Do You believe Reuters BS propaganda we’ve been fed for 3 months that “Libya has ‘NO DEMOCRACY?”


* GDP per capita – $ 14,192.
* Unemployment benefit – $ 730.
* Each family member subsidized by the state gets annually $ 1.000
* Salary for nurses – $ 1.000.
* For every newborn is paid $ 7.000.
* The bride and groom receive a $ 64 thousand to purchase flats.
* Major taxes and levies prohibited.
* To open a personal business a one-time financial assistance of $ 20.000
* Education and medicine are free.
* Educ.Internships abroad – at government expense.
* Stores for large families with symbolic prices for basic foodstuffs.
* Part of pharmacies – with free dispensing.
* Loans for buying a car and an apartment – no interest.
* Real estate services are prohibited.,
* Buying a car up to 50% paid by the State.
* No Payment for electricity for the population.
* Sales and use of alcohol is prohibited.
* Petrol is cheaper than water. 1 liter of gasoline – $ 0.14.

GADDAFI LIBYA TRUTH REVISITED: Murdered By Rothchilds Banking Mafia

Here’s the full documentary that the clip I featured is from:
The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi

Here’s the short clip featured in my video if you just want to share that:…

Not only have I learnt that Qaddafi is NOT a dictator (he stood down after setting up direct democracy) but his people have something to teach us about freedom & independence!

I ask all reading this to do whatever they can to oppose the New World Order, NATO, the UN & our corrupt politicians.

The draft UN report on human rights in Libya before the NATO bombings & invasion.”

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Susan Lindauer

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