The Doom Generation

The Doom Generation

Dumb lazy brain dead people are going to be the death of this planet for their lack of participation in speaking up to protect this planet..

The GMOs..the foliage dying, the chemtrails, the list of insanities is huge..and the dumb people wont even learn the truth about anything..

Like I said..If humanity is not guided into the future by truth, then we are all doomed…

Now you know why this generation is called the doom generation..because the Doom has been generated by the criminally insane corporate criminals and their employees..

This week only – Watch new GMO documentary free online

Genetic Roulette

There is a great new documentary on GMOs that you can watch for free online, this week only. It reveals the serious health impacts of genetically engineered foods in our diets and shows how you can protect your family. We highly recommend it and you can watch it here from September 15-22:

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