomplished this goal with the publication of his pamphlet Common Sense.
This opportunity may not come again for humanity to stand against banker tyranny on a united front. We have already won the first battle, we need to continue to take the fight the oppressors of humanity. At the end of the day, humanity may not prevail, but this issue gives us the opportunity to go down fighting with our dignity and humanity intact. It is up to us and we do not have long to act.
Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic. The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.
Read more at http://www.activistpost.com/2013/09/syria-could-become-rallying-point.html#K7BVoGA3UQbJD6TQ.99

Bombshell: Syria’s ‘chemical weapons’ turn out to be sodium fluoride used in the U.S. water supply and sold at Wal-Mart

Tuesday, September 03, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles…)
Tags: Syria, chemical weapons, sodium fluoride
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(NaturalNews) Natural News can now reveal that the Syria chemical weapons narrative being pushed by the White House is an outlandish hoax.

To understand why, you have to start with the story published in The Independent entitled Revealed: Government let British company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria.

Sounds scary, right? As The Independent reports:

The Government was accused of “breathtaking laxity” in its arms controls last night after it emerged that officials authorised the export to Syria of two chemicals capable of being used to make a nerve agent such as sarin a year ago.

What, exactly, are those two dangerous chemicals that need to be controlled via “arms control” regulations? You won’t believe me when I tell you. They are:

sodium fluoride
potassium fluoride

You can see this yourself in the screen capture of The Independent breaking news story. Note the headline and the subhead. The headline describes “nerve gas chemicals” and the subhead explains them as “sodium fluoride” and “potassium fluoride.”

click here to watch my video explaining all this at TV.naturalnews.com.

U.S. water fluoridation chemical is Syria’s “chemical weapon”

If these chemical names sound familiar, that’s because sodium fluoride is the same toxic chemical that’s routinely dumped into municipal water supplies all across the USA under the guise of “water fluoridation.”

In fact, the forced feeding of sodium fluoride to the U.S. population is called a “public health” victory by the CDC, FDA and dentists everywhere. Yet this same chemical, when sold to Syria, is openly and repeatedly referred to as a “chemical weapon.” This is true across the BBC, the Guardian, Daily Record and Sunday Mail, France24.com and literally thousands of other news websites.

According to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, any government “regime” that uses chemical weapons against its own people should be bombed / invaded / overthrown by a coalition of other United Nations members. By his own definition, then, the United States of America should now be invaded by the UN because the government uses a deadly chemical weapon — sodium fluoride — on its own people.

By implication, then, John Kerry is now calling for the UN to bomb the USA. As the international media now confirms, sodium fluoride is a chemical weapon, and this chemical weapon is used against the American people every single day in the water supply, a favorite attack vector for terrorists.

“Evidence” of chemical weapons nothing more than hair samples of people who drank sodium fluoride

As you might have guessed, Secretary of State John Kerry is running around “pulling a George Bush” by claiming Syria has used weapons of mass destruction on its own population. Here’s a sample of his claims:

“In the last 24 hours, we have learned through samples that were provided to the United States that have now been tested from first responders in east Damascus and hair samples and blood samples have tested positive for signatures of sarin.” Kerry said this on NBC’s Meet The Press.

But what, exactly, is he saying? That hair samples have tested positive for “signatures” of sarin, not sarin itself. What is a “signature” of sarin? The fluorine element, which is of course the basis for sodium fluoride.

In other words, this “evidence” of chemical weapons in Syria may be nothing more than a collection of hair samples taken from people who drank fluoride. As this study shows on SCIENCE.naturalnews.com, hair analysis is a commonly-used practice for assessing exposure to fluoride. It concludes, “hair may be regarded as biomaterial of high informative potential in evaluating prolonged exposure to fluorides…”

Typically, this analysis is conducted with ICP-MS instrumentation, using a plasma torch that disintegrates all organic molecules, leaving only the resulting elements (fluorine). Tests done on Syrian citizens using ICP-MS would not be able to distinguish between sodium fluoride and sarin exposure in terms of the detection of elemental fluorine.

Read that again, because it’s crucial to understanding the hoax being perpetrated by the White House: Tests on hair or other tissues, if done using ICP-MS (the most common elemental analysis technology used today), would not be able to distinguish between sodium fluoride and sarin.

Sarin has the chemical formula:

You will notice that the only elements in this formula are:


Out of those five elements, four of them (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorous) occur naturally in the human body in large quantities. Fluorine is the only element that strongly stands out against the rest in terms of elemental analysis. And fluorine is the same element that forms the basis of sodium fluoride. Sarin can, of course, also be detected as a complete molecule using liquid chromatography systems (HPLC), but this is highly unlikely to have taken place given the inherent instability of the molecule, which breaks apart upon exposure to simple moisture in the air or in the body.

Thus, ICP-MS testing could be used to intentionally “blur” the evidence, making sodium fluoride appear to be “signatures” of sarin, precisely as Kerry is now claiming in the media. As the whole point of all this is to fabricate evidence to justify a political war in the first place, there isn’t any real scientific scrutiny being applied to all this. Obama, Kerry and others are spouting whatever they think the people will swallow, and since most of the U.S. public is scientifically illiterate, it turns out they will swallow some real whoppers.

Same sodium fluoride chemical added to water for infants

Sodium fluoride, by the way, is also added to drinking water for babies and infants. It’s a key ingredient, actually, in a product called Nursery Water that’s “enriched” with extra sodium fluoride, the same chemical now being called a “chemical weapon” by the international media. You can see this for yourself at www.NurseryWater.com or just check out the photo below:

As you can see, this sodium fluoride infant water — which the White House effectively calls a “chemical weapon” — is sold at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Albertson’s, Safeway, K-Mart, Rite Aid and even Toys “R” Us. Bet you never knew you could buy chemical weapons at Toys “R” Us, did ya?

The Nursery Water label, shown below, lists “sodium fluoride” as a key ingredient:

You’ll also notice that the label includes instructions for using this sodium fluoride baby water:

“…ready to mix with formula and cereal, dilute juice or drink – just open and pour!”

Yep, you read it: the same “chemical weapon” that’s about to start World War III is part of your baby’s formula recipe. When sodium fluoride is in the hands of Syria’s Assad, it’s called a “chemical weapon,” but when it’s part of your baby’s diet, it’s called “nutrition.” How’s that for Orwellian doublespeak?

Syria’s “chemical weapon” also added to Colgate toothpaste

Just in case adding Syria’s “chemical weapon” to baby water isn’t enough for you, it’s also a key ingredient in Colgate toothpaste.

Yep, according to dentists, chemical weapons also “fight tooth decay,” so they should be added to toothpaste. Check out the label on this Colgate toothpaste and see for yourself:

Keep this in mind the next time you carry toothpaste with you when you attempt to travel by air. The TSA can pull you aside and legitimately accuse you of working for the Assad regime as a chemical weapons terrorist while charging you with the federal crime of “transporting chemical weapons.”

Mainstream media admits U.S. food companies use chemical weapons against their own customers

Unless the mainstream media retracts all its thousands of stories about sodium fluoride being a “chemical weapon” sold to Syria, it must come to terms with the fact that it is also accusing the U.S. food industry of using chemical weapons on consumers.

Sodium fluoride, after all, is added to countless consumer products, from toothpaste and mouthwash to drinking water. Sodium fluoride does not magically change from a “chemical weapon” in Syria to a “nutritive mineral” by crossing the ocean. Sodium fluoride is sodium fluoride, and it’s dangerous no matter who consumes it.

Keep this in mind the next time you hear a dentist recommending dumping sodium fluoride into the local water supply. You can correctly counter their absurd request by threatening to call Homeland Security to report them as a terrorist for engaging in the indiscriminate deployment of a chemical weapon in the water supply — a favorite target for terrorists worldwide.

By the way, I’m not joking on this: I actually encourage you to call Homeland Security and report your local city council members as terrorists who are mirroring the Assad “regime” in Syria by using sodium fluoride “chemical weapons” on the public. You might even call the United Nations and ask them to intervene in the USA’s use of chemical weapons against its own people… right? Isn’t that what John Kerry is asking the world to do in the case of Syria? Why does the USA have immunity from using chemical weapons on its own people when Syria is threatened with war for using the exact same chemical weapons on its population?

Same “nerve gas chemicals” exported to Syria are imported from China by nearly every U.S. city

By the way, the same sodium fluoride that was exported to Syria as a “chemical weapon” is routinely imported by U.S. cities to dump into the municipal water supply. They call it “water fluoridation” and dentists push it like candy because it actually causes wildly increased tooth decay, mottling and discoloration (all of which adds up to increased repeat business for dentists).

As documented by Natural News, sodium fluoride is touted by China’s exporters as a multi-purpose chemical that functions as a deadly pesticide, absorbs chemicals in the nuclear industry and more. See these two photos for more proof. These were created as marketing materials by China’s fluoride export industry:

From Alibaba.com:

Uses: It’s mainly used as a flux in the aluminum smelting by fused-salt electrolysis; also an opalizer in the manufacture of enamel; an opacifier and auxiliary solvent of glass and enamel; an insecticide of crops; a flux in aluminum alloy casting; and in the production of ferrous alloy and effervescing steel; as well as a wear-resistant filler for resin and rubber-boned abrasive wheels.

As I first said back in 2012, “Fluoride is a chemical weapon!” Now it turns out John Kerry agrees with me, and he’s using fluoride as an excuse to bomb a sovereign nation.

Quick question: If Russia begins bombing the USA, can they use the same excuse that Obama and Kerry are using on Syria? “We had to save the American people from the chemical weapons used by the Obama regime!”

Also worth seeing: The Fluoride Deception video by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger:

Sources for this story include:

For more of my humble opinion, visit:

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