It is time for a revolution

It is time for a revolution.

Daniel J Towsey

written by A Truth Soldier.

Free people are in very serious jeopardy. The insane have taken control of everything.

Truth is absolute, and the further one goes from truth. The sooner one arrives at the absolute opposite.

The absolute opposite of truth is insanity. For insanity is absolute.

The world today has to many insane people. 

The people are insane because they have been getting their food for thought from the deceptive official stories.

It is time for a world wide truth revolution.

“When the seeds of truth are sown.

The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment.”


We need a healthy tree of life that has grown from the seeds of truth.

This healthy tree of life will then provide healthy food for thought.

But you need to get some seeds of truth. Then start growing a healthy tree of life. From that tree you then have to go out and start planting its seeds of truth in the fertile minds of the young and the closed minds of the older who have been fed deceptions their whole lives. Be sure then after to never again accept any official sources of information without questioning everything.

So that means that you have a responsibility to copy, paste, print, share, email and use any other method at your disposal to get the seeds of truth out. If you do not,

Then humanity is doomed. For a society that is led by lies and deceptions of the insane is doomed.

Is this really now the doom generation? Are you just a guilty as the insane for bringing about this doom? You are if you do not always seek and speak truth.

For truth is a way of thinking. Truth is an action. Truth only exists when you seek it and speak it. The very second you cease to seek it and speak, and act on it, it no longer exists.

Truth is mental health. Truth is the only thing that empowers the individual. So it is time for People Power to fix this planet. The insane corporate criminals are killing us and our planet. Check out U.N Agenda 21.

We the people have no representative governments. All our governments have been taken over by the corrupt corporatization of the international banksters. Yes the very same banksters that took control of the USA money creation. They also created the U.N.

The banskters now think they own this planet because they bought control of everything with their money that they create out of thin air. Their creation of money has no accountability to we the people, because we the people no longer have our government that used to keep the banksters accountable to the people.

The warning from the Hippy activists was, the warning of Corporatism taking over our planet. The Hippies were correct.

 The crime syndicate of doing business in known as a corporation. The word corporation came into existence by the combining of these two words. Cooperation and Corruption.

Please read this and continue there after to feed yourself, your family, your friends, and the world on healthy food for thought that came from the seeds of truth.


Wake Up 2013: AGENDA 21 & WW3

Published on Jun 27, 2013

WW3 now – The documentation -why- who- and will we survive- YES! Answers!

Published on Jun 21, 2013

When You see why were going to war you will understand what they are planning. It is not good but, you might believe it is. It is like being happy were going to be enslaved. But, at least we all won’t die! Only millions of us will die. Not everyone. Oh, and we will have our cars! And fancy things still!


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