The World Wide Truth Revolution Is Now

The World Wide Truth Revolution Is Now

A message from a truth soldier.

Yes it is now a world wide truth revolution.

It is time to change the international psyche of the peoples of this planet.

The truth revolution is the only thing that will save our planet from the grips of the insane corporatists.

I have been trying for years to get everyone to realize that this world is in serious trouble.

It is in serious trouble because the peoples of planet earth have been socially engineered by the insane corporate criminals.

You, your parents and your parents parents have all been lied to about everything.

I have always said that there is the truth and the there is the official story and never shall the two meet.

Thanks to the truthers on the internet, the world is awakening.

That awakening is a truth revolution.

This revolution can never be killed nor destroyed. For truht can never be killed.

It is now to late for the corporate criminals to stop this world wide truth revolution.

Even if the New World Order Criminal bansksters shut down the internet. It is still to late for.

Once the seeds of truth are sown in the peoples minds those seeds will only grow.

Now the peoples of the world need to realize that they have a very important responsibility to learn the horrible

truths of what the insane corporate criminals are doing and to tell everyone else they meet.

You do not need to know everyhting about any perticular issues.

You just need to mention any topic to another human.

Be the topic about chemtrails, Genetic tampering insanity, the Fukujima deliberate disaster,

the fact that man never landed on the moon, about the fluoride soft kill weapon also known as rat poison,

or the United nations world depopulation agenda 21 also CODEX Alimentarious eugenics program. or any other issues.

The list of the insane NWO activities is endless.

For the NWO bankster are completely out of their minds and are completely out of control.

Please note that the NWO  is really under the control of the insane Zionist cult.

It is time for you to empower humanity with the power of truth.

Stop thinking when you hear someone telling you some thing that sounds insane, that it is the person telling you that is insane.

The truther is not insane.

The truther is only trying to wake humanity up by exposing to the light of truth what the insane are doing to this planet.

Start planting the seeds of truth into the minds of the peoples of this planet.

Only a world wide awakening truth revolution will have any chance of saving this planet. We are all in this together.

We have to bring down the pyramid of insanity NOW!

The common language of pots and pans

Submitted by Judy Rebick on Sat, 06/02/2012 – 11:23am

I am sitting in a cafe in Calgary crying while I watch another joyous and beautiful video of the pots and pans marches in Quebec – “The Sound Your Life Makes.” I don’t know if it is the inspiring music of ordinary people coming into the streets to defy an unjust law; the awesome courage and determination of the Quebec students; or the shifting sands of the global youth uprising, but for the first time in my lifetime there is a solidarity movement growing in Canada for the people of Quebec.

Wednesday night in more than 60 cities and towns across Canada, people went out into the streets with pots and pans to demonstrate their solidarity with the students of Quebec and their battle against austerity. In Montreal now, all you need to do is walk out your door and start banging on your pot.  In the rest of Canada, it’s probably a good idea for now to check out where people are meeting in your town on the Casseroles Canada Facebook page.  The next one will be on June 6.

I’ve been working to bridge the divide between Canada and Quebec pretty well my whole adult life. It started with the War Measures Act when a few of us, including the brave NDP under the leadership of Tommy Douglas, stood up against the War Measures Act. That was a turning point in my politics when I realized that the Canadian government was just as capable of repression and violence as the U.S. government. To see Montreal occupied by the Canadian army and people rounded up and jailed for their politics was a deeply radicalizing experience for me.

Then during the first Quebec referendum in 1980, I worked with a group of about 30 people in Toronto on the Committee to Defend the Right of Quebec to Self-determination. Most of us didn’t want to see Quebec leave Confederation but we deeply believed that it was their right to make that decision and that the English media and the federal government were distorting the issues and creating hysteria, which we sought to counter. We were isolated but we stood up for what we thought was right.

Just before I became President of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC) in 1990, the FFQ (Quebec  Federation of Women) left NAC mostly because most women’s groups in English Canada opposed the Meech Lake Accord and its distinct society clause. A few of us fought that position unsuccessfully at first, but when I became president we were successful in developing a different vision of Canada as a nation of nations containing Quebec, First Nations and the rest of Canada, each of which should have the right to self-determination. When we had a chance to talk to Canadians about this kind of solution during the Charlottetown Accord, there was a lot of support.

But once again the English media, and in this case all the powers in the rest of Canada, put the nix on our attempts. Then came the second referendum, and whatever progress we had made in building bridges with people in Quebec was once again torn apart by the federalist hysteria.

I used to go to the CAW camp in Port Elgin every year to explain the history of Quebec and the oppression they faced for speaking French; for example, in 1970 anglophone workers in Quebec made 30 per cent more money than francophone workers. You couldn’t get a good white collar job without speaking English. Even Canadian union meetings in Quebec in those days were held in English.

Almost everyone I knew in Quebec — unionists, feminists, radicals, social democrats — was a sovereigntist. They taught me about the history of Quebec, the oppression of the Quebecois by the Anglos and the Church, the heroic stuggle of union activists against Duplessis, the strongly held values of social justice and equality. They felt that the only way to build the society they wanted was to have their own country.

We don’t really learn that history outside of Quebec.  The only news we hear from Quebec is about their conflicts with the federal government or their scandals.

The coverage of the student strike has been a new low for the English media outside of Quebec. It is one-sided and biased, reporting only from the perspective of the government and focussing on the isolated incidents of vandalism.

Only days after the scathing G20 report, still the media didn’t question Bill 78, just as serious a violation of civil rights, or even report on the thousands of arrests during the strike. Yesterday, there was an astonishing demonstration of 400 lawyers and 200 law students against Bill 78, and only the National Post reported it.

And in Quebec, they don’t really hear much about us.  I’ll never forget during the ice storm when I visited Quebec and people were upset because no one from English Canada had helped.  In fact, there was a huge amount of money raised, but the Quebec media didn’t report it.

Just a couple of months ago at a dinner party in Montreal a long-time friend and political activist told me that she had finally come to the conclusion that, with a few exceptions, the people of Quebec and English Canada had nothing in common. Her reason was the lack of interest in the student strike. The others at the table, all francophone Quebecers, disagreed with her but she was convinced. I hope tomorrow changes her mind.

There are two solitudes but it is mostly because the governments and the media don’t want the people of Canada and Quebec to really know what we have in common. Language is a barrier too and not enough of us are bilingual, especially in the rest of Canada.  But now we have the language of video and pots and pans.

Tomorrow is a historic moment in Canada. People all across Canada will join hands across that divide and unite in the battle of all of our lives for democracy and against austerity.  I am glad I’ll be in Alberta for it.  If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

Make history, grab a pot or a pan and join your neighbours as part of Casseroles Night in Canada.

Show your solidarity with the courageous, determined students of Quebec. Stand up against austerity and for the right to assemble and protest. Build bridges based on love and solidarity that no-one will be able to tear down.

Cultivate Canada’s media

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Why does the World Shadow Government destroy its own home (planet)?

Don’t these people live on the same planet, work in the same world, and play on the same turf as the rest of us?!

Don’t they drink the same water, eat the same food, breathe the same air?

Truly, the leaders of the World Shadow Government (WSG) have soiled their own nest in ways that are forever irremediable and irreversible. Sounds totally crazy, does’t it? That’s because it is! However, the question still remains —–>

Why? … WHY?! … … WHY ?!

If ever there was a 64,000 dollar question, THIS IS IT.

Why would TPTW (The Powers That Were) destroy their own home … ruin their own living environments … spoil their own stretches of beautiful and pristine beaches, and mar their mountaintop enclaves. Does acid rain somehow avoid their hidden chalets? Do oil spills decide not to wash up on their private shorelines? Do the different vectors of dissemination of radioactvity conveniently discriminate in their favor?

If there is one question which permeates every nook and cranny of the alternative internet culture and is asked more than any other, this is the one in 2012. Why do those who populate the peak of the New World Order hierarchy pursue an agenda of relentless planetary destruction?

There are three primary reasons why the World Shadow Government has permitted the unmitigated and ongoing destruction of the planetary environment … on every level … in every sphere of life … on every continent … in every ocean. There are in fact more than just these 3 reasons, but these are the prime movers. These are the underlying, overarching explanations, which simply cannot be refuted.

For those who want the short story, it is as follows:

I. End-Time Madness prevails around the world during the end of the Kali Yuga

II. The Kali Yuga is always known for a proliferation of mind-altering drugs and chemicals coupled with genetic mutation and years of inbreeding among the ruling families.

III. The end days of Kali Yuga are always defined by technospheric breakdown, environmental destruction and societal degeneration

How do these three statements inform the previously stated fact of life on Planet Earth in 2012? That those who reside at the pinnacle of worldly power have clearly allowed, and even encouraged, the systematic destruction of the entire earth realm.

I. End-Time Madness prevails around the world during the end of the Kali Yuga

Those who operate at the peak of the Global Control Matrix (GCM) are subject to all the same daily influences that you and we are. They suffer the same ailments, eat the same food, and grow old in the same ways. Since they are vulnerable to the same environmental risks and dangers, health-undermining co-factors and variables of living life in the 3rd density as the rest of us, they do get sick just like everyone else. The many life-threatening diseases and chronic illnesses, which abound throughout the world, are not safely avoided by them.

In fact, the stresses that exist at their level of planetary administration are many and diverse. The pressure is pretty darn high … all the time. When you’re so challenged mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, and you’re in the driver seat within the GCM, you can imagine the degree of stress. No, you really can’t. We’re talking LOTS of stress, which always serves as the number one trigger for all that ails us here on earth.

What’s the point? Once these folks are captured by their fancy version of the healthcare system, their physical health and mental faculties will deteriorate. Just as the rest of society experiences physical degradation after being regularly exposed to the health- destroying toxicities associated with the medical-pharmaceutical complex.

Because they do have privileged access to the best and the brightest throughout science and medicine, they are vulnerable to all of the flawed approaches that the ‘best’ science/medicine can buy. The same medical complex, which has forever captured them, also has ways of ensuring that no one ever leaves the reservation, especially at their level of involvement. Therefore, you can imagine how being locked in for life can feel rather suffocating, particularly for those who have a more refined code of ethics and are independent thinkers.

When one is born into the upper echelons of the GCM or WSG, and nothing but your last name keeps you imprisoned in such a system of leadership over global management and control, the experience will inevitably become oppressive. And so it does! To the point where each individual is trapped in a crucible of sorts which has its own set of trials and tribulations. Of course, these positions also come with awesome perqs which are illusory at best, personally destructive at worst.


Global protests pose fresh challenge for international agencies, says thinktank

Sipri suggests global community failing to deal with new security landscape, while nuclear states appear unwilling to disarm

Richard Norton-Taylor, Monday 4 June 2012

An Egyptian army officer chants slogans during a rally in Cairo

An Egyptian army officer chants slogans during a rally in Cairo. The peace institute report points to tension between acceptance of the principle that state sovereignty is not a licence to kill. Photograph: Khalil Hamra/Associated Press

The Syria crisis and Arab spring demonstrate that a new kind of armed conflict has emerged, raising uncomfortable questions about the role of international agencies, including the UN, one of the world’s leading research bodies warns in its annual survey.

Meanwhile, all five legally recognised nuclear states, including Britain, are either deploying new weapons systems or have announced plans to do so, and none of them has shown anything more than a “rhetorical willingness” to disarm, says the 2012 Yearbook of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri).

“While the various uprisings [of the Arab spring] shared a number of traits‚ including large demonstrations, non-violent actions, the absence of single leaders and the use of central squares in major cities‚ they also differed in certain respects. The extent of the demands made by the protesters varied, ranging from improved economic situations to regime change, as did the level of violence,” says the report.

“The events of last year were not isolated in terms of contemporary conflict trends … Taken together, these changes suggest that there’s a new kind of conflict environment emerging, one in which international interventions become far more difficult to carry out”, stated Dr Neil Melvin, director of Sipri’s armed conflict programme.

“Unfortunately, the global community has yet to fully grapple with the ongoing structural changes that define today’s security landscape, changes that often outpace the ability of established institutions and mechanisms to cope with them”, said the Sipri director, Bates Gill. “What will be needed is an innovative integration of preventive diplomacy, pre-emptive and early warning technologies, and co-operative transitional partnerships.”

The report points to the tension between growing acceptance of the principle that state sovereignty is not a licence to kill – established in the UN’s 2005 General Assembly resolution on the “responsibility to protect” (R2P) – and the reluctance or failure of the five permanent security council members to act.

“The crucial question is whether the new geopolitics of intervention that appeared to have emerged [in 2005] is in fact sustainable, or whether, as suggested by the subsequent response to the situation in Syria, a more familiar and more cynical geopolitics will in fact reassert itself,” Gareth Evans, former Australian foreign minister and president of the International Crisis Group, says in the report.

However, he described himself as an optimist, saying a “new normative commitment to civilian protection is alive and well”.

Though the US and Russia are reducing their strategic nuclear weapons arsenal as a result of the new Start treaty, all five “legally recognised” nuclear weapon states – China, France, Russia, the UK and the US – are either deploying new nuclear weapon delivery systems or have announced programmes to do so, and appear determined to retain their nuclear arsenals indefinitely, says Sipri.

“In spite of the world’s revived interest in disarmament efforts, none of the nuclear weapon-possessing states shows more than a rhetorical willingness to give up their nuclear arsenals just yet. While the overall number of nuclear warheads may be decreasing, the long-term modernisation programmes under way in these states suggest that nuclear weapons are still a currency of international status and power,” says Sipri senior researcher Shannon Kile.

At the start of 2012 eight states – the US, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan and Israel – possessed approximately 4,400 operational nuclear weapons. Nearly 2,000 of these are kept in a state of high operational alert. If all nuclear warheads are counted, these states together possess a total of approximately 19,000 nuclear weapons compared with 20,530 at the beginning of 2011.

India and Pakistan continue to develop systems capable of delivering nuclear weapons and are expanding their capacities to produce fissile material for military purposes, the report warns. Israel is widely believed to have produced plutonium for its nuclear weapons arsenal. The report adds. “Israel may [also] have produced non-strategic nuclear weapons, including artillery shells and atomic demolition munitions, but this has never been confirmed.”


World nuclear forces – 2012

US: *Deployed warheads 2,150, other warheads 5,850. Total 8,000

Russia: 1,800, 8,200, 10,000

UK: 160, 65, 225

France: 290, 10, 300

China: 0 (none deployed, that is none are on aircraft or on missiles or on bases with operational forces**) 200, 240

India: 0, 80-100, 80 to 100

Pakistan: 0, 90 to 110, 90 to 110

Israel: 0 80, 80

Total: 4,400, 14,600, 19,000.

*“Deployed” means warheads placed on missiles or located on bases with operational forces.

**China has no deployed nuclear weapons, but 200 operational ones. An extra 40 are described as being in “low readiness”, making a total of 240.

Source: Sipri Yearbook 2012


The End of Kali Yuga: When the craziest among us are running the asylum

How deeply do we have to explore this subject to adequately answer the question in the title?

As we retrospectively view the history of the planet over the past 100, 1000 or 5000 years, we see a landscape littered with the ravages of war, conflict and awesome oppression. There are so many examples of mass murder and theft of resources on such a grand scale that one sometimes wonders if this place might be hell. Of course, it is only a hell for those who created it and surely those who run the place have always played a major role in the tragedy side of life. But not without many of us acting as accomplices, wittingly or unwittingly.

In any event, we only need to visit an oft-repeated definition for insanity to really understand who’s been in charge of the realm for all these years.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

Sounds pretty familiar to us, as it looks very familiar throughout this new millennium, everywhere we look. As follows:

Environmental Chaos:
BP Gulf oil spill 2010, Chinese oil spills 2010 & 2011, Nigeria oil spill 2011, North Sea oil spill 2011, New Zealand oil spill 2012, Brazil oil spill 2012, Fukushima nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Alberta tar sands, USA nationwide fracking

Wars of Aggression:
Iraq War, Afghanistan War, Syrian civil war, Libyan war, Lebanon War, Palestinian battles, Undeclared war on Pakistan, Columbian drug wars, Threats against Iran, Mexican drug wars, War in Darfur, Attacks on Somalia, Drone attacks in Yemen

State-sponsored Terrorism:
9/11 bombings of NYC, DC & PA; Moscow theatre siege-2002; Beslan school attack 2004; 3/11 Madrid train bombings; 7/7 London bombings, 2005 Bali bombings, 2008 Mumbai attacks; 2009 Jakarta bombings; 2011 Norway attacks

These three lists are by no means exhaustive, but each is illustrative of just how much crazy mischief TPTW can make in a fairly short period of time. This conduct, however, is exactly what we’re talking about when we say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again. When will these controller types ever get with a new program? Perhaps not in our lifetime, they’ve been in power for so long.

We assume that you now more fully comprehend the notion of End-Time Madness. While it does come in many shapes and sizes, TPTW usually exhibit very similar symptoms which can be observed in their handiwork as listed above. Hopefully we all agree that the behavior delineated above qualifies as full blown madness, clear cut insanity and downright craziness, whichever you prefer.

II. The Kali Yuga is always known for a proliferation of mind-altering drugs and chemicals. Environmental radioactivity and electro-pollution also pervade the global habitat. This status quo is coupled with an epidemic of genetic mutation, as well as inbreeding among the ruling class.

In his book entitled “When The Gods Play” Alain Danielou perceptively pointed out the following dynamic that occurs throughout and especially at the end of the Kali Yuga:
“When the gods wish to destroy a wicked tyrant, they inspire the madness in him to lose himself. Drugs are among their armaments. Their irrational and immoderate intrusion signals the imminent end of the species at the end of Kali Yuga.”

With an ever-increasing exposure to myriad manmade chemicals, especially through the ingestion of countless pharmaceutical medications and synthetic food additives, we see a derangement of mind, body and soul which threatens the entire civilization. Recreational drugs, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, LSD, amphetamine, as well as the many new synthetic versions, have become a permanent fixture in our society. All taken together, their aggregate use puts the entire order at great risk.

The unbridled proliferation and use of chemicals throughout the entire civilization has likewise put the health and life of the global population in great danger. The human body was simply not designed to process and detoxify such a steady onslaught of chemical assaults. As these chemicals and compounds, pollutants and contaminants, toxins and poisons begin to bio-accumululate over generations, the gene pool becomes degraded, as the quality of life precipitously declines.

Eventually, the people (especially the leaders) become so inundated with chemical exposures that their ability to respond to life and its challenges becomes short-circuited. Three very significant and profound developments occur in the process of societal devolution. Each of these inevitable outcomes applies particularly to those who staff the World Shadow Government.

• The capacity to apply the faculty of reason begins to flee humankind

Common sense becomes very rare and a thing of the past

Irrationality and unreasonableness start to rule the day everywhere, all the time

As these three societal phenomena become amplified, the manifestations of their presence can hardly be overlooked. Particularly when the masses are so easily influenced that they can be:
(i) stampeded into war,
(ii) corralled into a drug culture,
(iii) compelled to tattoo their bodies,
(iv) convinced of the propriety of sexual perversions,
(v) boxed into a thoroughly corrupt two-party political system,
(vi) persuaded to vote against their very own interest,
(vii) coerced to vaccinate their children on a regular basis,
(viii) forced into drinking fluoridated water,
(ix) transfixed by the TV — the ultimate weapon of mass deception,
(x) duped into paying taxes to rogue, criminal governments,
(xi) defrauded out of their life savings and retirement accounts,
(xii) deceived into worshipping the Almighty Dollar, instead of an Almighty God

Certainly the overlay of the Pharmaceutical Culture has gone a long way toward addicting and compromising every aspect of the human body and mind. This whole process of taking over each person is a rather complicated plot and will be taken up in a future essay entitled:
First They get Your Body; Then They Get Your Mind; Finally They Get Your Soul

This upcoming essay will thoroughly elucidate the multi-decade plan to create a drug culture so entrenched that it functions, in and of itself, to ensure that the orders of the World Shadow Government are always carried out. Willingly and without complaint is how a great majority of people go about their day, because of how they have been sufficiently anesthetized, desensitized and chemically lobotomized.

For additional insight into this major co-factor, you may want to consult a previous article published at this site entitled:
Global Population Explosion Marks The End Of The Iron Age

III. The end days of Kali Yuga are always defined by technospheric breakdown, environmental destruction and societal degeneration

This third and last answer to the question in the title is as causal in nature as it is an effect of the very nature of the Kali Yuga. You see, the Kali Yuga is the final age of an epoch punctuated by this current Age of Quarrel (aka Kali Yuga). This grand epoch is composed of four yugas and includes the three yugas preceding the Kali Yuga. Each of these progressively shorter yugas descends into times of greater chaos and disorder. Ultimately, the epoch reaches completion with the end of the Kali Yuga, culminating with the appearance of Lord Kalki. Yes, He has come and gone, and only a very few knew of his earthly incarnation.

The obvious political anarchy, social pandemonium and economic/financial mayhem which exists everywhere around the globe is a reflection of this Age of Conflict. The longer the status quo is allowed to continue, and the more the global population increases, the greater the magnitude of problems on every front. Competition for scarcer resources coupled with unparalleled earth changes only serve to magnify the awesome challenges we face as a world community.

More than ever, humankind is being compelled to live in harmony and peace to address these obstacles. Instead many are moving in the opposite direction. This is the result of man’s inhumanity to man as witnessed throughout so much of today’s ‘civilization’. When the human race loses it ability to think and act rationally and ethically, what else could be expected. The inexorable densification of spirit and matter over the course of the Kali Yuga is designed to produce the hapless outcomes we see all around us.

Given the densifying nature of the Iron Age (iron is much more dense than gold, as well as silver and bronze) the only possible scenarios are those which we have experienced since we took birth on this blue orb. Just as the Golden Age of Satya Yuga was known for its cultural refinement and sublime spirituality, our current Age of Iron is now famous for popularizing that which is truly coarse, crude and crass. The longer these societal qualities persist, the more the civilization will degenerate into outright cruelty devoid of compassion. And so it has.

How does this relate to “technospheric breakdown and environmental destruction”? Social degeneration inevitably sets the stage for the degradation of the planetary environment. Likewise, lack of conscience and unsound science will guarantee an eventual technospheric breakdown. The pervasive lack of respect for life and planet will always devolve into wanton environmental devastation and the consequential ecological apocalypse. Technospheric breakdown is of course also the product of perceived existential threats to the human race, and the many defective scientific endeavors pursued and technological innovations implemented to address them.

Desperation to live at all costs, in the face of insurmountable challenges, will always drive the left brain, linear-oriented, egocentric mind to try and do anything possible to survive. This attitude has produced numerous technological developments and industrial enterprises which are profoundly and fundamentally deficient. Whereas most of the foundational paradigms throughout modern civilization are inherently flawed, each contains the seeds of its own destruction. One need only review the disasters directly resulting from the Nuclear Energy Paradigm to grasp this critical point. A glimpse into the planetary consequences of the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm will likewise reveal the unfolding technospheric breakdown within that realm of operation.

Yes, but how does all this relate to the WSG? They do have access to all the information that LOTS of money can buy. They control the observatories and laboratories alike. Every university and research institution operates under their umbrella with the exception of a very few. Therefore, they have access to a tremendous amount of empirical data and authoritative information which tells the true state of the planet and solar system.

For instance, they know exactly where Planet Earth is relative to rapidly escalating Global Climate Change. They know all about the never-seen-before changes within the earth’s core. TPTW are aware of the many consequential astrological alignments which have been stacking up, and what kind of societal cataclysms to expect. They are fully cognizant of the power of the internet and how it has awakened many to their (TPTW) multi-millennial agenda.

Something to consider:
If you were in their shoes right now, what would you do? What could you do?! All of the financial schemes and political plots are in full cyberspace view. Much of what anyone might want to know about how we ever got into this global condition is already plastered all over a world wide web. The proverbial cat is out of the bag, never to be re-bagged.

What might we expect in light of their (WSG) previous history and future expectations for massive planetary transformation?
Well, here’s their MO going forward. It revolves around one very practical matter where it concerns their ‘running’ of the world. They seek to create their own version of order out of chaos, which is all they’ve ever done for thousands of years. Also, as previously discussed, they are quite proficient at doing the very same thing over and over with catastrophic results (aka insanity).

Furthermore, one thing they are not and that is clueless about just what would happen if everyone knew what they know. They have never been about sharing the truth or disseminating the facts regarding anything. It’s just not in their blood to do so. But much more significantly for themselves, they do know what would transpire all across the planet should the common man/woman become acquainted with certain eventualities.

Please bear in mind that their supreme management goal has always been about control. That’s why we call it the Global Control Matrix. Ergo, the last thing TPTW wants to deal with, particularly during a predictably tumultuous end-time scenario, is uncontrollable chaos. Truly, it is visceral and widespread panic which they always seek to prevent. This has driven their agenda from time immemorial, just as it has driven them crazy.

Question For The Reader:
If you were the top boss and knew everything that they know, would you use the worldwide media to inform the masses about the true state of affairs? It’s actually an unfair question since you don’t have a hint concerning some of the most grave and formidable obstacles facing the human race. The real serious stuff is always hidden under the cover of all the apparently ‘bad’ news you see on the front pages and evening news.
From our seat, we do not in any way justify their actions. However, we do understand the pickle they are in, especially as we approach the end of the Kali Yuga.
Also, we are well aware that they cannot proceed with any plan or course of action unless allowed to do so by the Highest Power — spiritual power, that is.

Macrocosmic Perspective:
The good news here is that the Kali Yuga is always manifesting according to the destiny of each individual … as it manifests according to the destiny of each nation and every other earthbound collective. Nothing can go wrong here, or at any time. What we are experiencing 24/7 is but a never-ending sport of Consciousness. Karma, and in some cases instant karma, is coming at us fast and furiously during the end-time. And the WSG is merely the instrument of the outworking of that karma, especially that which manifests as the destiny of nations. (i.e. The WSG is not destroying the planet, Kali is. The WSG is simply the unwitting instrument by which all things shall come to pass at the end of Kali* Yuga.)

*Kali, the Goddess of Hindu spirituality is also known as the Destroyer of false consciousness.

Sometimes this play is a comedy, other times a tragedy; nevertheless, each act, each performance contains its own perfection. The lessons which can be learned throughout the Kali Yuga can only be learned during a Kali Yuga. Just as life during the Golden Age offered the perfect setting for those souls who needed to receive the experience of a golden age. The Bronze Age preceding our current era was also defined by a gradual degeneration of the natural order and declining adherence to scriptural truths. Which is exactly what every soul incarnation experienced during the Dwapara Yuga (aka the Bronze Age).

Every civilization sits on an undergirding philosophical foundation of sorts. Therefore, the extent to which the integral systems of philosophy, religious paradigms, and schools of spirituality are unsound will be reflected in all the institutions and structures which society builds. Likewise, the degree to which those institutional blueprints are inherently flawed will also show up in the functioning, or rather dysfunctioning, of the society.

When the foundations are laid by individuals whose thinking is skewed toward self-interest or is fear-based, we see the results all around us. Conversely, when the necessary systems and institutions are constructed on the basis of egocentricity, instead of respect for all life and reverence for the immanent Divine, we again can plainly see the consequences.

Hopefully, you can now better apprehend the various subtleties and nuances around the answers to the question:

Why does the World Shadow Government permit the ruination of its own living environment?

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: May 28, 2012

Author’s Note:
Conspicuously absent from this WSG revelation is the obvious inevitability of things to occur on Planet Earth by virtue of paths chosen at the outset of the Industrial Revolution. Unknown to many, the Industrial Revolution (IR) was completely engineered by the WSG. It exerted as much control then as it does today; albeit in a much broader and more sophisticated way in 2012. The decisions taken at the inception of the industrialization of the world set the stage for all that we experience today.
In other words, once the Oil & Gas Industry was given its place of prominance to fuel this worldwide enterprise (IR), the global infrastructure and superstructure were constructed to accommodate that decision. Hence, the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm is now the predominant energy source across the planet.
In light of this reality, what can be done at this late date to free the planet from such a destructive energy paradigm? Particularly in the midst of a global economic depression, such a necessary transition away from oil and gas would surely deal a death blow to all the fragile economies that rely on petrodollar revenues. The WSG knows this of course, and also relies on the very same revenues to grease many of their many covert operations.
This same assessment is applicable to the Nuclear Fuel Paradigm, as well as other basic societal paradigms. Many of these other paths to which the WSG overly committed the civilization also cannot be undone without tremendous hardship and sacrifices for every resident of Planet Earth.
Now many are saying let’s just transition to free energy, and we say go for it. Everywhere it can be done, just make it happen. Getting off their energy grid — forever — is certainly the best and quickest way to take back our power … individually and collectively … literally and figuratively.

Compelling Anecdotal Evidence:
The BP Gulf oil spill was a defining moment throughout the current and unprecedented revelatory period of how the WSG actually works. Many of us worked on the remediation of the Gulf and we were shocked to see the apathy and lack of involvement on the part of the rich and famous who own extensive beachfront real estate and expensive mansions along the entire coastline of Florida. Bear in mind that the stretch of shoreline from Stuart to Miami is considered by insiders to be the stomping grounds for many of the world’s richest and most influential power families. And yet their response was mute throughout the course of the spill, as it is up to this very day.
In the end, many of us determined that the coordinated BP and US Government response to this oil spill disaster was taken at the behest of these very same powerbrokers who basically own the peninsula of Florida. They’re all about the pharmaceutical culture, so why not just disappear the oil with Corexit. That way it won’t wash up on the beaches and bring down the property values. Nor will it foul the waters on the surface with slicks. Again, just sink the oil no matter that it will kill off the marine life; just as long as it does’t show up on the beach or on the hulls of the fancy yachts parked in the marinas up and down the coast of Florida.
Never have the intentions and modus operandi of the WSG been so transparent with regard to grave environmental concerns than during the BP oil spill. Owning a $45 million island home off the coast of Miami in the middle of the largest oil spill in North American history becomes a radically altered investment, doesn’t it?

We did not take up the topics of genetic mutation or inbreeding among the ruling class because each is worthy of its own separate essay.
We all know what multi-generational inbreeding will cause to the progeny. The many ruling families of the plutocracy/oligarchy have been fastidious about keeping it all in the family for many centuries. This policy has been pursued with dire consequences to the mental, emotional and psychological health of entire bloodlines. The physical and constitutional health has likewise suffered greatly.
It’s therefore much easier to view their circumstances with understanding and compassion. Any one of us could have been born into any one of these Illuminati families. Actually, some of us were, and that’s why they write and reveal this type of esoteric and long-kept secret information!

As for the genetic mutation component of this story, it’s not difficult to comprehend how generations of under-the-radar genetic mutations and their subclinical symptomatology will eventually translate to fuzzy thinking and fuddled feelings. Among the masses, we see evidence everyday in the outpicturing of this hidden dynamic in the form of some wild and crazy behavior. Therefore, it is quite easy to deduce that when the same phenomena occur throughout the WSG, all hell can break loose, at any time, in any place. And so it does, with increasing regularity.

“When a real big cog in a real big machine moves just a little, all the smaller cogs connected to it “down the line” are set off into their own frenzied orbits, sometimes spinning completely out of control for fear of what the biggest cog might do. Or not do.”

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