Kaminski on The wages of truth

Kaminski on The wages of truth:

The big money is in lying, and that’s why we’re dying:

Did you ever contemplate what an Israeli soldier is thinking just before he decides to shoot a Palestinian child for sport?

Friday, September 14, 2012 3:21 PM
“Alex James”

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Subject: Kaminski: The wages of truth: The big money is in lying, and that’s why we’re dying: Did you ever contemplate what an Israeli soldier is thinking just before he decides to shoot a Palestinian child for sport?


The wages of truth

The big money is in lying,

and that’s why we’re dying

Did you ever contemplate what an Israeli soldier 

is thinking just before he decides to shoot 

a Palestinian child for sport?

You should, because right now, that’s the way

the American government feels about you!

By John Kaminski







The percentage of truth in what a journalist writes is always inversely proportional to the financial net worth of the publisher who distributes his work. No exceptions.


This is why heavily promoted politicians receive multimillion dollar advances for books that are ghostwritten for them, while principled researchers uncovering the significant injustices of the world are invariably imprisoned for their conscientious trouble.


This is why The New York Times, America’s “newspaper of record”, could fail to utter a single word about the Holodomor — otherwise known as the Ukrainian famine, in which Stalin starved to death 9 million peasants in the 1930s — and for which Times reporter Walter Durante was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for journalistic integrity because he never said a word about it! (Holodomor means “killing by hunger”.)


This is why all the groovy new websites that profess to cover the world’s intelligence intrigues all uniformly fail to name the center of an invisible conspiracy against life itself, revealing that they are themselves a part of this conspiracy of calculated silence about this overarching level of secrecy and control.


You have to go along to get along, goes the wise old man’s canard.


Now, most of you see where “going along to get along” has taken us — manufactured diseases accompanied by preplanned and deliberately ineffective cures, TV-level political discourse that cynically ignores the real issues in order to prolong the scam conditions, and pathological politicians changing laws by fiat right before our very eyes, ordering the deaths of innocent people for their political beliefs.


Who is writing about how this megalomaniacal push for absolute security has made us more insecure than we could ever have hoped to be? And more importantly, who is actually naming the perpetrators of this value-inverting deception?


Or are you one of those who still pretends you do not know the demented racial characteristics and stealthy homicidal efficiency of these mysterious operators of this center of darkness that has spread its chaos across the planet ever since Jesus broke bread with the Apostles?


Into every home and every bloodstream. Controlling every person’s thoughts electronically and polluting every child’s dreams with with sadistic antisocial fantasies and medicines with sinister, time-delayed implications.


Where is the center of this darkness?


Homeland Security has only made life safe for the pharmaceutical companies to peddle their poison products as the government passes laws to permanently sedate and secure us in a position where we can absolutely not challenge the enforced insanity of their twisted pronouncements.


The rapacious rules of fractional reserve banking have created a world society where nobody really owns anything; the banks own everything, and can steal your money any time they want.


The state declares that it owns you and is the sole source of all your rights, whether the laws are unjust or not. It passes laws to poison your children and expropriate your property while its leaders extol the virtues of living in a “free” society.


And the people who have built their lives on following the rules, raising responsible children, and excelling at their chosen occupation suddenly find themselves without compass or security in this manic terror scam that has methodically eroded every right we thought we ever had.


No longer can anyone escape the wrath of the drones operated by Army bulldykes in Vegas who go out gambling on their lunch hours, then come back and kill people in far away places who are SUSPECTED of not believing the Jewish lies that are always the pretense for war, all based on “intelligence” from brain-drained cutouts like Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and other pathological automatons operated by Israeli billionaires.


Nor can any of us avoid the pernicious timebomb ticking in all of us caused by Alzheimer-producing chemtrails, cancer-causing radiation, electromagnetic cellular disintegration, or mass media android programming that have combined to scramble reality beyond belief, and perhaps beyond repair.


It’s all upside down; you’re all beginning to figure that out.


Rule 1 for sorting knowledge: the bigger the bureaucracy the more apt the information has been tailored to ensure success of publication rather than taking a direct line to the truth.


All writing of every type is advocacy journalism, undertaken to prove a point, and hopefully provide a valuable service.


The more money spent trying to promote that message, the less apt that message is to possess a high degree of truth, as the intent to promote it belies the question of its actual integrity much in the same way that a journalist who makes a lot of money is less likely to furnish a degree of truthfulness equal to someone who has nothing to lose and everything to gain by telling the whole unvarnished truth.


And the whole unvarnished truth is this: since the dawn of time, those who have controlled commodities by controlling the practice of slavery have stolen everything from those who have believed in the system under which they lived. They have regimented the people by credulous ritual and harvested their labors with no ultimate concern for their efforts or their welfare, and have only granted concessions when faced with force.


People, particularly Americans, have been bribed into the acceptance of an opulent but sedated tranquility based on systemic violence against innocent victims whose possessions we wanted to steal.


The world is like that, you say. The Jews have another way of putting it — it’s just business.


Did you ever contemplate what an Israeli soldier is thinking just before he decides to shoot a Palestinian child for sport?


You should, because that’s the way the American government feels about you right now.


The fact of the matter is that all this trouble we’ve stirred up from ourselves derives from white hypocrisy, failure to treat the rest of the world as we would treat ourselves, and thereby betraying the very moral code that we professed to follow, revealing its ineffectiveness in being able to authentically deal with human evil.


I can only listen to righteous white supremacists for so long when the words of Sitting Bull come echoing into my consciousness . . .


. . . the love of possessions has put a disease in them! . . .


We don’t really want a just government. We just want to be left alone to do our thing. That attitude has destroyed everything we loved and everything we ever hoped to be. Your right to be irresponsible guarantees your right to be enslaved.


Now about all we can do is hope to survive the coming prison society and pray that our planned mutation into compliant robotoids with constant diseases who need to be treated by doctors who will never really tell us the ingredients or the effects of the medicines they are administering, just like they do in the U.S. Army now, won’t kill us.


Like many great countries before it, America has taken the bait of luxury and addiction and fallen prey to the ruthless Jewish ghettoization of the world.


Two bad things have resulted from this practice.


Genuinely hopeful immigrants from faraway places have come to America starry-eyed and only learned how to become cynical by watching the American republic reduced to a strip-malled Jewish ghetto by shysters who would sell their mothers for a profit.


Secondly, the “heroic” missions that American military forces have long inflicted upon essentially defenseless residents of the world — think drone strikes on wedding parties in Afghanistan — are now, due to the inevitable praxis of the law of karma, being flown regularly above the interstate highways of most of the Southern states of the U.S., supervising state troopers who are fleecing desperate travelers of their money with pretentious but illegal laws.


Right now, there’s more peace in Palestine than there is in Philadelphia. It’s a lot calmer in Calcutta than it is in Chicago. <http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/Nationalized-banks-to-help-in-Kolkata-beautification-drive/articleshow/16385902.cms>


But the American mind clings to its curdled rituals. Far more important are football season and “Dancing With The Stars”. Just turn up the sound to blot out the gunshots outside.


World society has been destroyed by the middleman, the broker and the salesperson, who have killed both the producer and the consumer by stealing slices of the original cost of every product. In doing so, they have evaporated the budgets of every country. This process is usually accompanied by revolution, which only further enflames the original problem, which is fees, compound interest and other sleight-of-hand shenanigans of which the general public has no conception.


Governments around the world are specialists at lying to the people about the amount of money funneled in secret to corrupt sources. In this manner, the world is utterly run by crime, which if large enough is made into law that eventually starts wars.


Journalists who parrot the mainstream version of the news make millions of dollars every year while saying absolutely nothing of value to anyone who seeks what every human wants to be. It kills me when all these poseurs uttering partial truths limited by “what the traffic will bear” get millions of dollars for basically misleading their listeners and their readers, by willingly failing to mention the precise source of this real-time dementia that has engulfed the world.


It is this silent cowardice that is the center of the darkness. Sshhhh. We can’t talk about that. We’ll lose our paycheck.


More are now realizing that if we DON’T talk about that, we will lose our lives.


Psychically, the concept of culling the population puts us on the road to voluntary species suicide. Not a good way to run a civilization. It’s a self-mutilation that betrays the human intent to promote and preserve life. The reasons for it are totally artificial and totally Jewish.


The percentage of truth in what a journalist writes is always inversely proportional to the financial net worth of the publisher who distributes his work.


No million dollar speaking fees for me. I espouse no political creed or religious dogma. I’m only for exclusive promotion of the universal vibe that animates all living things, and believe that the most important element in maintaining this fabulous existence is good will.


But good will is no match for Homeland Security, and now they’ve bought all the bullets.


I live on eggs and broccoli (not to mention peanut butter and Chunky soup), begging for spare change in the subway of your mind, as you hurriedly pass by, absorbed in the clamor of your life.


What do you think this information is actually worth? Is it worth anything?


What do you think the truth is worth? When you know it’s more expensive to pay for the lies, why do you keep paying for them?


About this time of the month I start worrying about having enough food to eat till my next Social Security check comes in. These are the wages of truth, I tell myself; it’s good for my waistline, but not for my peace of mind. People spend a lot of money for lies, but not so much for truth.


I don’t think much about long-term security anymore. It’s beyond my reach. Each day is just a matter of dealing with the avalanche, and wondering on which day the devastating debris of our deliberate damnation, as so tragically happened to our cousins in Japan, will become too deep to deal with.




John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.









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