X-poets mass reconstruction – POEM

X-poets mass reconstruction – POEM


James Reivers

Once we all could see
How the world works and what could be.

Now we are confused and lost
Terrified and concerned about nothing but cost.

Seek the truth and you will find
It’s all there behind the lines.

The papers radio news on TV
Mostly propaganda is what I see.

Get your hands on some underground DVD’s.

Only education the truth will set you free.

Look up the esoteric agenda and David Icke.
Lots of verifiable facts you will surely like.

Keep an open mind don’t get stuck in a box
Never stop asking questions don’t let your mind rot
This basic instinct is all we got

Our water treatment plants now pump in fluoride
A mind control drug used for Hitler’s genocide
Now why is it that the world forgets?
Because most of us are tuned into our TV sets
Moulded trained blinded and confused
The people of this world most have been abused

Don’t have faith with governments do not submit do not comply
All this does is reinforce their lies

Surely this poem will cop some flack
From top dogs and high rollers it’s just an act
Scared the people will take back
Their rightful possessions for white and for black

All it will take to win this fight
The people of this world must unite
And form the biggest army ever seen
To fight for true freedom it has never been
Now we must never fire a shot
At our common man surely not
However there are some with a certain agenda
Deluded twisted sicko’s simple animals is what they think of ya
They are the minority the one world government
Speaking out against these people man I’m loving it

They have dug a hole so vast and deep
With all the worlds secrets in which to keep
Over the edge we need to peep

Who we are is what we seek
We already knew we are the meek

Now that hole is empty and bare
Evil looks at it and gets scared

The secrets out a common man shouts
All will know what we are about
The work is done we have the clout
Irrefutable evidence is there we must open the door and show them the way out

All who choose not to be liberated?
Will suffer alone consumed with self-hatred
They think the path to freedom is security gated

As I’ve pointed out they suffer delusions
The minions of evil dwell in confusion
To the extreme they believe their own illusion
Knowledge is growing no problems only solutions

The pages in our history books are infected
Get your decoder working and propaganda will be rejected

This concept from you is now requested
I will show you how I did this
I hide nothing in the bottom of the abyss
My entire life will be an open book
Just be strong if you take a look

By now you may have an idea of the picture I hold in my head
No blind faith investigate everything I have said

If you think all this is to out there
Remember Christ the truth is too hard to bare
The truth facts reality is all I can share
So that everyone can become self-aware
It will be a long hard road but we will lead you there
Where it takes us to nowhere else compares
The destination any price is fair

Just a little about when I was 8 years young
A big mean teacher picked on me just for fun
I realize now that was a tool
He got a kick out of it he thought he was cool
God can use even a simple fool

Now not one idea action or thought process
Power over most things god possesses
He trusts the minds of his perfect creations
With him we must build a half decent relation
Tune into his TV station

We must all realize what we are facing
Along the path of freedom we are now racing
Get your mind in full mode, and break the code

After writing the above I took several days of relaxed meditation which bought me to this outcome.
In this world we have three major religions which can be loosely described as such…….
1. There is one god.
2. There are many gods.
3. We are all gods.
All right, all bright, all light but somehow,
Together we can and will sort this shit fight out face our mistake’s and grow a spine,


We have many holy trinities’ these are just a few……..

Divine, Physical, Astral
Birth Life Death
Past Present Future
Yin Yang Balance
Health Harmony Prosperity
Honesty Loyalty Trust
Respect Equality Love
Past Present Future
Win Loose Draw
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Mother Earth Sister moon Father Sky
The father The Son and the Holy Sprit

The above poetry you have just read is deeply profound

so I feel it’s necessary to guide you through it all in detail.


Look for the word at the end of each line e.g. see, be, lost,

cost and so on and keep the above poem in mind while reading.

NOTE: Poetry can relate to individuals in their own way these are only my opinions based on my research and life experiences. Parental discretion advised.

See-Quite some time ago (approximately 70000 years)

we all lived in peace and harmony with mother nature and each other,

we were all connected (dreamtime) and we all knew things like star wars or star trek or whatever is made in a Hollywood basement was all out there

(hint: listen to some red hot chilli peppers the Jupiter and Californication albums.

I could name much more music but far too much to type)

But we were so happy in harmony with nature

(a funhouse) as human beings together as one living in a state of higher consciousness with our minds working like a computer online

our minds running at 100% opposed to 10% we didn’t want for any material wealth,

and we didn’t place ourselves above others.

Christian’s may view this line as a reference to the Garden of Eden,

I’ll go back even further when the Divine era took place ,

a time when all the gods got together both large and small,

and drew up the plans for creation.

The super nova (big bang theory) was “possibly” the result from a basic fight between two giant entities (“Satan”,” God”)

the spent energy of this battle then eventuated the physical era(Creation of this universe/dimension).

There are also astral dimensions (heaven, hell).

BE- The above also speaks of what could be (heaven on earth).

LOST- We had a massive spiritual disturbance around 70,000 years ago when the Illuminatii(evil clowns) were chased here and spoiled our funhouse (thanks pink) causing all people to start seeing each other differently regardless of the fact that we all look the same(e.g. Head arms legs) and bleed the same colour.

Basically by putting on a fancy show of sorts by talking shit, looking good, and having the ability to turn “energy” into “matter”.
COST- This “energy” and “matter” can be defined in simple terms.

The “energy” comes from a ritual involving our children aged from 6 to 12 years old, torturing them in a manner that when they do pass they are not quite physically dead, rather die from massive pain, and loss of all hope or of any good.

The tortured “energy” (soul) of the child is then transformed into drugs and poisons at first, and then in later times certain substances are defined as anything artificial or “manmade”.

Should this practice of making this “matter” be permitted to continue? Does this world need to suffer the loss of all clean air/water/soil and be turned into hell on earth as such is their plan!!!

A rather heavy “cost” some may say but I love my kids and this earth.

So this poem is my part in assisting to stop this plan from fruition.
FIND- Seek the truth and when you know it to be so, it’s self-explanatory once you get the “programme” or deprogramme.

LINES- Look at every small detail, be sure you know what to look for as you will see that corruption is everywhere, as is the nature of corruption being pervasive (meaning if one government department is corrupt the checks are not working throughout the entire system so they are all legally corrupt, by their own “admission” in law throughout the World!)
TV- Brain washing tools.
SEE-They will only let you know what they want you to know.
DVD’S-There is many if u look around The Mask of Deception, The Zeitgeist Movement, H.A.A.R.P just for starters but you should find many more.
FREE-1+1=2 and not window the window being whatever the clowns want to paint with their fancy big words window dressers and mass mind control tactics, regardless of the facts.
ICKE-I started with those two then found many more thanks to a friend.
LIKE- I think so.
BOX- Religion under one title or club separates and confuses us from each other, we are one,

but we are many, and from all the lands on earth we come.
ROT-Do not take one word of this as unquestionable.
GOT-This line is self-explanatory
FLOURIDE-Now I have no problems with natural fluoride (found in some foods) however.

GENOCIDE- The “manmade” stuff is a farce used only to supress the basic instinct to ask stuff like “why or “how” and so we don’t say no and as a useful tool to make us just accept to do as we are told and follow the “programme” because that’s the rules!

This poisoning of our water food and air takes many forms of course artificial “manmade” additives, preservatives, colours, flavours, fertilizers and insecticides are found in everything from baby food to Alco pops, and what’s going on with the energy poisoning us too eh? (c.s.g.) and let’s not forget the chemtrails, mouldings us all into fine members of life on earth without the knowledge or will to even detoxify or service our bodies’ properly (think satanic mechanic/politician working on the brakes of your kid’s first car!)

No wonder mass rebellion, street bashing’s, crime and youth suicide among generation Y is at an all-time high, LOOKOUT!

We are all going to be Zombies (generation Z) all lining up to jump off a cliff or trying to kill each other or some shit.
T.V. SETS-!!!
ACT- It’ll come.
BACK-The poem explains the above empty spaces.
BLACK-Possessions many have been forcefully stolen from us by using money, death threats or both by top dogs and high rollers so their companies can continue to poison us for money and/or power killing any/all who dare try and stand in their path of mass destruction domination and total control.
FIGHT-Seek truth
UNITE-Its happening there is a massive truth movement online and we are uniting growing in many forms the movement against the one world government is quite moving to see.
SEEN-No weapons our words and numbers are our weapons and we never yield.
SHOT- All we need are mass marches and I mean MASSIVE in more than one country a mere show of force through numbers and demand all in positions of power to be sacked and all tax payer handouts to these criminals to cease.
YA- We are simple sheeple to them and something to feed off in whichever form that takes mere cattle.

GOVERNMENT-Oh shit don’t talk bad about them, they’ll get you, beat you up, call you mad, medicate you to death, turn your friends and family against you, rob you, set you up, lock you up and you could never prove any of it they will make your life hard even to the point of trying to buy a burger or wanting to know your blood type at the “quacks” depot.

Now quite or else! ………………… ……………opps…………sorry bud………….anyhoo …have a read of this Jack ass it’ll make you feel better!
LOVING IT- You had better believe it big brother.
DEEP-Jump in it, dig around, see the good ,the bad and the ugly in that hole, and come out clean.
KEEP-You are a sheep to them, not a god, not an equal, so just do as you are told and stay a lamb to the slaughter, or so “they” say.
PEEP- We are.
MEEK-Common people me, you, if you know that you are a good person (god) you do not need to kneel at any one god’s feet, this is institutionalised racism.
BARE-Many have seen the hole, even looked in it, but very few jump in and dig in my opinion we all should.

We are at a time when we call ourselves generation X and Y now Z for Zombies, unless we face change in law and truly begin to once again, become human beings in harmony with nature and each other,

and not just human doings, doing whatever fear death and destruction in order to gain wealth and/or power behind closed doors or in plain view as an individual or as part of a group/cult/club of intergraded arseholes.

The fact that we are now awake scares the shite out of those types as we will protect our kids and will to upgrade and strengthen their minds and bodies rather than downgrade or destroy the children for some spastic clowns to have plastic frowns in their drastic towns.
SHOUTS- Enjoy reading and researching remember question everything connect the dots logically yet open-mindedly. I am a common labourer and a poet.
ABOUT- Defence of innocence Freedom, peace, truth, unity and equality.
CLOUT-We just need to assemble a good Incorruptible team with a solid spokesman and share everything openly and publicly it can be done.

No secret society’s /groups /clubs and verifiably nil past associations with the Illuminatii or any of their affiliates.

I think this team is waiting to be picked.

OUT-So in my opinion the last 70000 years or so have been to develop the material world in order to recreate the technology needed for the last of the illumnatii (there are now only a few individuals who can transform energy into matter thanks to weakened bloodlines through inbreeding) to get into a spaceship they are building and try to blast away from our guardians(Big round eye little grey beings) and back to their own planet.

Liberated-I see a symbol of the future it reminds of the yin and yang symbol except it is all white and has only one black spot. Picture this round symbol as the earth, all people living in peace except one black spot. Think about it?

can u let me know what u think of this so far?

thanx budd enjoy when u can its is against the nwo/illuminatii and the 1st draft

hi daniel thanx for the add brother this is my part for the movement its bnot finished but it will give u an idea of what im doing X-poets mass reconstruction.

James Reivers

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