Serious Questions About Apollo VIDEOS

Serious Questions About Apollo VIDEOS Youtube Channel

Uploaded by on Jan 2, 2011

First, to understand how NASA could have become an instrument for deceptions, it’s important to understand how the agency was created, and who it was

seeded with from it’s very inception!

Project Paperclip: NASA NAZI SAFEHOUSE (Pans on the Run)

My comic contribution to awareness that our space agency was seeded with NAZI propulsion scientists..

(ct) The Truth Behind The Moon Landings – full 48min 

Project Paperclip: The Hunt for NAZI Scientists
The most dangerous game. Was NASA willing to use propaganda, instead of being up front and honest with the American public? Operation
Dirty Trick proves that NASA was willing to work with the military in order to spread propaganda should anything go wrong with their space exploits!

Lunarcy: NASA: Apollo Missions (Behind the Scenes)

Jarrah White explains Dirty Trick
Jarrah White confronts Phil Plait (Apollo propagandist) with Dirty Trick. First Phil lies, saying he’s never heard of it, then he admits he tends not to comment on it,
followed by a diversion about the moon hoax. So, many will ask, well, how the hell did they fake it? How? The Apollo Simulation Project was developed:
A rocking ass video with pictures I found from the Apollo Simulation Project
A rather funny video! Obviously a well done investigation into Apollo has to start with viewing the photographs. A good place to start that search is here: Apollo photo archive:
Apollo multimedia archive:
Photos which you should take into consideration:
This is the space within the LEM, before adding the instrumentation, and such.
Look at their faces as they stand in front of the Apollo Mission Simulator.
The command module and lunar module simulators
Was it Only a Paper Moon James Collier does a great job of presenting many aspects of the Apollo missions that point out fraud!
The book was Ralph Rene’s book “NASA Mooned America” Good luck finding a copy. I believe it is on a PDF file though. Message Jarrah and ask him for the link.
FOX’s excellent program about the moon landing hoax.
Apollo 11 post-flight press conference…pay attention to the edits, and around the 51 minute mark onward The LEM:
(blocked in Germany) All the paperwork lost, and not once flown successfully on Earth… Not even it’s prototype, which three seperate astronauts ejected before they crashed to the ground.
Hear an astronaut admit that he thought the LEM was a joke! A number of Jarrah White’s excellent vids: Apollo Zero
Moonfaker: Radiatioactive Anomoly II
Jarrah reveals the cowardice of Phil Plait, and shows that Adam Savage is unwilling to face the truth of lasers being bounced off the moon long before Apollo 11… and admit that his show is entertainment, not science!
Moon Rocks, Laser Reflectors, and Radio Telemetry are covered in Moonfaker: Exhibit D, which destroys Apollogists last bastions of PROOF that Apollo was real.
Jarrah points out the obvious contradictions in NASA’s claims about the simplest of space facts: Is it cold or heat that one needs to deal with in a spacecraft in the vacuum of space?
Also deals with lack of exhaust plumes, stars, and radiation! Moonfaker: Exhibit C:
Speaking of stars, listen to more recent astronauts speak about stars, in comparison with Armstrongs, and Collins star slip-ups: Lunarcy: Reach for the Stars Partner


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