Japan Earthquake Registered Only 6.67 – Nuclear Induced Tsunami – Japan Offers Iran Enriched Uranium – An Act of War? – Japan: Knife At Its Throat

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Japan Earthquake Registered Only 6.67 – Nuclear Induced Tsunami – Japan Offers Iran Enriched Uranium – An Act of War? – Japan: Knife At Its Throat

Source: Freelance Journalisthttp://www.abeldanger.net/2011/05/japan-earthquake-registered-only-667.html

Evidence Suggests Japan Offered to Enrich Uranium for Iran

This is a complex article. If you have troubles understanding it, just look at THIS picture of the vanished reactor, THIS picture of the destroyed facility and THIS picture, of Magna BSP’s camera and think for a while. The pictures say it all, the article only explains it. When it is so obvious, pictures really are enough. The lies in the press really are so deep you were never told this. If there is one thing that can kill the lies forever, it is these pictures which can be renamed and have no searchable text. These three photos can make the truth immortal. Archive and post!

NEW INFO: Japan offered to enrich uranium for IRAN!

HERE ARE THE LINKS: Ynet newsInside Japan News NetworkThe New AmericanRianovosti newsHindustan TimesZee News


This report uses classified leaked high resolution photos of the destruction of Fukushima [福島が妨害された] originally posted on Pink Tentacle to support it’s claims.

They are:

1. Reactor 3 is completely missing, which means the press and anyone who has claimed anything about pressures, temperatures, containment, ect about reactor 3 after March 14 are lying and people need to pay attention to it, because failure of the public to realize the massive extent of the lies about what is going on there will leave the door open to a repeat event.

2. Reactor 4 is building 7, demolished by explosives. [爆発物によって破壊された] Reactor 4 had been defueled and was undergoing replacement of it’s internal stainless steel shroud, yet blew it’s containment anyway. That is the FINAL smoking gun, an empty reactor is inert, and cannot produce an explosion, yet one happened at 4 that was so powerful it destroyed the structure leaving it in danger of falling over. Overheated open fuel pools cannot produce hydrogen because in an open fuel pool the water boils off at 100 Celsius, and won’t be present in pressurized form at 2,000 degrees Celsius to liberate it’s hydrogen by losing it’s oxygen to the zircon cladding in the fuel rods. The rods will prefer the free oxygen in the air and burn long before attempting to claim the oxygen in whatever humidity there might be. The fact that the rods can catch fire only enforces the fact that they cannot release hydrogen in open air the way they can in a reactor. If you entertain the fantasy that they could, another problem against buildup presents itself – the hydrogen would be safely burned the moment it was created on the surface of the superheated rods. There would be no buildup. Fuel rods are many orders of magnitude below incapable of going supercritical also, even if totally melted down. The explosion at #4 was flatly impossible.

Reactor 4’s dome was removed for defueling. Drone photos prove it. This dispels the rumors surrounding unit 4’s explosion. Some people have said that this reactor was secretly in operation to enrich plutonium. This photo proves it was disassembled for shroud replacement as stated. Tepco is going out of it’s way trying to explain the explosions, especially at reactor 4, because they did indeed occur, so an explanation is needed. As a result, they are giving reasons that cannot happen, just to say something. They need to see this post and get the Arava perspective(Arava is a district surrounding Dimona).

3. That the destruction of the facility is so severe it could only have been accomplished with nuclear weapons. [核兵器?] Hydrogen produces a non-ideal subsonic explosion. It cannot turn concrete into dust. It can produce high pressures if sealed off, but the metal roof on all the reactor containments should have provided the relief and been the only thing destroyed. It takes a high intensity explosive to strip concrete off rebar, a blast wave many times faster than supersonic. This means that whatever happened at Fukushima did not have blast characteristics that fit the “official” story. If hydrogen blew the place apart (still many times beyond impossible, even if sealed off), it should be laying around in large pieces, with very little dust. Dust is much of what you see in the wreckage at Fukushima. If many tons of C4 had been brought into the place and set off, it could destroy it also, but remember that in a nuclear facility you have to keep what you are doing hidden if you intend to destroy it, so even at a thousand pounds a gun type nuke would be far more appropriate, especially when you have successfully duped the plant operators into believing it is only a security camera. If you missed it in the high resolution photo of the destroyed facility, I took a car that was laying around in the remains and placed it on top of one of the blown away walls at reactor 3, which clearly gives the reference that the walls had support columns at least 15 feet thick. Fukushima was built with the Mark 1 containment design, but beyond Mark 1 standards which was a common upgrade(reference is the included photos, it is obvious). It is true that gas explosions can be very destructive, but only in facilities that were not designed to handle them. Even the basic mark 1 containment was many times beyond capable of withstanding the worst hydrogen blast.

4. That nuclear weapon(s) were placed inside of the reactor containment(s) disguised as security cameras installed under contract this year by Arava based security firm Magna BSP (Arava is a district around Dimona, not a city.) Their “security cameras” weighed over 1,000 pounds and were the size and shape of gun type nuclear weapons.The reason Magna BSP gave for the odd shape, enormous weight, and giant proportions of their cameras was that they were stereoscopic. They have creatively called them bi-scopic so when you search on google their monstrous cameras are the only thing that comes up (outside of Dj lighting and a gun scope) Try it. Type “Biscopic camera” into google images,(without the quotes) it’s a hoot! This helps marketing I guess. The need for such a large stereoscopic camera could be plausible at an airstrip, where the camera would need depth perception out miles, but not indoors where focal lengths are short. Other manufacturers have units appropriate for indoor focal lengths which are only twice the size of ordinary monocular security cameras. Depth perception going out miles could also be accomplished with two separately mounted cameras weighing only a few pounds; the giant thousand pounder is a dead giveaway. Magna does make passive radar systems which require a large body, but the owl could accomplish it’s claimed function with two small lightweight cameras (5 or so lbs, not tiny) and the processor in a modern laptop. Why this giant thing? note – a not yet produced graphical model is what you see most on Google, the ones produced thus far are ugly boxes.

. . . . . . . . . .9/11, 4/11, 3/11? see a pattern? Let’s not see a 6/11. Your time and effort in spreading the word may really make a difference.

Due to the many positive e-mails about getting the truth out, rather than hold back I am going to put the original information back. It follows below.

The quake was not what we were told. [地震について嘘があります]

In fact, the quake was a bold faced lie, packing a political agenda. There is even more proof now, and it goes beyond the linked Japanese chart. This original seismic data is the smoking gun, however, I have something better. I finally suppressed the urge to vomit and analyzed the lies told by the USGS, and from them wrote this sad, sad story about how it really was, not what you will see in the video. Keep in mind that precise top speeds of flying debris cannot be determined with accuracy, but this story will at least be close to the numbers put out by the USGS.

Meet Atsuo, Airi, and Akiyoshi. [これら3人の男性が殺害された] They were all the best and most dedicated people at the NHK newsroom, in Sendai Japan. Akiyoshi loved Airi, and Atsuo was the one who introduced them. Unfortunately, all 3 died in the quake. Akiyoshi got a severe cut and bled to death when he hit a display screen behind him at 44 miles an hour, and was then thrown out through a hole in a collapsed wall. Airi followed pretty much the same path, and died beside him in the rubble. Atsuo flew through the open door behind him, then crashed through a window and was crushed when he landed in a massive seismic crack in the road, which closed in on him. Others in the newsroom died also, but I never thought up names for them. At least, according to the official USGS charts. The laser printer was never found, but the table it was on ended up on top of the rubble, smashed to pieces, where one of the few survivors used a piece of the metal frame to splint his broken leg.

The video below is the one I pulled the frames out of for the sad, sad story. It is a video of a newsroom at the hardest hit area in Japan, and it SAYS IT ALL. This is when the quake was happening live. They are alarmed there is an earthquake, but most people stay seated in their chairs.

Some people even keep typing on their computers as the quake happens.

Also, note that most of the stuff stays on the desks, at the end, a laser printer is still sitting on a cheap table, ect. some things fall but things return to normal quickly, all the while the English announcer is reading a script of devastation with all the pep of some paid fool who does not believe what he is saying in a cheezy infomercial. The quake was significant, but only in a 6.0 sense, as recorded by the seismographs. This is important footage, because it proves the earthquake measured at a 6.8 was an instrumentation based richter reading. Confusion between the Shindo and Richter scale is being used to cover this up . I chose this video because it’s location is documented to have been the worst affected, and was recorded in a news room with a known fixed location.

Remember that this video is proof of what really went on. This means there never were significant aftershocks, never was a natural tsunami, and if they lied about that, what else? This video is pivotal and vital to exposing the truth. Sure there was a quake, but at this newsroom it was not much over a six if it even was a six. I chose this video because the news room is within eyeshot of station MYG012, which was used by the USGS to make these graphs which represent an 8.8, as was stated in this (English) newscast and was probably used as a guide to fudge the lie due to the closeness of the newsroom to the seismic station. Looking at these charts, it is super easy to get a rough guess at how fast people would have flown. 44MPH to the North, and 28MPH to the East. Those are not precise numbers but the charts are proven wrong by the video because according to the charts people should have entered uncontrolled flight. Here is the full chart put out by the USGS Of course, they offer no reading from MYG011, which was closest to the 9.0 “epicenter” by a long shot, because it only got a 5.63’s worth of shaking. I will do that work for them. That map is below.

I challenge ANYONE to send me pictures of this quake showing me devastation in an area not hit by the tsunami. All we have, all the pictures are tsunami damage. Let’s see pictures of quake damage. The Kobe quake was a 6.9/7.2 depending on source. That makes this quake, at a 9.0 100X as powerful. Sendai was near the epicenter and would have been devastated if it really happened. Look at the earthquake photos of damage from the Kobe quake, and try to find ONE THING SIMILAR in SENDAI. Just try. They do not exist. Outside of the tsunami, the quake which supposedly hit Sendai with many times the power of the one in Kobe, did not damage a single building there. Sendai was only 48 miles from the epicenter of this “9.0” which would have devastated everything in an area 1,000 miles across if it was real. All of Japan would be toast. Try to find a photo of seismic damage in Sendai. I challenge you. Try to find it in any of the coastal cities, as little as 25 miles from the “epicenter”. I looked for 5 hours, and except for some tanks that fell at a brewery not a single one exists. No pictures of collapsed skyscrapers or high rises equals NO 9.0. You will not find a single skyscraper photo where the windows got broken either. You will find no downed power poles, no flipped over cars, no uprooted trees, no derailed trains (except for one the tsunami hit), and the road damage is typical of even a 5.0. You will not find pictures of a single damaged multi story building or even a structurally damaged wood framed house outside the tsunami zone. In Sendai the quake messed up grocery stores and kitchens and that really is about it.

And now, I will say it like I knew it had to be.

I believe the phony 9.0 story was used as seismic cover for a tsunami nuke, which produced the tsunami of a 9.0 when detonated in the Japan trench (where no earthquakes of significance happen) as punishment for Japan offering to enrich uranium for Iran. The rest of the story, the concealment, is black ops. Bet on it. In the tsunami videos, the tsunami rips through pristine and undamaged cities, where business as usual is obvious and the tsunami is an ambush; not 9.0 earthquake ravaged debris. The quake is a paper thin story taped together by the undeserved trust of a gullible public. And the stories? The CIA did not hire a million people last year for nothing. If there is evidence of a 9.0 SHOW ME. A 9.0 will devastate an area over 1,000 miles across. That is how big a 9.0 is. The entire nation should be in ruins, especially judging from the damage the 6.9 Kobe quake did, and no where, no where outside the tsunami zone in the entire country is there a single damaged multi story building, a single collapsed bridge, a single structurally damaged wood framed house, or skyscraper. If a picture exists that can be definitively pinned to this quake, show me. The only collapsed structure in all of Japan was an old welfare shelter near station MYG004, the true epicenter.

Take a look at these frame captures, and ask a question – Why is no one trying to run? Why are the cars all just parked peacefully as the tsunami arrived? Why was there no warning? Why did the tsunami sirens only go off after the tsunami arrived? Could it be that the people and the governement had not felt a significant earthquake and did not measure one either?

Question: Why are none of the roads packed with people trying to flee the approaching tsunami?

Could it be that the people and government were not expecting one? Tsunami sirens blare only when it arrives, rather than 40 minutes before, which is how much warning they would have had if a real quake in the ocean had been detected. Consider that. Parking lots full of cars, everyone at work, no one trying to leave. AMBUSH!!.

When people keep typing at their keyboards during the quake, it’s obviously not what we were told.

Abel Danger cautions to use discernment in all news reporting.


Sukyspook said…
In the wake (pun not intended) of events on 11th March 2011 in Japan, I posted this to other AD agents:quote:This might just be my imagination running away (again…) but…. . .what if the power station story is a (rushed) cover for above average background radiation resulting from an undersea/plate nuke explosion???Or could it even be a pre-planned ‘cover’ story. Every time something big happens I’ve noticed there’s usually a distraction…remember the anthrax story??

I note the 7th Fleet has been moved further away due to possible radiation contamination of some crew members…


Thinking back to Saturday morning, the BBC went into a kind of tailspin at around 8.45 am, showing the first explosion at the nuclear power plant in its entirety – not sure what the time delay was between the explosion and BBC airing the pictures.

Could it be that this was another ‘building 7’ moment, broadcasting the ‘event’ at the beginning of the staged ‘cover story’ – but like building 7 ‘they’ haven’t yet been caught out…

All the so called ‘nuclear experts’ on the Beeb on Saturday and Sunday morning were from Chatham House ie the RIIA – Royal Institutute of International Affairs – the UK version of the CFR…


I’m still very suspicious of events surrounding 11th March Japanese “quake/tsunami”….


May 30, 2011 3:13 AM
Anonymous said…
I think there is some interesting detail here that’s worthy of further investigation, analysis and explanation. But its not much more than that. The article contains a few bits of info and media coverage isolated out of context from a vast amount of stuff produced during a massive disaster event in which there was inevitably much chaos and confusion. There is an overwhelming amount more info out there that supports the accepted chain of events. I’m far from convinced this article is sufficient to support the conclusion that the quake was thousands of times smaller than reported or in any way staged, and very very very far from convinced that the evidence supports the conclusion that the tsunami was deliberately caused by a nuclear detonation. This is a pretty outrageous claim, and reads like something from a Bond film. Is this even possible? A Tsunami is caused by a massive subterranean movement of the sea floor, not by the energetics of an earthquake. How would you do that explosively? This is what happens when you detonate a nuclear device under water, and this was only a baby:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Operation_Crossroads_Baker_Edit.jpgI guess if you buried it deep under the sea floor, perhaps you may get closer to the desired effect (perhaps, Im giving this a huge benefit of doubt and guessing here) but nuclear underground explosions are very detectable and verifiable globally by seismology.http://tinyurl.com/6a38jmqNow I guess if you were really paranoid, you could argue that everyone capable of making this detection across the globe was in on it. But how likely is this? Really?

The thesis that Fukushima was damaged by a nuclear device is also very very shaky indeed. Even the very smallest nuclear bang is still pretty damn big, and would be pretty bloody obvious. As would the type and quantity of radionuclides generated by any above-ground nuclear explosion. These would be very different from those produced by a nuclear accident and they were not detected in this event. Why would you use something nuclear to do this? The use of conventional high explosives might be vaguely more credible, but how, and why? Don’t underestimate the ability of hydrogen gas to make a pretty big bang.

Im going with Occams Razor here. Whats more likely? 1) a large natural earthquake and tsunami in an area where such things are relatively likely, and said tsunami then causing damage to a coastal nuclear plant, or, 2) A NWO conspiracy to punish Japan for some alleged and unverified transgression using a hugely sophisticated combination of an attack on a nuclear plant, the staging of a grossly exaggerated/fictitious earthquake that was measured around the world, and the generation of a tsunami with some unknown Blofeld-style nuclear explosive technology that was not measured around the world. All this was then covered up completely. To prove (2 )over (1) needs a whole helluva lot more evidence than is given here.

June 9, 2011 1:22 PM
Anonymous said…
anybody ever hear about HAARP?
June 12, 2011 8:59 PM
Anonymous said…
you have to be aware that during Kobe earthquake building had no earthquake protection system but in a suppossed 9 magnitude earthquake in Tohoku area all buildings and other structures have protections to withstand hogh magnitude earthquake.Eathquakes like 6 magnitudes and more happenes sometimes in Japan withoud a big headlines because no damages occurs. It is not a big deal in Japan at all, so japanes people do not even react to it.
June 12, 2011 9:11 PM
Tim Webb said…
The word that caught my eye was “dust”. And the claim that hydrogen explosions are not powerful enough to do this to 15′ thick concrete. I am reminded of Dr Judy Wood’s observation that at the WTC both concrete and steel, were “dustified”; the evidence she has adduced points to some novel destructive technology, very possibly based on the Hutchison Effect, and very possibly space-based, although she does not directly spell this out. Boeing et al. are working on these “post Star Wars” technologies.
I agree that the photographic evidence reveals nothing that can be attributed to an earlier 9-magnitude earthquake. I am not convinced by a comment that an undersea nuclear explosion is unlikely to have triggered the tsunami; if it were detonated in the deep sea, and the yield was tailored to fit the need, what would differentiate it seismically from a normal earthquake ? I am suspicious, very suspicious, of the official explanation, which once again seems to be full of holes.
Wrt the gigantic “cameras” installed in the reactor buildings, I suspect that these are designed to make people suspicious that they were nuclear devices. But they are probably there to misdirect people from the reality; much as the “thermite” stories connected with WTC perform a similar function.
In respect of the lack of warning that a tsunami was approaching, we should remember that these travel at 500mph, so if it did originate not far offshore, it would only take maybe 6 minutes to arrive, so the lack of preparedness could be attributed to this fact.
If this event was triggered by humans, and this is definitely not as far fetched as some comments would have us believe, then we should look for more fingerprints as seen at the WTC, eg 24′ holes punched out vertically through the buildings, continuous “fuming” occurring for years, magnetic anomalies in the Earth’s field, “strange fires” which glow, but are not hot enough to ignite paper, but which preferentially target certain metals, (eg car door handles and engine blocks at the WTC), and strangely shrivelled steel beams. If these have already been shipped to “China” then we should be even more inclined to follow these matters up.
June 12, 2011 10:28 PM
Anonymous said…
Goodness me, so much inaccuracy here…..the writer must be American eh?
The Quakes were caused by HAARP, it is proven. The Japanese govt paid the US govt 60 trillion yen to stop the attacks, just like last time they did it. As far as comparing the damage to Kobe, the damage in Kobe was mostly done by fires, and regarding the collapsed buildings and highways, that was all outed as extremely shoddy construction by several large engineering companies. Regarding the Tsunami warnings being `late`, rubbish. They come very early almost immediately after the quake warnings which come before the quakes hit.
How do I know all this? Because I have lived in Japan for many years and do not listen to the garbage on blogs written by Americans who`s Govenment is responsible for this.
Japan giving Uranium to Iran?…. give me a break mate.
Give up the Japan bashing and focus on the real villians in your own backyard. The proof is all over the place if you care to look.
June 12, 2011 10:54 PM
Anonymous said…
The question has to be; why is it so important to claim a 9.0 earthquake, when one of that size clearly didn’t happen ?
The answer is that the seismic shock from a 9 originates in the earth’s crust and transmits a massive wave of devastation through the earth. A 9 will also generate a tsunami of the size seen in Japan. But a nuclear weapon exploded subsea will also generate such a wave, but without transmitting much energy to the earth. So if the wave is seen, but not the earthquake, then the creative mechanism is different, and must be disguised if possible. HAARP seems to be a weapon associated with earthquakes, so as a major one clearly did not occur in this case, then HAARP can probably be discounted. The Richter readout for this event is arguably associated with a nuclear detonation rather than with an earthquake.
June 12, 2011 11:13 PM
Anonymous said…
Well done for posting this.
Now if you really wish to deal a death blow to the people behind these atrocities, spread the information below for they are the same guys:This is the 9/11 truth: The WTC was destroyed by 3 underground thermo-nuclear explosions. They were detonated by the US government who used this as an excuse to lead the US and its allies into invading Afghanistan and Iraq. All these wars and deaths were based on a lie.Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”Will you help to tell the truth to the world?http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=625926

Be sure to watch the 26 part video there.
#4 is on the built-in nuclear demolition scheme of the WTC

#14 in on Building 7

#24/25 is on the chronic radiation sickness of the WTC responders)




June 13, 2011 2:25 AM
Aaron said…
I live in central Japan, about 300km away from the disaster area. I can tell you that we felt the ground shake for upwards of 30 seconds that afternoon, but felt almost none of the aftershocks (some of which were recorded as high as M7). The earthquake was a big one to be felt even in Gifu. My wife’s friend lives in Sendai, and there was a bit of damage from the quake there, although not as much as the tsunami-hit areas. While I agree that reporting on Fukushima has been pretty shoddy and I find the camera installation information interesting, I am yet to be convinced that the entire disaster was caused by nuclear weapons. I remain open minded but all we can do is keep as safe as possible individually, the government and media can’t be relied on to give us reliable information about the risk of radiation exposure I feel.
June 13, 2011 3:08 AM
Anonymous said…
would think the reason there was no one in the streets might be due to the fact they have laced the Japan’s water supply with lithium like they are doing in North America–this to would take away any kind of emotion or clear thinking when added to flouride and chlorine-and soy –the other—not sure if this was not a combination of events –thetsunami being haarped induced the earthquakes again being more from Haarp but would not rule out that when explosives are placed strategically like with the twin towers and a Microwave being fired with mega wattage would cause something like this—who’s next!
June 13, 2011 4:32 AM
Anonymous said…
Try this angle:Chikyu Hakken “Earth” drillship expedition 333.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiky%C5%ABThe D/V Chikyū is featured and plays a pivotal role in the 2006 film Nihon Chinbotsu.About the movie Nihon Chinbotsu:

The film is also known under the titles “The Sinking of Japan” and “Doomsday: The Sinking of Japan”.

The motivation? Remember the AUM Cult?

How feasible would it be to board a seismic drilling ship and switch out one of the downhole bore tools for something with a little more oomph?

Happy rabbit hunting.

June 13, 2011 6:30 AM
Anonymous said…
You’re a f*ckin idiot.What possible benefit is there to poison half the Northern Hemisphere?
Oh wait, don’t tell me, it’s the Elite trying to depopulate the earth. Oh but wait, it will be uninhabitable afterwards, oh noes – a flaw in the plot!There are records of such quakes and tsunamis happening in Japan before America had a HAARP.You know, sometimes, sh*t happens, and it’s just nature and there is no conspiracy theory, it’s just the way things are.How do you explain the fact that parts of at least one town are now lower than they were before and now get flooded every high tide? Don’t tell me, “the nukes melted the earth man and like HAARP and the CIA and everything man”.

You’re a grade A looney.

Kennedy? A cover up for absolute sure.
9/11 – a cover up for absolute sure.
But this?

June 13, 2011 6:49 AM
Anonymous said…
Ok i know, but there is a bit of interest here. I too cant come to the conclusion of Nuke weapon use, but lack of 9.0 quake damage in photos is interesting. What about Aaron in Japan? did you experience anything strange on that day? We all watched the video’s and listen to the Bla Bla Bla of the MSM clowns, but yeah i remember the 90’s quake here is S.F. Cal and that was small in comparison and there was a hell of alot of damage even then on the coast. If this is for true, then i first will admit i am not ready for the truth, because i cant concive the idea or plot to this insane act. War is war and US war machine plows on.. i get, i get 9-11, JFK, RFK, MK, jeez just about everything else on the theory level with evidence that makes my spock logic, but this shit ain’t logical captain.Kobyashi
June 13, 2011 1:32 PM
Anonymous said…
This has got to be the biggest waste of time Iv ever spent reading. I see why conspiracy theorist are considered extreme and in this case, stupid.
June 13, 2011 1:53 PM
Bruce Tanner said…
Looks like some highly motivated first-class trolls have jumped on dismissive comments on this one. Too close to some nerve?
June 13, 2011 3:34 PM
undrgrndgirl said…
if you’ve never been in a large-ish earthquake yourself you might believe the conspiracy theory posited here…the thing is there are many variables as to how things get damaged from the power and depth of the earthquake to its north/south/east/west motion to whether it is a slip strike or a subduction type…other variables include the placement of furnishings in relation to the direction of the earthquake… some cabinets fall open others stay shut…sometimes a printer falls but in another orientation it stays put… this was a NEWS office – so i would assume journalists would try to stay online… i don’t trust my government either, but i don’t buy the conspiracy here…
June 13, 2011 3:37 PM
Anonymous said…
I deleted this site from my information base, thinking it’s just to wild to believe….but am now BACK..this looks like a plot to destroy Japan and human populations. Whom is paying off whom?..that is last question…
June 13, 2011 10:07 PM
Anonymous said…
This article is LIES. The earthquakes are being caused by the approaching Planet X, which is being hidden with the chemtrails sprayed every day globally.
June 14, 2011 4:05 AM
Subject X said…
Richter 9 is 1,000 TIMES a 7 not 100.Richter base = ROOT 1000 or 31.6 not 10.HAVE A WORD.P.S. I was saying this all on March 17 and my mates think I am crackers, but they also promised me photos that have not yet arrived.
Re run of ‘Banda Ache Ambush’.
June 14, 2011 5:57 AM

2 thoughts on “Japan Earthquake Registered Only 6.67 – Nuclear Induced Tsunami – Japan Offers Iran Enriched Uranium – An Act of War? – Japan: Knife At Its Throat”

  1. Benjamin Fulford | Geopolitical Update June 14,2011
    Truth11.com | June 15, 2011 at 3:58 pm | Tags: ben fulford, Government, New World Order, News, Politics | Categories: 2. All Articles And Quotes, Government, New World Order | URL: http://wp.me/poEgZ-3Pf

    Benjamin Fulford, June 14,2011

    There was an 8-minute highly intense gun-fight last week as Khazarian agents attempted to steal codes for the new financial system from a White Dragon Society representative. The attack was repelled at which point the Khazarians contacted the Japanese Prime Minister’s office saying their agents had infiltrated security at nuclear plants in Japan and threatened a nuclear holocaust if they were not given control over the new financial system. Their patently false cover story for the threatened sabotage was that Japan was “selling plutonium to Iran.” They were told instead to quickly cut a deal with the Palestinians or else find themselves with no friends anywhere on the planet.

    The pentagon and US intelligence establishment is now mostly in support of the White Dragon Society but only if certain conditions of theirs are met, a US representative told the WDS. The Pentagon wants Obama to remain as president. They also want a debt jubilee and a gold backed dollar. They also support the projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans with fish. The pentagon and the agencies also say that if their conditions are not met, they will open the “black screens” and reveal information that will lead to “thousands of arrests.” These positions will be discussed at a meeting in China later this week.

    The Pentagon seems to be trying to strengthen its bargaining position by heating up disputes in places like Vietnam and Korea. They are also, of course, still keeping open the threat to close off the straits of Hormuz. This is all just for bargaining purposes.

    What the Western Oligarchs need to remember, as they battle over control of the global debt facility, is that above the global debt facility is something known as the global credit facility. The ability to create new dollars and Euros out of the ether and put them into bank computers is meaningless unless these currency units are actually backed by something that exists in the real world. In other words, right now world annual GDP is worth about $60 trillion and yet these banks claim to have a 1 with 46 zeros after it amount of dollars in their accounts. Clearly a lot of those zeroes will have to be erased if the Western financial system is to return to reality.

    The Chinese proposal to use a basket of 30 or so commodities, including gold and platinum, to back these currencies, makes sense. The Americans also need to realize that they will not be able to rebuild a competitive industrial structure unless they decouple their own national currency from the international currency now known as the US dollar. The devaluation would lead to a temporary drop in international purchasing power but the boom set off by the civilian development of some of the 6,000 patents now suppressed for “national security reasons,” would make this a very quick adjustment prior to a new boom-time.

    The Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy and Spain probably also need to issue their own currency. Without a unified work ethic and fiscal policy, a unified currency does not work. A cheap Mediterranean currency would boost tourism and exports and lead to real economic improvements.

    Endless bail outs will only kick the can down the road a bit more but result in greater ultimate pain.

    Meanwhile, a bank account for the White Dragon Foundation has been approved and the WDF will solicit institutional donations to be used towards the establishment of an international economic planning agency.

    The agency would carry out long term economic development projects too large for individual governments or corporations to carry out. This would be a meritocratically staffed agency. It would complement rather than replace functions now carried out by the IMF and the World Bank. These institutions, of course, will need to undergo a major audit and change in culture.

    The Chinese have now,
    this Xinhua article:

    implies, begun to back Agustin Carstens, the Mexican central bank governor, as the new head of the IMF. They correctly argue that since the next big IMF bailout will be to help Europe, there would be a conflict of interest if a European was put at its head at this time. Carstens also supports a reform of the voting structure at the IMF to reflect current, as opposed to post-World War 2, economic realities.

    The timing for the announcement of the new financial system is still not clear. There is still some very serious horse-trading, accompanied by nuclear blackmail etc. going on in the background. However, the summer solstice and a full lunar eclipse will coincide on June 21st so that might be an auspicious day for an announcement. It is best not to get too fixated on dates though.


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