Very Important Message To The Whole World – VIDEO

Very Important Message To The Whole World – VIDEO 



Rainbow Heart sorry – but this video is academically unsound. the quotes from jesus are taken completely out of context –

so they don’t make any sense. Jesus was always in the midst of interactions when he was quoted – and besides the few

“negative” quotes that jesus is held to in this piece – there are thousands of positive ones – so this video holds no water as it

holds a spotlight on a few “negative” quotes, and makes no mention of the 1000’s of positive quotes – about why jesus came

to earth. This is a poorly done attempt to try to BLAME JESUS FOR SATAN’S EVIL ACTIONS – I’ve seen other videos like this.

here’s what I believe – there is goodness and there is evil in the universe. Jesus was a man (whether or not you believe he

was the Son of God, he was still a person who existed) who continually set an example of grace, brotherhood, love above all

else and true spirituality for others to observe. Many believe if you revere him and “take him into your heart” that your life

experience is broadened – I have heard too many stories to ignore these claims – I mean truly incredible stories of what

miracles have happened in people’s lives after “forming a bond” with Jesus. …so here’s the question – are you going to watch

a video and take their word for it? or are you going to experience it for yourself – that’s right. If you want to believe Jesus

was evil – try. Read the Bible (or Koran or any historical book that mentions him) and then see if you can still believe he is evil.

Many believe Jesus was the highest soul to walk the earth – besides his “Miracles” his words are incredible – read for yourself

and then decide. maybe he’s not your favorite prophet – that’s fine – but you cannot read through all the stuff he “said” and not

admit the man was pretty enlightened….
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Daniel J Towsey Rainbow Heart..I love your comment..I posted this in hopes that somone would post a response just like yours..Well done…

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