A Cry For Help – Alex Jones

Also see. https://atruthsoldier.com/2014/06/05/10-reasons-why-alex-jones-should-be-tried-for-treason/

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The Script for World Domination is Entering it’s Final Stages.

It is imperative that we do not! Fire the First Shot.
He who Fires First Loses.

In this Game we must See the Bullets Coming.
Stop them in Mid-air for All to Behold.
And Turn them Back to The Source.
Masters of War Performed by Eddie Vedder 10-22-2003 Seattle, Washington
Live at Benaroya Hall
Copyright music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Special Rider — for original, exclusive performances by Bob Dylan, check-out the official channel at http://www.youtube.com/bobdylan

“Do you know what it’s like to go to Sleep every night

KNOWING YOU WORK FOR a bunch of psychotic killers?

And you bastards are
Probably Going to end up

You know what it’s like
~Alex Jones

False Flag Attacks are the Bullets.

Waco, Oklahoma, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, 777, 311, Tucson, Aurora, Benghazi, Wisconsin, Sandy Hook, Webster.

These Mass Media Events are Timed and Coordinated to Enflame Emotional Responses – As the Pain Settles into our Hearts.

Mind Control Techniques and Hypnosis are used to bypass Rational Judgment.

We are now on the Verge of another Executive Order that will further Erode our Constitution and Enslave our Countrymen.


There is a Strong Possibility that Alex Jones – Our Brother – has been Forced into his Current Position. That he is being blackmailed into playing a COINTELPRO role.

We just heard his CRY FOR HELP – Disguised in the only way possible – A Rant for All to Hear.

Alex is Forced into being so Obnoxious that he Offends the Sleepers. He is now appearing on the Main Stream Media – being called the “King of Conspiracy”.

This is all part of the Script for World Domination.

They Create an Aversion to Conspiracy Theories — A Blind Acceptance of the Official Story – Minds Conditioned to Accept Logical Fallacy as Truth.

On Piers Morgan the Main Message America heard was “1776 WILL COMMENCE!” This was another Part of the Script.

There are More Bullets coming my Friends.

Sometimes Alex is Forced to Whip his Listeners into a Frenzy – To Trick People into Acting Foolishly without Full Consideration and Deliberation. Listen to his Broadcast from New Years Eve 2000 (Y2K) for Absurd Proof of this.

If Alex and Others are not able to Trick us into Firing the First Shot – there will be another False Flag Psy-Op. Alex Jones’ Followers will be Shown on the Attack.

Next will come Psychological Profiling and Deep Resentment for “Conspiracy Nuts” – And of course Further Disarmament – until we are Defenseless Debt Slaves on the Land our ForeFathers Fought and Died for.


The Next Move is Simple.


PHYSICALLY PROTEST at his Crows Nest in Austin!

Boycott all Information From InfoWars!

Flood the Message Boards to Raise Awareness!

His Job is Over now — let him Retire in Peace – A Warrior who will be Replaced by 10,000 More – Like You!

When an Alternative Media Channel becomes Too Big and Too Old – It Must Dissolve! And be Replaced by 100 New Channels.

These Megalithic Channels become Co-Opted by Counter Intelligence Corporations like STRATFOR. They are used to instill Paranoia and Fear — To Divide and Distract.

They Spew Micro-Lies around the Web to further Manipulate the Realm of Debate. They are used to Scare off the Sleepers and Discredit Information by Association.

We have nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain from these Actions.

Information will not be Lost – It will Only Come Through Other Sources.

We will lose nothing.

Alex will Never Confess to this. He can’t Possibly. His Family is in Danger!

It is up to US to Respond. We can Stop the Empire. We Can Restore the Republic. Take this message to Heart. Do not Comply with another False Flag. Do not Allow them to Kill another Brother or His Family.

It is our turn to Stop the Bullets!
Be Vigilant And Respond!
Turn the Bullets Back to the Source!

~~gOd Bless America~~

One thought on “A Cry For Help – Alex Jones”

  1. Check out newdigitalvideo on youtube, they had red flag videos for both the batman shooting and the sandy hook shooting. The child murders was the sandy hook red flag, the red flag trailer was the batman flag.

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