Living With Insanity

Living With Insanity
By Jim Kirwan


When the society of any nation begins to try and live the lies that are keeping it in chains; the end result is an upside down

world that can longer see-itself for what it has become.

In this case we are nothing but a police-state without even the shreds

of our former Constitutional shell to support any of the crimes which this government continues to commit against its own people.

Believe it or not there was a time when some people became ‘cops’ because they wanted to make-a-difference in other people’s lives for the better.

Many wanted to help people and not just murder nameless strangers; because they can.

There was also a time when, because of the court of public-opinion, the uber-rich and the corporations were restrained from

committing crimes because they feared the public’s anger.

That time too has now become just another complacent-component of the dust of history:

And because of the public’s stubborn refusal to challenge any of the criminally-based decisions being taken at all levels

of both government and private-enterprise-everything that once was-no longer exists.

There is a television series called “DAMAGES,” which in Season Three of that series, uses a not-so-veiled version of the

almost distant Bernie Madoff heist in which millions of people lost everything to the corrupted greed of just one man?

This is of course just a made-for-television story, but in it the script refers to the fact that ‘no person can be detained

without probable cause.

‘ The character being referred to is part of the ownership class, but the inference is that no American can be held without just cause.

(This was the case until we made the transition to the current police-state). Now anyone can be stopped without cause, their vehicles,

and their belongings searched while they are detained without charge; pending secret proceedings against them-and no constitutional

‘rights’ are ever acceptable to these thugs because they do not serve the constitution or the Republic they are the uniformed arm of the

New World Order Police-state whose mission is to end the United States of America as we once knew it.

In this capacity these thugs can beat, Taser or torture people at will and many have died during these frequent assaults.

Those that have conducted these illegal detainments, tortures and infrequent murders, are sometimes temporarily

removed from duty or sometimes fined, but are almost never prosecuted-because too often the public will NOT object and

more to the point the public will not openly rebel against this totally illegal and completely fascist behavior.

In the case of Kenneth Harding Jr., to cite just one example, the story of the death of this man has changed so often now

that there is no longer any shred of evidence which the public can believe from the point of view of the SF police department;

because they continue to lie while they continue to try and deceive the public about what really happened to this man who

was supposedly chased because he had failed to buy a ticket to ride a bus.

Had the officers been immediately subjected to the full-panorama of drug and alcohol tests, along with testing for steroid usage;

immediately after the shooting, the public might have behaved differently. Had the officers been stripped searched and had all

their weapons confiscated they might have found the mysterious missing gun that supposedly was used to kill Kenneth Harding. (1)

Instead the police and the media continue to cite the type of gun used by police, and the fact that the bullets that struck

Harding were not from “police issued weapons” completely overlooking the fact that officers working in the projects always

carry at least one other throw-away weapon. Regulations prohibit these “other weapons” but the fact is that they exist and are

frequently used to give an alibi to officers when it turns out that the person they thought was armed, had no gun-so the cops that

do the shootings, just place the unmarked weapon in the hand or near the dead body to prove that he or she had a weapon,

at the time of the illegal death which by any other name is an outright MURDER.

This is the problem on the streets in a nutshell. In the Justice System the problem is the same with a few key differences.

The courts were supposed to be used to address inconsistencies and omissions in the law; whenever fairness or actual

practices become outrageously imbalanced; in order to make committing these crimes so costly that behaviors must change.

But what has happened is that settlements have been capped so that the costs of committing crimes is not reflected in the

corporate bottom line-hence the illegal practices not only continue but increase in frequency.

Corporate-Crime is by far the leading cause of death and injury in the USA and the world today; and yet there is no

capital-penalty involved wherever there is corporate crime-so those that commit these massive crimes are never ever

charged, much less punished. When an ocean is polluted and millions of species die, along with the loss of whole professions

in the affected areas, not to mention the millions that simply lose everything because some corporation wanted to make

more illicit profits from their already bloated profits; This is the outline of the private-corporate footprint that is stamping

out the face of humanity around the world. And so-far there is no law against these crimes, whenever the perpetrator is a


The courts have given corporations “personhood” when it comes to profits and privileges; but they have no responsibilities

in matters of law when it comes to the real-damages they inflict to obtain the profits they seek regardless of the cost to human

and animal-life as well as to the global society and the global-environment for millennia to come. Corporate Crime must

include the possibility of the Death Penalty, or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, as well as “desertification

of the corporation” whenever their crimes become this immense. But those that could make these changes to the existing

laws are themselves those that benefit-the-most, from this massive global-wealth-transfer, which this corporate-fleecing of

the entire planet has enabled; not just to continue but to reach every more damaging regions wherein there is no one left to

appeal to anywhere within the so-called “lawful society” which has ceased to exist.

The world today for most Americans is Upside Down. While for Amerrikans it is just “business as usual.” Something big needs

to happen here before the lights go out and we begin to join that long list of dead-empires that litter the footnotes of history

with the obscenities inherent in their colossal failures.

Since the days of Ronald Reagan there have existed seventeen lawmakers inside the government that have been preaching

and insuring the continuation of the exact same policies of debt and default that got us into this ridiculous position in the

first place: Why are they still there and still PREACHING all that crap about trickle-down economics? (Supposedly the

silver-lining in tax-cuts for the rich and mega-wealthy)?

If these completely-illegal policies are so successful how is it that we have managed to rack up $1.2 QUADRILLION in debt;

with only more of the same waiting just beyond every horizon? Or if our current policy of “unending war” is so necessary

then why is it that we have not actually won any war since the end of WWII? These ever-expanding wars have cost us over

three TRILLION in just the last ten years, alone (as computed by just the ‘costs’ they let us know about-not counting Israel’s

blackmail or the massive black-ops budget)-There is NO MONEY to pay for the lawful and required services that this

government contracted to pay to the citizens of this country, in exchange for the monstrous amounts of taxes, fines, fees,

and licenses that every person here is required to pay for each and every thing that anyone might want to do in life.

Without doubt the American herd is the most heavily taxed bunch of animals in the world; and we get

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for all that money; and in addition we have also now lost every supposed right we thought we

had to anything from the right to “own” private property, to any choice by way of having a job, or seeking a pleasure to

enhance the slavery that we are forced to live in every day, in every way! For every action than any person might wish

to engage in now there is a commission or a government agency that controls every single aspect of every part of that

supposed choice, and all of everything has a price tag attached to it: But there is nothing at all that anyone can do anymore,

without paying some form of taxation to this fascist government at each and every turn in the road. And STILL it appears

that far too many will simply NOT COMPLAIN, regardless of how abusive the actions of this government have become,

no matter how illegal, or how barbaric-WHY?

College is a fraud because there are no jobs to be obtained at the end of that extortion which is marketed to the public as

an education when in fact it is only a diploma-mill that teaches nothing but outright obedience to government dictates:

and the costs of this fraud to each and every student now are stratospherically high and rising.

Medicine and Drugs along with the FDA, the EPA and all the other ‘agencies’ as well as every branch of the feral

government-because all of them are enforcing the exact opposite of what they’re supposed “mission-statements” say that

they were created to protect us from. Insurance is nothing but an extortion racket, just like WAR, which is also just a

global-profit-driven-racket. Yet no-one questions all these completely unnecessary ventures because they have become

mainstream touchstones for a society that is terrified of their very own shadows! (2a, 2b)

So while the public herd continues to graze among their private-sanctuaries to greed and self-indulgence the fascist

checkpoints continue to proliferate; but this is not something that can continue to exist, as this world will very soon

begin to physically destroy the boxes of our self-created compartmentalization’s, that have become the invisible walls,

that have kept us from seeing what we have become. This is the beginning of the end of this time without a rudder, of this

place without any responsibilities, because this farce cannot continue to rule over the entire human race-no matter how

much the criminal-elements of the N.W.O. might like to believe that they can do this.

As a people we are about to find ourselves in a global-desert or our own making, with bullet-holes in the canteens that

might have kept us alive for just a bit longer. This is part of the price that we will pay because we have failed to even

consider the consequences of every action we have so callously approved of with our continued silences.

This is part of what Insanity looks like!

The billions of people that we have arrested, tortured, maimed and murdered around this earth will have their day

because of what we’ve done to so many for so long-and none of that was ever justified! There is no one that can say

they speak for the dead-but if there were, this country and all of that very tiny group that is pulling the global-strings

on all of this would be dead in an instant by virtue of the damage we have extorted from the planet just to keep their

pockets filled to overflowing. . .

How long can you survive while trying to live with being upside down?

1) Localizing the License to Kill

2a) War is a Racket

2b) The US War Department

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