Love Live Listen and Share Peace

Love Live Listen and Share Peace


Bliss – I’ll be Waiting

Are you a Way seer? 

 Cyndi Lauper True Colors

I am in love and I am so happy!

The Butterfly

One of the Most Heartbreaking and Beautiful Dog Rescues Ever – You Have to See This ♥


John Lennon – Give Peace A Chance

John Lennon – Imagine (1971) HD 


Here is why Michaeal Jackson out bid the fake Paul McCarney for the rights to all the Beatles music. Beacuse all the real beatles had been killed.

PAUL McCARTNEY REALLY IS DEAD: The Last Testament of George Harrison

The Peoples Simple Song of Freedom

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes 

Angelic Human Race

Holding Hands Around the World – BYU–Hawaii Concert Choir

The Bluebird Charles Villiers Stanford

Change the World – ” Word of Mouth “

Billy Joel – Lullaby Live

Celine Dion – Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)

Celine Dion – Brahms’ Lullaby

Marianne Faithfull – As Tears Go By (1965)

The Seekers – All Over The World (Beautifully Matched Photos)

Judith Durham – Memories

Judith Durham Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 1994

billie davies – angel of the morning

Think Good Thoughts lyrics by Colbie Caillat


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