New World Order’s Population Reduction Plan VIDEOS

New World Order’s Population Reduction Plan VIDEOS

Learn about the United Nations World Health Organization ..Codex Alimentarious world depopulation agenda…

The FAO Food And Agricultural Association is also fully involved..

Then keep searching and you will discover that FDA is also involved in the depopulation agenda..Then read my previous article

entitled “They want you dead is written in stone” where you will find more information and videos.  Then go read my article entitled

“Tap water will kill you” to learn about the dead rat poison in the water. More of my articles are at  Do also read my old article entitled “Why get a flu shot”

Big Pharma’s OxyContin Agenda FULL MOVIE

An in depth look at the prescription pain killer known as OxyContin. We take a look at the primary ingredient, it’s history and the main companies involved in the creation and production. An in depth look at the history of opium.

This film Exposes the corruption in the pharmaceutical companies like Bayer AG and Perdue Pharma from their crimes to their lawsuits. This film exposes the agenda of these corporate monsters and interconnects it with exposing the new world order.

In depth look at the facts of Methadone, the companies that were involved in the creation of it and explains the dangers of using it as addiction treatment.

Offers solutions to drug addiction through the miracle substance Ibogaine found in the root of shrub in West Central Africa. Takes a look at the spiritual aspects of hallucinatory drugs and how mother nature can help with therapeutic therapy of human consciousness.

Offers natural pain killers and real cures for physical pain.

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Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! Red Alert!!!!!!
Obama, Ezkiel list of confessions:

Ezkiel ISRAEL Emanuel is the brother of Rahm ISRAEL Emanuel And Son of a Well Known ISRAELI TERRORIST

Jesse Ventura : DEPOPULATION is the plan

Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation

World Depopulation: How They Plan To Kill MILLIONS (pt 1)

Jewish Plan To Kill 80% (Over 4 Billion People) Of The World Population Exposed Pt 1. Flu Shot Hoax

Bill Gates talking about killing of 0.9 billion people with health care and vaccines



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