Extremists ADL trying to shut down pro-truth websites

 Extremists  ADL trying to shut down pro-truth websites


Extremists ADL trying to shut down pro-truth websites like www.anglo-saxonisrael.com, www.zundelsite.org, etc.



“Users may not: Utilize the Services to publish or disseminate information that (A) constitutes slander, libel or defamation…

Truth, however irritating to offenders, is not ‘slander, libel nor defamation’… It’s the TRUTH… And Truth makes NO compromise; else its a LIE.


…threaten persons with bodily harm, to make harassing or abusive statements or messages,”

Self-preservation, or self-defense, is both a basic natural instinct, and a God given right to sustain life, from attacks by enemies foreign and domestic.


Foreign, the forces of evil embued into international zionism; and domestic, the evildoings of Z.O.G. (zionist occupation government), of which their terrorist though un-indicted (by ZOG) outfit, the ADL, is but one of their external expressions of harassment and intimidation against U.S. Sovereigns and their God given right to self-expression. IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!


Before the ADL bothers to bother any serious critic of the international zionic machine, its minions, subversives, and beneficiaries (out of FED rapined tax), it may want to publicly DENOUNCE their abominable, anti human, anti-Christian Talmud; their criminal, genocidal wisecrack Protocols; and then shut their mouths and pack and go ‘home’, to squatted-terrorized “israel”.



(wouldn’t you LOVE to have a ‘job’ that pays (good) to harass, intimidate, slander, and defame… the ashkenazi ‘jews’??):



The Inquisitors. What nostalgic memories do these hot names bring to mind…?



Their whine (compressed a little to avoid bandwidth waste) Don’t bother!





From targeted victim Eli James:


Folks, I knew this day was coming; and it has arrived.  The ADL is trying to shut down my website, www.anglo-saxonisrael.com  They are trying to intimidate the company that hosts my website.  We all know what happens when the ADL threatens a company with a  Jewish* boycott.


Attached is the letter they sent to my hosting service, accusing me of violating the terms of service.  As you can see, no specific charges were made, just a vague accusation. 


I need your prayers and support.


Pray to Yahshua that the ADL is SHUT DOWN!!! [and the entire ZOG DC Latrine is flushed back into the sewers of Babylon!]


Praise Yahweh the Father and Yhashua the Son and Shekinah the Glory.




Pastor Eli James

[ * “jew”, an invention of the 13th Century AD. Today, 95% ashkenazi-khazar pseudos]




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