Life under communism

Life under communism

audio-video transcript


When I was young I remember teachers at school warning our classes

that there was an agenda at work to bring communism to my country.

I was young and had no idea what that meant.

But I stayed very observant to the changes happening in my free country.

Every day it became clearer that, yes this communism really was taking

over my country.

So then I studied to understand what democracy and a free and open

society meant and how it was supposed to function.

By doing this I was able to more clearly understand and see the

communist changes happening in my once free country.

So then I changed my approach at trying to learn about communism.

I lived in Toronto in the 1970’s and Toronto being a multicultural

melting pot of immigrants from all over the world who were

escaping communism.

I began to ask immigrants many many questions about the life

they lived under communism.

Later as the Internet came into existence,

I had a good idea as to what I was looking for and at.

I soon discovered the first thing about communism,

that being that nothing was ever permitted to be spoken,

written or shared about communism’s true evil oppressive red colors.

The color of blood due to all the deaths that were done to permit

communism in to free societies.

Information about what goes on under communism is very hard to

get because, if anyone was ever brave enough to try and speak the

truth of the evils of communism, they were always taken away

and disappeared for ever.

Friends, family and anyone in their neighborhood soon learned

that they were never to speak of those who were taken away,

for if they did, they too would be taken away.

Life under communism means one thing for sure.

A life of constant communist propaganda and brainwashing.

A life where there is NO human rights of any kind.

A life where you are not even told what the penalties against you

would be if you made a mistake of getting the attention of

communist monitors, which were everywhere around you,

everyday of your life.

Under communism you get no warnings.

Under communism there is only one way to have a chance to survive.

That is to never ever question anything and to just go along with

everything the communist states tells you and teaches.

You are also most definitely not permitted to speak of the wrongs

your communist state does.

Such as factories where people are forced to live in the factories

prison dorms.

Factories where they have to put up nets all around the factory

because of all the slaves trying to jump to their deaths.

Under communism you are made to work for up to eighteen hours

a day, everyday until you become too weak and sick to continue.

Where you then will not receive any medical aid because under

communism you have no rights or any health care.

You get sick and you can not work means that you will just die.

If not from your sickness, most definitely because you get no income

while sick such as social insurance or welfare to buy food..

Under communism there are no elders to teach and pass on their

wisdom to the younger ones.

For under communism there is no such thing as a pension.

In communist countries there are almost no elderly peoples,

for when the communist state can not use you for anything they

can to get worth from you. They deem you worthless.

They then just eliminate you.

Your life under communism is completely disposable.

Thanks to the Internet, information about what goes on in China

and any other number of oppressive states is trickling out.

But even though the information as to what is happening in the world,

such as this article I am writing now is still available.

It is still not known by the masses of peoples who are now losing all

their rights and freedoms.

Communism and corporatism are very much the same thing.

So now today their is very little remaining of real democracy.

I observed this happening because of all the very effective social

engineering, brainwashing being done on our once healthy minded society.

When our society was healthy, everyone always sought truth and did

everything they could to keep their society honest and truthful.

For truth is a way of thinking.

A healthy mind always seeks and speaks truth, for truth is absolute

and the further you go from truth the sooner you arrive at the absolute

opposite of truth, and that being insanity.

So today our society is very sick indeed.

It has become so, due to the communist way of never feeding people

food for thought that grew from the seeds of truth.

That is why today in my now pretend to be democracy,

no individuals in my society ever, ever get involved in the true function

of democracy.

For a democracy and free society can not and will not exist if each and

every individual in that society does not do their civic duty of

contributing to the good of their society.

No one today ever speaks of what their governments do wrong.

No one today ever phones their representative, goes to political

hearings or anything else that means democracy.

The society of today has been made very sick and mentally weak.

For insanity that now has taken over our society is destroying everything.

You people who think you are good have been doing no good and have

let the no good ones take over your society.

Now you will know what having no human rights and disappearing means.

Because your democracy is just about completely disappeared.

You still have a small little flame of the light of truth remaining.

You need to start that fire under everyones asses that are bare and exposed.

That is very easy to do because they all have their heads buried down in

the shit they are standing on.

For the ground you are standing on is truly turning to shit because

you have not been sowing and seeds of truth for the healthy tree of life to grow.

It is time to clean up the mess you have let happen.

It is time to restore the sanity of democracy and freedom.

That can only happen if you start to get involved in the world wide

awakening in the World wide truth revolution.

For only truth will set you free of the Rothchild banksters communism.

If humanity is not guided into the future by truth, then you will be

doomed due to you permitting the inhumanity of communism into your life.

Life under communism.

Written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier.

Life under communism.pdf RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


Aaron Francis Gareau
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Daniel J Towsey says, You need to know that Rothchilds one world zionist government is the agenda… Communism was created by Rothchild.. All the wars and destruction were all for this zionsit plan.. Rothchild wrote the protocols of the learned elders of zion..Rothchild financed and brought to life zionism..which has nothing to do with real Jews..Zionism is just insanity..Hitler was finaced by the zionists banksters..The second world war was controlled from both sides by them..the purpose to the second world war was to kill the 66 million christians..

Posted by: “Linda Camp”  zeropointvacuum

Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:16 pm (EST)

Eloquently said… but I’m shooting for a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy where 51% of the people tell 49% of the people what to do… and talking to your representatives does as much good as spitting in the wind.

When I was in America I was a thorn in the side of government representatives. .. never did one bit of good. And I hear from my friends that it STILL doesn’t do any good.

Trouble is that, though government representatives are not the head of the snake, they unwittingly bring up the rear. The rattle of the snake you might say… the only part you hear.

If you want to ring a bell, let it be a bell of freedom… the only bell that will restore our costitutional republic.


Daniel J Towsey says,

I understand what you are saying.. but my impression is that under your republic is that if the whole hundred percent are pissed off..the gov will just ignore the majority.. Your system has permitted the one leader to dictate.. Your system is finished..Your constitution has been wiped off…Now the fight for freedom and survival begins…I am in Canada and the NWO has controlled China for more then a hundred years..They are using that to take everything from we the once free peoples..we are screwed..Canada is Now a communist province of China.. The international Zionist banksters are the problem..

Your country was screwed when your people were fooled and then bought off and silenced by the roaring twenties that was done by this..

And now the whole world is paying for it..

Dec 21 2012 was actually the hundred anniversary of their plan to own the world with their fake money..

It was not 1913… It was only repeated a year later after they replaced the president who would not sign it into law in 1912.

Daniel j Towsey says,

I am posting everything you need to share to save us all..and most of you are just ignoring everything and are not sharing the truth…You will really enjoy the communism you are permitting to take control over you..

Raymond de Kergommeaux says,
Daniel J Towsey says, Raymond..I really really do not belive that they care to become free…

Raymond de Kergommeaux says, ya they all wanna be free to consume and thats freedom in a sence freedom to chose

Daniel J Towsey says,
It’s over and you did nothing (HIV AIDS PATENTS)
While you slept on your couch and your Pacifier HD 3D Wide screen television spewed out lies and deceptions.

Brandon Munroe says,
i am going to be brutally honest with you here and take this how you will… i do see your post and i respect that you are trying to awaken the masses but most people wont give any merit to claims that they are being brqinwashed or that they are sheepple because (enter generic enslavement wuote here). also I hink you should research the true definition of communism. there is dictoral communism to which i think your refering to. but please dont hink that all forms of communism are bad. we are currently deallying with a state of affairs that makes us believe we are free under a so falled democracy so please show more awareness to what exactly it is your talking about.

Daniel J Towsey says, Brandon you are just a dumb lecturer and obviously very young. I am sure in your whole life you have never lived in or experienced a truly free society… Communism is horrible and always has been.,..You sound like a socialist brainwashed communist… The American constitution was the and is the single most amazing document ever written to try to bring in a fair and free society..A republic is a form of what people once believed democracy means.. No matter what you say.. Our society is lead by the insane.. And they wrote it in stone what their ultimate plan is.. you really need to stop going Baaahahhha.
They Want You Dead is Written in Stone
Humanity’s Tombstone. The New Ten Commandments. What if I told you that huge monolith tombstones have been erected that have it written in eight languages of the world.

Brandon Munroe says,
and if thats the response you give to anyone who dfies your word against theirs… its no wonder people are ignoring you my friend. good day!

Daniel J Towsey says, Please do ignore me

Nadia Stepanek says,

Dear Daniel I am sure people do read your articles and I thank you for your information and I wish more people would go on internet to search for truth.

In real life I do meet many people who have no idea what is happening in this world and many are brainwashed. Regarding communism – 50-60 millions died in Soviet Union before II world war and many latter, nearly every family lost members by government which was arresting people without explanation and sending them without trial to inhuman working camps, without informing families. Obama has similar law. In j bolsevic Ukraine 50-60 million of people died of starvation – government confiscated all food. Obama supporting Monsanto and have Bill S510. J corporation planing to have control of all world food.

They also closing privet farms and there are food companies produsing chemical and fake food. For depopulation again , J bolsevics done by starvation and killing in Soviet Union.

At first poor people liked communistic idea presented to them – justice, equality – but soon they finded themself like working robots living in prison-no freedom of speach and now many people are also” suicided” in the west government didn’t like.

Communism was better in Europian countries where people over the years developed own style, since before they knew all about democracy.

But in beginning they also rebeled. Communism was very brutal in Soviet Union and even worse in China.

Those were fasistic systems and J, cabal would like it in North America and whole world- NWO. – When communists took over they locked those countries from the world and in the west the cabal was scarring people about communism to keep them obediant.

So many people had the worst opinion about communist countries, thinking they were third world countries.

In – europien communist countries people still had great culture, education and when borders were open, westerners liked those excommunist countries for their culture and preserved history. But dark cabal would like to use communism again in NWO, because people on top would live in the whealth and rest become working slaves like in China. – Communism is great idea- about sharring- like in bible, that’s whay some unexpireenced people like it, but it is unworkable on this planet, the greedy J Illuminati want all..

Daniel J Towsey says, on the surface often communism can look good. But learning the true horrific secrets of the evil behind it is not easy and often for most they do not learn of it until they become victims of it.

Daniel J Towsey says, Nadia..most of what you say is what is termed as sales pitch..or propaganda to let peoples defenses down..So that when people accept the bait they get caught then consumed by the ones who are using the lures..


CSIS: China Controls Canadian Politicians

Published on 17 Nov 2012

CSIS warns Canadians that Politicians are under the control of China.
Sign up to Defend your country

CSIS warns of threats of foreign takeovers
Report comes as Tories review Chinese firm’s bid for Nexen

Nova Scotia’s ‘Protection of property act’ Is an act of communism.

For under communism no one has any human rights.

The protection of property act deprives the individual any due process of justice.

The act, is an act of terrorism against an individuals freedoms.

The act is purely undemocratic.

It is not based on common law.

The act turns a peace officer into a penal officer that arbitrarily takes an individuals human rights and constitutional rights away.

The act empowers the Police to behave like tyrants that care not for due process of law.

The act even states that the Police can deprive you of your rights without you ever getting accused or charged.

They Police will impose their penalties on you without even having to give you a written notice of what ever they claim you have done wrong.

That which deprives you the ability to present your case in front of a judge.

The communist act empowers the Police to impose penalties.

But in common law only a Judge with a jury can impose penalties and that is only done after a fair and just hearing of evidence in a court of common law.

But like under communism. Individuals never get a trial or hearing.

They just get destroyed by agents of the communist government.

The act sounds like it is intended to protect property that falls under provincial control, so this is supposed to exclude federal lands..

That is not what is does, nor is that what it is being used for.

The Police is using it to ban individuals from common public areas such as whole sections of the city and including public sidewalks.

Those that are victimized by this communist act are the most vulnerable in our society. The drifters, gypsies, homeless, the disabled and any one else that tries to speak up and defend their human rights when being confronted by a Police officer who is on a tyrannical power trip of corrupted authority.

So when the vulnerable try to speak up the cops just take all their human rights away. Be that a beating, an arrest or much worse. The Police do not care for they are operating under a communist act of the Nova Scotia Provincial Legislature.

If the Police do not touch you they will impose fines on you of $260 every time you try to walk or ride you wheelchair down a public sidewalk. The Police will continue this until you go to court to fight against the tickets. But again justice will not be done because the Police being the witnesses will not show up in court and the judge will just trow the case out.

But in the meantime like more then eight months after the Police started imposing their communist authority, during that whole time you, the victim have been terrorized and victimized by the Police and have had you freedoms taken away.

So then after the court dropping the case You never get a fair and just hearing to challenge this communist act.

You go back out and try to walk home or ride your wheelchair down a public path. But then again the Police will just start the whole process of harassment and terrorism again you or anyone else they choose to, because they have been empowered by a communist act of the nova Scotia Legislature.

So when a so called peace officer bans an individual from anywhere.

The Police will fine the individual and if the individual returns to that unstated in writing area.

The Police will fine you again even if you are not in the area they claim they banned you from. The Police just do what ever they want, for under communism fighting for your human rights is not permitted.

But the act of communism permits the officer to arbitrarily change what ever the invisible boundaries are. That means that one minute an officer says you are banned from a particular location and then the next time the officer will changes that location without due process of notifying you. And will give you another fine, even if you are not even in what ever area you were previously told.

But you having been given no written instructions, are powerless to this abuse of power, because you can not show the evidence that you are not in the area you were supposedly banned from. You have not document to prove that you are not in the banned area.

Then when they accumulate enough fines that you can not possibly afford the police will put you in jail for not paying the fines.

So as you have read.

This whole “Protection of Property Act” is a communist act.. So when did Nova Scotia become an oppressive communist state.

That happened because you the individual never spoke up to protect your rights and freedoms as I am no doing.

You never spoke up when you were still free to speak up.

Now soon just speaking up will get you killed by the Communists that are taking over.

So when are you going to get involved in the functions of our society?

You are to blame for letting communism take over.

Your inaction for justice is guaranteeing you soon will not have any.

The Corporate Zionist Rothchild Communists are taking over and you are letting them do it.

When you are killed no one will know and they still will not speak up.


 Written by A Truth Soldier

Nova Scotias Protection of property act.pdf RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE

Only rebellion can save America

The US federal government has strayed so far from the Constitution and the rule of law that it can now be considered rogue and illegitimate.Written by Lawrence SellinThe thoroughly irresponsible rate of government spending projected over the next twenty-five years will drive federal debt to unsustainable levels. The country is heading for a financial meltdown and economic ruin.The Republican Party is inept and impotent and cannot provide the necessary political opposition to the crimes and unconstitutional policies of the Obama regime or stand against the rampant voter fraud which is now polluting the electoral process. There is a report claiming that the Republican Party signed a legal agreement with the Democrat Party in 1982 not to pursue suspected vote fraud. If there is no guarantee of election integrity, then elections become only window dressing for tyranny.

Barack Obama is an illegal President and unindicted felon. Congress, the American media and the courts are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to conceal their complicity in perpetrating the Obama fraud on the American people. Law enforcement and our elected officials have chosen to risk the survival of the country rather than risk the truth.

According to recent reports, Obama continues to use a Social Security Number (SSN) not issued to him, in the process, committing numerous counts of social security fraud. The SSN Obama uses, issued in Connecticut, a state where he never lived, does not pass a check with E-Verify, the electronic system the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has created to verify whether or not prospective employees have the required authorization to work legally in the United States. It appears that the SSN Obama uses, was actually issued to a Harrison J. Bounel, born in 1890. Once issued, a SSN is never reissued to another individual. Why isn’t any of that evidence investigated? It is because Barack Obama is protected by a dishonest media and criminally complicit federal officials and, unlike ordinary Americans, he is above the law.

The US no longer has representative government. Members of Congress seek election not to uphold the Constitution and serve the American people, but to obtain power and to use that power to accrue professional and financial benefits for themselves and their major supporters. All the traditional means for the American people to seek the redress of grievances have now been blocked by a corrupt government composed of a self-absorbed permanent political elite unaccountable to the American people.

The status quo is no longer defensible. Unless there is a significant reversal soon, it is only a matter of time that a catastrophe will be upon us, which will inevitably lead to national collapse and fragmentation.

All unconstitutional and unlawful policies of the Obama regime must be opposed, obstructed and undermined. The Democrat Party and their radical left-wing supporters must be aggressively and continuously confronted. The Republican Party must be defunded and its leadership replaced. The purveyors of disinformation and propaganda represented by most of the mainstream media must be professionally destroyed.

A county by county battle is the means by which the American people can restore the Constitution, establish responsible fiscal policies and take back control of the political process and the government. Patriots need to organize locally outside of the party apparatus to exert political pressure and prepare for armed defense, if necessary. No county officials, in particular the Sheriff, should be elected or maintained in office, who do not fully honor their oath to support and defend the Constitution.

Fundamental to this effort are the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment. Each county should establish elements of an organized and disciplined Constitutional Army with sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence and individual liberty from anyone who might attempt to abuse them.

It is indeed ironic that the Mexican border made maximally porous by the Obama regime may become the route of choice for weapon and ammunition resupply, a Fast and Furious in reverse, capable of making gun control about as successful as the national prohibition of alcohol (1920-33), another failed “noble experiment” undertaken to reduce crime and solve social problems.

Efforts should be directed towards decreasing the influence of the federal government in county affairs, cooperating with federal officials and agencies only when it benefits local citizens. Counties should maximize the consumption of federal resources and overburdening federal agencies administratively while at the same time reducing or delaying taxes paid to the federal government. County residents should forcefully shun, oppose or drive out of business, individuals or media outlets, which support the criminal Obama regime.

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will.


“We have seen the future of medicine and
the future is food” Dr. Mitch Gaynor
New York Strang Center For Cancer Prevention

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