Doomsday Earth 2012: Apocalypse Rising FREE MOVIE

Published on May 11, 2012 by

Whether you’ve seen the blockbuster 2012 movie or read one of the numerous books on this controversial subject,

there is no doubt that some fear the end is near.


It has been foretold that a great change is coming to our civilization.


The Maya left behind enigmatic clues to the possibilities of this shift of the ages.


Their incredible knowledge of the processional year helped them to formulate one of the most intricate

and profound calendars ever to have been created.


It speaks of ages and ours is coming to a close on December 21st, 2012.


What is the truth? Did the Mayans have a special knowledge of the cycles of nature and foretell a time

when disaster would once again strike at the heart of the human race?

In this comprehensive box set you will discover firsthand from best selling authors, and renowned experts

from around the globe, just what the truth is.


Decades of research have been condensed into hours so you can easily get to grips with what is fact and what is fiction.


Prepare to discover the future and what’s in store for all of mankind.

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