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English Translation of Majmoo’ al-Fatawa (2nd Edition) by Sh.Inb Baaz(R). Download from below links… It is collected from
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English Translation of Majmoo’ al-Fatawa by Lajnah of KSA. Download from below links… It is collected from
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English Translation of Noor ala al-Darb program by Sh.Ibn Baaz(R). Download from below links… It is collected from
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Aqeedah / eimaan / Thaheed / Shahaadha

  1. Causes Behind the Increase and decrease of Eemaan

  2. Kufr doona Kufr – Thafseer Ibn Abbas(R)

  3. Connection between Eimaan Islam and Ihsan


Belief in Allaah 

  1. Usoolu thalaatha (Three Basic principles) by Imam Muhammad Bin A. Wahab

  2. 3 Usool  – Summary

  3. 3 Usool Explanations

  4. Explanation of The Four Rules Regarding Shirk

  5. Four Principles of Tawheed of Abdul Wahab


Belief in the Angels

  1. Belief on Angels and its effect on life of Ummah -Sh.Fawzan

  2. The World of the Angels


Belief in the Messengers 

  1. The Messengers and Their Tasks


Belief in the Last Day and the Signs of the Hour 

  1. Belief on Last Day as per aqeedah of Ahlusunnah – Uthaimee


Torment and Blessing in the Grave

  1. Benefiting-the-Dead – Dr. Bilal Philips


Paradise and Hell

  1. Al-Jannah Wa an-Naar By OmerSulaiman

  2. Heaven’s Door-2

  3. Beautiful Description of Paradise – By Ibn Qayyim

  4. At-Tadkirah – Imam Qurtubi

  5. Marriage of Women in jannah – Ibn Uthaimeen


The Signs of the Hour 

  1. Signs before the Day of Judgment – Ibn Katheer

  2. Establishing the proofs against those who deny, coming of Mahdi, Dajjala and Massieh – Hammoud At-Tuwayjiri

  3. The Way out of tribulations at the end of Times

  4. The End and Tribulations by Imam Ibn Katheer


Belief in the Divine Will and Decree

  1. The Divine Pre-Decree & Ordainment of Allaah

  2. What is obligatory to believe in regarding Qada and Qadr


Belief in the Jinn, witchcraft and the evil eye

  1. Books and Articles on Jinn and Shaytan

  2. Books and Articles on Ruqyah


(Unity of) Divine Lordship 

  1. Two Ways to Know the Creator – Imam Ibn Qayyim

  2. Men & the Universe – ReflectionsofIbnAl-Qayyem

  3. Creation is in need of Allah


(Unity of) Divinity of Worship

  1. Kithab at-Tawheed (By Imam Muhammed Ibn Abdul Wahab) Explained by Sh.S.Fawzan

  2. Concerning Those Who Do Not Rule by what Allaah has Revealed- Sh.Albaani

  3. Fundamentals of Tawheed


(Unity of) Names and Attributes of Allaah

  1. Sharh-Al-Aqeedatul Wasitiyah (of Sh.Islam Ibn Taymiya) by Dr.Kahlid Al-Harras

  2. Aqeedathul Hamawiyya – Sh.Al-Islam

  3. Exemplary foundations – Uthyaimeen

  4. Tawhid of Allahs Most Beautiful Names and Lofty Attributes

  5. Action of God Who Has So Many Unimaginable Characters

  6. Allah Annihilation?

  7. The Names and Attributes of Allaah –  from TROID

  8. The Names and Attributes of Allaah – Ibn-Baaz

  9. Allah’s Rising Over His Throne – al-Istawaa’alaal-‘Arsh

  10. Exemplaryfoundations-Uthyaimeen

Shirk and its different forms 



Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity

  1. Alliance and Enmity – Uthaimeen

  2. Al Walaa’ Wal Baraa’ according to aqeedah of Salafs-Part 1

  3. Al Walaa’ Wal Baraa’ according to aqeedah of Salafs-Part 2

  4. Al Walaa’ Wal Baraa’ according to aqeedah of Salafs-Part 3

  5. The-Ruling-on-Christmas-New-Year

  6. Seeking Assistance from Ahlul Bida’

  7. Regarding Tabdee’

  8. Jarh Wa Tadeel By Dr.Salih Al-Fawzan

  9. at-tabdee’ wat-takfeer, wa atharuhu ‘alal-ummah

  10. Calling Oneself as  Salafi by Dr.Salih Al-Fawzan

  11. Boycotting during these times

  12. Specifying Specific Scholars as Reference Points in the Correction

  13. Concerning boycotting

  14. Warn People Against Deviants

  15. On Jamiat Ahlul – Hadeeth

  16. Co-operation with Asharees, Maturidis, Sufis etc.


Schools of Thought and Sects

  1. Fundamentals of Maliki Fiqh

  2. Be Kind with Onether One

  3. Fiqh Blind Following of Madhhabs edited by Sh Al Hilalee

  4. Refutation to “Introduction to Following A Madhhab by Zayd-Shaakir”

  5. The Rationalist school of thought exposed

  6. The ideological Attack

  7. AhlulHadeeth and the opinion of Hanafi Scholars regarding them

  8. Do they join him with regards..

  9. Why did imams differed – By IbnThaymia

  10. Ruling on Followin a Mudhab

  11. A Glimpse of The Deviated Sects – By Sh.S.Fawzan

  12. Manhaj of Yusuf Al-Qaradaawee’s Usool


General Books which Clarify and corrects Aqeedah

  1. Aqeedah of Imam Nawawi

  2. Why Did God Create Mankind? – Dr. Bilal Philips

  3. Tawheed In the Glorious Qur’aan – Shaikh Saaleh Fawzaan

  4. The Meaning of the Shahaadah

  5. The Reality of Tawheed

  6. Fundamentals of faith

  7. The Authentic Creed

  8. ————————

  9. Virtue of Being Grateful to Allah

  10. Offerings to Other than Allaah is Major Shirk

  11. Istiqaamah – Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziya

  12. Inter Mediation Between Allaah and the Creation-TAWASSUL[1]

  13. The Beneficial Statement Concerning the Evidence for Tawheed-Part1

  14. The Beneficial Statement Concerning the Evidence for Tawheed-Part2

  15. —————————————

  16. Kashf Shubahat-1

  17. Kashf Shubahat-2

  18. Kashf Shubahat-3

  19. Kashf Shubahat-4

  20. Kashf Shubahat-5

  21. Kashf Shubahat-6

  22. Kashf Shubahat-7

  23. Kashf Shubahat-8

  24. Kashf Shubahat-9

  25. Kashf Shubahat-10

  26. Kashf Shubahat-11



Shie’ (Shiaism) and its off shoots.. (Bahay, Qadoyanies etc)

  1. Qadiyanism and Bhahaay- From Islam QA

  2. Know shei and their enmity of the Ahlusunnah –

  3. Fundamental-Shiite-Beliefs

  4. Answering-Shia-Concerning-Ahlel-Bayt

  5. Qadiyanism – Combat-Kit

  6. Unravelling The Myths of The Shee’ah

  7. Sheeah ahlul-bayt

  8. Sheeah introductions

  9. Sheeah imaams

  10. Sheeah Sahaabah


Soofiyyah and its of shoots (Barailwies, Duyubandies, Tableegue Jamat etc.)

  1. The Reality of Sufism By Sh.Rabee’

  2. Imam Ibn al-Qayyim Declared Soofeeyah From 72 Sects Doomed To Hellfire!

  3. What is Tableegue and Deobandies

  4. Sufism Origin Development by Dr.Salih al-Salih

  5. Barailwiyyah Chapter1

  6. Barailwiyyah Chapter2

  7. Barailwiyyah Chapter3

  8. The Naqshabandi Tariqah Unveiled

  9. Relation Between Shie and Sufis

  10. Seeking-Assistance-From-the-Dead-Aqeedah-of-Grave-Worshipping-Soofis

  11. The saying of Scholars on Jamat Thableegue

  12. An-Outline-of-the-Methodology-of-Jamaaat-UtTabligh

  13. Ibn-Taymiyya-on-Tasawwuf-and-Sufism


Ashariyyah and Mathruthiyyah

  1. What is Ashari-creed

  2. The-Maturidi-Creed

  3. AhluSunnah v/s the Ashari Movement

  4. Maaliki Scholars and Ashari Creed

  5. Refutation to Asharees’s lie



  1. The-Murjiah-of-the-Era

  2. Eemaan AhluSunnah and Murjia’ By Sh.Al Albaanee

  3. Kufr can occur without istihlaal or Juhood

  4. Kufr can occur without believing it or desiring it

  5. On Who Are The Murjiah

  6. Concerning Faith (Eemaan) Part 1 & 2

  7. The Creed of Abu Bakr Al-Ismaeli (D.371H)

  8. JinsUlAmal by Sh.Albaani



  1. Ruling Concerning Takfeer- Ibn Bazz-AlBaani-Ibn Uthaimeen

  2. Misguidance of Khawariji and Murje’

  3. An aAdvice to a Khawaarij

  4. Extremism: The Causes, Effect and Cure

  5. The Khawaarij and their renewed Ideology

  6. Features of the Khawarij and Its Hukm

  7. Takfeer Of Khawaarij and fighting against them

  8. Devils Deception of Kawarijee

  9. The Rise of the Khawaarij

  10. Warning Against the Fitnah of Takfeer

  11. Takfeer Without Evidence



  1. Are-the-Mutazilah-Disbelievers-by-Shaykh-Muqbil

  2. SpeechOfAllah_Muathzila


Hizb -ut-Thahreer



  1. Defeating the neo-khawarij ideologue named Maududi



  1. Some-Plans-and-Methods-of-the-Ikhwan-UlMuslimeen


Hadeethes and Science of Hadeeth 

  1. Sahih Bukhari Translation.

  2. Sahih Muslim Translation.

  3. Sunan Abu Dawood.

  4. Sunan Thirmidhi.

  5. Imam Malik’s Muwata

  6. A Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence-1

  7. A Summary of Islamic Jurisprudence-2

  8. Bulugh Al-Maram

  9. Let Those Who Oppose the Sunnah Beware

  10. Fiqh Us Sunnah Complete by Sayyid Sabiq

  11. Weak Ahadeeth In Fiqhus Sunnah

  12. Studies in Usul Al-Fiqh

  13. The hadith is proof itself

  14. al-adab-al-mufrad

  15. Fiqh an Essay Concerning Usul UlFiqh

  16. The Sayings of the Four Imams on Taqlid

  17. The Muqaddimah of Saheeh Muslim

  18. Hadeeth Classification

  19. One-Hundred weak hadeethes (Arabic And English)

  20. Innovative-Excuses

  21. Door Of Ijtihad Closed?

  22. Munkareen

  23. Usoolul Hadeeth – BilalPhilips


Quraanic Exegesis


  2. The Meaning of The Pronoun “We” As Used in The Qur’aan- Sh.Al Islam bn Thaymiya

  3. Usoolu thafaseer – Dr.Bilal Philiphs

  4. Explanation of Aayathul Kursi (2:255) by Sh.Ibn Uthaimeen

  5. The Holy Quran Translation (Malayalam)

  6. Stories of The Quran bu Imam Ibn Katheer(R)

  7. The Spiritual Cure – Explanation of Sura Al-Fatiha

  8. How We are obliged to interpret Quran  – By Sh.Albanee

  9. Help Yourself in Reading Holy Quran (Arabic -English)

  10. Explanation of The Meaning of Taaghoot

  11. ulumulquran

  12. Excellent Qualities of Quran By Imam Abdul Wahaab

  13. Prohibition of Studying Works on Kalam

  14. Tafseer of Sura Al-Fatihah (Tafsir Tabari, Qurtub, Ibn Katheer, Shawkani, Saedee etc

  15. How Do You Benefit From the Qur’aan

  16. Did The Salaf Practice Ta’weel?

  17. Tafsir of An-Nur (The Light) by Dr.Salih Al-Salih


Virtues of Quraan 

  1. The Virtues Of Some Surahs by Shaik Albanee

Rulings on-Mus-hafs 

Islamic Jurisprudence / Commentary on Hadeeth

Wiping over the socks 


Cleaning oneself after defecating or urinating 

Ablution Before Prayer 


Full Ablution 

  1. Ad-Durrar-By Imam Shaowkani

  2. What Every Muslim Must Know About Purification

  3. Selected Questions on Wudu

  4. Prophet’s wudhoo

  5. Ruling on Wudoo BY Sh.Fawzan


Menstruation and Post-Natal bleeding

  1. Natural-Blood-of-Women

Natural character and instinct of the human creation 

Removing Impurity 

Nullifiers of Wudoo 

Answering the Call of Nature 

al-Tayammum (“dry” ablution) 



Rulings on prayer

  1. Prayer in congregation

Conditions for Prayer 

Essentials of Prayer 

How Prayer is Done

Sunnah Actions in Prayer 

Things Which Invalidate the Prayer 

Abandoning or Neglecting Salaat 

Making Up Missed Prayers 

Times of Prayers 


Call for prayer

  1. Fatawa on the Rulings of the Adhaan

Rulings on Mosques 


Forgetfulness During Prayer

  1. ProstrationForget

  2. Sujood of forgetting – Sh.Uthaimeen

Who Have Valid Excuses 

Prayer of the Traveler 


Leading Prayer

  1. Praying

Recitation in Prayer 

Congregational Prayer 

Ruling on prayer in congregation

Prayers on various occasions 

Friday Prayers 


Holiday Prayer 

  1. Khutbat-ul-Haajah

  2. Praying Eid in the Musallah

  3. The Rulings Concerning The Two Eids From The Purified

Prayer When There is an Eclipse 

Voluntary Prayers 

Prayer Asking for Guidance 


Night Prayer

  1. The Du’aa Of Qunoot – IbnUthaimeen

  2. Fasting,Taraaweeh & Zakaat

  3. Gaza in Qunoot in Harams

  4. Ways to help oneself pray Qiyam alLayl

Prostration when reading Qur’aan and Prostration of thanksgiving 

Sifat al-Salaah (description of the prayer) 


Poor-due or obligatory charity 

  1. Zakah Its Rulings by Ibn-Bazz

On What is Zakaah Due 

Where Zakaah is to Be Spent 

Conditions for Zakaah Being Obligatory 

Charity at End of Ramadan 

Charitable donations for the sake of Allah 

Zakaah ‘urood al-tijaarah (Zakaah on trade goods) 

Zakaah al-zuroo’ wa’l-thimaar (zakaah on crops and fruits) 

Zakaat Baheemah al-An’aam (Zakaah on an’aam animals) 

Seeing the New Moon 

Fast of those who are exempted 

What is recommended for the fasting person 

What is permitted for the fasting person 

Things which invalidate the fast 

Naafil (supererogatory) fasts 

Supererogatory Fasts 

Days on which it is forbidden to fast 




Taraaweeh prayers and Laylat al-Qadar 

  1. Concerning Taraaweeh- By Sh.Ibn Bazz

  2. The Night Prayer in Ramadaan


Issues of fasting and General Book on Fasting

  1. Fasting and Its Rulings – Abdil Latheef Al-Qoosi

  2. Fasting – The great Act of Worship – Ibn Uthaimeen

  3. The Nature Fasting By Sh.Al-Islam Ibn Taymiya

  4. Ramadaan As Observed by The-Prophet

  5. The Manners Of Fasting

  6. The Fast Of Ramadhaan

  7. Concerning ITikaaf By Imam Albaani

  8. Injection during Fasting

  9. Ramadaan Issues specific to Women – Saaleh Bin Fawzaan

Obligation and virtues of fasting 

Women in Ramadaan 


Mahram to Travel with Women 

Types of Ritual 

Issues of Pilgrimage 

Things which are not allowed in Ihraam 


Hukm al-Hajj wa’l-‘Umrah (rulings on Hajj and ‘Umrah)

  1. The virtues of the First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah

  2. Expansion of Safa-Marwa

  3. A Guide to Hajj – Sh.Uthaimeen

Mistakes made by pilgrims performing Hajj and ‘Umrah 

Mawaaqeet (points from which pilgrims enter ihraam) 

Ahkaam al-Haramayn (Rulings on the Two Sanctuaries) 

Shuroot wujoob al-Hajj (conditions of Hajj being obligatory) 

Hajj al-Mar’ah (women’s pilgrimage) 

Sifat al-Hajj wa’l-‘Umrah (Description of Hajj and ‘Umrah) 

Hajj al-Sagheer (Hajj of children) 



Funerals and rulings on graves

  1. The outshining answer about the visitors of Grave- Sh.Al-ISlam

  2. Ruling on Janazah –

Giving the reward for righteous deeds to the deceased 


Striving and migrating for the sake of Allaah 

  1. Obligation of hijrah By Sh.AlBaani

  2. Q A on hijrah

  3. Hijra From from One Muslim Country to Onether


Business and Financial Transactions 


Interest (Riba)

  1. Warning against Riba transactions – Sh.Ibn Bazz

  2. Introduction to Islamic Finance

  3. Forbidden business

  4. Covenant agreement for Safety and Security

Forbidden Transactions 

Business Partnerships 


Credit Cards 

Business Contracts 



al-Sarf (exchange) 

Inheritance and distribution of the estate 

Borrowing & Lending 


Guardianship, Representation 


Forbidden Kinds of Wealth 


Gifts and Presents 




Employment for a Salary 

Ruling on jobs 

Women’s Work 

Prohibited Jobs 

Ja’aalah (price offered) 

Islamic Endowments 

Blood Money 

Hadd punishment for slander 


Adultery / fornication and Homosexuality 


Killing by Mistake, Manslaughter


Music and TV and Pictures

Rulings on art and acting 

Condemnation of Singing and Musical Instruments 

Rulings on sport, leisure and entertainment 

Clothing, adornment and images 


Women’s related issues

  1. Niqaab

  2. Women’s Face veil – Imam Al-Baani’s Book with commentary by Dr. Bilal Philips

  3. Eye- brows  – Various Scholars of Sunnah

  4. Advise to Muslim women’s – Ali Al Halabi

  5. Ideal Muslimah – Ali Al Hashimi

  6. Advise to Muslim women’s – Umm abilla Al Waadieeay – Part 1

  7. Advise to Muslim women’s – Umm abilla Al Waadieeay – Part 2

  8. Advise to Muslim women’s – Umm abilla Al Waadieeay – Part 3

  9. Advise to Muslim women’s – Umm abilla Al Waadieeay – Part 4

  10. Advise to Muslim women’s – Umm abilla Al Waadieeay – Part 5

  11. Awra of a Muslim Women to Other Muslim Women – Sh.Fawzan

  12. Awra of a Muslim Women to Other Muslim Women – Various Scholars

  13. Noble-Women-Scholars-of-Hadeeth

  14. The Ideal Muslim

  15. The Hijab Why

  16. Hayaa and the Muslim Sister

  17. Advice to the women

  18. Dearest Sister Why Not Cover Your Modesty

  19. Chapel / Shoe Heels

  20. How the Salaf Would Deal With the Fitnah of Strange Women

  21. Jeans For Women

  22. Advice to women

  23. Fatwas women Ibn Taimiyyah

  24. A Woman’s Role in Building the Successful Household


Rulings on Dress 

  1. Praying on pants – Sh.Al Baani

  2. Beard

  3. Iisbaal ( Hanging the dress below the angle)

  4. The Legislated Ruling on Dying the Hair Black – Shaikh Badeeudeen Shah

  5. Khamees


Images and image-making 


Races and games

  1. Football

  2. Thai / Boxing



Food & Nourishment 

  1. Food and Drinks of Ahlul-Kitaab

Slaughtering according to sharee’ah 

Dhabaa’ih Ahl al-Kitaab (meat slaughtered by the People of the Book) 

‘Aqeeqah and rulings on the new-born 

Medicine and medical treatments 

Reciting the Quraan Over a Sick 

Al-‘Aariyah (borrowing) 

al-Ghasab (seizing by force) 

repenting from haraam wealth 

Lost Property & Illegitimate Children 

Illegitimate children 

Rulings on lost property and Shahaadaat (testimonies) 


General Books which clarify and correct worships

  1. Towards the Hereafter by Ibn Qudamah Al-Maqdisi

  2. Kalimth at-Thayyibah (TheGoodly Word) by Sh.Islam IbnTaimiyyah

  3. Manners

  4. Two Condition of worship –

  5. Ibnaimiyyah letters

  6. Definition Of Ajami

  7. Naseehah (Sincerity of Purpose) to Allaah and to the Muslims

  8. On Donating Blood

  9. Stunning Animals by electronic shocks

al-Faraa’id (shares of inheritance) 


Sources for Islamic Rulings and Shariah 

  1. The Methodology of the Salaf Concerning Ijtihad and Taqlid

  2. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-1 – Nasar Saeedi

  3. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-2 – Nasar Saeedi

  4. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-3 – Nasar Saeedi

  5. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-4 – Nasar Saeedi

  6. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-5 – Nasar Saeedi

  7. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-6 – Nasar Saeedi

  8. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-7 – Nasar Saeedi

  9. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-8 – Nasar Saeedi

  10. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-9 – Nasar Saeedi

  11. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-10 – Nasar Saeedi

  12. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-11- Nasar Saeedi

  13. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-12 – Nasar Saeedi

  14. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-13 – Nasar Saeedi

  15. BasicRulingsandFoundationsofFiqh-14 – Nasar Saeedi

  16. Fatwas-Albanee

  17. The Evolution of Fiqh


Innovations in Religion and Worship

  1. Celebrating Prophets Birthday – Swaalih Al Fawzan

  2. Clarification Of Doubts Regarding Innovation-Fawzan.

  3. A Glimpse of the Deviated Sects – Sh.Fawzan

  4. Mother’s Day

  5. April Fool’s Day

  6. Bidah and Refutations

  7. Jarh Of Imam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullah) On Ibn Seena

  8. Muharram-and-Aashooraa

  9. The Ruling on Christmas New Year

  10. Non-Muslim celebrations

  11. Qaradaawee’s Books

  12. Being Deceived by Aashuraa


Conditions of Marriage 

Marriage Contract 


Rulings on Marriage 

  1. Ruling On Using Viagra

  2. Polygamy in Islam

  3. Garments of Love and Mercy

  4. Oral Sex Ruling

  5. The Etiquettes of Marriage and Wedding

  6. Mutah Marriage

  7. Marital Consent

  8. Fiqh Concerning Looking Hukum Melihat

Things which annul marriage 



Mahram Relatives

Women Who are Forbidden for Marriage 

Invalid Marriages 

Kind Treatment of Spouses 

Plural marriage and fair treatment of co-wives 

Rights of spouses 



Custody of Children

  1. Rights of divorced parents upon the children

Breast Feeding 

Waiting Period of Widow or Divorcee 

Spending on those under ones responsibility 


The Heart Softeners

  1. The Evil Of Craving For Wealth – Ibn Rajab Al-Hambali

  2. Hardening Heart By Bilal-Philips

  3. A Heart Serene Course Notes

  4. How to Rectify your Heart

  5. I  Want  to Fight  My Soul So What Is The Way?

  6. The Heart and Its Enslavement By Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawzi

  7. The Four Poisons of the Heart

  8. Dead-Hearts by Imam Ibn Qayyil Jawzi

Rulings on Tawbah 

Love of Allaah 


Sins of the Tongue 

  1. The-Evils-of-the-Tongue

  2. Words We Say out of negligence from As-Sunnah News Letter

  3. Preserving the Tongue is from the Perfection of Islam

  4. Gheebah Umm Abdillaah

Backbiting and Gossip 


Supplications prescribed in Shareeah

  1. 40-rabbana

  2. Hisnul Muslim-fortress (English)

  3. Kalimat Al-Tayyib (The Goodly Word) By IbnTaimiyyah

  4. Al-Dikr Thamyan (The Precious Remembrance) by Sh.Uthaimeen

  5. Hisnul Muslim-fortress (Malayalam)



  1. Obstacles That Prevent One From Making-Repentance

  2. The Most Excellent Manner of Seeking Forgiveness


Ad’iyah Mahzoorah (forbidden du’aa’s) 

Virtues of deeds 


Showing Off 


Al-Manaahi al-Lafziyyah (forbidden expressions) 

Reading Quraan 


Manners of Greeting with Salaam 

Etiquette of eating and drinking 

Etiquette of sneezing 

Sleeping Manners 

Etiquette of Marriage 

Brotherhood in Islam 

Names and Nicknames 


Etiquette of Dreams 

  1. Interpretation of Dreams

Relationships between the two genders 

Manners of Speaking With Womans 

Honoring Parents 

Neighbors Rights 

Keeping Contact with Kinship 

etiquette of hospitality 

Adaab al-Safar (etiquette of travel) 

Animal Rights 


Praised Manners

  1. Relieving A Believer’s Hardships – Ibn Rajab

  2. An Explanation on the Excellence of Patience-Sh.Fawzan

  3. Islamic Naming System Bilal

  4. Patience and Gratitude

  5. Where Patience is Mentioned in the Qur’aan

  6. The Patience of noble people and the patience of ignoble people

  7. The Lofty Virtues Of Ibn Taymiyyah

  8. The Muslim Home 40-Recommendation


Bad behavior

  1. Dangers In The Home – Sh.Minajid

  2. Kibr(Arrogance), Iemaan, and Jannah – Sh. Al-Islam

  3. Smoking

  4. Alcoholic Beverages

  5. Highway Robbery

  6. Selling Cigarettes

Love and the steps that lead to immoral actions 

Inviting others to Islam


Calling Muslims to Islam 

  1. This is our call –  The way of Salafs – Sh. Al-Baani

  2. A Brief Introduction to the Salafi Da’wah

  3. A Great Principle  – Sh. Al-Islam Ibn Thaymiya

  4. A return to the Sunnah – Sh.Albaani

  5. Ruling Concerning Takfeer – Sh.Ibn Bazz, Sh.Albaani, Sh.Uthaimee

  6. Beneficial Books for Dawa’a – Sh.Ibn Bazz


Calling non-Muslims to Islam

  1. ISLAM IS YOUR BIRTH RIGHT -By Dr. Bilal Philips

  2. Dialog With Evolutionists

  3. Izharul-ALHaqq-Rahmathullah

  4. Concept of God in Major Religions

  5. Confirmation that Judaism and Christianity are Forms of Disbelief

  6. Choice1  – By Ahmed Deedat

  7. Choice2  – By Ahmed Deedat

  8. The-True-Religion-of-God-By-Dr-Abu-Ameenah-Bilal-Philips

  9. Bible-Quran-and-Science

  10. Bible Quran Science – By Maurice Bucally

  11. The-Islamic-View-of-Jesus  By Iamam Ibn Katheer

  12. True_message_of_jesus By Dr. Bilal Philips

  13. Quran and modern science compatible or incompatible

  14. The-Promised-Prophet-of-the-Bible

  15. The staus of jesus – By Sh.Madhkali

  16. Why I Chose Islam by-a-Catholic-Christian

  17. Why-a-Catholic-Chose-Islam

  18. Christianity

  19. Sincere Advice By Salih Al-Salih

  20. Muslims are Obliged to Convey Allaah’s Message

  21. On The Issue Of Dawa In The West

  22. Monotheism and Evolution

Qualities of one who calls people to Islam 

Means of Dawah 


Rulings on enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil 

  1. Enjoin-Right-and-Forbidding-wrong-by-Ibn-Taymiyyah




  1. Be careful from where you are taking Knowledge. – Bazmool

  2. Valuable books Tawheed Fiqh


  3. Repentance-Tazkiyah

  4. Excellence-of-Knowledge

  5. Book Of Knowledge – By Imam Nasae

  6. Knowledge-Rulings-Concerning-Its-Aquisition

  7. The-Aqeedah-of-Ibn-Taymiyyah-and-Scholars-Praise-of-Him

  8. The Good End – Abdullaha Mutlaq

  9. The Virtues Of Knowledge

  10. knowledge mandates Action

  11. Obstacles of 12theyouth.pdfknowledge

  12. A Message to Every youths

  13. Knowledge and its Excellence

  14. A-Glimpse-at-the-Way-of-the-Companions

  15. Categories-of-People-Regarding

  16. False Black gods of Ancient Egypt

  17. Correct methodology to attain knowledge in the Religion of al-Islaam

  18. SalafiManhaj_Madeenah University

  19. SalafiManhaj_Mutasaahil Claim

  20. SalafiManhaj_AlAwda

  21. SalafiManhaj_Nigeria

  22. SalafiManhaj_On Shaykh Albaanee Claim

  23. SalafiManhaj_Sparkles

  24. What-Are-the-Best-Books By Sh.Ibn Bazz

  25. Forty Hadeeth-ImaamNawawi

  26. Nine-Points-in-Defence-of-Al-Albani

  27. SalafiManhaj_KitaabWaSunnah

  28. The-Way-to-Salvation-is-Found-in-Holding-to-the-QurAan-and-the-Sunnah

  29. Advice-for-Ones-Affairs-Ibn-Taymiyah

  30. The Divine wisdom in the harm that reaches the living-Ibn Taimeeyah

  31. SalafiManhaj_Test Or Punishment

  32. The Sacred Salafee Methodology

  33. Pronouncing shahaadah to one who is dying-Shaikh Albaani

  34. SalafiManhaj_ Incest Prohibition

  35. SalafiManhaj_On Those Who Spread

  36. The-Garden-of-the-Lovers-and-the-Excursion-of-Those-Who-Yearn

  37. SalafiManhaj_ShaykhBakr

  38. SalafiManhaj_Saleh-as-Saleh

  39. The-Meaning-of-Ahl-UsSunnah-Wal-Jamaa

  40. Gratitude-in-the-Quran

  41. SalafiManhaj_Ruling By Man Made Laws

  42. Muslim Women’s taught Husbands

  43. SalafiManhaj_Ghuloo

  44. SalafiManhaj_SadAlHusayn

  45. SalafiManhaj_ArRayyisAliHasan


Manners of Seeking Knowledge

  1. Six Etiquettes Of Learning – Ibnal-Qayyim

  2. The Manners of the Scholar&Student of Knowledge

  3. Ten-Guidelines-for-Obtaining-Knowledge

  4. SalafiManhaj_Advice To Hasty Students

  5. The Difference Between Knowledge that is Essential and Anecdotal

  6. How-to-Read-Books


Various branches of knowledge 

  1. Knowledge By Ibna Baaz


Seeking knowledge

  1. Manner Of Seeking Knowledge.

  2. Ignorance and excusing the ignorance –  Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab

Virtues and Merits 


Biography of the Prophet

  1. 40 encounters with Rasool (S).

  2. Guidance of Muhammed (S)

  3. Biography of Prophet Muhammad (S) by Ibn Hisham

  4. Stories of Prophets(AA) by Imam bn katheer.

  5. The-Letters-of-the-Prophet-Muhammad-pbuh

  6. Raheekul makhtum

  7. Easy-Steps-Refuting-the-Slander-Against-the-Prophet


The Companions of the Prophet

  1. Creed of Ahlul Sunnath Wal Jamath concerning Companion of Rasool(S)

  2. Search-for-Truth-by-Salman-Al-Farsi

  3. Noble-Women-Around-the-Messenger-of-Allah

  4. Great Women of Islam

  5. The Sword of Allah: Khalid bin Al-Waleed

  6. The-Virtues-of-Truthful-Abu-Bakr

  7. A Glimpsea tthe Way of the Companions

The beginning of creation and wonders of creation 


Children’s Upbringing 

  1. SalafiManhaj_Rights Of Children


Training oneself

  1. Isthiqaamatha – Ibn Rajab

Psychological problems due to bio- chemistrical problems


Islamic politics / Khilaafah / Kingdoms and its Rulings

  1. Advise to Ossamaa Binladin by Sh.Ibn Bazz (Previous Grand Mufthi of KSA)

  2. The-Centrality-of-Khilafah-in-Islam

  3. The wahhabi myth

  4. Afflictions-The-Wordly-Difficulties-Reality-Causes-Benefits-By-Shawana-A-Aziz[1]

  5. Allah’s Governance on Earth

  6. Contemporary Issues

  7. Islam against terrorism

  8. Is-the-Salafi-Manhaj-an-indicator-of-terrorism-political-violence-and-radicalisation



  11. SalafiManhaj_Iraaq

  12. SalafiManhaj_Saudi

  13. Terrorism-in-the-Kingdom-of-Saudi-Arabia

  14. Salafis-and-Palestinian-Issues

  15. The Condemnation Of Terrorism

  16. SalafiManhaj_Martrydom vs Suicide Bombing


  18. Refutation of Terrorism & Extremism

  19. Modern-Day-Khaw-TERRORISTS

  20. SalafiManhaj_AlQaidaIran

  21. The Inverted Priorities-The Ruler The Ruled

  22. SalafiManhaj Tyrannical

  23. SalafiManhaj_Gaza

  24. With Which Intellect

  25. SalafiManhaj_Jihad Principles

  26. The Ruling Concerning Takfeer

  27. Secular Law

  28. SalafiManhaj_JustWord

  29. Question and Answers concerning muslim unity – Shaikh Saaleh Fawzaan

  30. Defining Legends – Afro centric Writings

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