Why am I a Truther an Activist

Only the truthers are sane

Why am I a Truther an Activist?


Because the world wide Chemtrails spraying, Stratospheric Geo-engineering is killing this planet.

Because Fluoride is an acid causing the cancers.

Because depleted uranium munitions is spreading radiation world wide.

Because Monsanto is altering all life on this planet with its GMO’s

Because the plutonium radiation from Japan is going to continue polluting the planet for ever.

Because nuclear power plants waste is insanity that will kill this planet.

Because the world is being destroyed by the insane corporate banksters.

Because if humanity is not guided into the future by truth then we are all doomed.

Because truth is absolute and insanity is absolutely the opposite.

Because if I am not part of the solution then I am the problem.

Because truth and the official stories shall never meet.

Because I care about your future and the future health of this planet.

Because the war machine only works for the criminally insane banksters.

Because there is only one rule in the military and that is that truth IS NOT PERMITTED.

Because I chose not to be insane for only the truthers are sane.

Because one has to be insane not to be a truther.

Because vaccines are soft kill weapons for sterilization and world depopulation.

Because the U.N. Codex Alimentarious program and the U.N. Agenda 21 are eugenics programs to kill us all.

Because we are all being dumbed down by all their official stories.

Because the corporations are killing all the bees and life on this planet.

Because B.P. deliberately killed the Gulf of Mexico with its GMO’s.

Because we have been lied to about all historical history and reasons for all wars by the international banksters that also own and created the U.N.

Because they have stolen the peoples governments and have corporatized them.

Because speaking truth in times of universal deceptions is a revolutionary act.

Because your minds have been socially engineered into one dimensional thought.

Because looking behind the pretty corporate image you see absolute satanic insanity.

Because truth is an action. Truth only exists while you seek it and speak it.

Because this planet is being destroyed by official insanity.

Because the middle finger is for poking the eye out of the Illuminati.

Because the insane have no limits and have no self control.

Because the insane only want to own and control the whole planet.

Because the insane N.W.O. does not want to share the planet. They think they own it with their fake money they make by entering a number into a computer.

Because Natives never lie.

Because they control the weather and create earthquakes with their H.A.A.R.P. weapons.

Because using and testing nuclear devices is insanity.

Because truth is absolute and I choose not to be insane.

Because never in human history has cannabis done harm

Because 911 was an inside out job.

Because they fire bombed every Hamlet, Village, Town and City in Germany for the whole last of W.W.2 year every night after midnight while they slept and the told us their war propaganda stories to cover up the real holocaust.

Because being free means to be free to speak truth to tyranny.


When the seeds of truth are sown. The grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment.


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 WARNING-Explicit-Truth-MayCauseBlindnessDaniel J TowseyI am a trutherprison of your mindYour last warningNew World Odourstop the hateanti idiotk9 bites coplove is groovyprescription drugs killHarmless Puritypoisonchemtrails are not sexycan not eat moneyWe see what you are doingwtc ground zero eye











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