Malicious and sadistic attacks on innocent children all over Australia

Malicious and sadistic attacks on innocent children

all over Australia

my fathers work against the government

by James Reivers on Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 10:35pm ·


Truecrest Pty Ltd a.c.n. 050 406 981
In the year of our lord nineteen hundred and ninety seven on the 29th day of November, I pray it is my solemn public duty to inform the Citizens of Australia, that I, Adriaan Marie Reivers, born 30.01.1953, male, Australian Citizen of 38 Harvey St Bundaberg, being of sound mind, hereby declare by the power of evidence of pervasive interdepartmental conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in my possession, I legally and rightfully usurp all Crown Executive power and assume the position and title of Emergency Chief Executive Officer of all Australian Federal and State Parliaments, Executive Councils and Statutory Authorities.
The evidence in my possession reveals the malicious and sadistic attacks on innocent children all over Australia. The power of my warrant is confirmed by NSW Education Minister the Hon John Aqualina when he declared vindictive suspensions as a source and indicator for a life of crime. Mr Aqualina was informed in January 1997 of the nature of our investigation and research when he called our office and spoke to us for over 40 mins. Two days before his announcement he was informed by his NSW Parliamentary colleagues that my investigation had conclusive and irrefutable evidence of vindictive suspensions.
Mr Aqualina would not have been able to announce vindictive suspensions if there was no legal precedence set. This proclamation is the confirmation of the legal precedence that allowed Mr Aqualina to announce the facts. I have taken the grave step of empowering my evidence to ensure the protection of our innocent children.
As executive power is lost due to abuse of the innocent, any law or rule in existence now or in the future that allows the abuse of innocence, shall and always will be deemed null and void.
The only rule in existence under this proclamation is the rule that transfers absolute power.
Power can corrupt, but only absolute power corrupts absolutely; so as absolute power does not protect the innocent, it is not allowed. This law is therefore declared null and void.
I win supreme executive power by the exercise of my God given duty as an ordinary, decent and good man to protect innocent children. Therefore, I declare executive power in this country purified and cleansed of all corruption and evil by my possession in defence of innocence.
Truecrest Pty Ltd a.c.n. 050 406 981
My first duty therefore is the restoration of Australia’s executive power by working as one with the people of Australia.
Neither victor nor vanquished be.
I call on all ministers of all now defunct former parliaments and all statutory heads of the various arms of former government along with the shadow ministers of the opposition parties, the Head of every religious body in Australia and the leader(s) of all minority and indigenous groups, leaders of the various business groups and major corporations; and I command you to assemble urgently and order you to invite and receive me to address you and ask your assistance to begin the process of restoration of our nations executive power to ensure that innocent lives can never be destroyed again.
Be warned that any person who so attempts to challenge the validity of this proclamation and/or attempts to defeat its now declared purpose, The Protection Of Innocence, may be charged with sedition and/or treason and incarcerated for up to 14 years.
All who have been involved in any manner whatsoever in the execution and process of usurped Crown Executive Power, and all employed by the former and defunct Federal Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments are suspended from duty until further notice. This includes the Judiciary, legal profession and various health professions and services. All mentioned here are forgiven.
I declare this by the power vested in me by my evidence and thus given as the last function of the now defunct laws, statutes and constitutions of the former Federal Commonwealth of Australia, its States and Territories; so help me God. Amen.
By Supreme Executive Order,
Adriaan Marie Reivers AMI
Emergency Chief Executive Officer of the former Federal Commonwealth, States and Territories of Australia.

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I……………………………………………………………………………………..of…………………………………………………………………herby declare it is my will that the above issued Emergency Proclamation be enforced and that I am recognized as a co-signer of this proclamation. By such action I reclaim my sovereign power to reconstitute of the sacred trust of authority so that the innocent are protected. I acknowledge that every citizen of Australia not so mentioned above as suspended (now to be known as the tainted) in the proclamation has the right to join in without the interference of the tainted, with equal right and authority, to form and construct a new constitution as be my sovereign right as a citizen of a sovereign land.
Contact number


Emergency proclamation

“An ordinary man’s response to interdepartmental conspiracy”

This is Chapter 4 of Mr James Reivers Book.   Chapter 04 Right click to download

Public Announcement with support.doc right click to download form

study this form it can be adusted to suit any democratic system all u need is a hard evidence attachment ,send/

hand into ur local parliament or prime minister represetitive or when adjusted with the evidence and americanized s

end to ur local presidents office give it to any politician this document can be used to inforce the american declaration

of independance when governments are found to be corrupt. Be sure to send it registered or better yet get a Sherriff

to deliver it.
and u can take it to the judges/courts with evidence of goverment crime

It can be used now in all commonwealth countries just attach ur evidence and take to court  its the hidden document

also commonly known as a civil arrest warrant for the government.

James Reivers says attach file and name to above document sign it and send to ur locale mp!

James Reivers says it happens alot here a lot of satanic scum working in schools, hospitals ect.

James Reivers says the above document is a result of investigatios into child abuse in schools on my behalf which is verified

by a now sacked mp the minister for education at the time according to this they we have no law here so they do as they

wish untill this is inforced!

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