Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed

Kesha Cries in Court – After Realizing Selling Her Soul to Satan was Wrong Choice

Published on Feb 19, 2016

#FreeKesha is the top trend on Twitter by Kesha fans who are outraged that a judge is refusing to release her from her contract with Sony Music and her ‘evil’ producer Dr. Luke. In this video you will see what selling your soul to Satan will do to you, as the gravity of what Kesha has done is now pressing upon her heart.

Kesha Insults Christians Live on Today Show

Published on Nov 20, 2012

Kesha, the truck stop looking tramp with no talent, performed live on the Today Show this morning wearing an upside down Crucifix on her top while her dancers had satanic pentagrams and all seeing eyes on their clothes. Royalty Free Music by Tristan Giallani (http://www.BackGroundMusicForYouTubeV…)

Published on 9 Jun 2012

Asslamalaikum to my muslim brothers and sisters and too everyone. A video made and produced by Farhan Khan please all credit goes to him subscribe to his channel.

Serious, Real & Unbelievably Dark World Secret.. (For Strong Minds Only) Sharing the worlds worst secrete and exposing something that very few ever dare to because of fear.. For strong minds only

*! This video does not benefit me in any way in fact it puts me at risk, but I feel incredibly obligated as a resident of this planet and as a being of the light to do my part and share what I know in a hope one day something can be done.

I advise people to watch the links I have copied down bellow in the description after this vid and to share your new knowledge with others, cause remember knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is! Music: Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey. This is my bounce back uplifting video a couple of days later – Finding The Love, Taking Positives .
This video is for educational purposes no copyright infringement needed.

The songs that has been used in this video are here.
1.Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard-Nycteris
2.Eminem-3 a.m
3.Saxon Shore-June 23
4.Eagle Rock
5.H.U.V.A. NETWORK-Orientations part 3 (Uncertainty Principle) INgrooves
6.Access to Arasaka-Chem
7.Michael Jackson-Black Or White (Michael Jackson’s Vision)
8.Trentemøller-Snowflake Kontor New Media
9.Brian Eno;Roger Eno;Daniel Lanois-Under Stars
10.Stendeck – Safari In The Blue Tails Cocatoo’s Garden
11.Subheim – Ybe 76

2 thoughts on “Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed”

  1. Hans Zimmer wrote the “auroras theme” song for the victims of the aurora shooting before it happened… It’s also only an edit of the “auroras theme made for the character aurora in Armageddon…

    Huge thing about sandy hook people missed….. When Joseph ametrano released the early tribute video he also released twisted minds of evil… The song burn in hell by twisted sister is backmasked

    Sent from my iPh


  2. That’s right you were the first one to tip me off to ametrano… Bacmaster – back masking master. Burn in hell is backmasked… Twisted sister is the only band to have been take to court for this…. Also twisted sister is part of the metal illuminati movement… The backmasked song grunts illuminati throughout the song and if you search for “stars” by hear n aid twisted sister played a role

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