Another update about the spooks activities

Another update about the spooks activities.

written by Daniel J Towsey

September 2nd 2012

.. Now a mysterious guy phones me and says he is from an undisclosed courier.

Says he is at my old address and has a package to deliver to me.

So I give him my new address.

He then says he will show over to my new address and then does not show up.

Then a few days later phones me again and says he knows I am not home and could not deliver the package.

Says he buzzed me and i did not answer.

But I told him my buzzer forwards to my cell phone and that he did not ring my buzzer.

So he says he is near my place so I told him I will meet him at my place in a few minutes and then again he does not show up.

Then a few days later I get another call from a guy who says he owns the “Right Courier” business and that he will forward

the parcel that now he says it is just paper and will send it through regular mail..

Makes me wonder if someone is sending me a dangerous ‘package’

He then said I will need to pick it up at the local post office..

There is more detail but I have not written it here..

So now I wonder if I should accept this mysterious ‘Parcel”..

This courier company seems very fake and suspicious…


Tabetha Fitzpatrick says, DON’T GO

Craig Sotkovsky says, if it was important it would already br there

Daniel J Towsey says, Anthrax?

Tabetha Fitzpatrick says, NOPE BUT DON’T GO

Daniel J Towsey says, Yah I wont go. But I write these updates for those who are protecting me . So this post notifies my protectors.. I am sure after this post that the mysterious parcel will not arrive at the post office.. I am sure that certain officials will intercept it and figure out who it was that contacted me by telephone…

Nina Danko says, I thought this kind of shit does not happen in Canada….


Craig Sotkovsky says, thats not really true..we been writing about it for a decade

Layla Gaitan Fontana says, What ever happened to common sense……

Meridian Gestalt says, Get your butt down to the police station and make a report~! Better safe than sorry!

Nadia Stepanek says, Did you check back on the phone number and company? Don’t let stragers to your house. It is also good idea to have guarding dog. Take care.

Daniel J Towsey says, The phone numbers do not show up on the caller ID… As far as the Police go.. they can not be trusted… No corporate entities can be trusted

Bob Renner says, COULD NOT FIND Right Courier Services here in halifax

Daniel J Towsey says, I did not believe it thanks since I did not check it out..

Gil Ari Donenfeld says, May be that some agents are trying to entrap you by sending you something that you never requested. You may want to ask an attorney for advice.

Daniel J Towsey says, not in this town..all the attorneys are crooks working for the corporation of the crown

Deborah Braswell says, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

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