A Wake Up VIDEO from DollarDVDProjectLiberty

A Wake Up…
(DollarDVDProjectLiberty.com) VIDEO
Published on Aug 7, 2012 by ronaldneil
DollarDVDProjectLiberty.com http://www.onedollardvdproject.com
Larken Rose meets David Dees… kinda
This clip was inspired by a US-version of the video “Nachricht an das Stimmvieh”, produced by FreiwilligFrei.de, a german group of bloggers and activists. You may have seen it: “Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose.” While it is outstanding, I thought it needed a few more visuals so, I went to Rense.com and looked over David Dees illustrations and well… here is what I came up with.
Everyone should pass this one along and download it as well. If you see these efforts removed from youtube then, upload your copy. We must keep this message available to those who will change the world. God Bless you Larken Rose.
May I suggest that Larken’s audio be put on a variety of slideshows and such for uploading everywhere and anywhere. Hell, let’s have a contest. Thank you Larken Rose for your powerful words that will surely wake up those who will hear.
Ron Neil

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